Google Classroom 101

Google Classroom is used by over 100 million teachers and students around the world for teaching and learning. In this video, you will learn how to set up classes, and host virtual classes with Meet, create and organize content on the Classwork page, and give consistent and quick feedback in the grading tool through auto populated comments, and rubrics.

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Armando E. Sierra
Armando E. Sierra:
We definitely need a way to keep track of the communications between teacher and student and teacher and guardian.
Ragil Priya
Ragil Priya:
2:46 how to export grade so we can manage it such as in the spreadsheet? thank you
Ahd Lajabu
Ahd Lajabu:
I like the background music!
Tomiwa Fowowe
Tomiwa Fowowe:
Hello, I couldn't find the generate meet link icon in my classroom
Alexa de la o
Alexa de la o:
Traducción español...🙏.Saludos!
Angélica Domínguez
Angélica Domínguez:
¡Excelente!, estaría mejor si la tradujeran en español 😉
Birender Singh
Birender Singh:
excellent platform for education sector, quite integrated, elegant and simple !
Faby Hercor
Faby Hercor:
Por favor en español😂
Evan G
Evan G:
I'm having issues with getting people to join my classroom. It's all personal emails, but they say the codes I give them and invites I gave them via email won't work. Is there any way to fix it?
Mostafa Shalchi Language School
Mostafa Shalchi Language School:
Can I use this video as explanation in my YouTube video?
franz mendez velazquez
franz mendez velazquez:
Excellent. Thanks for your support. Greetings from Tapachula, Chiapas; México.
Ana Bremer
Ana Bremer:
Waiting for this video to get translated to portuguese!
Arturo Torres
Arturo Torres:
Excelente información .Ahora lo mejor es ponerlo a la práctica . Y seguimos esperando las cuentas para ir a la vanguardia ¡¡ Felicidades¡¡
Varun Kumar Photography
Varun Kumar Photography:
Hi, How can a non-profit register?
PG Zoology Online
PG Zoology Online:
In Google Classroom, All data were stored in the drive.
My question is
Class Teacher can saw or access the other Co-teacher's personal email drive data? are there any possibilities?
Whether one teacher able to access the other teacher's (Co-teacher) Google drive information?
Renato Polimeno
Renato Polimeno:
Hey, is there any chance for a dev team to access the API and customize only the app icon appearence with an logo or image of the school´s brand? It would be awesome, thanks in advance
Kyle Murray
Kyle Murray:
Hi so google classroom has Video Conferencing enabled?
maribel escamilla
maribel escamilla:
Traducción a Español
herman chiu
herman chiu:
how to enable google classroom 101????????
Diocese of Baton Rouge
Diocese of Baton Rouge:
How much work would it have been to narrate these training videos???
Navajath Subhash
Navajath Subhash:
No need of guardian option
Can i get a no-homework
Mari Sanchez
Mari Sanchez:
Está muy bien. .Pero tenia que salir en Español. Gracias
K.A. Sharmella
K.A. Sharmella:
You are not done with your GOOGLE CLASSROOM DRAMA?? Just because someone is doing it, doesn't mean they have achieved their objectives?? This is why I lost interest to chat with teachers. It's like the blind lead the blind. They don't know how to do it but want to talk long story about it.
María del Carmen Olvera López
María del Carmen Olvera López:
Interesante el contenido
sonal waghmare
sonal waghmare:
irai rodriguez
irai rodriguez:
Buenas tardes a todas y todos!!
Viviana Jimenez
Viviana Jimenez:
Buenas tardes a todos saludos
Towfica Akter
Towfica Akter:
How to create google doc
jebamohan santhaseeli
jebamohan santhaseeli:
How is it correct the papee
Sandra Jimenez
Sandra Jimenez:
Me too
Crack Devil
Crack Devil:
marith3a figueroa
marith3a figueroa:
Yesenia Favela
Yesenia Favela:
Buenas tardes a todos
Shwetang Trivedi
Shwetang Trivedi:
Mojo On Youtube
Mojo On Youtube:
How do we join
Al Jim
Al Jim:
i like the mute botton
Mardan Aliyev
Mardan Aliyev:
Really cool updates, Thanks, G-suite Team!
Immy Raja
Immy Raja:
Can I get some help pls? My sons chromebook is acting funny.

When he is logged in via his school account the camera will not work. When we switch to my account the camera works. What is going on?