GOLDBRIDGE! Manchester United 0-1 Arsenal Match Reaction

Manchester United 0-1 Arsenal! Mark Goldbridge reacts to a for United. Get the latest Man Utd News on The United Stand.? Player Ratings Vote here


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100+ comentarios:

Doug A
Doug A:
Pogba wasn't smiling when he conceded this penalty, shows growth.
Robbie said it right in the preview, "in the league we've done nothing" I'm bored of this inconsistency, you just don't know what UTD's gonna turn up!
james plant
james plant:
Can’t believe Ole didn’t change it at half time!! McTominay was bollocks today!
Ronaldo Owino
Ronaldo Owino:
Ole literally doesn’t know how to play any style except counter attack. We already have enough playmakers to open a low block this is a coaching issue, no attacking structure and just dependence on individual brilliance.
Naeem Bhyat
Naeem Bhyat:
Jay JAY:
from the moment i saw the selection, i knew there was going to be trouble. theres a team in there somewhere, but only with a manager who knows what hes doing.
Jakob Puggaard
Jakob Puggaard:
When fernandes was taken off i felt like somebody had hit me right in the stomach full force. He is the player that can make a game changing pass or shot. I dont want to spent time on the performance of the team i think we all agree on that. But this game for me was the last straw when it comes to the manager, mid week we are over the Moon and now this, this is far from the first time Ole has done this, but it is the last time with me having his back. Im Ole out now.
Andrew Lebi
Andrew Lebi:
Ole inners are living in denial about him. Lvg, Moyes and Jose beat Arsenal with weaker Utd teams . I don't remember the last time we've been outplayed by Arsenal at home like this. Ole is the managerial equivalent of Dan James
Both of Arsenal’s key players Partey & Gabriel could have been Man Utd players if we had a DoF that could look at the weaknesses of this team & prioritise an LCB & CDM.
Ole has given his best. He ain’t got no more to offer. Timely decisions need to be made at United if we are to head anywhere this season.
Dillon Sarkar
Dillon Sarkar:
This whole I love Ole and want him to do well mentality is what is killing us... we all know Ole is crap but yeah let’s keep him because we love him so much our dear Ole!
"He can't win us trophies"
"But I'm not Ollie out"
One point in twelve is a joke"
"But I'm not Ollie out"
"This is on the manager, no one else, weak management "
"But I'm not Ollie out"
And on and on aaand on...
Rajarshi Sadhya
Rajarshi Sadhya:
I didn’t understand what shape we were trying to keep in the midfield. We definitely need a CDM who can build the game from and control the midfield. MacTomminy was awful .. initially I thought he is the CDM and Fred is on the right of the diamond. Then got shocked when I saw it’s the other way around.
Fact is, Ole got tactically outclassed by Arteta. Arsenal literally stopped our play.
Wesley B
Wesley B:
I’ve always been Ole out. Occasionally a great result happens and I think “maybe I am wrong” and then those results are almost always followed by sh*t like this 🤦‍♂️
Critical Thinker
Critical Thinker:
Good analysis here mark. Subbed!

What do you think about the theory that fergie is still picking the team? It seems like we’ve had the same problems since he left regardless of the manager. Are they all REALLY that incompetent? 🤔
OLE OUT. No more excuses. You see Klopp, you see Pep or Jose. They are on the touchline barking instructions. You see Ole chill like it is a movie on his damn Red Seat.
Torstein Solheim
Torstein Solheim:
Manchester United have failed to win any of their opening four top-flight games at Old Trafford for the first time since 1972-73, a campaign in which they finished 18th. Nightmare.
Zeddik V
Zeddik V:
When I saw Fernandes and Greenwood coming off IT FELT SOOOO GOOD. The relief. He's right you gave us the game. 🥳
I've said it before and I'll say it again. I love Ole, he's a great guy and has done the best he can do as a manager, but he's not the man to take United to the next level. We won't win any major trophies with Ole at the wheel. He's great when it comes to playing counter-attacking football and where the responsibility of attacking is with the opposition. But in games where it's United's responsibility to attack Ole is clueless. This is why I've always wanted Poch to take over. With this current squad I believe Poch can build a title winning team. With Ole we will become the old Arsenal—making top 4 and winning the occasional FA cup, but no major trophies.
Emperor Ceaser
Emperor Ceaser:
Each week we suffer inconsistency from this manager, yet we channel our blame on the board who has no business with team selection, tactics and style of play. Even MARK said “We have better players than these teams”.
Ben DeGorro
Ben DeGorro:
When Ferguson said to Jose that McTominay is a potential player, he's not wrong. Ferguson is the kind of manager that able to turn Darren Fletcher to be a top player, but doesn't mean other manager can do the same as him. Ole has to stop using this boy, else I'm close to join the # Ole Out's team. I was crying in happiness when Ole stop playing Andres Pereira (and loan him out), now he have to do the same to Scott McTominay. Van De Beek warm the bench when McSauce playing is out of my mind. Comedy wise, Scott has to be blackmail Ole to make him playing all matches, he got a photo of Ole fucking a goat in Norway ... because there's no logical answer.
Tshiamo :
Partey bullied Everyone in the midflied
See! This is why I and many others have been Ole out for a while. Yes he has the occasional good result but the consistency isn’t there. If he keeps sticking with his favourites and throwing away good tactics then he will force himself out of a job
Andy Murdoch
Andy Murdoch:
They were bullied from kick off and yet again Ole didn't address it.
His record is woeful and he must be walking the plank. Everton next week will be another defeat. Defies belief that we could play like that after some positive results.
Stuart Holehouse
Stuart Holehouse:
One thing we need to remember is that we are playing a lot of games and we need to manage the squad. That is probably why Matic didn’t start. But not sure we are managing it properly though.
Gainmaker 9000
Gainmaker 9000:
Mark: “I’m not Ole out”

