Graphic warning: Protesters clash with military police in Washington, D.C.

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I love the comments, 40% on the protesting side, about 30% against the protests and the other 30% complaining about the upside down Shield 😂
D W:
Props to the guy who recorded this the entire time 🖐🏻🤙🏻👍🏻
Why is it that in every protest there's always some loud mouth who doesn't know what they want or even when they want it?
Big Website
Big Website:
Thank you so much for uploading uncut footage without constant inane commentary like other news channels
This video needs a real time clock, especially pointing out how many minutes before and after the 7pm curfew things were happening, including the warning to disperse.
The fact that this is happening during the pandemic the time we all need to stand strong together this is upsetting
Frank Linn
Frank Linn:
28:20 for people wanting to skip right to the climax
Jack Campbell
Jack Campbell:
When the government said “We need to stand together and be strong” I don’t think this is what they meant.
"We can have no society worth celebrating unless we can guarantee freedom from fear for every person who gives this country their love, labor and life. ~Steve Cook
I am amazed that a lunatic didn't light up either side.
Bentley Square Condo e-mail
Bentley Square Condo e-mail:
Ask them to take a knee with you and tell them if they do you will go home… Mission accomplished
USA : "People have the rights to peacefully protest"

Police: *We don't do that here*
What has this world come to! It’s very upsetting. May god bless us all. 😔♥️🙏🏼
WtW Skully
WtW Skully:
This is really embarrassing
J. J.
J. J.:
All law enforcement and political crimes should be subject to an impartial "citizens review board" . Problem fixed.
Владимир Ковтун
Владимир Ковтун:
Я вижу права соблюдаются, таким образом выразить протест это цевелизованно
We gotta hold our ground in these situations. More training, organization needed
Lifelong Student
Lifelong Student:
This is I really can't process that this is really happening
1:26:55 the police officer looking at the military police thinking how much cooler they look 😂
Great police work
Robin Lennon
Robin Lennon:
That lady is trouble maker.tell the people to move back.they asked you nicely.
Fascist Penguin
Fascist Penguin:
This video really gave me perspective how effective scary cavalry really can be
Indian Giver
Indian Giver:
Best statement of the night “who do you protect?”

I never saw any property damage due to rioting!
GoeySauceBoss XL
GoeySauceBoss XL:
Violent people roam streets at night because they use the situation as an advantage how terrible.
Kathi's Yoga
Kathi's Yoga:
53:50 I would be terrified to have my dogs there. I've seen the horses get startled due to the noises.
S  A  T  A  N
S A T A N:
Now I'm not one to argue, but I think that this is actually police brutality.
I wish I could protest with these true hero’s, the time for healing is now.
21:02 bottle thrown as line advances, lots of evidence of bottles being thrown at police lines from the debris on the ground. Cops rolled because someone did something stupid, even if nobody there got a clip of it.
1:35:34 Beautiful officer! Cameraman obviously thought so too.
Northern Sentinel
Northern Sentinel:
I remember what it was like to be an idiot. Thankfully I grew-up, matured and gained a modicum of wisdom.
Be wary of burning self-righteousness, balance your emotions with rational critical thinking.
Yajaira Suarez
Yajaira Suarez:
When you need help call your mother for now on . Not all cops are bad!!!!
I find it hard to believe that the police just fired whatever it was they did all of a sudden after just standing there doing nothing for the first 28 minutes that we know of. Something must have happened that we didn’t see here that triggered it.
william e keir
william e keir:
It’s amazing how many lawyers are at this and all the protests
That Cool Kid Chris
That Cool Kid Chris:
They need to leave ASAP!!!
Barbara Gentry
Barbara Gentry:
T N:
*Just when Police was taking a knee with peaceful protestors* 😔 Stay safe everyone. 🙏🙏🙏
*Soldiers kneeling is sign of respect for fallen comrade*
Muz Wot
Muz Wot:
Says a lot about these angry screaming people when they are screaming profanities and hate at armed guards just standing there holding the line and not responding.
A G:
I'm going to need more information. How long after or before curfew was this? What instructions was the crowd being given? To me it looks the officers are trying to hold a line and move a crowd and people are pushing back against it. During a peaceful protest, the crowd moves where they are told by the officers doing crowd control, it's in the interest of safety.
"We can have no society worth celebrating unless we can guarantee freedom from fear for every person who gives this country their love, labor and life. ~Steve Cook
53:52 An outright perfect display of true protest. I will save you the time.
This must be getting serious. They got air force actually working
Medusa Gorgo
Medusa Gorgo:
I would suggest that next time you all either take a knee or sit down, it would be harder for them to move you away from the scene. If they take the same actions it just makes them look even worse.
Tara Fitzgerald
Tara Fitzgerald:
These are the very same men who protect. The actions of one man or a few...this is crazy
Got to say apart from bringing major anxiety watching this oppression against a right. A right to protest. Without malice. The world, mostly is with you. Our future is speaking. Justice ✌
T10A25M 1
T10A25M 1:
Police: have no fear, the cavalry is here
Protesters: we're in the endgame now
Right at the start I was like: you guys messed with the wrong people
are we gonna ignore that one military cop holding his shield upside down lmfao
strong foot
strong foot:
*Graphic warning: Protesters clash with military police in Washington, D.C.: Nothing GRAPHIC here* .
When they stepped up close my first thought was : hey they just want to get into the action
Colleen McWhan
Colleen McWhan:
Don't Be Swearing at The Military
All doors are open to hear your calls right now.
The Police, Everyone is hearing
Giving a Place to speak on this Platform

