GOLDBRIDGE! Manchester United 1-0 Wolves Match Reaction

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100+ comentarios:

Charles Junior
Charles Junior:
Brandon Williams frustrated Neto and Adama Trioure .... That boy needs an award. He is playing like he's been here for 2yrs
Jamaican football head Treet
Jamaican football head Treet:
Mata has shown that quality and class is more important than running around with passion effort
TuKay 2K
TuKay 2K:
Romero is an absolute complete gk huge respect to this man!
Junior Akueka
Junior Akueka:
I’m glad we got the win, but let’s be honest if we would’ve had the same performance and wolves won everyone would be angry.
Roger Williams
Roger Williams:
Mark, why do you keep speaking of Mata as if he’s very old. He’s 31 ffs and looked fresh after 90 minutes today.
Matic adds stability to our midfield, the disrespect he gets is so unwarranted.
Sullay BJ
Sullay BJ:
Mark said he thought the Wolves defenders gave Mata a head start🤣😂
Brandon Williams is so underrated , he has a great potential . MOTM for me 🔥
Eleazar Chinne
Eleazar Chinne:
I can smell the agenda against Matic from a mile away
Winston Bradley
Winston Bradley:
Lindelof doesn't get enough credit
Stephen Dixon
Stephen Dixon:
We seem to get alot of clean sheets with static matic in the team
Johnny Whyte
Johnny Whyte:
Williams has ended Shaw's United career
TuKay 2K
TuKay 2K:
William's need to be in XI from now on once he gets his games in he will just get better Luke Shaw is the new Ashley young once he leaves
“If you come to Old Trafford and don’t score, we’re likely to win” Wow.
Rashford injury put more pressure on ed and the glazzers tho
Winston Craig
Winston Craig:
Every time we win it papers over the cracks , we need signings , we keep being promised signings yet none arrive
NoneOfYour Beeswax
NoneOfYour Beeswax:
God this guy does whine...
Tariq Timol
Tariq Timol:
Brandon williams looks a United player if ever I saw one

Finally have 2 fullbacks for the modern era
J. B.
J. B.:
The first 10 minutes we actually played some incisive forward passes, and I was like "Hmm what's this?!" That quickly faded and we reverted into our default which is indecision and lack of rhythm.
Chris Casserley
Chris Casserley:
Sorry, if James only gets a 5 despite working himself into our best chance of the first half, Fred gets a 5, he was the reason we nearly conceded, and you yourself say we weren't getting our attackers on the ball.
Bogdan Senic
Bogdan Senic:
It’s ridiculous how United fans are blasting Matic every single match when he is the exact same player he was in 2017 when you bought him from Chelsea just United are in a much worse position at the moment and they want him to do things which he has never done before.
Mattheus Lima
Mattheus Lima:
Why Mark dislikes Mata so freaking much?? Everytime you have to put him down no matter what he does!
Akshay Kumar
Akshay Kumar:
9:42 mark was gonna say lingard😂😂
It looked like Rashford landed a bit twisted and tweaked his back a bit, and that his low back locked up on him after that. Hopefully a bit of chiropractory magic will sort him out.
Ajay Jonas
Ajay Jonas:
What about vidal coming in on loan till the end of the season? I think that would work great.
Uncle Bruce
Uncle Bruce:
Wolves is a good team. All top teams had problems with them.
People complaining about Dan James getting a 5? That’s definitely a fair score. I love Dan James, you can’t knock his passion and that he puts 110% effort in every game but today his end result was poor again. He was through on goal twice maybe should’ve scored. Final ball poor again. Think it’s just a lack of confidence because he’s a top player
Aleksandar Nesic
Aleksandar Nesic:
Matic is always guilty for everything...
And this dude have PL trophy in his pocket 💪👌🏻
Just him and de gea..what’s happened with brain...
Jack Nicholls
Jack Nicholls:
AWB played a lot better offensively today. He’s clearly working on it, so we really do have a base of a team who can compete in any competition, as long as we bring in a few transfers.
Carlos The Red
Carlos The Red:
It’s clearly his back not his knee.

