GOLDBRIDGE! Sheffield United 3-3 Manchester United Match Reaction

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100+ comentarios:

Someone explain to me why Jones is still at our club
Paul Taylor
Paul Taylor:
Var didn't cost us today, ole did.
Ali Dervaish
Ali Dervaish:
We played saints, wolves, Bournemouth, Newcastle, Sheffield utd away, and we have only taken three points out of 15... still keeping him yeah 😴
Chris Guest
Chris Guest:
If we're blaming VAR it's pretty desperate. United should never be losing (or drawing) to Sheffield United - shows how far we've dropped.
Dexter King
Dexter King:
We are 20 points behind Liverpool 😂😂
Galen Häst
Galen Häst:
There is no way that is a handball
Frozen Over
Frozen Over:
Mark just admit it Ole is unqualified and he’s completely out of his depth! Ole out!
Dave Lovett
Dave Lovett:
Lucky we got a point after that first 70 mins
Peter Winter
Peter Winter:
When Martial went off for Tuanzebe at 3-2 up, we went defensive on a day the defence was pants is just dumb.
Joe Baker
Joe Baker:
Mark should have looked up the rules before calling VAR a disgrace. Shoulder isn’t handball
Keane O'Connor
Keane O'Connor:
Mark sort your head out, that’s never handball.
Truth HasATongue
Truth HasATongue:
What fumed me is when Ole hugged Wilder and laughed
Legit Walrus
Legit Walrus:
VAR was correct in this case unfortunately
Mojo K
Mojo K:
I bet Ole will be smiling and laughing in the interviews. The guy is clueless
Yasin A
Yasin A:
He moved his arm away, the ball hit his shoulder and top part of his chest. Stop whining.
Martial was vital during our 15 minutes of attacking... His contribution was as good as rashford and James
Liam Riddell
Liam Riddell:
We didn’t deserve too win that game let alone a draw
Darren McCreary
Darren McCreary:
Mark , VAR didn’t cost use the game, if VAR didn’t exist , that game still would of ended 3-3😜
Simon Sez
Simon Sez:
The same as the sissoko handball 😂😂🤣🤣. No, just no. Stretching mate
Apote tavio toni
Apote tavio toni:
Take Martial out for tuanzebe to protect the lead , but Still can't.
Mick Foskett
Mick Foskett:
The youth save us! Gomes instead of pierrera..bin Jones matic and young and play Williams and Greenwood as often as possible!!👹
United performances are literally in a quantum state. It's completely random what it is from one moment to the next. Total randomness.
Craig Taney
Craig Taney:
Delusional Ole. Reeks of desperation, flukes a result. Get him out.
Bjartur Thomsen
Bjartur Thomsen:
Their goal was legit. Get over it!
R6 Liam
R6 Liam:
I’m sorry but it wasn’t even a hand ball I didn’t think it was and everyone I was watching it with didn’t even think it was and handball it hit his shoulder not his hand or arm
Rashford keeps Running into opposition players when we are on the break. He did it 3 times when we had players forward. PASS THE BALL.
Man Like Big Mike
Man Like Big Mike:
LMAOOO...the saltiness and obssession has also gotten to you too that you have to drag Liverpool into your nonsense. LMAOO
jamie thompson
jamie thompson:
jones has had his day at united !
We cannot miss getting Poch on a free. He is what the club needs, stop the sentimentalism towards Ole out
David Spencer
David Spencer:
😂😂😂 never been a hand ball, however on balance of play I think a point is fair. We dominated first half Man Utd domination second. Fair point I reckon
Alan Shanks
Alan Shanks:
VAR did it’s job, at most the ball came off his shoulder, and if var didn’t exist the goal still would have counted
Patrick Doyle
Patrick Doyle:
Just heard ole say "the lads have made great strides since last season they never give up". This is a joke if Jose or any other manager was in charge there would be uproar. It's a joke now. We are closer to the bottom 3 than the top 3. He's failed. Ole out.
Fred Munro
Fred Munro:
Blame the slack play of the second rate players we have. Only there for the big bucks. Get the Glazers out.
Pranoy Dutta
Pranoy Dutta:
At 2-0, I was really hoping we get battered today. Timing would've been perfect. Would've gotten Ole the sack maybe Poch in. But now he'll get more time. One lucky guy.
J G:
If you think that's a handball then you're more deluded than I thought
Nigel Green
Nigel Green:
Greenwood shown how to be a striker for his goal, in between the defenders to score. Good play mason. One positive
cham dumba
cham dumba:
VAR is a stupid excuse ,Sheffield dropped points
Ken Shamballs
Ken Shamballs:
If we had of won, it’ll just of been papering over the cracks.
Matt Nolan
Matt Nolan:
United should be happy with that one point to be honest, Sheffield dominated most of the game and the var goal never looked like an handball.
S.A. A
S.A. A:
You're clueless if you think that's a handball...
DesZero XR
DesZero XR:
I really respect you, Mark. But I really, really wish you would stop talking about the game as won, and saying you "said so", before it is actually finished. Apart from that, thank you for your content.
Lesiba Leso
Lesiba Leso:
Ole is done out here just admit it mark
Daniel Melaugh
Daniel Melaugh:
Ole said in his post match interview today was not about tactics.
Doclam Namene
Doclam Namene:
Solskjaer must go seriously and bring poch before someone hijacked him
Bobbie Mcdonnell
Bobbie Mcdonnell:
Why are people actually blaming VAR that wasn’t hand ball out defending was tragic for there last goal
game ram
game ram:
Still ole out lol
Hafiz Ibrahim
Hafiz Ibrahim:
When we beat brighton "Ole in" now we draw "Ole out"
Dia Arnasala
Dia Arnasala:
That first half's tactic cost us, we can't play with the devil anymore !!!!!!
AC Mills
AC Mills:
Seriously no reason why we cannot offload Jones, Pereira and Matic in January.

