GREYHOUND Official Trailer (2020) Tom Hanks Action Movie HD

GREYHOUND Official Trailer (2020) Tom Hanks Action Movie HD
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Another film showing how dangerous it is to travel with Tom Hanks.
Todd Gordon
Todd Gordon:
Nazis: We have elite soldiers, planes, tanks, ships and submarines.
U.S.A.: We have a Tom Hanks.
Spoiler: He gets transferred to the army and lands at Omaha Beach two years later
The 'top side' of "Das Boot"- greatest (anti)war movie ever.
Director: “what about Battleship...but during world war 2”
Sony: “That’s been done already”
Director: “But with Tom Hanks”
Sony: *throws in 50 million dollars*
Li Chang Ting
Li Chang Ting:
Thumbnail: Saving Private Ryan 2
Tim Kline
Tim Kline:
And here I thought this was gonna be a movie about Tom Hanks driving a bus
Ben Schneider
Ben Schneider:
When Forrest Gump's shrimp boat adventures takes a turn for the worst
They really need to stop sending Forrest Gump off to war.
Scott Dunstan
Scott Dunstan:
Perhaps the last film you will see from this man
When Captain Phillips meets saving private ryan
-Tom Hanks appears
-Nazis: Oh, no, he again...
Mr. ShyRyHud
Mr. ShyRyHud:
This looks like a better battleship movie than the actual battleship movie.
Allen Rolle
Allen Rolle:
I swear I thought the U boats were gonna transform every time they surfaced...LOL...strange choice for sound effects.
Wytch Blade
Wytch Blade:
Ugh, to much CGI just like Midway. Making it unrealistic.
Why do they have to make the movie so over exaggerated. Feels like a trailer for Iron Sky III. The real story would have been enough!!
Siyanda Makhathini
Siyanda Makhathini:
Yet another movie showing that traveling anywhere with Tom Hanks is an extreme sport
YouTube User
YouTube User:
Why does the U-Boat sound like Godzilla is every time it surfaces? Lmao, so dumb.
Hagar Horrible
Hagar Horrible:
Untold heroes of the Second World War were the Merchant Marine that had the highest casualties and never got the respect that should have earned. It took 40 years for them to get veteran status 🤦🏻‍♂️. They beg for our help during war time but soon forget when the war is over
The special effects look awful .... I’ll pass
0:35 "inspired by actual events".. in other words: more fake history from Hollywood perverts.
FX look kinda cheap. They should have called it World Of Warships: The Movie 🤣
Oc Boi
Oc Boi:
Tom Hanks: *Become the captain of a ship*

All of his crew: this is it boys, the endgame
I have a hard time telling if this is a camp B-film or oscar bait. Definetely gonna watch it,but would prefer if it was serious and realistic.
Petro NZ
Petro NZ:
*Seaman*: “Captain what are we going to do?”
*Captain*: “Incorporate the new Fast & Furious physics into this ship”
*Seaman*: 2:28
US: we need soldiers to fight nazis!
Tom Hanks: allright, I'll do it...
Sheila Sova
Sheila Sova:
Very sad "“Keeling and her crew were worth a thousand merchant seamen’s lives – two thousand perhaps.” said Captain Keeling." Did you know that more merchant mariners loss their lives per ratio than any branch of service? They helped work the gunnery and sacrificed their lives for what? Not getting GI Bill since FDR died in office after promising them veterans benefits. Thousands died 9,000+, over 12,000 wounded and 630 were POWs yet NO MENTION of them in this movie except in a very poor light. Their families received $5K if lost at sea while others in military got $10K to their families. They paid income taxes and a Victory Tax during the war while all others had NO TAXES taken from their pay. POW mariners did not receive one penny while being tortured yet the Army Navy Marine in the next cell got paid every day they were in the POW camp. When torpedoed from a ship, their pay IMMEDIATELY STOPPED. They were on lifeboats for days, rowing and tending to the masts while the passengers who were Army did not know how to work the masts. Mariner did all the work and was not getting paid a dime but these passengers were still getting paid. The US Merchant Marine is awaiting signing of a bill called the Congressional Gold Medal Act for the WWII US Merchant Mariners. Tom Hanks should do a movie on these UNSUNG HEROES instead of making comments in the movie suggesting that their lives were dispensable. I volunteer for a WWII US Merchant Marine Veterans group and I know these facts are true as I hear their stories every day. Tell Tom to come to our convention in Baltimore March 26-29 2020 and meet these men. One torpedoed three times from a ship at age 15 and did the Murmansk Run. These men are the real HEROES. Imagine getting attacked with no Navy escorts or guns on your ships BEFORE the war even started. They were sitting ducks off our coastline where the U-boats sank over 80 merchant ships. North Carolina has about 80+ ships underwater there. This watery grave even has three U boats, one with sailors still entombed in them. Sorry Tom Hanks .....that comment has made me NOT want to see this movie and all our three Facebook groups have been discussing this. An author who writes about these unsung heroes was the first one to point this out. WE ALL KNOW THE TRUTH. SEE YOU AT THE GOLD MEDAL CEREMONY TOM! #ProudDaughter of WWII USMM & Army Korea Veteran. Sheila M. Sova
I want them to make that sound every single time we see the wolf pack u-boats in the movie 1:27 No exceptions.
Widya Santoso
Widya Santoso:
Time to check to see if The History Guy or Mark Felton have done a video on this.
Tony Belo
Tony Belo:
The cgi is terrible lmao. Dunkirk looked better. Obviously Saving Private Ryan was way better looking and that was from the 90s
Hugh Myron
Hugh Myron:
CGI will ruin this movie.
Saving Private Ryan the GOAT of all war movies. Nothing will ever beat it.
jin choung
jin choung:
gah. everything looks so digital. not really the fault of the cg... more like the way the shots are designed. would probably look more convincing if they took a moment to think about how they'd have to shoot this if they were doing it for real.

