Golden State Warriors vs Memphis Grizzlies Full Game 5 Highlights | 2021-22 NBA Playoffs

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Grizzlies big men put in work this game. Great seeing Adams back out there.
Ace Leurant
Ace Leurant:
This is the kind of team you want to Champion on. Even with your lead player out on injury the team can hold their own. Great chemistry. That 69 GS- 121 GR looked nasty. 52point difference
andy chu
andy chu:
Finally Adam is back,and that made grizzlies different from the previous one.
I bring the Last words
I bring the Last words:
This Memphis team is something that we missed on games 1-4 of this series and I think they are too much relying on Ja morant but this time they played as a team.
Username 384
Username 384:
When Ja Morant takes a seat…the rest of the teams offence is able to shine.Everyone contributed…Adams presence made a big difference too.
Kenneth Balba
Kenneth Balba:
This how you boost ticket sales for a losing team. Well played grizzlies
sergio wilson ramos junior
sergio wilson ramos junior:
Desde a partida anterior sinto o GSW sem vibração. A equipe está desorganizada em quadra. Se continuar assim corre o risco de não passar para próxima fase.
Even if the Grizzlies don’t complete the comeback, these last 2 games have established they’re going to be a tough out in the playoffs for years. Warriors clearly went into this one thinking Memphis would lie down for them.
Rocky Salvatore
Rocky Salvatore:
That was one of the most inspirational games of basketball you've ever seen.

I always thought GS gets away with teams just giving things to them and letting them play. There's plenty of of ways to exploit this team. Foul trouble, rebounding and turnovers are good starters.
I definitely did not this see this come , well done Grizz for keeping this series alive 🙏🏾
Nature King
Nature King:
Jaren Jackson needs to keep that same confidence & energy in the upcoming games
Surya Pratama K
Surya Pratama K:
What a great series, i hope it goes to 7. Whoever wins is well deserved.
Troy G.
Troy G.:
Textbook basketball, execution on point. Well done to the Grizzlies. Doing it without their star player was super inspirational too
This Memphis team is incredible. Forgot they had a better record without Morant this year than with. Also, 6:55 that's coach's reaction to being up 44 points? 🤣
SpaceTimeManipulator STM
SpaceTimeManipulator STM:
Considering I'm rooting for BOTH of these teams this was a GREAT outcome.
Boose The Moose
Boose The Moose:
Tyus keeps the ball moving unlike ja. This game was good, shows us even good teams can lose and never give up. Give the grizzlies some respect and credit for this game.
Great use of the roster by the coach. The brutes throw up the no go zone in the paint, and then the gazelles come on and score, moving the ball much like the Warriors did in their prime!

BTW, it's amazing how many players hit the floor when Adams is on the court!
Roderick Turner
Roderick Turner:
GSW: No one will ever lose by 39 pts in the playoffs like we just did!

Phoenix Suns: Hold my beer.
Grizzlies without Ja: the definition of "Less is more"
Don't know why but I like tyus coming in as a starter. He's a great play maker and they spread the ball better than when they play with Ja. They can score heavy and fast which Is a worry for the dubs.
Mixed pleasure
Mixed pleasure:
I fear Memphis way more without JA then with JA to be honest
englewood price
englewood price:
the size of the grizzlies seem to be bothering the warriors. will be interesting to see how game 6 goes. but it is about time stevan adams gets some game time
Cruz makaveli
Cruz makaveli:
Shocking for GSW...........they better not repeat this BS of 3-1 up against Cleveland then lost the series. Congrats to Grizzlies 🏀
This team, is one of the bests teams that I've already seen!
Angel Salvador Serrano Garcia
Angel Salvador Serrano Garcia:
Va a ser interesante el juego 6 en San Francisco 👍
wallover alvarez
wallover alvarez:
Its a great great offensive game by Memphis as usual but its the defense that makes the win the game. That's the difference if Ja is inside the court.

This is the best definition of LESS IS BETTER
50 point difference. This feels like the warriors just straight up let them win to make the series more interesting
Scout is Here
Scout is Here:
We would talk different things if the last match Brooks and the coach did not lead the game in their hands. It is obvious that playing with big man Adams is a key factor for them. On the paint, Memphis is more powerful obviously.
Marita Odle
Marita Odle:
Well done Grizzlies!
9:22 best part of the game
Jason Yew
Jason Yew:
Damn in the end of 3rd quater grizzlies lead by freaking 50 point !!!!!!!!!!!!! the biggest lead in this playoff WHAT AN embarrassment for warriors, shame on you warriors shame on you ......
9:24 was HUGE WIN indeed!!!
They could go to 200 :D What happened to GSW here? 20-30-50 almost 60 points. My jaw couldn't fall any further down :D Such blowouts in playoffs and this far in series..
Dean Beats
Dean Beats:
Damn, Steven Adams brick wall screens are scary 😬
Akinyemi Akinwole
Akinyemi Akinwole:
At some point it looked and felt like GSW wore the light blue jersey. Credit to the Grizzlies, they really turned up.

