Godzilla vs. Kong - Official Trailer (My Thoughts)

We have ourselves a trailer for the clash of 2 big screen monster titans! Here are my thoughts on the trailer for GODZILLA VS. KONG!

Watch the trailer here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=odM92ap8_c0&t=1s&ab_channel=WarnerBros.Pictures


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Chad Furlong
Chad Furlong:
"Godzilla is hurting people."
Godzilla is not capable of hurting people. Those people are dead.
Red Texan
Red Texan:
Godzilla: *saves the world twice*
Annoying, Overdramatic Science Woman: “The world needs Kong.”
Godzilla: “And I took that personally.”
Jedediah Baker
Jedediah Baker:
“The difference is, Kong went for the head” that got me
Thanos: You should have gone for the head.
Kong: ✍🏻Go✍🏻For✍🏻The✍🏻Head
There's no way that ship should be able to hold their weight.
Smith Wesson
Smith Wesson:
Jeremy is slowly completing his transformation into Keanu Reeves
Everyone's saying that movies like these don't have plot. And then there's me who just wanna see big monsters fight
RECTO Recto:
What is Kong’s size? He gets bigger and smaller in every shot
Lucky Luke
Lucky Luke:
Plot twist: at the end it turns out it's Mechagodzilla, and Kong is almost defeated when the actual Godzilla surfaces and they tag team to take Mechagodzilla down.
I think it’s amazing that 2 building sized monsters can fight on a freighter in the middle of the ocean and the boat never tips, just stays steady as solid ground. Excellent engineering.

I also like that Godzilla aims for Kong’s weapon with his atomic fire breath instead of Kong’s face.

Final though, I like how Kong jumps off the boat that being blasted from below just like an action hero does. In fact all of Kong’s fighting moves look like an action hero rather than a giant ape. Kong must be a mutated man or some sort of Spirit monster now.
Let’s take a walk
Let’s take a walk:
“Godzilla is attacking us, what are we gonna do?”
Obi-Wan Kenobi
Obi-Wan Kenobi:
Instead of focusing on humans, I hope the movie focuses on Kong. Even though he's an ape, he's human enough that the audience can relate to and even empathize with him. Some of his expressions in the trailer were so amazing and emotional. I've ever seen a CGI monster feel as "human" as Kong did here.
Jaymes Harris
Jaymes Harris:
"Godzilla is attacking us and we don't know why!"

Godzilla: having flashbacks of all the times humans have tried to murder him with Nukes.
Kong: "SAVE... MOTHRA!!!"
It’s pretty obvious Kong is going to win, because he’s the “good guy”. It seems like they had to intentionally go ham with making Kong stronger so he stands a chance.

But as long as the battles are badass, it’ll work.
Got to appreciate that even though Godzilla has several monsters under his command now, he still personally takes care of his rivals
margareth michelina
margareth michelina:
In Ken Watanabe's word:

"Let them fight."
Ben Drescher
Ben Drescher:
I love the color scheme changes they do throughout this series. They’ve come a long way from doing the grey color scheme that they did in the first movie. This movie looks colorful.
Brody Matthews
Brody Matthews:
I always thought Chris Stuckman was the authoritative voice in movie reviews, but you have recently surpassed him. You have improved so much over the years, thanks for the great content!
Joel YT
Joel YT:
I can't be the only one that laughed my ass off when Kong landed the first punch in Godzilla's face.
First off these are two beloved characters so with that said have a feeling their teaming up against a bigger threat. My feeling is that collar Kong is wearing not only can put him back to sleep but it has one of those devices that was used in the first film. Now with that happening it would explain why Godzilla is going after him in such a way but here’s the kicker in the first few frames of the trailer you see mecha Godzilla head and on big screen hd it’s very obvious and on the scene where the digital image is behind the guy you see a mecha zoid charging. My feeling is that there will be an alien attack and mecha Godzilla will cause both to unite and by the end we will see Kong get the King statues fighting off this threat with Godzilla. But mark my words they will team up before the end of the film. Quote me 😎
Ben M
Ben M:
The main concern I have about this movie is what’s it got to offer in terms of the story and characters? Because while I and many others are primarily wanting to just see Godzilla and King Kong fight but I hope it has a decent backbone to it, I know a lot of Godzilla fans are fine with just getting mindless junk food but I’m a little different than that, I still want the fighting but I want it to have some actual substance too
Johnathan Shelton
Johnathan Shelton:
Theory: this Godzilla that they’re advertising is actually MechaGodzilla. Hints why he seems like a villain out of nowhere.
Been waiting for this one for a long time. So damn hyped. My kaiju loving heart can't wait to see 2 giant monsters beat the ever living shit out of each other on a big screen.
Julio Garcia
Julio Garcia:
“Godzilla is out there hurting people and we don’t know why”
Godzilla:”Forget the last movie,yeah, the one in which I SAVED THE F*ckING WORLD”
Jeffrey Flores
Jeffrey Flores:
When he said "kong will get zoned" I felt that
Joe teacher
Joe teacher:
Godzilla is hurting people and we don’t know why.
Godzilla: retcon the Star Wars sequels.
Quiet Time Gaming
Quiet Time Gaming:
I feel like even scaled up, and even with his superior brain and agility there isnt a world where Kong stands any chance against the multitude of legitimate *powers* Godzilla has.