also... why the hell would a uboat ever get broadside to a surface ship in touching distance???
Tom Hanks - most overrated actor ever
John Cunningham
John Cunningham:
Love to see Ricky Gervais as a British liaison officer in this movie with Hanks...
Consulat __
Consulat __:
Looks silly as hell with those "Street-gang anachronic painted u-boots"... Meh, I`ll pay for another movie and watch it. Drunk.
Jean-Charles Péronnet
Jean-Charles Péronnet:
"Amiral, deploy all warships, we need to destroy Ricky Gervais."
Luis Arturo Zamarripa Amezquita
Luis Arturo Zamarripa Amezquita:
So happy to see Elisabeth Shue acting again so talented she is.
zero1 01
zero1 01:
Private Ryan meets Forrest Gump and Captain Phillips, against The War of the Worlds sounding nazi uboats - excellence
Scott W
Scott W:
Tom's still wearing his Capt Miller helmet from Saving Private Ryan.
Can't wait I never see much about ww2 battles in the atlantic, most naval movies tend to focus on pacific naval battles.
feel like a repeat of Midway: bad CGI, empty dialogue.
Valid Core
Valid Core:
That sound usually means it's gonna transform.
Ron Hale
Ron Hale:

My "Insider" tells me Issac Kappy is still alive. My "Insider" has yet to be wrong.

Your Soul is Eternal. Satan sold You something that was already Yours.

Settle up for Your crimes here on Earth, Walk away from the Deceiver, and take back Your Eternal Soul.

See You Out In The Universe(s) Tom. Ron
rishab mehta
rishab mehta:
You had me at tom hanks.
Mr. White
Mr. White:
This is actually how he ended up on the island and met Wilson
Bobby Hill
Bobby Hill:
German U-Boat Commander: Look...Look at me, I am the captain now.

Tom Hanks: Ach scheiße, jetzt geht es wieder los...
Sassy Dezines
Sassy Dezines:
I just really can't stand watching Tom Hanks movies anymore. Praying for justice.
Jason McConnell
Jason McConnell:
Das Boot is the Citizen Kane of Battle of the Atlantic movies. This looks like the Howard the Duck of Battle of the Atlantic movies.

Still and the same, Tom Hanks, WWII, I'll go and I'll pay......but I smell a U-571 redux.
Finally. We getting some more war movies from the old days
Gino Peñaflor
Gino Peñaflor:
Ok? I didnt know ships have small wipers. 😂
German be like: I am the Captain now