Can they do this again and again?

Is Ja Morant coming back for Game 6?

The conference finals might just be within reach.
They are better and more balanced team without Ja, than with him period.
I've not seen the Warriors get smashed like that in a long time. I wouldn't be surprised if Grizzlies take game 6 too.
Check my about page link
Check my about page link:
We can all agree that he never disappoints us with his content ❤
Steven Adams is THE elite big man well played mate
Porsche GT3 RS
Porsche GT3 RS:
No Morant no problem for the Memphies. ❤️
Athletic big man would always make great positive impacts in their team. This game has greatly exposed the weakness of GSW.
Emre Köyce
Emre Köyce:
Ja Morant is “A strawberry on the pie”
Excellent team play this time, too much better for previous attack sets.
Paula Richards
Paula Richards:
Damn!!! This was an absolute beat down! GSW has some work to do for Game 6.
Yabsira Mekonnen
Yabsira Mekonnen:
When "We play Championship level, this is how we do it, this isn't the Twolves..." backfires..😂😂 at the end of the 3rd quarter they were trailing by 59 pts🤯🤯
Sedat Ber
Sedat Ber:
"Demons run when a good man goes to war" - Stephen Adams
Anton Smith
Anton Smith:
This is a great evidence for two things — how much count the absence of Steve Kerr for the Warriors and Ja for the Grizzlies
Wow! Good job Memphis.. 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻
Truck Turner
Truck Turner:
The Warriors checked out early..they wanna win at home ...they basically phoned this one in.
Unruly Rebel
Unruly Rebel:
I thought draymond said that would never happen to the warriors they ain't the Minnesota Timberwolves 💀🤣😂
Classic 175
Classic 175:
Thats a Statement, lets go Grizzlies 💪
3rd quarter was tough 😲
Ermir Silva
Ermir Silva:
Que surra meus amigos chegou a ficar 50 pontos de diferença kkkkkk
Kamelody 23
Kamelody 23:
After being a NBA fan for 30 years . I can say that the disaster we saw happened last night between the warriors and Memphis it was because............
The warriors are known to be a 3 shooting team ..but your team is losing for 20 and you only give yiur best players 25 minutes of playing ? Uh ? WTF was that ? I've seen san Antonio and even Memphis themselves ,coming from 26 down .and if there's a team that can do that is the Golden state warriors. As soon as I heard that Mike brown was going to be the coach. After Kerr absence....I inmediately thought....oh oh.. a disaster is coming to the warriors. Then they barely won the first game with Mike brown. And I kept saying.....Don't worry. It's coming. And last night...Boom!!!! There you go . Mike brown is a piece of shit as a coach. And if he continues being the coach....I guarantee you all , that's going to be it for Golden state, mark my words
T M75_
T M75_:
We've never seen anything like that 😮😮 ....50+ points of difference in 3rd quarter !! .... that means until the teams were on the field

Without counting GSW are considered by many the most legit candidate to the title

