Golden State Warriors vs Dallas Mavericks Game 1 Full Highlights | 2022 WCF | FreeDawkins

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100+ comentarios:

Simon Lam
Simon Lam:
That's just beautiful basketball - all that constant movement, sharing the ball and having everyone including the bench contributing. Just beautiful to watch.
Curry, Poole and Wiggins combined with 59 points, and 7 players had double figures, their defense was great, even if it is only a Game 1, so far so good for the Warriors🔥
Jason Konadu
Jason Konadu:
When Andrew Wiggins and Jordan Poole are playing like this, you’re not beating the Warriors.
Eiju Hirasawa
Eiju Hirasawa:
I love to see Wiggins, Looney, Porter shining in GSW.
Jerry Huang
Jerry Huang:
Otto is well known as a shooter but he's a damn solid defender and rebounder. Just a solid role player.
Tatsuya SIGH
Tatsuya SIGH:
That ball movement is so easy on the eye. Great game by Wiggins and Looney. GSW threw more (soft) double at Luka than Phoenix, and really collapses the paint once he gets inside. Some zone gimmick as well, though Mavs probably will adjust and atk the zone better. Mavs really struggled to get deep penetration though. Hope it'll continue
They started to stop Curry and Klay , forgetting Wiggins is elite, when they realized Wiggins was killing them with green and looney . Mavs became confused defensively. Then Curry took over , after Klay ,pool just worsen their confusion.Then the offense became splashing .

Gsw have good runners . They made the Mavs mobile all through defensively and offensively. Luka is too slow
Yaya. Everyone's out there firing on all cylinders for the Warriors, love to see it. Onto Game 2
Your lifeline
Your lifeline:
If Steph is dancing, you know the Curry is good.🐐🔥🔥🔥
Archie Ubaldo
Archie Ubaldo:
They said no one can stop Luka... and there's Wiggins 😆.
Aaronc mumba
Aaronc mumba:
Warriors came out ready for the Mavs! They were great both defensively and offensively. Sure the mavs will revise their entire game plan in game 2. Loved this game!
Geje Booc
Geje Booc:
All throughout this game looney jump shot is perfect for me and I can't forget how smooth that is.
Aleks Figueroa
Aleks Figueroa:
Was watching another channel’s highlights then realized this editing sucks- where’s FreeDawkins at? Great editing; keep it up!
Popo Meow
Popo Meow:
Team effort!!
3 more to take this series
stay humble
4 more games to be the 2022 champion
Lucky889 S
Lucky889 S:
That was lightning fast...! You go Dawk. You my Dawk!!!
frank morrow
frank morrow:
Thanks for the great highlights Dawk, you're the best!!!
UberJeep AZ
UberJeep AZ:
Draymond is like a power-pellet for the Warriors. If he gets going, it's game over. The man feeds nothing but ENERGY to everybody on the squad!
The real Hound
The real Hound:
Andrew really gave us a good start then the other started doing their things and before u knew it the Mavs were out of the game completely
fade idham
fade idham:
I'm happy that Wiggins is the primary defender of Luka instead of Draymond. I think Draymond is better off guarding their guards instead of Luka, to make sure they never get going. Wiggins though, he was showing that he could up to the task.
Chi Ngo
Chi Ngo:
5:23 a three pointer by Curry in the playoffs to bring the crowd to their feet will definitely happen, the look on Luka's face when it happened, priceless.
Manes Marcellon
Manes Marcellon:
Just BEAUTIFUL ball movement by the warriors! We could be looking at a new dynasty folks!
I love that you go on with another highlight but keep the audio of the old one when they are talking about something interesting or important!