But I'll bet that Kong wins 9r it ends in a draw/stalemate/mutual respect... or they'll team up to take on a bigger threat in the final act.
Hannah Gibson
Hannah Gibson:
I am super excited for this movie!! I haven’t been this excited for a movie since captain marvel! I hope we do actually get it this year!
Neon Pax
Neon Pax:
You know, honestly, the more I watch these movies, the more I enjoy the human characters and the human side of things.
Joshua Thompson
Joshua Thompson:
One of my favorite shots is Kong when he knows something is coming, before the throwdown and he actually looks scared.
Liam Bishop
Liam Bishop:
As a longtime Godzilla fan, I am required by law to see this in the theater. NO EXCEPTIONS.
wamu lume
wamu lume:
The issue I have with this type of epic showdown is that the epic showdown will probably be no more that 1mins of the 2 hour run time.
We saw it in Batman Vs Superman and so the human element, the child connecting with Godzilla, and probably more action filler unrelated to Godzilla or Kong and then eventually the showdown after which the studio will be too much of cowards to actually have one of the monsters killed and have a winner simply so that the franchise can have a sequel. But that's just me...
really enjoyed it, this one seemed really pro-kong so im guessing we'll be getting another with some more goji flexes + mechagodzilla tease
Jackson Teal
Jackson Teal:
I really hope he’s got a good reason to be attacking. We took two Godzilla movies to make him a hero, and now he’s a villain and Kong is a hero
Positive vibes
Positive vibes:
I’m on team Godzilla all the way. He’s already saved the world twice in the monsterverse. Something isn’t as it seems, Godzilla knows what he’s doing.
“Godzilla is attacking us and we don’t know why”

Can’t fool me that’s mechagodzilla
Sinner Matic Music
Sinner Matic Music:
As a movie fanatic this is my Go To channel and has been for a while now. To the point, professional and honest. 👊👊
Abhishek Kumar
Abhishek Kumar:
They should make the 2nd trailer feel like Kong is the villain
For maximum uncertainty without losing interest
Jaco Bronkhorst
Jaco Bronkhorst:
This trailer is absolute fire! Great soundtrack too, enough for me to join on the hype train.
S Des
S Des:
I have the feeling that this is going to be the best human plot in any kaiju movie to date. There seems to be a shady organization (APEX) that Godzilla is attacking all over the planet and the people are just collateral damage. So whatever they're messing with, it's pissing him off enough to go full on destruction. So half the humans are trying to stop him, the others are trying to figure out what's wrong. I think there's a solid plot there instead of the bullshit we normally get. We know the monster fighting is going to be epic. We've already seen it.
Hokuto Warrior
Hokuto Warrior:
This trailer gave me the "Fuck yeah!" feeling that I haven't felt in a long time.
I am continually amazed that these studios keep putting their movies out for free on the internet on release day
I Have No Relatives
I Have No Relatives:
I AM SO EXCITED!! I honestly haven't gotten this excited from a trailer since Force Awakens.
would have liked to see some more ferocious roaring from kong. Godzilla seems smaller some how but most of the trailer looked cool.
Looks awesome. Love this monsterverse. Wish Loki's character was still around.
Amir .M
Amir .M:
"Godzilla passes the carrier"

