Godzilla vs. Kong – Official Trailer

In theaters and streaming exclusively on @HBOMax* March 26.

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From Warner Bros. Pictures and Legendary Pictures comes the long-awaited face-off between two icons, “Godzilla vs. Kong,” the next epic adventure in Legendary’s cinematic Monsterverse, directed by Adam Wingard.

Legends collide in “Godzilla vs. Kong” as these mythic adversaries meet in a spectacular battle for the ages, with the fate of the world hanging in the balance. Kong and his protectors undertake a perilous journey to find his true home, and with them is Jia, a young orphaned girl with whom he has formed a unique and powerful bond. But they unexpectedly find themselves in the path of an enraged Godzilla, cutting a swath of destruction across the globe. The epic clash between the two titans—instigated by unseen forces—is only the beginning of the mystery that lies deep within the core of the Earth.

The film stars Alexander Skarsgård (“Big Little Lies,” “The Little Drummer Girl”), Millie Bobby Brown (“Stranger Things”), Rebecca Hall (“Christine,” “Professor Marston and the Wonder Women”), Brian Tyree Henry (“Joker,” “Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse”), Shun Oguri (“Weathering with You”), Eiza González (“Fast & Furious Presents: Hobbs & Shaw”), Julian Dennison (“Deadpool 2”), with Kyle Chandler (“Godzilla: King of the Monsters”) and Demián Bichir (“The Nun,” “The Hateful Eight”).
Wingard (“The Guest,” “You’re Next”) directed from a screenplay by Eric Pearson (“Thor: Ragnarok”) and Max Borenstein (“Godzilla: King of the Monsters,” “Kong: Skull Island”), story by Terry Rossio (“Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales”) and Michael Dougherty & Zach Shields (“Godzilla: King of the Monsters”), based on the character “Godzilla” owned and created by TOHO CO., LTD. The film was produced by Mary Parent, Alex Garcia, Eric McLeod, Jon Jashni, Thomas Tull and Brian Rogers, with Jay Ashenfelter, Herbert W. Gains, Dan Lin, Roy Lee, Yoshimitsu Banno and Kenji Okuhira executive producing.

The director’s behind-the-scenes creative team included director of photography Ben Seresin (“The Mummy,” “World War Z”), production designers Owen Paterson (“Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle,” “Godzilla”) and Thomas S. Hammock (“Blair Witch”), editor Josh Schaeffer (“Godzilla: King of the Monsters”), costume designer Ann Foley (“Skyscraper”) and visual effects supervisor John “DJ” DesJardin (upcoming “Zack Snyder’s Justice League”).

Warner Bros. Pictures and Legendary Pictures Present a Legendary Pictures Production, A Film By Adam Wingard, “Godzilla vs. Kong.” The film will be released nationwide in 2D and 3D in select theaters and IMAX on March 26, 2021 and will be available in the U.S. on HBO Max for 31 days from theatrical release. It is rated PG-13 for intense sequences of creature violence/destruction and brief language.

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Jorge Rubio
Jorge Rubio:
The most impressive thing about this trailer is the ship that can carry both Godzilla and Kong.
“We need Kong, the world needs him”
Godzilla: so anyway, I started blasting
Gamer Fish
Gamer Fish:
The way that the music shifts from the story bit having epic orchestral music, to the 1v1 bit having epic rap music is actually amazing
Voracious T
Voracious T:
i've waited 7 years and survived a pandemic just to see this
ok and
ok and:
props to the cameraman this dude survived and filmed the whole fight...
I’m betting we get another trailer that focuses on Godzilla. This trailer heavily leans on the kong side.
Kong is worthy of the Stormbreaker!
Revolutionary Cinema Productions
Revolutionary Cinema Productions:
Ive waited literally my whole life for this movie. As long as i can remember I've wanted a modernized godzilla vs kong/king kong vs godzilla=]
Berserk Dragon
Berserk Dragon:
Humans: *Attack Godzilla with nukes and missiles
Also humans: “Godzilla is hurting people and we don’t know why”
James Hopkins
James Hopkins:
"Godzilla is attacking people and we dont know why!"
Well shit if i didnt get my stimulus id be mad too
Jumpin Jehoshaphat!
Jumpin Jehoshaphat!:
I want 1 hour 55 minutes of Godzilla/Kong fighting and 5-10 minutes of humans lol
Warrior of light
Warrior of light:
Two of my favorite monsters from my childhood finally facing off. I. Can. Not... WAIT!!👀🔥🔥🔥
ya mama
ya mama:
Kong is literally moving around like an action hero and I'm loving it 🎥🎟️🔫
Kris H
Kris H:
The only issue I have is the inconsistencies of scaling in size of Kong and Godzilla. In some shots they tower over skyscrapers, but yet in other shots they look 100 feet
Bayern Muchen
Bayern Muchen:
I'm so hype'd for this !!
Bert Filister
Bert Filister:
They really out here trying to make Godzilla look like the bad guy, even after what happened in the last movie lmao
Michael McArthur
Michael McArthur:
If they can give John Danaher 1 week to coach him, I’m convinced Kong can leglock Godzilla into the next movie
melhor filme, ate melhor que darling in the franxxx e ace attorney
I am so stoked for this movie. I want Kong to win. I love both but favor Kong. I think they'll have Godville win, then they will face of a second time on skull Island where Kong will use the weapon to even the fight and come out on top. Any way it happens it should be awesome!
Sayan Das
Sayan Das:
Goosebumps again & again ❤️
Superior Infinity
Superior Infinity:
Godzilla ❤️
Sherman Shecapio
Sherman Shecapio:
The reason Kong is larger than any of his other incarnations is due to the fact that with the upcoming greenlit Godzilla vs. Kong (2021), Kong would've been too small to fight Godzilla at his more traditional size. This is also why they included the line in the movie that "he's still growing".
Cave Man
Cave Man:
It's amazing how Kong has grown 3x larger since Skull Island.
Iron Beagle
Iron Beagle:
"There is something provoking him we're just not seeing here." Yeah, it's actually briefly right at the start of the trailer, towering over the people fleeing down the subway steps.
Gard York
Gard York:
So y’all remember after Godzilla defeated Gidorah, that one dude in the chopper said "jesus.... good thing he’s on our side" and that one lady replied "....for now...."