FreeDawkins always the best
soiung toiue
soiung toiue:
Thanks for the great highlights Dawk, you're the best!!!
Josephine Espiritu
Josephine Espiritu:
Excellent players. Everybody working. Great moves.....Go warriors....
J P:
Bob Myers again proving why he’s the best executive in the NBA. Drafting Poole at the end of the 1st round, trading Russell for Wiggins alone would have been a great trade but they also ended up getting a future star in Kuminga. He has rebuilt this team to be great for the future with Klay/Steph/Draymond being able to eventually hand the team off to the next great core of Poole/Kuminga/Wiseman/Wiggins. Also add in Moody who looks to have awesome potential. It’s great being a Warriors fan!
Lambert Mugabo
Lambert Mugabo:
You know you're in trouble when Draymond dribbles full court and scores a lay up! Warriors playing beautiful basketball there.
Yves Roland Yao
Yves Roland Yao:
Poole et Wiggins ont été chaud de dingue. Belle performance de groupe. Le public a été chaud bouillant. Bravo les Warriors 👏👏👏👏👏
Mike 2400
Mike 2400:
The Mavs have been surprising me all playoffs, and i'm rooting for them, but they won't get past the GSW. The Warriors are looking at winning another chip after being injured the last 2 seasons. Crazy how they're back in top form after thinking their championship window closed with those injuries. Their ball movement coupled with their deadly shooting backcourt and good defense will be difficult to overcome for the 3 other remaining teams. Boston has the only chance against them imo.
Edward Kim aka ballislifekim ____E1
Edward Kim aka ballislifekim ____E1:
We are too good the warriors are confirmed nba championship soon 🔥🔥🔥❤️
HRF Dude
HRF Dude:
we almost forgot how amazing the golden state trio was! and is!
How the hell does curry got 12 rebounds. And his defense been real good this playoffs, obviously hes shooting badly but playing well. Wiggs made luka look like hes lost
Kwaku Dekyi Agyei
Kwaku Dekyi Agyei:
Very intelligent by the warriors to rely mainly on mid ranges and layups. Dallas didn't see that coming mos def..
Marc Jacobs
Marc Jacobs:
Amazing 👌🏻🔥🔥 good job Warriors
Lucia Arevalo
Lucia Arevalo:
What a Beautiful work man, including the defensive plays, the audio, better in My humble opinion that whatever the networks are putting out there, and faster.. Thank..
Eason Low
Eason Low:
Great win, Wiggins consistent as always
Congratulations warriors Goldblooded
cutie pie
cutie pie:
Love the my warriors
to simply be me
to simply be me:
warriors playing looked so musical :) i love it
Evander Caldwell
Evander Caldwell:
GO DUBS!!!!! 🔥✊ WE GOT THIS!!!! 🏀🎯💯💯
mikoy huio
mikoy huio:
Just BEAUTIFUL ball movement by the warriors! We could be looking at a new dynasty folks!
Ok this was only Game 1. Still need 3 more wins. The Mavs are going to need 4 Hercules-type games from Luka, Dinwiddie, and Brunson. In this game Powell did absolutely nothing productive, Kleber did absolutely nothing, Bullock played like trash, Finney-Smith played like trash, Brunson played his usual average self, Dinwiddie played like his average self. Luka played bad. Warriors picked apart their defense so remember Mavs fans this isn’t Phoenix, we don’t have 1 ball dominant, with one pure scorer and 3 cheerleaders. Nonstop ball movement and cutting. 1 down, 3 to go . Warriors in 5.
Feels like '14 -15' again
Roberto Eloy Hernández Regalado
Roberto Eloy Hernández Regalado:
I feel like Wiggins top 5 two way players when he decides to try. If he's able to keep up the competitive spirit Warriors is aiming for the title.
Jerry Huang
Jerry Huang:
People say Luka is impossible to guard but forget that the Warriors played against prime Harden.
Azril Syazrin
Azril Syazrin:
Warriors on fire.. Hope can carry on to the next one
Annerik c
Annerik c:
So proud of looney our mini center 🥺😘😘🥰
Nick Fox
Nick Fox:
It’s great to see Clay Thompson back to his best, and full of confidence. Steph Curry has to go down as one of the greatest to play ball, his shooting is just incredible.
Houdini 007
Houdini 007:
Wiggins really did a great job on luka
The ball movement, shooting, speed.. but my god, what is this defense?! GSW is a Monster. I don't see any team win a 7 game series against them. And chase center is a fortress.
The difference between Suns and warriors is that GSW is good rebounding team even if they play small.
Paul K. Phaladi
Paul K. Phaladi:
04:53 Steph Curry is the greatest bruh!! he stopped and analyzed the returning defenders movement and got to his spot !!
janine ashley barrion
janine ashley barrion:
Warriors are really good in moving without the ball. It creates opportunity and wide open shots for them. They played well tonight but the Dallas are not giving it all. It hasn't been an explosive game for both teams tonight given the fact that other players like Thompson and Poole didn't have a good shooting tonight. I expect more physicality and better plays on next games. GS in 5 or 6💕
Gsw are still a contender next year , just imagine when Wiseman returns as a solid center with looney .
Iggy is prepared for Miami , Payton too bc it’s gonna be real physical
Alvon Sibarani
Alvon Sibarani:
What a great transition game for Warriors !!! The ball keep moving toward the open position player before the made shots. Keep up the good rhythm guys 👏👏👏

As Dramon kept saying: this playoff games, so we'll play what play off games supposed to be ...

