GOLDBRIDGE! Manchester United 0-2 Man City Match Reaction

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Manchester United 0-2 Man City! Mark Goldbridge reacts to a big result for Solskjaer's United. Get the latest Man Utd News on The United Stand.🔔 Player Ratings Vote here


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100+ comentarios:

Nosa Ologbosere
Nosa Ologbosere:
“If that ball was covid, Harry maguire and victor lindelof did a great job avoiding it” 😂😂😂
Pardeep Thiara
Pardeep Thiara:
Looking at Dias at City, makes me awe in envy. Made maguire look like he was playing the wrong sport. Need a new CB
Red Devil Studio
Red Devil Studio:
Everyone laughs when bailly puts his body on the line. Now we can see why.
Samrat Borah
Samrat Borah:
Whenever Bruno fails to perform, Ole gets exposed.
I loveUnited
I loveUnited:
If Bailly started and ole actually learnt to count to 5 for the subs, we could've got something out of that game. Ole never learns.
Mohsin Khan
Mohsin Khan:
How can we be in 4 semi-finals and bottle them all
Sam R
Sam R:
Can’t believe he played Lindelof. I never thought he would play Lindelof and am so disappointed by Ole
denis richard
denis richard:
No mark. Ole never learned anything. How many semi finals he lost? He is so stubborn, full of ego. Mictominay bulshitt but ole still played him over VDB because he love mictominay and not to VDB. He played lindelouf over baily because he love lindelouf than baily. Believe me, he never played baily over lindelouf and VDB over mictominay. This two player he chose as first eleven.
Bradly bBelle
Bradly bBelle:
This is just what Ole does. His just not a good manager, we living on moments and individual brilliance. His playing favouritism and its killing Donny. The treatment of Donny is an absolute disgrace.
Hafiz Ibrahim
Hafiz Ibrahim:
I feels sorry for VDB.....
Back to reality.
Amrit Sahota
Amrit Sahota:
Why does it always take ole so long to do Subs. When is the guy gonna learn. What is donny gonna do with three minutes at the end of the game when we r 2 nil down.🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️
Nico Reyes
Nico Reyes:
All 4 of the semi finals we have lost under Ole Gunnar Solskjaer have been the same back 4. Shaw/Williams, Lindelof, Maguire, And AWB
“Maguire and Lindelof would sit in the stands if they could they play so deep.”. Lol 😂 😂 😂 😂
F Kasqar
F Kasqar:
I’m hoping he played Lindelof because Bailly has cemented his position as first pick in prem games.
W S:
We need a defender to partner Baiiley. Maguire and lindoloft are crap
SOCCER AS WE LIKE IT- The Manutd Direction
SOCCER AS WE LIKE IT- The Manutd Direction:
Tory Adam
Tory Adam:
The difference between Ole and Pep is that even whilst 1-0 up, he motivates and shouts at his players. Ole sits all comfy on the chair and looks at the bloody iPad
Zlatan Ibrahimovic
Zlatan Ibrahimovic:
Why are people always positive with having Maguire in the eleven? He act like a drunk elefant.
Jared Merens
Jared Merens:
Why doesn't Greenwood go down the middle when he comes on? He's useless out wide. Why would anyone ever play two slow CBs next to each other? Every time I think he's learning...sigh
Yassin Hani
Yassin Hani:
Maguire and Lindelof together are liabilities how can ole not see that? It’s a joke
Time is On The Essence
Time is On The Essence:
Putting on VDB in the last 4 minutes is one of the reasons why Ole will eventually get sacked. He is clueless when it comes to talent, and dumb when it comes to coaching
I knew we would lose after seeing that lineup. We could have made 5 subs and saved the game. I can't believe we messed this one up.
All Ole know are semis, legend has it that Ole only makes love to his wife with a semi.
🎵 Back to life, Back to reality 🎵
Aadam Awad
Aadam Awad:
Ole NEEDS to play Bailly against liverpool or our title hopes will be dashed
Manny MakeRight
Manny MakeRight:
We’re in a title race?😂, let’s wake up, we’re there by sheer chance , the defence ain’t good enough without Bailey. City gonna catch up
Soon, and Liverpool will win the league
Ian Carpenter
Ian Carpenter:
rumour has it ole is going to put a ring on lindelofs finger next week.
Qasim Amini
Qasim Amini:
Spent £40 at boohooMAN to make myself feel better. Didn’t help
jonah bishop
jonah bishop:
If ole drops Bailey for lindelof in the league he has to go period.
Harris Hayter
Harris Hayter:
I think we have just had a lot of easy games. We have no chance of winning the title
S Sheldon
S Sheldon:
Nice to see the team play a legit club, accurate representation of what the club is and where they need to get to.
Jared Merens
Jared Merens:
Can someone inform me of the assets McTominay possesses that Van De Beek lacks? I won't accept height as an answer.
Canady Canady
Canady Canady:
We bottled another semi final this is not progression he’s not learning from his mistakes 😭
Stephen Barrow
Stephen Barrow:
You all guys are scared to blame ole for four semi finals defeats, we cannot win any thropies with ole. He has no idea about the football he only has a coaching badge. He spends more time on the bench as a coach than when he was a player for Manchester united
It will take Ole more than 5years to win what Jose won in 2yrs.
Mohsin Khan
Mohsin Khan:
Ole never does subs and yet always complains about player welfare
Another failure in the semi. He will never bring us over the line if he keep tinkering..
denis richard
denis richard:
Guys, can u see mictominay? He looked so cool and Happy even he played so worst. U know why? Because as long as ole as a Man United's manager, he is always in safe position because ole always chose him as first eleven over VDB.
We have Baily and if he played today, we would have controlled the game better. Ole rewarded Baily by benching him. Ole is as loyal as Giggs's brother' wife.
Lindelof gets a full match while Van Der Beek gets four minutes.
DJ Acid King Cid Guerreiro
DJ Acid King Cid Guerreiro:
Ole, the gift that keeps on giving.
laibuni gerrison
laibuni gerrison:
The shocking revelation tonight is that Man city are the biggest threat to Liverpool's title! Unless something changes United are not challenging for anything.