Well... looks like "now" is over
Noppas 2002
Noppas 2002:
The previous film raised us the question, "How can Godzilla stand on deep sea?" And this film will raise a questions such as “How can Godzilla and Kong stand on the same aircraft carrier?”
Truth Serum
Truth Serum:
I’m looking forward to this movie. I’m getting goosebumps...
CartoonyPirate ツ
CartoonyPirate ツ:
Finally! I've been waiting for years 🥲

I'm really hyped about this movie! goddamn
Ben Hinchcliffe
Ben Hinchcliffe:
I guarantee they team up at the end to fight a bigger monster
So let me get this straight the Big G has saved the planet twice, beaten the mighty King Ghidorah. &
For some unknown reason now he is going to struggle with a smaller Kong and become the bad guy?
Yeah I don't get it...
Badr Zouggagh
Badr Zouggagh:
We all know that we are here to see giant monsters fighting and not a kid needing rescue
Vote Godzilla for the win!!!
the Nintenbro gamer
the Nintenbro gamer:
Man I like Godzilla more but just really wants me to side with kong at this point I'm just confused on who to cheer for
Everyone’s talking about Godzilla,kong and mechagodzilla.

But no ones talking about how kickass that bat thing looks
Zaccary Dannelley
Zaccary Dannelley:
“Godzilla is killing people and we don’t know why”

Godzilla: The double champ does what the fuck he wants
I'm really iffy on it so far, def withholding judgement till i see but I was so excited to see the possibility of them building a Monster Cinematic Universe and after two movies of G being a protector it sits weird
Samuel Freeland
Samuel Freeland:
This movie is going to be awesome when it comes out
Oswaldo Umaña
Oswaldo Umaña:
Both monsters are amazing, I choose both of them. At the end the two are unable to be stopped.
Jayden Gaming 0311
Jayden Gaming 0311:
2:19 This scene reminds me of thor throwing storm breaker at thanos literally piercing the infinity gauntlets full infinity stones power in avengers infinity war but kong didn't make the same mistake as thor did because Kong aimed for godzilla's head
0:04 mechagodzilla face
1:57 kong holds axe that appears to be powering up
1:42 possible mecha godzilla charge status
1:49 godzilla is going after Apex facilities
1:55 giant propelled thing in back left (mecha godzilla?)
2:08 standing on giant Godzilla silhouette
The Real Fishing Tackle Channel
The Real Fishing Tackle Channel:
Yo first film in a couple of years that I’ve actually wanted to watch 🤨well done you guys 👊🏻
I’m rooting for Godzilla on this one
While not beautifully scored like the KOTM trailers, I'm still psyched!
I'm invested until the last moment when Kong stop that laser beam with his hand 😂😂😂
They really make Godzilla the villiain. I bet Kong will have more highlight reel in the fight lmao fight me.
Myles Donovan
Myles Donovan:
Can we just take a moment to appreciate the American engineers of the aircraft carrier that can support the weight of two behemoths slugging it out
Now Kong has the stormbreaker, and he knows he should aim for the head😂
Flouis M
Flouis M:
I’m guessing they will fight, but no one will actually win. I think in the end, they will both have respect for each other and go back to their on homes.
James Kurker
James Kurker:
I was into it until the whole ancient war / ax wielding Kong part. Looks dope tho, makes me want to watch the other movies.
John Anderson
John Anderson:
The weapon is probably a legendary weapon used in the war of monsters. Kong's species probably used it to defeat other Godzillas or other legendary monsters.
Rachit Srivastava
Rachit Srivastava:
"Kong bows to no one" 💯😍
Card Shop Reality
Card Shop Reality:
HOLY BLLEEEEEPP! Welp those of us at The Card & Comic Shop in Bastrop, Louisiana will be seeing this movie for sure! WOW THUMBS UP!
Brian Busby
Brian Busby:
Finally!!! Lol. I can't wait for this one
John Mojica
John Mojica:
The fact that humans are trying to destroy Godzilla after him and he best friend saved the whole world like lmaooo
Niko Petrov
Niko Petrov:
“godzilla is hurting people and we don’t know why”

