Golden State Warriors vs Dallas Mavericks Full Game 5 Highlights | 2021-22 NBA Playoffs

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Rebounds and boxing out are such an underrated part of the game. GS got at least 3 triples in the 4th directly from offensive boards.
Arap Ricky
Arap Ricky:
I can’t believe how Klay is able to come back with such injuries , incredible achievement mentally and physically. I never seen such a team full of young talent and veterans at the same time . Nobody is even talking about Wiseman , forgotten :)
Happy Warriors fan seeing:
- green being aggressive again on the offensive end
- klay with his impact on both ends during crucial times despite the 2 years injuries
- wiggins being consistent
- youngsters getting their minutes and doing great: moody, Poole, kuminga
- showing what strength in numbers truly means despite injuries amongst major rotations
- last but not least Curry IS BACK
Can't say I didn't expect this. Mavs almost blew a 20 point lead to the Warriors bench. I didn't expect them to win at the Warriors home. Congrats to them for how far they made it.
Tobi TV
Tobi TV:
Great game by the Warriors, too much fire power to handle for the Mavs, especially missing a key big man. They should target Rudy Gobert, he fits right into that system, he gives them needed rim protection and rebounds. Still a fine playoff run for the Mavs, cudos to Jason Kidd.
Vladimir Dragicevic
Vladimir Dragicevic:
Bjelica such a useful piece to a Warriors team. Dont forget guys, he was a Euroleague MVP!
Orenji Neko
Orenji Neko:
As a Mavs fan I can't say I'm really disappointed, the Warriors put up a good fight. Mavs tried hard and nearly made a comeback catching up during the 3rd and the 4th quarter. Well played!
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Help me reach 1M with 0 videos:
No spoiler comment: Both teams have played amazing this season!
It’s certainly gonna be an exciting finals!
Robert Schmidt
Robert Schmidt:
I'm not a big NBA guy. But I LOVED that game, every player from Golden State stepped up their game. That was one of the best entire team performance I have ever seen.
1.40 watching that curry dime to klay is like poetry. The shooting form, one splash bro to another. I aint even a warriors fan but i can enjoy plays like that. Nothing but net and a swish ☄️🔥👌🏼
Alain B
Alain B:
Bro can feel the chemistry of the warriors man I love this team
Jdb 621
Jdb 621:
Looked like the GSW vs Luka out there. Dude was out there giving 120% til the end.
So happy to see Klay being his usual self. Warriors Vs Celtics should be a fun series
Cantare Volare
Cantare Volare:
Klay scored 32! He must've thought this was game 6 and it was his turn, lol. 😆
Andri Setiawan
Andri Setiawan:
enjoying a great 2015-2019 season, they are back towards the 6th final in the last 8 seasons. The road to the 2022 NBA finals, the incredible achievement in the playoffs not dropping points at home is still sacred, just waiting for the last opponent Celtic or Miami
Omar Fernandez
Omar Fernandez:
Game 5 Thompson, glad to see life gave him another final shot despite that injurie!
Jay Gift
Jay Gift:
This looney guy is something else when he's rebounding✨
Man I feel so bad for doncic, dude is incredible. His team unfortunately are just not playmakers as each one of GSW is.
What a team. Team ball at it’s finest. Another finals appearance. A finals appearance just after missing the playoffs last season. Crazy
Kyriakos Michalopoulos
Kyriakos Michalopoulos:
no matter if this team can improve in protecting leads, all true MFFLs appreciate this season's effort. well played
make out hill
make out hill:
The most enjoyable, all around best game of the entire playoffs imo
Pappy Chulla
Pappy Chulla:
They make it look easy. I love this team
rey leovido
rey leovido:
unselfish plays of the great Warrior team Kudos to all the players ..a real Basketball that team worked
Western conference champions once again! ❤️
Respect Mavericks, great run!
Matthew Pavi
Matthew Pavi:
Damn.. the teamwork that the warriors have 🔥🔥
Now I can't really wait for Luka to get some real help.
Luka and the Mavs did damn well to make it this far. Just look at Luka’s primary supporting cast rn on the team.
Kevin Lin
Kevin Lin:
Congrats to GSW! Glad to See you Win!!
IMB 34
IMB 34:
Even though Mavs lost it's amazing a 23 year old carried a team all the way to Western Conference Finals.
The warriors have been performing well this season I'm happy for them even tho I'm a bulls fan
Jessie Mabel Egos
Jessie Mabel Egos:
Congratulations Dubs you are simply the best🫶🏽👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾🔒 It is more fun to win in the home court♥️💪🏾
Daniel Anyie Eng
Daniel Anyie Eng:
As much as I like to see a new team emerging as champions, no team seems to be able to do that yet against this wholesome, complete golden state warriors. The east champs have to come up with sth extraordinary from-the-air kind of strategy if they need to outdo this current Curry-led team. There's too much curry in the team right now.