i remember ed saying a few weeks ago that ole will stay no matter what because of the new structure he's implementing, instead of sacking managers for fun he'll give him time, poch is bayern bound
Winston Craig
Winston Craig:
Today answered one thing , it shows how far behind the big clubs we,ve fallen, this could last for years how do you fix this? They dont look like they want to
This very much reminded me of the Newcastle game last year except we didn't win. But even if we did win clearly Ole isn't good enough...a very good manager has just been sacked from Spurs and we NEED him. Poch in.
Rhys 1
Rhys 1:
Clutching at straws with the handball😂 salty much
Centurion 100
Centurion 100:
Never a handball, shoulder all day long. Without Var a goal anyway, with VAR always gonna be a goal, no evidence to prove arm rather than shoulder
Petar Blazanovic
Petar Blazanovic:
Mark, you said Lingard 6. Are you kidding us? Lol. Another c r a p performance from Lingard. What does he bring to the game? Absolutely nothing!
Sharif husain Shaikh
Sharif husain Shaikh:
Oles getting sacked in the morning
Jonesy, Young, andresy and lingy all need to deported to Sunday league.
Liam Riddell
Liam Riddell:
Ole out on that display
The Campbell Lyfe
The Campbell Lyfe:
I love this team and I love this channel but mark , bro get real ole will never succeed . Dude is clueless
Smurfin McMurfin
Smurfin McMurfin:
Ole inept if Martial stays on we win that game INEPT!
Liverpool FC
Liverpool FC:
Give him time! Give him time! It's 1989 😂😂
Centurion 100
Centurion 100:
How things have changed, I was expecting an equaliser....
daoud naba
daoud naba:
Imagine a back 5 of jones mustafi aurier rose and west ham goalkeeper 😂😂
Michael Murphy
Michael Murphy:
I thought in the first half Phil Jones was man of match Sheffield played like Brazil
Emile Heskey
Emile Heskey:
Ole in please he is a good manager.😂😂😂😂😂😂
baldy mcdonagh
baldy mcdonagh:
reguardless of the come back man u should be winning these games by a big margin .. celebrating a draw against sheffield is a joke and shows how far we ve dropped
King Azy
King Azy:
How tf does someone the size as Jones get flogged by a bloody stick ???
Thomas Tranfield
Thomas Tranfield:
16:07 How How How How How How How
Yasin A
Yasin A:
Complain about var all you want, but the goal would have stood without it.
Nick mag
Nick mag:
I don’t think pareara should be getting stick he’s a CAM he needs 2 midfielders behind him, he’s not a box to box midfielder and Fred needs someone strong to complement him like Mctominay especially against a hard working team like Sheffield
Fred was immense today he was bossing the midfield in the second half. He also didn’t give the ball away for the second goal, that was pereira.
Makes me laugh, we are loosing with 5 at the back, we get the come back & then we put it back to 5 at the back again to defend
eimi te mahmah
eimi te mahmah:
Savage 😂😂
Colin Mc
Colin Mc:
Should not be relying on VAR we. Today is the day Im giving up on ole