Also Mark: “Is Ole the man to win United trophies? No”

So, you no we have no future under him yet you’re not Ole out? That makes no sense.
John Fulco
John Fulco:
It’s always, “the players aren’t good enough to be at United” but it’s never the same for this manager. He’s won nothing, he is inconsistent, and time is up.
The Holy Goalie
The Holy Goalie:
There's a difference from wanting a manager to do well and thinking he will. We're not a charity we're Manchester United. Take the board out the equation we all know what they are. We need Poch in tonight. The best in class manager we can get at this moment in time.
Malick Sy
Malick Sy:
Pepe cost 80 mill aswell... arteta doesnt even blink if he has to drop him... ole needs to stop babying the likes of maguire and mctominay
This is getting concerning now, Ole has done great so far in CL but the league is everything, if we're still in the bottom half by December then he's gone
Iti Chatterjee
Iti Chatterjee:
As an ardent ManU hater I'm so sooo happy. Made my day. Well played United. 🤣
Nathan Brown
Nathan Brown:
Mctominay is becoming the new Fellaini. Awful footballer who’s every managers obsession.
As a manager, the fact that there still isn’t a favored formation or tactics is kinda pathetic. At this point, the tactics should be well established. We need a new manager but I don’t think Poch is the answer
Feel sorry for Pogba, have always hoped he would become a world beater with us but today was the end for me. I cannot see him be the player he can be at United and he needs to go - it’s the best for our club and best for his career
Peter Elemi-Ecoma
Peter Elemi-Ecoma:
He's not giving us points, there's no shot at trophies, let this man go!
Johan PI
Johan PI:
tbh I thought De Gea was our best player, and that's saying something. All the outfield players seemed to lack desire and is also down to Ole's tactics. Therefore I think De Gea was our best player even tho he didnt do much
Maguire is a mid table centerback, and there was never any sign of him being worth 80 million
“Ole’s at the wheel”💥🛺
Adrian Hull
Adrian Hull:
I hold the players primarily responsible, Arsenal were right at it and ours were not. Why?
I said in a previous comment that we will probably do well in champions league but poor in premier........its because players are up for it in champions league. I also said that as a consequence Liverpool would pull away from us further and further .
Ollie should have put strongest team out today and rested one or two for next champions league game because with 6 points in the bag we are practically through .He doesnt seem to do the obvious.....where are these new players as well .?
Jay JAY:
One day you fans will realize that ole doesn't know what he is doing. The board is useless granted..but so is ole
Sean Maca
Sean Maca:
Goldy saying he’s not ole out:
Proceeds to give reasons why oles crap
Marvin Million
Marvin Million:
I’m glad martial didn’t play today because fans and pundits can’t use him as a scapegoat, rashford has finally realised martial goes through for 90min no chances created for him
Steve John
Steve John:
You're kidding me !!! 🙄 Lindelof died on the pitch todayy and ur telling me shaw is the man of the match ! Not saying shaw was bad but only lindelof played good today he's the man of the match
José Van mourinho
José Van mourinho:
Lindelöf motm.
Except for the stupid loss of the ball that resulted in the shot on the bar from Willian he played a really good defensive game imo.
Roy Heaphy
Roy Heaphy:
I'm devastated mate thanks for the show 😭😭😭😭😭😭
Bill Borodenko
Bill Borodenko:
Pogba's outstanding contribution was giving away a penalty & McTominay's stopping Rashford's goal bound shot going into the top right corner
p corleone
p corleone:
Oles interview after the game " that's football " just embarrassing .
Morten Dam Prang
Morten Dam Prang:
From my point of view there is still bigger problems in the club than the coaching staff and Solskjær. With that being said Solskjær soon needs to get the right starting eleven, because he is about to lose the support from the fans, and we cant defend his tactics anymore. Since we cant get a DOF, then we need to get a manager that gets the best of a "uncomplete" squad that will never be the best team in the league as long as the Glazers or Woodward is in charge!!!!
Leevi Indombo
Leevi Indombo:
Only positive we can take from this is that Marshall is back next game to help us. There's absolutely no point in having "flair" players who can't keep the ball and create loads of chances!
Trigger Man
Trigger Man:
I love the end part it's so tiring Mark looks fed up with it all. While klopp and Liverpool sit at the top.🤣🤣👍
when you realise that Ole gets paid more than Arteta
I think he's keeping mctominay on to give him game time so he can develop into his potential
Kim Tran
Kim Tran:
I really hope Man Utd don't get rid of Ole. This is so good to watch week in week out.
Habibur ali
Habibur ali:
Every time I get my hopes up for United the next game all confidence is shattered and we put no effort at all.
Alex T
Alex T:
We didnt need another attacking mid we should of got partey instead of vdb.
Leevi Indombo
Leevi Indombo:
Mark is secretly Oleout, he just won't admit it on social media.
OLE is lucky there are no fans in the building. Just like Souness ruined his LFC legacy by being a rubbish manager for them, Ole is ruining his.
Mctominay playing 90mins today is why Ole outers are right - Sorry mark but Ole is tactically out of his depth
Suttinn 1
Suttinn 1:
We have so many passion merchants we need more aggressive players and more determination and talent. This is why I love Bruno cause he’s the closest to a roy Keane that we have.
Waasae Ayyaz
Waasae Ayyaz:
Mark: “I’m not Ole out”