Godzilla: Is that a Monkey??!!
I felt that moment too. The hope of seeing it on a big screen.
Gary Palmer
Gary Palmer:
Looks like Mecha Godzilla is in this movie. He is seen in the very beginning when the mountain explodes
Critics: question everything in good trailers
Also critics: question everything in bad movies
How has no one seen mecagodzilla in the trailer 😂 he’s there when they’re running down the stairs and is in that monitor behind the guy 😂😂🤨
That "one will fall" part... reminded me that in Transformers: Beast Wars, Optimus Primal was a big ape and Megatron was a Dinosaur/Dragon.
I loved the last two Godzilla movies and I’m very excited to watch this one in the theater.
I started rewatching heroes because i remember enjoying it while it was originally airing. Also because Jahns has brought it up more than once asking if anyone remembers it. Do a review of it and the people will remember. The first episode might slap different 14 years later.
peachy keen conversations
peachy keen conversations:
We are huge fans of your show Jeremy! You’re an inspiration for the creation of our own channel :)
Definitely hyped for this!!! Kong looks badass, which is a BIG statement because i always, and still do a bit, hate his appearance haha. But the trailer does him justice. Dont think this movie will win any awards, but will be a thrill ride to just sit down and watch giant monsters battle
Ruger Jensen
Ruger Jensen:
Fun Fact: Kong's Axe weapon is made from one of Godzilla's dorsal fins.
I’m actually intrigued that there are gonna be humans on both sides of this fight. With the little girl being friends with Kong and Millie Bobby Brown’s character on the side of Godzilla, I think that’s what they are hinting at.
"Godzilla is attacking us and we don't know why"
Godzilla: *Stares in Castle Bravo and Oxygen Destroyer*
Justin Baker
Justin Baker:
I'm curious what happened to all the other monsters at the end of the last godzilla movie. The ones that all bow to Godzilla. Are they on their own island now or maybe Kong takes them out to prove he can go head to head with Godzilla.
"Dont wanna go toe to toe with those cybertron lawyers" got me 🤣🤣🤣
Dylan Wright
Dylan Wright:
I did have a theory that kong was going to win because in this universe he's known as 'kong' not king kong for him to earn the title of 'king' he'll have to earn the right by dethroning the current king which going off the most recent in the series would be godzilla.just an idea idk
Ben TC N
Ben TC N:
I just hope there are far fewer human scenes so we can focus more on longer uninterrupted monster fight scenes.
The problem I have with movies like these is that it always feel as if there were 2 films in it. Action film in which two gigantic monstrosities fight, and a drama movie with people, and with no CGI. It always feel disjointed. Maybe I will live in to times, where a movie will exist, that would be a perfect blend of the two movies integrated, however I do not expect that from happening
brad fedick
brad fedick:
The biggest issues that i have at the end of the trailer Godzilla firebreath is being blocked by what ever kong is holding like a shield

Godzilla's fire breath cuts through absolutely everything nothing can stop it. my wife argues that vibranium or adamantium might stop it.

And the fact that kong is changed down even as they are asking him for help it seemed weird.

at the end of skull Island he (kong) literally broke free of the chains he was restrained with and immediately started to defend and protect the humans that just bound him saving them, as they floated away on the boat (skull Island) he watched them to make sure they got away safely.

So why the hell is he being treated so poorly in this film as it is a sequel to skull Island.
Toy nerds knowing mechagodzilla is in fact in the toy line for this movie: 👀👀👀
Mike Mike
Mike Mike:
I thoroughly enjoyed the fun of KOTM & Skull Island, loved the soundtracks too so I look forward to this!!!!... I needa give Godzilla a rewatch but i remember feeling letdown 😞
Kevin Lindley
Kevin Lindley:
I'm going to call it. Kong and Zilla had a truce from the old titan war but Zilla only let Kong live if he stayed on the island. Kong will likely want to protect the child and they will throw down and make a truce at the end. This seems a setup to me.
Juan David Cárdenas Leal
Juan David Cárdenas Leal:
I want to see this movie on a theater, love this two awesome monster I hope they don't kill one of them, just those two fixing their differences and kicking a stronger monster ass together.
"Godzilla is attacking us and we don't know why!"
Godzilla: You dare bring this dirty ape in my territory
I hope at the end of the movie they’ll team up to fight the real villains. The super Mario bros
Brian Egendorf
Brian Egendorf:
In King of the Monsters, didn't they kind of say that these Titans always sense each other and will instantly fight for supremacy out of pure instinct?
I wonder HOW they are gonna twist or mold the "reason" all of a sudden
Godzilla who has been "defending" mankind is now destroying it. What
"environmental" reason does the writers and studio have and what agenda
do they wanna push now?!
jo jitsu
jo jitsu:
At this time and what we have gone through, going through I just dont think I can take either one of them losing.
"Mechagodzilla is too expensive"

Tbh a lot of these scenes where we see Godzilla attacking people and fighting Kong, could actually be Mechgodzilla, but it’s been edited by the studio to look like Godzilla to avoid revealing too much. Kind like how Marvel edited out the matching suits the Avengers wore in the Endgame trailer.
Forget your Vanity
Forget your Vanity:
Hey Jeremy
I know your hyped for this movie and a fan of lord of the rings.
Would love to see you review
Peter Jacksons King kong (2005)
Oddly there's not alot of reviews about that movie on YouTube.
"Godzilla is attacking us and we don't know why"
Literally both monsterverse movies of Godzilla, humans have tried to kill him multiple times per movie, they released King Ghidorah and almost destroyed the world in the process xD
As a Godzilla fan since I was like 3, No one ever believed this movie would happen, after what's been almost 60 years since their only crossover.
So apparently Kong's axe is made out of one of Godzilla's dorsal plates. That would explain why Kong used it to block Godzilla's Atomic Breath.
Nic P
Nic P:
"Gosh I hope the human element of Godzilla vs. Kong isn't boring!"