He was holding his back in the city game too.
Petey Pablo
Petey Pablo:
Dan James a 5....Does this guy have any idea what he’s watching?
Robbie Stones
Robbie Stones:
My point about the matic agenda is real.....he gets blamed for everything by most the fanbase.. I wasn't saying Mark has an agenda I'm saying their is an agenda against him and alot of people join in.... Matic and Fred was giving alot of forward balls in 1st half to front 3 4 players and they kept losing it or messing chances up and we kept giving ball up to easily... In 2nd half matic and Fred both kept hold of the ball longer.. I imagine probably because they realised front 4 wasnt on it.... You can't just boot a ball forward just because... It isn't fifa....I don't even think matic had a great game tonight he was just OK... But I've seen games where he actually plays well and fans still roast him and blame him for the teams football style...put modric in that mid and we would still struggle and play slowly... Its being coached into the team.. Not certain players making us slow.....players like rodri and fabinho would struggle in our set up as well... You can't highlight them and say matic should be like these.. When them teams have a style of football and every player in the team is comfy on the ball and wants to ball.....and let's be honest rodri and fabinho are not running past players and playing eye of the needle balls and creating chances galore ... They do their job and pass it to better players next to them then move to a position to receive ball back if needed... We can all agree matic is slow and we do need a more agile holding mid... But right now he is 1 of our best players.... He can pass and he can create.. I've seen him plenty of times play forward balls and split teams open or drilled a ball 50 yards into feet... But again matic job isn't to do them things... Just like rodri and fabinho don't.. They are holding mids... But people talk about matic like he should be scoring and creating goals galore... No other holding mid does that.... Some box to box mids do that like a Kante etc.....but cdm and a box to box is 2 different positions......and also Kante plays alot higher for Chelsea alot of games.. He doesn't just sit anymore... Matic rarely loses the ball and fans will always bash him.. Other players lose the ball alot No massive bashing.... We ain't creating nothing... Matic gets all the blame... Even when front 4 look clueless or back four keep hoofing ball up isn't always the midfield....most fans never give credit to players they don't like... That is an agenda... And scapegoat matic or mata or young.... And when none play... They go quite....
Didnt think man utd played well at all apart from first 10 mins. Wolves players seem tired and were poor with there shots. They didnt have a great game either. A defensive mistake settling this match tells it all.
OleIsAt TheWheel
OleIsAt TheWheel:
Wolves are so well drilled everyone knows what there doing doing compared to united just free styling waiting for abit of magic .. even from set pieces wolves always have different way of taken them and always work perfect united try it and do absolutely nothing . The management is embarrassing and that goes for all of them
T K:
United... JUAN ... Wolves nil.. ;)
Hamish Nembhard
Hamish Nembhard:
United got lucky. Big up to Mata, said you were done in the EPL. Keep proving me wrong
Nayo Nayo
Nayo Nayo:
Mata,Williams, or Matic get my MOTM.
Sic Parvis Magna91
Sic Parvis Magna91:
Mark you are what Rashford has injured he's back not he knee. Solskjaer has said that in the press conference.
Mcr isRed
Mcr isRed:
Romero should start more games now, he is also the reason why the defense play this good I don't know why no one talk about it, not taking anything from de'gea but at the moment Romero look lot better and comfortable
BabyFaceAssasin Odegaard
BabyFaceAssasin Odegaard:
What a discrase of a presenter (whine baby)
Paul Taylor
Paul Taylor:
I still dont rate fred whatsoever.
anth1878 Obrien
anth1878 Obrien:
He’s got no clue at all ole we are going nowhere fast 🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️
I was impressed with the reaction from all the boys in the 2nd half.
Mike Murphy
Mike Murphy:
Played decent tonight good win but crowd was the quietest it’s been for a long tonight. Ratings:
Romero 6
Wann-Bissaka 6
Williams 8
Maguire 8
Lindelof 7
Fred 5
Matic 6
Mata 7
Greenwood 5
James 6
Martial 7
Dean Wood
Dean Wood:
Also depressing to watch again. Really has wound me up
Brandon Combes
Brandon Combes:
Dan James a 5???? did you watch the first half. He was our only attacking outlet. Open your eyes... martial a 6 ffs
Pravin J
Pravin J:
Matic: Name me a top 20 side that will have ole as their manager?
Mohamed Kargbo
Mohamed Kargbo:
Without mistake on football nobody will score goals you have to know that you fulls of United stand
Siddharth Singh
Siddharth Singh:
Mark, you need to do a live call or chat show with Ricky!
Trevor Cross
Trevor Cross:
Solskjaer should never had played Rashford now how long is he going to be out Clueless Clown
Doug Saunders
Doug Saunders:
Audio levels are peaking.
Legit Walrus
Legit Walrus:
We still don’t seem to really play in triangles when passing. The ball often gets launched from 20 yards into the feet of the wingers with their back to goal. Also saw a lot of good runs being ignored by our midfielders (Fred saw a couple however and played the pass).
Nt T
Nt T:
2 investment bankers.. Woodward and Matt judge are doing internship on how to run a football club
Peter Taylor
Peter Taylor:
You can cut the length of these posts down by at least half if you stop repeating yourself umpteen times. Focus on quality instead of quantity. I'm finding myself baling out earlier and earlier because of the constant repeats.
Faiz 23
Faiz 23:
Now we wont buy bruno coz mata scored and gonna double his wages
Ernest Simson
Ernest Simson:
Mata brings much needed creative distribution from the centre to build up play the best we got at the moment playing that number 10 role
We really need to work on being clinical with our chances. If Dan James worked on his end product he'd be a great threat!
Thought we was awful tonight, martial was pretty much none existent!
Early first half we definitely made a lot of chances. Especially with Dan James we just failed to score those. We could have scored at least 3 goals for the match but just didn’t take them.
Stevan Campbell
Stevan Campbell:
Matic moves the ball faster than Fred tbf
TuKay 2K
TuKay 2K:
Finally we beat Wolves lmao
Can't wait to hear Ricky Matic and Mata was great
Ali Umer
Ali Umer:
Wan bissaka should get an 8 he played way better than matic and lindelof
Darren Kuti
Darren Kuti:
Bite of a basking shark 🤣🤣😂
Ezii Jr
Ezii Jr:
Let's admit with OLE and his coaches we are going nowhere
Mfundo Mlumbi
Mfundo Mlumbi:
He says it's a by into the next round forgetting that we got turned over by Watford and struggle against any small team that sits back. 🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️
Mark D16
Mark D16:
Mata, Matic, Williams and Wan Bassaka were our best players tonight. That's 2 games in a row Mata and Matic were stand out for us! Hope they both here next season!!
Gavin Hargreaves
Gavin Hargreaves:
We was poor at the back, if they scored the 2 chances they had in the first half and played the same the rest of the game we would all be pissed off, let me just say VAR got it wrong again tonight
Rahul Jawale
Rahul Jawale:
Signing Bruno now has become very very important after Rashfords injury
Siddharth Singh
Siddharth Singh:
Waiting for Ricky!!!!!
oiuet souiu
oiuet souiu:
Brandon williams looks a United player if ever I saw one Finally have 2 fullbacks for the modern era
bocoy noiu
bocoy noiu:
Brandon williams looks a United player if ever I saw one Finally have 2 fullbacks for the modern era
Itz H
Itz H:
Do you think what Duncan Castle said about Bruno agreeing terms on twitter is true?
eioshen boboi
eioshen boboi:
Abraham Legesse
Abraham Legesse:
still we need brunooo, all over i think of united i think bruno
James Rowley
James Rowley:
Spot on regarding the Rashford injury situation
We need more Brandon’s with fight in them . James needs to work on finishing two massive chances after great through balls that we can’t do allegedly?
We are really indecisive when in the last 3rd. Alot of times we questioned the pass for too long. But you can see the effort! But then again. Should always see effort!
Steve Mundy
Steve Mundy:
how good is romero!
Jim Jones
Jim Jones:
1st wolves win in 5 games
John Hennessy's Martial Arts Channel
John Hennessy's Martial Arts Channel:
Juan Mata. I think he genuinely loves the club. He may be slower now, but that goal was absolute class.
James Scannell
James Scannell:
Title winning side behave goldbridge 🤣🤣🤣
Adam Smith
Adam Smith:
Why u giving Martial a 6 just for getting an easy assist that he nearly got wrong, if that's all he did in the game?