Max Francky
Max Francky:
It's so good witnessing GSW going in the final again 🤩
Black Earth
Black Earth:
I think i noticed a weakness in Lukas game. He is not effective going to his right. He is most comfortable moving left before he shoots. Still a good player but they had zero chance. They should have been swept but i think the emotions from the shootings got to the Worriers and the Mavs snuck a win in.
Nevel Haim
Nevel Haim:
I hope poole gets the recognition he deserves
We can’t lose that man
Creepy Stares
Creepy Stares:
You have to have the feels for Doncic. Amazing player, needs a bit more help.
fantastic game on both ends, I think Mavs need to make some key trades to surround Luka with more support.
michial todd
michial todd:
Long live the great warriors always are the best and will stay like that for years to come
Fast Facts
Fast Facts:
Warriors had gone through ups and downs . It just strengthened the team
Elite Cherry
Elite Cherry:
That letting us now even more appreciate Dirk, how he destroyed even better teams than that warriors by himself.
What A MAN💪💪💪
Emil D. Sarja
Emil D. Sarja:
Feels like back in 2016-17, Warriors that can’t miss a shot
Ross Larsen
Ross Larsen:
I feel so privileged that I live in Steph Curry's time. What an asset to the sport.
Nhlakanipho Langa
Nhlakanipho Langa:
What a franchise 6th Finals in 8 years, they definitely coming after the 90's Bulls; too bad we 6-0😌🔥🐂
Rok Viher
Rok Viher:
congratz to GSW, they are just a better, more well rounded team right now :) I feel sorry for my Mavs but then again, gotta face reality. Good luck in the finals. I am happy with our season nontheless.
With that being said, I cant stress enough how frustrated I am with Dwight Powell, he played absolutely horrible in whole playoffs, not just this series, what a disaster, I hope we trade him this offseason, he is literally unplayable when it matters and he is our starting center imagine
Also, cant deny that Luka played horrible in some of these games even though the stats will say otherwise, he didnt pass my personal eye test tbh.
Good game by the Warriors but the Mavs need another defensive gear to go to the next level. You can't be giving up easy baskets when trying to come back in a game.
AJ The Great
AJ The Great:
Congratulations to the Golden State Warriors!👏
Moment of silence for them who thaught dallas would come back 🙏
Mixed pleasure
Mixed pleasure:
Happy to see the Warriors going to the finals again I really hope the beat the Celtics
Teke Productions
Teke Productions:
The Splash Brothers are back! Let's get this chip 🔥👏
allen maudlin
allen maudlin:
It must be amazing to go to Golden State and be valued for what you can do and have a coaching staff find a way to make the most of your skills even if you are not a superstar.
Georgina Paki
Georgina Paki:
Hi There
Hi There:
That alertness or more hunger what ever you want to call it for those rebounds, seems like every rebound the ball went to a warrior player. The craziest thing about it was the rebounds were mostly from 2s and they were played out for 3s. For it to only be a 10 point loss is an achievement in itself for how many rebounds and turnovers there were. Good luck to the Warriors!
Brian Wainaina
Brian Wainaina:
Well deserved NBA finalists highly critisized very lowly downgraded but Warriors pulled themselves up and that's what Warriors do . Now we move on to the finals 4 more still to go
Rommell Boado
Rommell Boado:
A physical game bet east & west must be a beautiful watch...cant wait of the finals...
The last game was like, we lose here in Dallas to give our hometown real joy and that's what they did...
Greg Rhodes
Greg Rhodes:
Looney has become a really solid player ... It’s great to see the growth in this young man...
Michel Interrupted
Michel Interrupted:
I watched first 2 Q, than I felt asleep, early in the game nothing goes for Dončić,he was really strugling...but I saw Golden State making easy buckets, especially Thompson, than I knew it, it's impossible for Dallas to win in this game!!!
Warriors really work hard. Deserved it. Congrats SF-W nation
6 NBA finals for warriors in 8 years, that's crazy
Eliel James Torre
Eliel James Torre:
Lets go Warriors! It’s time to win another ring!
Carl Fernandes
Carl Fernandes:
To see the slow but steady growth of Looney over the years. Wow, he's been so crucial in these playoffs.
sandika wijaya aji
sandika wijaya aji:
GSW come back again to NBA Finals. Awesome!! 👍💪✊🏆
Samuel Brocanelli
Samuel Brocanelli:
Look at Warriors man, so inspirational!