Always remember the 2016 NBA Finals memory, where 3-1 leading by GSW can turn into 3-4 loss at the end (at home court)...
Jhun Ruel Corojeldo
Jhun Ruel Corojeldo:
So we're not gonna talk about how good Looney's passing the ball
Joseph Arce
Joseph Arce:
GSW defence is phenomenal, they just heads up and stayed locked in
TJ Panganiban
TJ Panganiban:
That beautiful dime from Draymond to Steph for a three was anime-tier.
Toh Nic
Toh Nic:
Wiggins evolving into an elite defender is a development no one foresaw
Grand Canyon Builders Co
Grand Canyon Builders Co:
What a fluid motion in offense and defense by GSW🤩🤩
Garshaun McCombs
Garshaun McCombs:
What I got from this game and the playoffs in general is you need a legit big man to beat the warriors
Denis M.
Denis M.:
and Nick Wright predicted Mavs in 5 - he is so delusional with this take

Dallas is just lucky to be on this stage while Warriors know that this is just another step to their ultimate goal, Dubs may just sweep these boys
Joel Solomon
Joel Solomon:
Warriors is a beast when it comes to WCF 💪
Warriors and heat continues to be undefeated at home this playoffs.
Martin Navarro
Martin Navarro:
Like Looney with his jumpshot. Should do that more often.
2 years ago.
2 years ago. :
Steph: Control the rebound, control the game.
Emergencia Yongco
Emergencia Yongco:
I can see the distaste in Luca’s face ,watching Steph ‘s dance moves!🤣
Sengendo Abdul Razak
Sengendo Abdul Razak:
Let’s go boys GSW
Mavs got no paint defense. The game was over once Steve Kerr realized that
It actually looked like shooting practice for Golden State😏
Feras Hakemi
Feras Hakemi:
كنت متوقع النتيجه هيك الفريق رائع
rhys burke
rhys burke:
How does curry grab the most rebounds this game… 😂
Jayke Narn
Jayke Narn:
Man, I would really appreciate if someone can poin out to me where I can find both full highlights and lowlights.
Mbonisi Tshuma
Mbonisi Tshuma:
Happy to see Porter & GPII back in the team
Bryan Luis
Bryan Luis:
Dave Stevens
Dave Stevens:
Warriors don't chase wins in the regular season. They have a whole nother gear for the playoffs.
Mitch Coob
Mitch Coob:
All Star Starter Andrew Wiggins
Quinton Luster
Quinton Luster:
Luka did what I thought he would do. These commentators need to stop ✋ putting the best player in the NBA or playoffs on anybody that looks good to them at the moment. Luka had 0 points in the forth quarter. Dallas gonna get swept. They have no consistency on the team. I could see the confidence in GS players have over Dallas. If a team does not fear you , they will dominate. This was an easy pick.
Dean Talamantes
Dean Talamantes:
KD a scrub for leaving this team GSW play the most beautiful basketball they are completely in sync with each other and they're on another level when focused
The mavs won’t win playing small ball, the warriors have too many shooters and too much defense
This has to be a "cold slap in the face of Dallas"...realizing they are "not invincible."
This video could pass under the title "Warriors best plays in 2022 season"
Frinz Garofil
Frinz Garofil:
Great job wariiorss 🏆💯
Tarique Anderson
Tarique Anderson:
frank lloyd mallari
frank lloyd mallari:
Wiggins is playing like a CFMVP
Eduardo Fenili
Eduardo Fenili:
Forgot what it was like to play well enough that Curry doesn't even play the 4th. Been so long.
Bruce Scott
Bruce Scott:
Basketball is still a team sport, and the Golden State Warriors are the epitome of that team effort to share and share alike. Yes, this is just the first game. However, this is what happens when the opposing team such as the Dallas Mavericks depend on one prolific player to carry the weight. Defense win championships, PERIOD!!!
bocoy noiu
bocoy noiu:
Just BEAUTIFUL ball movement by the warriors! We could be looking at a new dynasty folks!
Al Koonce
Al Koonce:
FreeDawkins man u did it again 😤💯
L 6
L 6:
Good to see Green stay more at the dunker spot instead of the top of the key
koiun dwrru
koiun dwrru:
Excellent players. Everybody working. Great moves.....Go warriors....
Jake Desnaque
Jake Desnaque:
Defense won the game for gsw.... Every single gsw players is locked in to help or chase/challenge mavs shots... But, as a gsw fan, there are plenty of travellings non-call to JP... I love his aggressiveness tho.
بشار الكثيري
بشار الكثيري:
The Warriors are playing an amazing basketball
I love how Warriors are activating the mid range weapon
Sam Oi
Sam Oi:
Jobs not done Dubs, keep it up 💯🤙
xiu rie
xiu rie:
the matchup with memphis has made GSW defense even tougher.
Steve Victoriá
Steve Victoriá:
As a Mavs fan, the Warriors played Ball! 🔥
Wow and here I thought Luca & Mavs were gonna smoke Warriors. The media was hyping Luca’s performance from G7 against Suns a little tad much. The warriors obliterated them with their strong defensive play. Good to see Kerr back again.
Mavericks shooting 37% on the field, you know you cannot win with this stat lol
I do hope that Luka’s shoulder feels better for game 2🙏
bcvbb hyui
bcvbb hyui:
5:23 a three pointer by Curry in the playoffs to bring the crowd to their feet will definitely happen, the look on Luka's face when it happened, priceless.