Even Military, just work with respect
They are here under orders to keep order.
No threat.
We just All need to be respectful
Daniel Bier
Daniel Bier:
Anyone knows the story behind it?
I hate to see exclusively contextless videos..
Also it's not peaceful to throw bottles at the police.
James Fanning
James Fanning:
This too shall pass. I feel like this is our generations Great Depression + Vietnam/60’s all rolled into one.

Man, 2020 will go down as one of the shittiest years of the 21st century.
al rent
al rent:
The right to assemble is a right in America. Violence is another matter. Protesters need to get strategic or fail.
Quinn Carson
Quinn Carson:
It's hard to riot when the people rioting are breaking within seems
Good job boys!
Jalen Berry
Jalen Berry:
It’s like watching a game of ground war and the police are stealing every flag
These are peaceful protestors, and what they are doing is right. The people who are taking advantage of this situation and committing crimes are in the wrong, and so are the police attacking peaceful protestors.
Bentley Square Condo e-mail
Bentley Square Condo e-mail:
Everyone take a day… Then ask them to take any with you and if they do tell them you’ll go home… Mission accomplished
rusty refill
rusty refill:
Those protestors are so brave
Michael Brant
Michael Brant:
Great job - thanks!
Regina Fontenot
Regina Fontenot:
Rest in peace 🙏 to all who have lost life love you 😘 Sandra Bland
How can you even be crazy enough to gather during a pandemic let alone screaming, shouting and being verbally aggressive. Not peaceful in anyway
30:09 “the world shall know pain”
Ian Reed
Ian Reed:
Those are some well trained horses.
Patronus Natio
Patronus Natio:

@21:00 -Police walk up to line
@28:20 -Police begin firing into crowd
@31:05 -Police push crowd further(Tear gas, flash bangs)
@35:00 -Mounted police arrive and push further, also tear gas/flash bangs
@53:47 -Doge
@57:50 -Words between protesters and police
@59:00 -Police push(no violence)
@1:11:11 -Police push(no violence)
@1:13:10 -Man arrested
@1:14:05 -Police push(no violence)
@1:17:00 -Police back up, all further video calms down for most of the rest of the video
Life Journey Glory To God International247
Life Journey Glory To God International247:
Let us Love ❤️ to bring people back to our community.
What most people don't realize is whether it's peaceful or not it's still illegal so once the Riot Act is read telling people to cease and desist and to go home if they don't they are breaking the law and so they will be removed forcefully as happens here...
Jackson Peterson
Jackson Peterson:
This reminds me of district 11 riots from the hunger games. Sad.
EO 9981
EO 9981:
You could tell the horses where scared, and had no interest in running into smoke and noise. If you want to be cavalry, training your horses right.
Kathy H
Kathy H:
That must be some ineffective tear gas - everyone is walking around in it.
I like how she mixes "don't shoot" with "fuck the police". Some grade A stuff. Also, I think I figured out what she wanted: "we need change!" but nobody had any coins on them?
SefSufi SefSufi
SefSufi SefSufi:
Red carpets rolling for the man of perdition ...
In the land of the blind, the one eyed man is King...
Lord Stanley Sigstad
Lord Stanley Sigstad:
What's happening is supposed to happen. Christians stand strong and keep the communication between you and God strong. Non christians it's time to get your heart right with God while you still can
Justin Smith
Justin Smith:
i have tried to show this video to my family for over a year.....they refuse to watch it
Dear x Jomi
Dear x Jomi:
Some of the zoomed in MP just looks like they dont want to be there and tired and maybe wants to be on the otherside, but it's their job and they get paid for it. It's got to be hard for them 😭 just so heartbreaking to see...
pie man
pie man:
Love how people are still talking about rioters, and it’s literally a peaceful protests 🤡
Umbreon Of Alton
Umbreon Of Alton:
You know I can understand the police having an upside down shield but not the military
Harley Ramirez
Harley Ramirez:
This changed colors, now is about justice , so the supreme court needs to get something done ASAP because all this is about JUSTICE , no money
Lars Olavson
Lars Olavson:
We are watching truth and justice with words and consolidated action take on crooks and liars with thousands of clubs, guns, tear gas and personnel protective gear. Profiles in courage against raw power in violation of our constitutional right to petition our government.
Elizabeth Martin
Elizabeth Martin:
Disgusting. All this pain for a photoshoot that only had the opposite effect from what it wanted
tyler snelson
tyler snelson:
Oh someone tell that MP his shield is upside down! My OCD is driving me crazy
Cher Chu Hai Kieu
Cher Chu Hai Kieu:
My god my heart hurts so bad, this is so hard to watch. I have great respects for all the peaceful protesters. God bless you all.
George Bennett
George Bennett:
Protest looked peaceful to me
These people were exercising their 1st amendment rights I don't fully agree with this
Hope you’re guys did catch any virus and take it home to your family and everyone else!
Jm Ss
Jm Ss:
Also. If you listen closely. All people told them to move. And they didn't. So they took it in their own hands. If they just move and listen, none of this would have happened
elle lorraine
elle lorraine:
It reminds me so much of the '60's. It's horrible. These are provoking harrassers. They are doing their jobs. That female police officer is bringing food home to her family. That yelling woman only looks crazy, getting up in her face.
Alexander Strellow
Alexander Strellow:
28:19 Action starts
Life Journey Glory To God International247
Life Journey Glory To God International247:
Love is the key to open the door of peace in our world
Lui Golz
Lui Golz:
Pathetic thugs looting and damaging innocent peoples businesses and homes and at the same time, blaming everyone but themselves for all this chaos. I say apply real force against all these thugs.
The people that are participating in this protest as well as other states don't realize their actions will not bring George Floyd back. If George Floyd were to see this destructive behavior coming from the protesters, the looters and law enforcement, I'm sure he would be devastated to see his life loss caused this much chaos. I believe he and his family would not want this behavior to demonstrate and stand for any justice for the name George Floyd. We should be trying to attain change in another way.
Spot the true professional , cameraman turns up with his own gasmask . Yip , done it all before kids , LOL .
Jose Diaz
Jose Diaz:
And at the end whom do we call for help? Our men in blue, to come rescue us 🤣. Love my police and love my military because with out them we would not be able to talk shit 😝
Robin Lennon
Robin Lennon:
I wish this had a time.
Random Human
Random Human:
Oh my god what century are we living in, this shouldn’t be a problem in the first place! I’m not saying looting stores and protesting violently is okay but people should not have to worry about their safety when near a person who is supposed to protect them, I’m probably gonna delete this comment because people will get upset over opinions and I don’t want any arguments in the reply section
Nate Dog
Nate Dog:
If you hurt police for no reason you get in trouble but if they hurt people that aren’t doing anything wrong and police hurt the peaceful protesters police don’t get in trouble they both have the same rights what’s different so they can hurt them
“Peaceful protests” give me a break 💀
This was boiling in this country long before Floyds death.
S T:
Isn't this peaceful protesting? So are you not allowed to do this?