Tom Hanks: Not this time xD
kat uwu
kat uwu:
Even though it's heavily fictionalized, it was really this fucking scary. Even ground crews in tanks always called out "TIGER TANK" when in reality most of the time it was just a panther or AT gun. I can't imagine what they went through on the passage.
Pat Pat
Pat Pat:
can you imagine.
being in bowels of a battleship.
and hearing the sound of a torpedo deflecting off the hull.
Lucas Koziol
Lucas Koziol:
This looks so stupid 😂
Tlaloc XV
Tlaloc XV:
I wonder when they’ll play this on the big screen? In the mean time... stay safe and healthy everyone.
C Monster7D
C Monster7D:
Tom Hanks: “I’m long as I don’t have to go looking for any guy named Ryan.”
Isaac Thomas
Isaac Thomas:
This feels like fantasy somehow.
jason thomas
jason thomas:
The acting was awesome , like a man who has been convicted of raping children.
kimbo cahig
kimbo cahig:
Another story to tell at the park when you meet Forrest Gump, and it might take alot of boxes of chocolate to finish.🤣
! ObamaTookMyCat !
! ObamaTookMyCat !:
looks about as bloated with CGI as Midway....
More tom hanks fantasy Hollywood trash, manoeuvring his destroyer like an F-16. Lol. And a .50-cal mounted on a U-Boat?! :D
Comment sections are tight
Comment sections are tight:
Oh so there's the Oscar nominee for everything
Bryan M
Bryan M:
Glad to see Elisabeth Shue making a comeback. She was great in "The Boys"!
Was half expecting those u-boats to transform into Decepticons every time they surfaced.
I was on a greyhound in the 90s looks about the same level of comfort and danger.
Love those trailers - saving the time and effort of seeing the full movie
Andrew Garratt
Andrew Garratt:
the CG looks a little cartoony but I love the subject matter and Tom Hanks so ill see it no doubt
No joke, real history- those U Boats were a [email protected]#$'ing menace during world war II. Ive read different tactics by land, air, and sea throughout history's wars.
The way U Boats were operated were significant to wolves hunting its prey in the wilderness. GONNA WATCH THIS BADASS MOVIE!
World of Warships the movie featuring Tom Hanks.
Oh look! Tom Hanks is playing World of Warships with that torpedo beat.
elizen Queen
elizen Queen:
⮚ GREYHOUND 2 [2020] ⮘

Albert Stokłosa
Albert Stokłosa:
When i first time saw this advert i was sure it's the advert of "The world of warships"... but... loooooooool... its real movie!
bobmanjoeguy 1
bobmanjoeguy 1:
another world war 2 movie with tom hanks being a captain
sharknado blood
sharknado blood:
When he said "this is my first" I felt that
Kane Pictures
Kane Pictures:
Saving Private Fury 2: Battleship
David Kay
David Kay:
When Lt Dan is in the rigging screaming is this the best you got
there is some about Tom Hanks in war movies that makes it so special, saving private ryan is one of all my time favorite movies...the opening scene still get my chills down my spine and always touch my heart.
I see Tom Hanks, I click! ❤️
Drizzy Carlos
Drizzy Carlos:
Thumb nail gave me “Saving Private Ryan” flashbacks
Mr. Lonewolf
Mr. Lonewolf:
Playing Silent Hunter 4 Tom Hanks is, i see 😀😁
Act Of Vengeance
Act Of Vengeance:
Bubba: "Forest... I want to go home"
I can’t believe this has such less like likes. I mean great film and sound editing. A lot of great work with ships 🛳 🚢 and submarines. To direct their movement and it’s all trick photography. But whatever.

All that said. 👏🏽 that was a great 👍🏽 short film!
Daniel Von Whiteless Day
Daniel Von Whiteless Day:
I'm a simple man. I see Tom Hanks and I click!
Splitted Dreames
Splitted Dreames:
Another world war 2 based movie
Classic Tom Hanks
He has some bad luck that Tom Hanks 😬
I'm a simple man, I see Tom Hanks in a helmet and I click.
Lawrence Boak Art
Lawrence Boak Art:
Any WW2 drama involving Hanks has been mint so far, so I'm confident this will be good. My only criticism is I think Hanks is a little old to be a Military Naval captain.
Arthur BRIAND:
The cgi needs a little more work but seems like a nice movie, and I really want to see Tom Hanks fight in world War 2 again
Jason Rackawack
Jason Rackawack:
I was thinking this was going to be part 2 of "Final Countdown" from 1980.....same story except this time a WW2 ship is teleported in to the future to fight ........ oh wait that wont work will it.😁
Andrew Hennigan
Andrew Hennigan:
man this looks good
Emmanuel Wu
Emmanuel Wu:
I can’t believe people are still traveling with Tom Hanks into sea after seeing captain Philips and castaway
I've been waiting a long time for this.
Jeff Barnes
Jeff Barnes:
So how many of these war movies is he going to make?
Hezekiah Meyers
Hezekiah Meyers:
Gift Idea!!! Seriously, love this movie.
1:00 💕💯🖤
👇 👇 👇 👇 👇🔥
I know it's a trailer...but are they actually pretending that U boats and Destroyers duked it out on the surface with deck guns? Cause no.
feels like we saw the whole movie already
Chris Zealotes
Chris Zealotes:
In naval exercises off Australia, Australian Navy subs frequently ‘sink’ the yanks......they hate it. 😂
Will Borman
Will Borman:
Who else got goosebumps?
Ty Hoffman
Ty Hoffman:
"Now that Bubba gone I have to be the Captain now" Forest Gump