I am was surprised Mavs put up such a good fight despite the crazy engine that oiled up Warriors are. One more piece or two and Mavs will reach their finals soon enough.
Reza P
Reza P:
Rooting for luka but seeing GSW good again is a relieve. I always thought they are a contender since the last time they won. Feels like they suddenly gone because many injuries.
conor mullholland
conor mullholland:
What a seris run by the Warriors, in the finals and they deserve it
It is sad for Doncic, he needs a 5 stars in his team to get to the finals.
But great to see the warriors as strong as they were.
Now it's finals! Let the show begins!! 🍿🎉
Hank Kim
Hank Kim:
Glad to see Klay back in full form, & not degress into Derrick Rose.
Klay Thompson, always the final killer 😎
2:02 even at a championship, still good sportsmanship there
i dont understand why they leave Klay soo open. Did they forget hes a splash brother? 🤦🏽‍♂️. Good job GSW 👍🏾
Reuel Gnalega
Reuel Gnalega:
Congratulations to the warriors!!!
I'm rooting for GSW this year. Coming from a Bulls fan. Props to Luka though.
Asheru Judo
Asheru Judo:
Did y'all see the Curry family at the end, cheering. Shit was too adorable.
sergio wilson ramos junior
sergio wilson ramos junior:
GSW está sobrando, só não conquistara o titulo da NBA 2022 se acontecer uma catástrofe. O time é infinitamente superior ao Heats ou Celtics.
George Kalokairinos
George Kalokairinos:
This year especially that the Mavs made a run, Luka really developed a lot of haters.. And that's a good thing!
Every generational talent has a lot of braindead haters that you can laugh at!
Vladimir Laroche
Vladimir Laroche:
I am so proud of my team .
By beating the mavs, it feels like we beat the suns too, and it's a swept 😂😂
De Wonder Naturals
De Wonder Naturals:
Congratulations to GSW for winning this year's NBA series. If you combine both Miami and Celtic's team, they will still not win against this warriors squad.
Araba Dünyası
Araba Dünyası:
As a Warrios fan, i am really sorry for Luka. He has amazing game sense, he might be the next lebron. Lets go Dubs!
Gold Stink
Gold Stink:
Looney has been the key player for like 3 games in a row now, 2 offensive rebounds in a row!!
This series was very one-sided - classic David vs Goliath.
Almost felt like I was watching a Champions League match, when a top/billionaire team gets matched against a small-fish team.
That Bjelica 3 was a sick play. That man is 39% from 3 and vastly underrated.
5:25 확실히 클탐이 복귀했을때보다 하체가 안돌아가니 폼이완성된느낌이네.굿굿
Sarthak Rao
Sarthak Rao:
Let's applaud fot Luka, man played really well for his 1st CF against all odds.
Brett Ly
Brett Ly:
So many times mavs were just not as desperate for the ball, sure they never gave up. But the warriors out hustled them over and over.
Jacob Cornett
Jacob Cornett:
That was a perfect behind the back pass from Draymond
Abi Chau
Abi Chau:
When you see all teammates got double figures, you know thats the real Champion team.
Volvio la dinastía de los Warriors and MVP Steph!
Joy Teoh
Joy Teoh:
Piotr Głowacki
Piotr Głowacki:
IMO there are too many games in play offs, it takes too long and becomes tedious. It would be better if they played for three wins. If there is e.g. 3:0, the losing team needs to win 4 games in a row, which is too much pressure and lasts too long. Congrats to Warriors, I like both teams, but I wished this year was for Mavs:)
Andy B
Andy B:
Glad to see these pretenders get sent packing 😂amazing how quickly a team can disappear when they don't have the refs on their side
Looney and Wiggins are the X factors! Huge rebounds from them. Can't forget Klay and Poole too. Curry made his thing and they won it.
M Meda
M Meda:
Dallas just didn't have it in them this year. Great performance by Luka, but others really suck. Especially in defensive roles. If they had 4 more Luka they would win.
Herve Panou
Herve Panou:
My favorite team back to the final
amazing. 6 finals in 8 years. now let's finish this off.
traC zO
traC zO:
Love how Green blocks Doncic and immediately tries to help him up.
Ako ay Pilipino
Ako ay Pilipino:
hearing Kevin Harlan’s voice every game of conference finals after Marv Albert retirement is so wonderful feel the game.
stev tensai
stev tensai:
really happy to see warriors goes to finals..
A F:
Bro you got the best highlights in the game no question about it
Reyhan Daffa Hidayyahya
Reyhan Daffa Hidayyahya:
Looney is just a beast when it comes to rebounding 😤😤
John50 Beach
John50 Beach:
I wanna see the splash brothers win it all one last time. The raptors series still has me depressed. They were dropping like flies and left Steph on his own