GOLDBRIDGE Best Bits | Man United 3-3 Everton

Mark Goldbridge BEST BITS as Man United draw 3-3 against Everton

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Blake the III
Blake the III:
"Look at Godfrey shouting fk off"
"Thud! Thud! Thud!"🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Ahh man i'm so pissed off with this result but those 3 seconds were fucking gold 🤣🤣🤣
Jack Ryan Clare
Jack Ryan Clare:
I love watching Mark. He has genuinely made this year better with all of his best bits
"Handball on Calvert-Lewin. Anything."
He is so desperate. 🤣
Andy Achilleos
Andy Achilleos:
I came here as soon as I realised Everton drew in the last minute, had to see Goldbridge reaction
Jules Mather
Jules Mather:
Mark, 3:14: “That’s probably the worst jinx I’ve ever done

Also Mark: “Burnley are a team I’d love to see get relegated”
Liam Floy
Liam Floy:
I'm in tears crying laughing when he punches his table 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Ben Stringer
Ben Stringer:
That Pogba jinx is up there with “bloody Burnley” jinx
Saif Eissa
Saif Eissa:
11:27 makes my day when he hits the table with his hands 😂😂😂
Football Nerd
Football Nerd:
"I do think Pogbas been brilliant"
2 seconds later "POGBAS INJURED"

"I'm going to die of High Blood pressure"

Spurs would like to know your location
E O:
Am I the only one who wanted Everton to equalise just to see Goldbridges reaction
Sektion OBC
Sektion OBC:
Bruno standing around

Goldbridge : he creates the space .
Mr Matthew F1
Mr Matthew F1:
We will never forget the Busby Babes and the Munich sir disaster . Rest In Peace to all of those who were killed, your legacy will continue forever. ❤️
Fionn Grew
Fionn Grew:
“Game over, game over” 😂😂😂
Inder Ghandial
Inder Ghandial:
11:27 Sounds like the start of “We Will Rock You” 🤣🤣
Mike oxlong
Mike oxlong:
“Sticky toffee pudding deffending” “get the custard out”🤣😭
“Handball on Calvert Lewin? Anything? VAR?” that bit was gold! 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Bruh bottlers fc with this kind of defence we can go nowhere other than top 6
Kevin11 _
Kevin11 _:
1:48 1-0
4:39 2-0
6:26 2-1
7:25 2-2
9:48 3-2
11:15 3-3