Have you ever seen a Godzilla movie before????
William Burns
William Burns:
Here’s a thought: what if we didn’t have humans in these movies at all? It just constantly feels like that tacked on multiplayer on that awesome single player game that came out because everything needs to have multiplayer. Realistically it just feels like they are being lazy and don’t want to really try and find a creative way to do storytelling without constantly having Humans talking at you with exposition. I would just love a movie where the humans just say “LOL what do you want me to do? we have no control over this”
I mean Big G's got reason's to be mad since they tried to kill him twice.
The Collekter - Movies & Music!
The Collekter - Movies & Music!:
I’m betting they’re gonna fight each other and when it’s close to the end of the fight they’re gonna look at each other and Godzilla’s gonna be like “Save... Mothra...” and Kong’s gonna be all “WHY DID YOU SAY THAT NAME!?” then they’re gonna make up, team up, and defeat Ghidorah together. Hmmmmm wait, this is too familiar...
Momonatics 4 Life
Momonatics 4 Life:
I have a theory that Apex was able to make use of Ghidorah's insane regenerative abilities and somehow spliced it with Godzilla's DNA. And most probably they used that Godzilla skeleton found in the Philippines and used it as a frame for Mecha-Godzilla. Now we see in some post notes that a bunch of Apex Facilities where attacked by the G-man and some other areas that didn't have a connection with Apex, probably what's happening is that Godzilla has been attacking apex facilities trying to get to Mecha-Godzilla, while Mecha-G has been the one attacking human settlements. As for why Godzilla is out for Kong's blood, it's probably due to that war thing since their species is naturally hostile against each other, Apex probably knows about this and is trying to pit Kong against him since them clashing is inevitable and would give them enough time to prepare for a Mecha-G attack in a human settlement once they hit a stand-off, or if one manages to kill the other they just swoop in with Mecha-G and kill whoever's left standing.
“No we’re not doing Mechagodzilla”
Oh boy you’re in for a surprise 😂
Rohan Sharma
Rohan Sharma:
The trailer has got me so hyped up. You are right, been a long time to get that hyped up feeling...
I feel like, if there's a movie to risk my life, especially, in IMAX theater, Godzilla vs Kong might just be it, the fact, that I already had the covid and I'll be watching this movie alone in theaters by myself is a glorious day! Lol.
Vincent Castor
Vincent Castor:
The trailer seems to be more sympathetic towards Kong than to Godzilla. Kong has two solid strikes to Godzilla's head in this trailer which leads me to assume who the writers want to win.
Jonathan Martin
Jonathan Martin:
The plan of, "let's put Kong on a battleship, go out to the ocean, and fight Godzilla"?

If he falls off the boat, can he swim and fight? I'm sure he cant touch the bottom.
Masane Amahe
Masane Amahe:
I am voting for my boy GODZILLA.This gonna be one hell of a battle.
Leonardo Ruiz
Leonardo Ruiz:
I just hope they have a good story telling if that's what their hiding!
To me if ill be directing it ill make Godzilla probably in the beginning of the film that Godzilla smells a treat while. Their bringing King Kong but the the threat is not kong is a machine made of radio active.
I heard this one was “small budget” but the trailer the cgi looked amazing
Kong jumps off the aircraft carrier like Bruce Willis in Die Hard.
daniel hilgeman
daniel hilgeman:
It looks fricken incredible the movie is gonna be amazing I just absolutely don't want Godzilla and Kong to fight to the death that would majorly suck
Critics in 2014: Too many humans
Critics in 2019: Too many monsters

Lets see what critics say in 2021
Finally I get to see someone mention the axe!

Anyone else think that it was made out of a Godzilla spike? It was glowing blue..
Weston Dague
Weston Dague:
Blockbuster feels for sure. Got that old time, gotta see this in theaters feels. Great trailer. Like you said though. These films ride on how well the human side carries those inbetween moments.
Ryan Leonard
Ryan Leonard:
Seriously 30 years of anticipation for this fight
I’m sure a lot of people would disagree with me in regards to this.....but I hope Kong wins 😅
Godzilla is hurting people and we don’t know why.

Godzilla: I am once again asking, please give me a ride at Universal Studios.