Also Mark: “Is Ole the man to win United trophies? No”

So, you no we have no future under him yet you’re not Ole out? That makes no sense.
Suresh Ayyadurai
Suresh Ayyadurai:
I cant blame Ole, we have to blame the board for hiring the players and Ole for their roles, simply not good enough. Another blunder of a rash decision!!
Miriam Kavanagh
Miriam Kavanagh:
"Sack Ole stops today" was the mantra before the match amazing how 90 mins can change peoples opinion.
Adam Randles
Adam Randles:
Can’t wait for Poch he’s won loads of trophies. The Man Utd Merry-go-round continues
Gounit Haokip
Gounit Haokip:
I can hear the word “ We were the better team in the last 10 minutes “ from Mark before even watching the video
Nick Barnard
Nick Barnard:
I've been backing Ole all the way, but after Chelsea and selections !!!! that's on the manager. OLE OUT !!!!
Kunte Okonji
Kunte Okonji:
Funny how Ole has all the time in the world that Moyes couldn't have. Legend Ole in!!!
Jean Chris
Jean Chris:
When we are playing good and wining, Ole has the confidence to make changes. When we play bad and are losing, he does not have the guts to change the crap... He is so frustrating with his tactics...
I feel for you, not the team, not for Ole but for you and my mate Micky.
Beating Man U should be an achievement, not an expectation.
When people criticise Ole's tactics, this is exactly the type of game we are talking about.

It's not that he has no tactics. But when he has to play out from the back and go and break teams down they are too slow and they have no clear plan that the can implement.