Craig Crisp
Craig Crisp:
Yet to see Bruno turn up in a big game🤷‍♂️
Cmon most united fans know Ole ain't good enough, we are lucky to be joint top. Some of our performances this season have been dreadful. Ole and the coaching staff need to go in the summer
T K:
Mark just realized man City is gonna win the league easily. Aguero back real soon.
The league is so weak that a team with no defenders are top. Man United needed to be +10p clear to have real hope.
Mal Smith
Mal Smith:
Give it a rest fs outclassed from start to finish a different cb wouldn't have changed a thing
Harry Hewitson
Harry Hewitson:
Spot again tonight Mark, I agree with everything you’ve said about tonight’s game.
hollow hype
hollow hype:
How many times are we going to see maguire lindelof Fail and still use it ffs 😐
Enis Azemi
Enis Azemi:
Man united is becoming traditionaly semi final club 🤣🤣🤣🤣
ricky brown
ricky brown:
Ole is useless and full of player favoritism that's his biggest down fall as a P.E Teacher!!
Robert Alvarez
Robert Alvarez:
United got schooled so bad. From my couch i felt suffocated watching that game.
Paulo Ramírez
Paulo Ramírez:
It not the end of the world but you see how Ole can't change his mind, he's going in circles all the time. Maguire-Lindelof, McTominay, James, not picking VDB... I'm fed up. We're not winning the league with Ole as manager.
Jeff Jones
Jeff Jones:
Poor, team selection and tactics.
Ole and coaches again prove they cannot react to anything mid game. No leadership on or off the field.
Frank Edward
Frank Edward:
MU wasn't good enough on the day. We get caught out on set pieces continually.
Andrew Davies
Andrew Davies:
No penalty, no party 😂😂😂
Hahahaha ”if that ball was covid”, classic
Omar Saidi
Omar Saidi:
This shows how important buying a centre back is, city needed one, got Ruben Dias and now he’s killing it and there defence is so much better!
Let's just hope this stupid board buys us a new CB.
Elin Roberts-Evans
Elin Roberts-Evans:
I love how he doesn’t mension that Stones was Shaws man, I love Shaw but it’s was a poor performance from him
Wesley Williams
Wesley Williams:
That's what maguire does he leaves the ball and bailly cleans up but no bailly today😑
Bundhoo Nazila
Bundhoo Nazila:
Mark why Maguire isn't being dropped. Making Maguire the captain of the team is the greatest error Ole has made
Enis Azemi
Enis Azemi:
Title race?!! You can't be serious 🤔
I don’t want a manger that has favorites btw
I really hope ole shows Maguire and lindelof replays of them on set pieces being diabolical because that's the only way to improve otherwise its insanity.
Alex Glass
Alex Glass:
I did my predicted lineup and the two players that were missing, bailly and de gea😑 could’ve been game changers
lloyd beardsley
lloyd beardsley:
We lost the ball up front nearly every time we got there
Just don’t understand the logic of dropping Bailly when he’s been motm 2/3 games in a row. Such a joke how does he pick fucking lindelof
How did you deserve to be in the final when you got destroyed at home in the semi?
Nasser Hossain
Nasser Hossain:
If we had a bit more composure at both ends & we could really have won this. It is a setback. But we need to be a lot better.
Charlie Kingsbury
Charlie Kingsbury:
when he started it was im not even going to go on. 15 mins in and still going on about it
John Holden
John Holden:
The diving was sub par today
sri murali sivadason
sri murali sivadason:
OLE will remembered as a super sub. And it stops there. Enjoy top of the table coz its only a lucky phase.
chux antonio
chux antonio:
Again the secret behind Ole run: POCH PRESSURE. The worst thing that happened to the run was PSG hiring Pochettino.
Saeed Ahmed Hassan
Saeed Ahmed Hassan:
no penalty, no party haha
Barry Boland
Barry Boland:
Ole is a clueless fool that keeps getting bailed out by our great players.... when it becomes MANAGER vs MANAGER he always fails and gets exposed
denis richard
denis richard:
Be honest Mark. Just say ole out. It's not hard to say that because from now on, man united is going to drop point because his stupidity. Honestly, even u said pochettino didn't won anything, but if pochettino be a man united as a manager with players like ole have, he difinitely did better than ole because ole is really blind, clueless, and so bias. Ole must full responsibility by asking the board to sack him
Getting a bit fed up of Ole always playing his favourites.
Josh Saunders
Josh Saunders:
How has tuanzebe barely played as a centre back since his amazing PSG performance
Andrew Martin
Andrew Martin:
Disgraceful which way donny is being treated.
Derek Keogh
Derek Keogh:
Title race lol..we will be lucky to limp into 4th place ffs..this piss poor metality needs to stop...we are bad
We didn't even bother turning up tonight :( !!
We may be in a title race, but we can't win the race with these performances 😕 sigh!
bryan montilla folrez
bryan montilla folrez:
It that hard to admit Man City is a better team?? Why everytime Man U loses is their own fault? I dont know man... give some credict to the rival from time to time
Oufa 2004
Oufa 2004:
Like martial but he has got to stop diving it’s ridiculous, even I could see it. Tbh he is ruining some chances by diving when he could continue his run.
Asha Singh
Asha Singh:
Ole keeps on saying players need rest and now not making subs is like ...
Josh Hanson
Josh Hanson:
It’s as if he was taking the piss when he brought van de beek on
khalid hassen
khalid hassen:
I feel like the loosing streak have just started again
Hưng Nguyễn Thành
Hưng Nguyễn Thành:
I don't know why Henderson was that high and Lindelof and Maguire were that low? Come on, it's set pitch? What did you expect them to do, it's zone defend? It was about the team's system, not any individuals? Maguire was great in the match anh Lindelof didn't make any mistakes, what did you expect?
Asha Singh
Asha Singh:
When things go bad then the heads drop now I am worried about burnley
Alan mosco
Alan mosco:
Gold bridge: can I just say as well I’m wearing boohooMAN ........