Biased AF
Good Times
Good Times:
Keith koudabaily we need
Samuel Collins
Samuel Collins:
Utd didn’t deserve it !!!!!!
oomar bassa
oomar bassa:
I think ole should become a member of united stand,sure to get good advice on the way to improve the team
The sound is very very loud on your videos
Kee Keong Liew
Kee Keong Liew:
Our defence got better service from the midfielders than our strikers...!!!!!!
Roy Johansen
Roy Johansen:
I do’t think you ever will belive in the way M U is trying to do 😢 now, but get 🎊🎉🍻🎈back and we will do it . Almost all player is getting bad every time ???
After my opinion you are the worst player/ suporter 😢, I will give you a good 1 .
Romero man of the match
Was rashfords back/hip that got injured mark. At first I thought it was his ankle but he was holding his back/hip the whole time and was able to walk ok
M J Pes player
M J Pes player:
Mark it's time for you to stop moaning about mata
There is more to football than running around , so stop complaining
Because it doesn't mata
charlie mamo
charlie mamo:
for Me the man of the match Wen Bissaka Brilliant and good Dribbler
Chris Collins
Chris Collins:
Rashford injured. Do u reckon we need a new attacker?
The Truth
The Truth:
I smoked waaayyyyyh To much.....
Stretford END DEVIL
Stretford END DEVIL:
MOTM was Mata for me
Mcr isRed
Mcr isRed:
let OGS get players he wants
Our defence was immense and midfield, particularly matic, was excellent mainly in the first half. Attackers were poor imo today
Stevan Campbell
Stevan Campbell:
With this team I think we should be focusing on results and be glad for them. If we are interested then we should build a team that can perform and get results