I really wanted him to be the guy but he isn't.
Dodge M
Dodge M:
Nearly everybody was raving about how good United are, how good Ole as a manager is and how good Rashford is after the 5-0 win against RB Leipzig. They go and lose to Arsenal and now it's back to how crap the team is, how crap Ole is and how bad Rashford is. Flip flop United is what many fans should wear on their shirt, including Mark because one game they are claiming just how good the team is, applauding the manager and the players and next they are complaining about how bad the team and the manager is. The team is extremely bad and always will be this season.
Javier Hernandez
Javier Hernandez:
Why does Ole keep subbing off Fred when McTominay is playing worse?
I know Fred was on a yellow but this has happened many times before.
The only way we will get Champions League next year is by winning it this year. Top 4 is gone with this form.
Leevi Indombo
Leevi Indombo:
Ole's time is over, he made us a better team time to move on to save his reputation. This is usually where experience comes in, in coaches and produce quality football. This isn't European football Ole.
Stuart Holehouse
Stuart Holehouse:
I’ve been firmly ‘Ole in’ but today his decisions were very poor.
Stevo Grilla
Stevo Grilla:
Honest question, pre-MUFC, what has Ole done successfully as, a manager??
Red stretford
Red stretford:
Didn't everybody say ole is great and it's his masterclass last week . This flip flopping is happening almost after every fixture
Todd Livingston
Todd Livingston:
Too slow in the middle in the first half. Fred was a turnover machine.
I knew Ole wouldn’t do a good job. The only reason results picked up when he first came in as a temporary manger is because it’s something fresh for the players, because it’s a change. It was clear from the start that he isn’t at a standard for Man Utd. He got sacked for Cardiff for god sake!
Ariq Restyawan
Ariq Restyawan:
Almost everytime Ole doesnt sub off his underperformers at half time or asap, we lost.

It's been costing us points for quite some time, Ole has to utilize his entire squad more properly or he's getting the sack
peter farrell
peter farrell:
I'm sad. That was shocking.. I agree about McShite.... And never take Bruno off.. Give him the captaincy.. Love utd, but that's bad.. Supported them for over 40 years.... Upset tonight
New man
New man:
Secondly Arsenal had a way better tactician that outclassed Ole
Junior Akueka
Junior Akueka:
Remember when we said we didn’t want poch because of the 442 diamond, now we actually realized it’s our best formation but ole still can’t get the best from the team. Poch with this formation would do better. Glazers won’t go anywhere no matter what we do so the easiest thing is to get a better manager in.
Spandan Das
Spandan Das:
I've been screaming Ole isn't good enough for a year now. Look at Arteta, you can see a philosophy in 40 odd games, the way his team sets up. Ole is clueless.
Shane Soni
Shane Soni:
What you said about McTominay is how I feel about Pogba. What the hell does that guy offer? He dwells on the ball and gets caught in possession more than any other footballer I've ever seen!
Gejamugam Latsoomanam
Gejamugam Latsoomanam:
After the Newcastle game
Ole: "the season starts now"
Lebo Makhubedu
Lebo Makhubedu:
That Ole impersonation 👏👏🤣
Ole is second rate unfortunately. Love the guy but he’s just no up to it
Gabriel Naser
Gabriel Naser:
Walking two steps forward and two steps back, in physics its called an object at rest.
You lose your energy but, won't travel from point A ------> B
Echo 1
Echo 1:
I would love Ole to watch this. Sums up how we are thinking
SSD Abel
SSD Abel:
The problem is that "Ole out" is almost a curse-word now. It's like saying "I'm a satanist". So let's just say it calmly like this: Ole is not good enough for this job. We love him for what he has done as a player and at times as a manager, but time to move on.
Sir Vival
Sir Vival:
Why is it so hard do play Bruno and van de beek at the same time? They would be so good together.
Ole will never break the 70-points barrier nor reach a final irrespective of the players at his disposal. He (Ole) is just a relegation manager playing relegation football, and the sooner the board gets rid of him, the better it will be for everyone. That's what I've been saying since the end of last season, and the sooner the board
Sean Currey
Sean Currey:
Problem with this game is normally we can counter attack a side pushing forward but tonight we got our ass handed to us. They straight up walked through our front door.
I'm sure we have the squad to play a lot better and win these games, tbh most times we lose/draw is because of Ole's tactical inability. Ole is tactically inept and this shows in the team's inconsistency
Ben Mrozek
Ben Mrozek:
Never mind Ole's at the wheeeeeeel!!! All Utd fans want to hear from Ole is "1999" "This is the biggest club in the league" "This is Manchester United" "Sir Alex used to say to me" United fans are happy with that!
Dean Mcloughlin
Dean Mcloughlin:
I'm ole in.... But the management of that game was beyond shocking
McTominay can play, come on! Today he didn't have a great game..Yes he should have been substituted half time. Yes the tactics weren't quite right. In the end, my frustration today is with Ole..
Mohammed D Malik
Mohammed D Malik:
Even a broken clock is right twice a day. Ole's win here and there are nothing compared to the shocking defeats/draws we keep getting.
When mark does the maths and realizes that it's one point from twelve 😅😂🤣😭