Congratz to Memphis
Warriors have too many turnovers ,hope they can finish the series in G6!
Edge Wizz
Edge Wizz:
It's funny watching players try get past Adams screens, it's like nope lol. Giving just enough space and time for team mates to try score.
Boy what a Game 🍿thats how memphis has to Play the next to Games then they will win the series 👌
I think JJJ has the potential to be an All-NBA caliber player, he just needs to be consistent and believe in his game
ntausun oooo
ntausun oooo:
I see great teamwork on memphis. GSW completely loss direction.
Ppl said that the Grizzlies play better without Ja. They win without him indeed. Their strategy to go inside against the warriors should be their focus even if Ja came back. It is not bc of Ja that they are all standing in the 3 pt line. They need to run like this game. Also, Steven Adams is a big factor. He was not there the first 3 games i think. Him with Brandon Clarke, if they continue to dominate the rebounds they can force a game 7.
But the warriors are the warriors. I am looking forward to see that game 6 though !
Kais Chanel
Kais Chanel:
Never seen a team give up after 2 quarters. What dominance!!!!. The last 2 quarters shows the depth of the wolves' bench. Amazing basketball. A page to be archived in the museum of basketball for teaching purposes.
Davi Fernandes de Oliveira
Davi Fernandes de Oliveira:
Warriors tomar 119 em 3 quartos é brincadeira né
Angus Mafi
Angus Mafi:
Lesssgo Steveni Funaki Adams what a presence his screens give the shooters a lot of time to fire but most people won’t see that importance.
Micah Chol
Micah Chol:
Imagine if the warriors blow a 3-1 lead again
Adams got Curry good lol, he puts himself in the right positions and out-bigs people. Lesgooooo Grizzlies!
We have seen what Grizz can do without their star JA
This young team is so special
They will win a championship with this squad soon
Grand Zeno
Grand Zeno:
That’s awkward asf for Ja. What do you do with a team that plays incredible without their star? Trade him for either Lebron who has that experience or another big man.
Kyubi Yucca
Kyubi Yucca:
Now i can finally watch this after Gsw Game 6 win. Hahaha.
Musa Mohammed
Musa Mohammed:
The Grizzle’s performance is not sustainable. It was an outstanding one
They better not choke another 3-1 lead😂😂😂😂😂
there are people out here saying that the gsw did this for the ticket sales .. like any team would prefer to play 1 more game than taking a rest for the next series. ooohhh i wish this goes for game 7 please
mason mcconnell
mason mcconnell:
Lowkey think grizzlies play like this without Ja. Makes you think they could go all the way
Pai do Prochx
Pai do Prochx:
Warriors deixando os Grizzlies ganharem para não ficar sem graça...
Fred Jones
Fred Jones:
As far as playoff blowouts go can anyone name a past game that had a complete and utter smashing like this. Man that was almost cruel.
Damany Palmer
Damany Palmer:
I find it real strange when a team is up 3- 1 in a series some how the series does reach game 7.🤔🤔the NBA just know how to stretch the money
Justin Bell
Justin Bell:
Great game griz you can also do it in game 6
T S:
Curry...great shooter, but I just can't warm to him. I am not a Grizzlies fan, but I love watching the Warriors lose. Gooooooooo Grizzlies!
Peter Chege
Peter Chege:
That was utter humiliation to the warriors 😵😱
Gyrsh Vlogs
Gyrsh Vlogs:
Even though Warrior's blowout....but I know they gonna win this series 😉
drie wiel
drie wiel:
Game winning shot 0:21 into the video.
Fahad Aldakheel
Fahad Aldakheel:
they play waaaaaaaay better as a team without Morant... I LOVE Morant game but he needs to be a team player.... this playing style was a peice of symphony
Bañares, Jericho Jude G.
Bañares, Jericho Jude G.:
Rahadian Kelik Prayoga
Rahadian Kelik Prayoga:
Locked Curry for only 14 pts, this Memphis defense really put in work, they deserved the W
Unruly Rebel
Unruly Rebel:
Boy please please let the grizzlies pull this comeback just so I can troll draymond 💀🤣
Three point execution from Memphis
Dope Chic
Dope Chic:
Damn this was astounding 😧
Let's Sing
Let's Sing:
Never seen a game like this ......50% difference in points even in 3rd quarter.....really blasting and they buried GSW like no other day
juny_ jack1987
juny_ jack1987:
holy shoot this was more embarrassing then lakers missing playoffs and nets losing in first round !!!
b. lukito
b. lukito:
it's official... grizzlies more dangerous without ja 💀
It seems like Golden State was planning to win the series back home
EarthBean Hsu
EarthBean Hsu:
Wow the absence of Steve Kerr does make THAT difference, wonder no one in the comments mentioned this
Fabio Borin
Fabio Borin:
4:58 does someone remember when Draymond used to shoot?😭man in 2015-16 he was a shooter fr
The warriors did that on purpose, they wanted more money on their own court next game.
Stanley Kubrick
Stanley Kubrick:
Now the Grizzlies players feel very uncomfortable, they feel this is a big trap, something big behind this weird match ....
Providentia Dei
Providentia Dei:
Purposely losing in away game. Shame on warrior
John OfAllTrades
John OfAllTrades:
This is the Memphis we know and love! 40pt brutalisation of the Warriors: what a statement! Hmmm... I wonder what has been different in games 4 and 5... Warriors got beat up, their defense got upset by the big men! They looked like rag dolls getting tossed around. Ha, they put in Bjelitsa(sorry about the spelling) to try and put some muscle on Adams. XD ... that ain't gonna cut it! Game 6 is going to be amazing to watch! Not sure I agree with the comments about the team being better without Ja though. They need to play like this WITH Ja - with his big men clearing the lane for his magic! 1st 3 games we tried to play the Warriors on their terms ... that obviously was not the way to beat the Warriors. They are too good at their game.
Shawn S
Shawn S:
If grizz played like this since the beginning GS would be swept 🧹
Adams +14 and +32 - Hopefully sanity hasn't prevailed too late
cLoud unDerWeather
cLoud unDerWeather:
Their coach is like "i... how... what's even happening right now"
now I know what championship-level basketball is !!!!