Thnx for 2k likes guys 🙌🏼
Aeson Industries
Aeson Industries:
9:53 Mark having a stroke remembering this united defense can bottle at any time.
Remzi Ahmed
Remzi Ahmed:
Goldbridge:I am trusting you 😂😂
Maguire: I trust nobody
Welsh Lad
Welsh Lad:
He’s definitely the Alan Partridge of football bloggers is Mark 😂
Rick Jules
Rick Jules:
9:52 is the best reaction of all
Songs In 60 Seconds
Songs In 60 Seconds:
"They scored... they scored... they fucking scored" 🤣🤣🤣
calamity jones
calamity jones:
1:49 1-0
4:38 2-0
6:25 2-1
7:26 2-2
9:48 3-2
11:13 3-3
"I do feel like, i've pissed on an electric fence"
Ayaan Ibrar
Ayaan Ibrar:
Utd are the biggest under achievers since 2013. 1 bill spent since fergie left and still no league title since
You know it's a good video when mark bangs the desk multiple times
Gov BG
Gov BG:
This man never fails to disappoint, and neither does the channel with the clips 🐐🐐
Maguire: I have 80 million problems but my pay check ain’t one
Red Geordie
Red Geordie:
11:27 broken hand for mark
angel queenシ
angel queenシ:
Liverpool fan here i have to be honest i love this man and his reactions to goals and when United concede. Rip to the Munich victims.
“He’s so bloody slow Moss grows on him”
' You know what all that's about? sticky toffee pudding! STICKY TOFFEE PUDDING GET THE CUSTARD OUT'
Blustu Rising
Blustu Rising:
There's nothing funnier than watching a small bloke from Nottingham Lose IT.
Mica & Phoebe
Mica & Phoebe:
Been waiting for this 1 🤩
Jemar Hinds
Jemar Hinds:
😂😂😂funniest man on YouTube and he's just being himself
Yianni _05
Yianni _05:
But the best bit is just before the equaliser at the end where mark is saying the game is WON although the praying to VAR for handball on Calvert-Lewin is pure GOLD!!! PRATTTT 🤣🤣🤣
Cyberpunk Mirai
Cyberpunk Mirai:
2-0 - Where are you.... Game over!
95th minute - Good ebining
ThE _OnLY_ 1k
ThE _OnLY_ 1k:
11:06 this is what we all came for😂😂😂
I was actually scared at the silence when they get their third
Alfie Shanks
Alfie Shanks:
The SCOOBY DOO pause where goldbridge stopped working at 9:50 ahahahaa
wag1 4battyman
wag1 4battyman:
"i dont bloody goat believe it" "custard cream defence" i love this guy lmao
Mide .A
Mide .A:
"Social Distancing Defending" OMG Mark, As upset as I am, this made me laugh so so much. Please keep this videos coming when it does happen. lol
No one beats Goldridge. Pure quality. Keep it up from a liverpool fan!
Addy Burnham
Addy Burnham:
With Liverpool's mass injuries and City starting slow, this was Utds chance to win the league, City's to lose now.
Sean Hallahan
Sean Hallahan:
Yes come on Everton coyb🔵🔵
John Mc
John Mc:
I'd like to see this guy driving.
Orlando Souza
Orlando Souza:
U just got a new subscriber buddy 😅❤️
Stephen Waller
Stephen Waller:
As a Toffee all I can say is fair play to u mate putting your reactions on like this is totally priceless. I cant take the piss out of honest support for your team COYB.
12:02 I love how desperate he is 😆
Love it when he gets mad and hits his desk 😂
Ur Mum
Ur Mum:
Me: Wakes up in the middle of the night
My brain: Hand ball on calvert lewin!?
Gabriel Haddad
Gabriel Haddad:
Makes me feel better watching golbridge reaction because I feel I’m not the only one this pissed off 😂
Michael Quirke
Michael Quirke:
Love watching you guys, can here the passion in what your saying. Love kg, he finally cracked , and said what thought about our club !! Flex top gut ,ma. Watched the show tonight, disappointing result against Everton But what I really loved, was the passion all us man UNITED fans shown tonight , r kid @@ keep up the good work, r kid.
"I'm gonna die of high blood pressure here..." LMAO....the best line of the year!
Connor Lynch
Connor Lynch:
Nothing I love more than watching the arrogance early in the clips when I know the outcome later on🤣🤣
Vibe With Crypto
Vibe With Crypto:
I've never seen Mark be so pissed
Easy Typing and Translation
Easy Typing and Translation:
11:28 funniest moments. Wanted to cry when United conceded goal but made laugh with his reaction
6:30 sticky toffee pudding would be lovely right now
11:26 🤣🤣😂
Vervito United
Vervito United:
That's exactly how I felt 😂😂
I haven’t watched the vid yet but let me guess... he said Scooby doo when Mcsauce scored?
Liam Gainford
Liam Gainford:
Absolute bottle jobs 🤣🤣 made my nights viewing hahahahahahaha
Arun Kumar
Arun Kumar:
2:42 - Mark injuring pogba with his jinx
Scott Michael
Scott Michael:
Can't beat Marks reaction when they mess up.. Especially when they go 2-0 ip and he goes game over.
Trigger Man
Trigger Man:
I'm loving it....🤣🤣👍
Sauni Pohleng
Sauni Pohleng:
8:59 Great piece of life advise there
“I’m sure we’re going to finish top four this season...” - here comes fifth place.
Ofc pogba goes down injured just as mark was saying how well he’s played 🤣🤣
Boxing Exclusive
Boxing Exclusive:
United always find a way to bottle it🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️
Adrian Vazquez
Adrian Vazquez:
Godfrey is my hero 💙😂
Massawe GOM
Massawe GOM:
Woooow, I was wait for this!
Gilbert Kalumba
Gilbert Kalumba:
"Social distancing in defending " 😀😀😀😀😀
Harry_ 15
Harry_ 15:
His reaction to the second goal 😂😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣
Sh Cm
Sh Cm:
You’re a fucking legend mate 😂. Have me in stitches every time
Alan O Flynn
Alan O Flynn:
Oh my god, i haven't laughed dat much in a long time,🤣🤣😂😂 absolute gold dust from goldbridge as per...
Samuel Jaro
Samuel Jaro:
11:30 absolutely love it 🤣golden content👌
lion brew 29
lion brew 29:
Man United should change some players, Fred with Pogba and Shaw with Telles.
Mynx Dolla
Mynx Dolla:
Sees united conceded 95 mins instantly type goldbriidge in on YouTube I knew it wouldn’t disappoint. Ynwa mark 😂😂😂
bombarley rastafara
bombarley rastafara:
Look mark face when he said, anything VAR Anything 😂😂😂😂😂 lol
Joshua 1
Joshua 1:
30 goals conceded this season
City have conceded 13
Stop refreshing it’s here 🤩💪
Chris Tuttle
Chris Tuttle:
Watching the end of this killed me, what Goldbridge would pretty much look like having a heated conversation with his conscious in a mirror. Gold
Banky Bankyy
Banky Bankyy:
Watched the match live and its true, Maguire was truly atrocious. How this dude cost 80m is beyond belief.
Mr. Samuel Aidoo
Mr. Samuel Aidoo:
11:27 this was exactly my reaction when I was watching the game except I was hitting my chair and not the table
Toby Marks
Toby Marks:
Fucking loved every moment of this as a Chelsea fan 😂😂😂😂
Love to see it! Enjoy your 'we put the pressure on' trophy 😂
matt noah
matt noah:
He literally had me belly laughing with this one
the inner roadman in mark came through for half a second at 2:00 when he said "ting" lmao
Change speed to 0.25 at 11:27 to truly experience the rage!
bob taylor
bob taylor:
I love how when they scored he was so calm because he knew that united will get a dodgy offside or handball decision. So he when they weren’t giving it he went searching 😂 I wish I could be a united fan so I could be that confident we’d get things overturned 😂
Gilbert Kalumba
Gilbert Kalumba:
"I do feel like I have pissed on an electric fence" Mark Goldbridge at his best. 😀😀😀😀
Nicholas Mccoll
Nicholas Mccoll:
Hahaha as an Everton fan love watching this reaction!!
St. James Hawke
St. James Hawke:
It’s the “curse of the big win” Mark. Liverpool had experienced that after blasting 7 goals past Crystal Palace. 3 draws and 2 losses in the subsequent 5 matches. Be ready for more disappointment. LOL!!
What is it with mark and his dessert based defending 🤣🤣🤣
Tanken Somteller
Tanken Somteller:
11:25 haha
Archie Yates1
Archie Yates1:
Did mark say de gea couldn’t do a lot with the first goal 😂😂😂
Amanpreetsingh Bhathal
Amanpreetsingh Bhathal:
Mark launching himself at 4:43😂.