Serious X
Serious X:
Damn Kong was like on sight!
@1:27 Godzilla didn't even have a chance to properly get on the ship before catching a fade.
Gerald Creech
Gerald Creech:
"I keep reaching for greatness because I'm built from it"...
POV: Your scrolling through the comments
“ Godzilla is hurting people and we don’t know why. “
Terrance Gaming
Terrance Gaming:
if you like godzilla more than kong, and want him to defeat kong, ur a man of culture because i want godzilla to prevail tbh
K Coose
K Coose:
- Godzilla: “You were never a god. You were never even a king.”
- Kong: “Save Mothra.”
- Godzilla: “Why did you say that name?”
Is no one gonna talk about Kong having his own storm breaker?
FoxonOxen Games
FoxonOxen Games:
I thought Godzilla was overall good towards humans in the recent movie. I can understand why Kong and him fight. They are the last 2 of an ancient war. But why is Godzilla hurting people?
Oh god this trailer is epic.
“Godzilla is killing people and we don’t know why” maybe because you dropped 2 nukes on him
Roger Alvarez
Roger Alvarez:
Am I the only one rooting for Kong?
Remember that Godzilla is a King.

He will call 911 and bring his monster brothers

Kong : Ah shit ! Here we go again
1:16 best part of the trailer
am i the only one that noticed takiya genji at 1:43 ? great to see him in a big movie like this
Daniel McMillan
Daniel McMillan:
This looks like one of those movies that is gonna be really cool but will get terrible reviews by critics lol
Raine Francisco
Raine Francisco:
Just watched the home premier through prime video, its was epic!!!! Highly recommend it!
Ł G̵̩͛ S̷͍͋
Ł G̵̩͛ S̷͍͋:
All I can say is

Long live the king
1:06 this reminds me of shin and i love it
Ronan Atkinson
Ronan Atkinson:
Wait so this is a sequel to king skull island bruh I’m so exited now
Zaki bAnget
Zaki bAnget:
the awaited wait, I've been waiting for a long time and finally it appears too and the animation is really good for the many delays it looks like it has been paid well worth even more than expected
Robert Zeman
Robert Zeman:
Do you think there will be anything that's gonna surprise us or impress us?
This is going to be 🔥
Natascha Brown
Natascha Brown:
Sitting down to watch this at the cinema with my popcorn-the best way to watch it !
Johnson Dowa
Johnson Dowa:
You either die a hero or live long enough to be the villain...this is Godzilla right now
Sir Dot
Sir Dot:
After several delays, we finally reached a trailer.
Jack Timboty
Jack Timboty:
It’s about time this came out
People : the world needs kong
Godzilla :and I took that personally
Master Oogway
Master Oogway:
Kong jumping made me laugh for some reason but this is Insanely good
Anime Fan 245
Anime Fan 245:
So we gonna see any of the old characters from the previous films or we gonna get a new set of human protagonist like the last films?
Time to find every memeable moment in this movie :))
Stay strong Kong, im with you
60% of the movie is going to be them struggling to get Kong to fight him and at the end, they're going to team up to fight another monster.
Oh my god, I've been waiting for a long time with this story.Godzilla vs kong I watch king of the monster And waited for the sequel for a long time until 2021
Story can be as bad as tlou2 as long as the action is fucking awesome, and I think that's what might happen, either way very excited for this
Lone Wolf Runner
Lone Wolf Runner:
People : "Godzilla is hurting people and we dont know why"

Japanese : first time???
Aaron Hutchen
Aaron Hutchen:
dude, kong got big. had a growth spurt since kong skull island. He was a teen there but still decades old so he grew probably a third as much in 40 years ? massive growth
2:19 Kong is worthy enough to wield Storm Breaker
Ron Wayne
Ron Wayne:
Damn did Kong workout or something he is looking badass !!!!!
Anybody else replay at 1:29 about 7 times saying “DAYUM”
British gUy
British gUy:
*Kong literally became Thor at the end*
This gave me chills
Loved that right hook from Kong their! @1:28
Ricky Clark
Ricky Clark:
This is the most hype "verses" film since Freddy vs Jason
Jacob Buker
Jacob Buker:
Guys remembered when Godzilla king of the monsters every monster bowed to him what if the monsters that did comes back and fights back with him
You know it's going to be a good movie when alexander skarsgard is in it