Graphic warning: Protesters clash with military police in Washington, D.C.

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This was boiling in this country long before Floyds death.
Why is it that in every protest there's always some loud mouth who doesn't know what they want or even when they want it?
I love the comments, 40% on the protesting side, about 30% against the protests and the other 30% complaining about the upside down Shield 😂
Andy G
Andy G:
"Peaceful protesters", yeah right. Time for schoolin'
Haeleth 72
Haeleth 72:
These 'protesters' need to be thankful they live in a western democracy because if they lived under Vladimir Putin or North Korea they'd wish their mothers had never met their fathers. They'd be facing live rounds and tanks.
"No mustard, no cheese!" 🧀
Spot the true professional , cameraman turns up with his own gasmask . Yip , done it all before kids , LOL .
Aliens watching the finale of the earth show be like :o
are we gonna ignore that one military cop holding his shield upside down lmfao
Remember that time one guy killed another guy and America became a third world country. Same
wall mob
wall mob:
I am amazed that a lunatic didn't light up either side.
FruitLoop Chocolate Sprinkles
FruitLoop Chocolate Sprinkles:
30:09 the akatsuki lol
I am tired of these videos using buzzwords like "Peaceful protesters". It is so hard to find an actual distinction anymore that no one cares. I came for laughs, and I'm not sorry.
Sourav Barman
Sourav Barman:
It's like Covid-19 doesn't matter 😷
Nate Wong
Nate Wong:
29:16 miscomunication between water bottle guy and tear gas soccer guy
1:35:34 Beautiful officer! Cameraman obviously thought so too.
WtW Skully
WtW Skully:
This is really embarrassing
A Voice From the Deep Underground
A Voice From the Deep Underground:
Everybody protesting just became adult size this year....they look like they’re all under 25.
Frank Linn
Frank Linn:
28:20 for people wanting to skip right to the climax
Robin Lennon
Robin Lennon:
Was that a stupid protestor shooting of gas where people are running into..not good.walk away people.
Yajaira Suarez
Yajaira Suarez:
When you need help call your mother for now on . Not all cops are bad!!!!
Hostis Humani Generis
Hostis Humani Generis:
Where's all these hard hitting thugs and wannabe Commies now? 🤣🤣
Robin Lennon
Robin Lennon:
That lady is trouble maker.tell the people to move back.they asked you nicely.
D W:
28:46 friendly fire lol
"America will never be destroyed from the outside. If we lose our freedoms it will be because we have destroyed ourselves from within" Abraham Lincoln

Censorship at its finest. At 28:22 we CAN NOT see WHO did what FIRST. All we can see are the police reacting to something. For almost 29 minutes, the Police have been standing there listening to these nauseating protestors (they're legal right), joined by white kids of course, with their fake virtue because they have been brainwashed and don't know shitt at their age, and they're screaming and taunting the police who KNOW better.

The police KNOW they CANNOT simply attack a group of mindless idiots legally protesting, as long as the protestors have remained strictly verbally, and they are not touching anyone or destroying anything. This is not healing our Nation. This bullshitt is dividing us even further. But that is what the Deep State wants. For us to implode from within and tear each other apart.
Does anyone REALY think that all of a sudden, for no damn reason, the police after 28:22 minutes, just decided to start firing rubber bullets?? Are people completely stupid?

Someone in that crowd of miscreant loudmouths did something that we cannot see to cause both sides to lunge forward. And now we have videos like this Crap with FAKE titles. The Liberal-Owned MEDIA is brainwashing and controlling the public, through these carefully censored videos, through the Shitt shows they call the "News", thru twisted newspapers, and lying commentary-- and stupid Americans, no longer thinking, follow along like slugs.
Trump is correct. The Media today is our worst enemy.
MG 73
MG 73:
That's pretty typical for the left. Stand in front of an advancing line of MP in riot gear on horses and then act indignant that you get pushed to the ground. I mean seriously.... These people all failed the fourth grade.
Dezeray Hammer
Dezeray Hammer:
They are hurting the horses since they're forcing them to walk through the tear gas as well
new civil war incoming
GoeySauceBoss XL
GoeySauceBoss XL:
Violent people roam streets at night because they use the situation as an advantage how terrible.
Tp L
Tp L:
Me sees a flashing light
Also me: oh no
No One
No One:
"We can have no society worth celebrating unless we can guarantee freedom from fear for every person who gives this country their love, labor and life. ~Steve Cook
SefSufi SefSufi
SefSufi SefSufi:
Red carpets rolling for the man of perdition ...
In the land of the blind, the one eyed man is King...
D W:
Props to the guy who recorded this the entire time 🖐🏻🤙🏻👍🏻
Keith Conklin
Keith Conklin:
28:22 show-time lol
Alexander Strellow
Alexander Strellow:
28:19 Action starts
Kathy H
Kathy H:
That must be some ineffective tear gas - everyone is walking around in it.
h dunkan
h dunkan:
Hey Mr dad,did you see you damn kid there? You must be proud.
No One
No One:
"We can have no society worth celebrating unless we can guarantee freedom from fear for every person who gives this country their love, labor and life. ~Steve Cook
Ethan Benton
Ethan Benton:
They’re really trying to use their bicycles as shields XD
21:02 bottle thrown as line advances, lots of evidence of bottles being thrown at police lines from the debris on the ground. Cops rolled because someone did something stupid, even if nobody there got a clip of it.
I love the police!
faster than you Black
faster than you Black:
Lol remember covid? Me neither.
Everyday and every night this is what I hear... Blah blah blah blah!!
Christian Kloc
Christian Kloc:
Attorney General William Barr at 4:12
Lukus Williams
Lukus Williams:
Also did anyone else see the grandma at 22:13
30:02 Itachi uchia agrees with blm...
James Fanning
James Fanning:
This too shall pass. I feel like this is our generations Great Depression + Vietnam/60’s all rolled into one.