Ole tactically poor, great to realize it and make the changes. then he blows in the end by sitting back. Rashford man of the march 2 points and go ahead goal!
Evans Mumba
Evans Mumba:
Great bring in a third CB when you leading with about 10 minutes to play
and kill off the pace. Ole is such a timid manager.
Ole Clueless at this level.
Oddy Pele
Oddy Pele:
For all the Ole ins.....Why? What are you seeing exactly from this useless manager?
Ben Marlott
Ben Marlott:
No way was it a handball, absolutely desperate claim
nw10 natz
nw10 natz:
Martial looked pissed off when coming off
That was a goal Mark
Danny Boy
Danny Boy:
It wasn't a handball mate and on what evidence should we be winning this game really?
Rosen Dimitrov
Rosen Dimitrov:
Ole is a disaster...
h Sleeplessnights97
h Sleeplessnights97:
"If that was Liverpool is would of been disallowed"
Leon Leon
Leon Leon:
Sheffield dominated us for most of the game and you still expect 3 points? We have stolen that point.
Look at the anatomy of a shoulder Mark, it hits the lower part of the shoulder. The shoulder isn't just a tiny spot at the top of the arm, it extends down a bit.
So funny 🤣 😂 . Is the fault of Mourinho!
Silvester Akola
Silvester Akola:
Martial is a foward who can make it 4-2 for you then you decide to take him out go defensive when your attack is clicking?Nice ole
Judith Kelly
Judith Kelly:
Front 3 were stagnent most of the game with no movement . You have to make space !
Nico ConCellas
Nico ConCellas:
Imagine being as bad as Jones, who should never have played in the peen. Division 3 at best, and somehow fluked his career at being a united player who doesn’t even make the bench
Liam Thompson
Liam Thompson:
We should put jones up front every now and then to cause a bit of chaos
Kunte Okonji
Kunte Okonji:
There's NO difference between Arsenal and Utd. They all say "we should have" and "we nearly" when BIG clubs like Leicester and Tottenham are actually making things happen and hard decisions. Ole and Emery are high school coaches. Absolute clowns.
The player did everything he could to move his arm out the way. What you on about Mark
Daniel Wheels
Daniel Wheels:
Why does he have a 5 year contract?

We are a joke now

Time to just concentrate on Richmond Tigers in the AFL

Sheehan D'Souza
Sheehan D'Souza:
How can that be a handball?? .. VAR got it right this time. The defensive line should be blamed for the third goal
The good thing is if Sheffield had been playing LiVARpool that goal is disallowed.
Lol Salah half his body is offside var -goal but Sterling is level no goal.
Jamie Priestley
Jamie Priestley:
I've been Ole in until now. He's out of his depth and not learning or adapting fast enough, get Poch while we can. Sorry Ole, we love you but we need experience during a rebuild. :(
macandme foley
macandme foley:
Keeping ole on sentiment would be crazy for utd but I hope they do 😂
Yosua Rahadi
Yosua Rahadi:
love what he said about Ole's tactic :D
Dianka Di
Dianka Di:
United has turned to crap club 🤣😂🤣