Me: skips 30 seconds 😂

(I know I ain’t the only one)
Blessmore Makohliso
Blessmore Makohliso:
I totally agree with you Mark! Leaving Bailly on the bench was a grave mistake. Our foward line was starved as well.
Phil Micoc
Phil Micoc:
There is no loyalty to playing well! It will cost us the league 💯
Le Roi du Hip Hop Na
Le Roi du Hip Hop Na:
whenever scot and lindelof play in the same team we lose.
Ritam Chatterjee
Ritam Chatterjee:
I think bailey was dropped because ole knows he is injury prone and wants to save him for the better games of the season...
We need to buy a bloody cb or start playing tuannzebe and mengi
Nicodemus Herman
Nicodemus Herman:
maguire and lindelof just don't work, can't ole just see this fact, omg
On top of the result, bailly probably thinking like " what do I gotta do to get a fair run?" Bailly was in form, lindelof was off the heels of an injury. Like, make it make sense.
Happy Funster
Happy Funster:
Bailly plays as a centre back infront of a sweeper whereas Lindelof plays square as a two centre back system
If any of you think Ole can bring this great club meaningful trophies then you are honestly deluded.
jack rogers
jack rogers:
Where is tuanzebe??? Plays a mint game against mbappe and Neymar never see him again . Bailly our best cb. Van de beek has to play more . I love ole but he makes odd team selections at times . I see and mostly agree with his tactics . But he has a hard on for Maguire and lindelof