Man, 2020 will go down as one of the shittiest years of the 21st century.
Sometimes things just happen. 🤦‍♀️
Onyedikachi Ibeji
Onyedikachi Ibeji:
28:20...there...saved you some time
Amazing Me
Amazing Me:
The more I hear no peace it sounds like dont pee. ☺
Who else thought it was epic when the horses came out
Pedro Guerra
Pedro Guerra:
“As you know, madness is like gravity...all it takes is a little push.”
― The Joker - Heath Ledger
John Bunch
John Bunch:
31:54 4 of july with the boys
Dylan muoio
Dylan muoio:
The protesters r obviously blocking the road
Luis Alberto mendez Montoya
Luis Alberto mendez Montoya:
It wasn’t that bad “ Man this photo up at the church was so important for a guy who has never read the Bible “ (potus)
Idaho-YN Ohana
Idaho-YN Ohana:
@25:08 "oh the black guy is over here!?"
Covid 19 be like: *It's free real estate*
Gavyn Mcintyre
Gavyn Mcintyre:
1:26:55 the police officer looking at the military police thinking how much cooler they look 😂
Cheeto Ortiz
Cheeto Ortiz:
Yeah get some!! 😂
Ms J. Randel
Ms J. Randel:
Peaceful protest? Psst!
Jose Diaz
Jose Diaz:
And at the end whom do we call for help? Our men in blue, to come rescue us 🤣. Love my police and love my military because with out them we would not be able to talk shit 😝
Gypsy 1962
Gypsy 1962:
Mr Jaxon
Mr Jaxon:
I like how they say they can't breath but still have there masks on
Cassie Walker
Cassie Walker:
@27:00 what are they chanting? "You want .....?
RUS: Фраза на РУССКОМ??????!!!!! Кто-то говорит: -"Выходим Коля!"
ENG: Frase on russian language: Go out Kolya (Nikolay)
Josh Haviland
Josh Haviland:
Gawd. Please move the mic away from that whiney girl
Space Junkie
Space Junkie:
1:07:42 your silence is violence 😂
Mirrors the same events of NWA
david lamunyon
david lamunyon:
1:12:35 man did him dirty
Robin Lennon
Robin Lennon:
Sing we shall overcome.amazing grace
Cara Pilling
Cara Pilling:
Patronus Natio
Patronus Natio:

@21:00 -Police walk up to line
@28:20 -Police begin firing into crowd
@31:05 -Police push crowd further(Tear gas, flash bangs)
@35:00 -Mounted police arrive and push further, also tear gas/flash bangs
@53:47 -Doge
@57:50 -Words between protesters and police
@59:00 -Police push(no violence)
@1:11:11 -Police push(no violence)
@1:13:10 -Man arrested
@1:14:05 -Police push(no violence)
@1:17:00 -Police back up, all further video calms down for most of the rest of the video
Pure Gaming
Pure Gaming:
RIP David Dorn!!
strong foot
strong foot:
*Graphic warning: Protesters clash with military police in Washington, D.C.: Nothing GRAPHIC here* .
Anime Thots
Anime Thots:
They got the horse on the back
Michael Brant
Michael Brant:
Great job - thanks!
Craig the DIYer
Craig the DIYer:
At 35:01 is the best when the calvary attacks!
Kyle Hartman Music
Kyle Hartman Music:
Download this and save it and repost it everywhere. I fear it will be taken down soon.
O. O.
O. O.:
My heart is breaking...Dear God, help us all!
Michael Galan
Michael Galan:
In Bloom
In Bloom:
Cara Pilling
Cara Pilling:
Myint Maung
Myint Maung:
This must be getting serious. They got air force actually working
Miamijohnny 305
Miamijohnny 305:
LOOK 👀- at 1:12:38 the taunting of the police is deliberate because all the news cameras and live reporter was right next to them. You clearly see the white guy get pushed into the police by the black guy.. he acts like he want to pull him out but it’s all BS..they want this narrative for their news stories. These are the people hiding between the real protesters that want rioting. Be careful who you stand next to for true protests.. not everyone is there for the real message!!
Anthony's broadcast
Anthony's broadcast:
“Peaceful “
Northern Sentinel
Northern Sentinel:
I knew 2020 was the end of the world :(
53:52 An outright perfect display of true protest. I will save you the time.
bless u
bless u:
《A beautiful sight to behold》
Season one
Producer:Nancy Patricia D'Alesandro Pelosi
director : Mike Pompeo
They did it!
Bark Mutler
Bark Mutler:
That is sure a lot of entitlement!
J. Moore
J. Moore:
this is what happens when you shut down all the bars lmao
Tom Adams
Tom Adams:
"The police department announces that they're going to take sensitivity training, and add two more new requirements, Intelligence and Decency."
¬George Carlin..
J Hugh
J Hugh:
Read agenda 2021 and 2030 and you'll learn what they want do to you!!!!
Adam Juan
Adam Juan:
Where's The Comedian from Watchmen when you need him?
Aaron Scholl
Aaron Scholl:
Maybe get out of the road? I dunno... that might help.
while COVID 19--- yea I'm watching :|
Denise Contreras
Denise Contreras:
What has this world come to! It’s very upsetting. May god bless us all. 😔♥️🙏🏼