Gringo: The Dangerous Life of John McAfee | Official Trailer | A Film by Nanette Burstein

Documentary about the bizarre and scandalous life of tech millionaire John McAfee - famed inventor of anti-virus software - who goes off the grid to live in Belize, building a compound and harem and becoming a drug lord. Premieres Saturday September 24th at 9PM ET/PT.

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100+ comentarios:

This documentary was made by a person who made a pro Clinton documentary lol super trustworthy
C B:
We need Al Pacino to play McAfee 😅
Farshad Nm
Farshad Nm:
The more i know about this guy the more I'm sure he made the first computer virus and then made an antivirus for it to sell.
Johnny M
Johnny M:
John McAfee didn't kill himself.
J S:
Why do I get the strange vibe that McAfee himself is behind the production of this?
McAfee should sue the Far Cry devs for making game plots based off his life story.
Please make John Macfee didn’t kill himself the next meme, oh please make it so!
Randy Johnson
Randy Johnson:
Well to be fair, if anyone poisoned or hurt my dog I'd make sure they suffered an equal fate. Animal abusers are without a doubt the worst people on Earth.
rest in peace.
Sadly they got John at the end but we know the truth already. No point brushing the truth under the carpet anymore: @t
The Based Bunker
The Based Bunker:
2021 and suddenly I want to watch this.
Cmon Netflix, we’re waiting
RIP John. Legend.
Mondo Prime
Mondo Prime:
The guy's like a farcry villain
James Mabry
James Mabry:
When yiu get ultra rich in dollars,you do have a master,if you defy that master,they will take you down
Oscar Sanchez Santana
Oscar Sanchez Santana:
have you ever been to Tijuana on a weekend? a McDonnalds cashier can go full tony imagine a millionare far-far down south, scary.
this shit was crazy i recommend watching it.
Ancap 🏴
Ancap 🏴:
McAfee didn't kill himself!
what a badass
I smell a hit piece.
Noelio Emerald-Isle
Noelio Emerald-Isle:
Sounds like a hit job on McAfee
He went full warlord? Lol
This is an excellent documentary!
msjuicy ツ
msjuicy ツ:
They need to make a movie!!! Crazyyy
The official Incel
The official Incel:
He was a super chill laid back guy on the official podcast
Fatty Love Handles
Fatty Love Handles:
so this guy is not... really.... a SAINT
OoOoOo OoOoOo
OoOoOo OoOoOo:
That lab girl totally knew where she was heading... yisus
Amy Walker
Amy Walker:
and now they find him dead in a Spanish jail cell just as he was about to be extradited to the US on tax evasion charges.
RIP John, a Silicon Valley Pioneer! He could have gotten away with all that and would have been sipping martini had joined politics early on 😉
Unstoppable Man
Unstoppable Man:
Fug Babylon
Fug Babylon:
Sounds like one giant piece of bullshivaky; name association tactic for online protection most likely
Naved Ahmad
Naved Ahmad:
Rest in Peace. John McAfee 💔
Makeveli Customs
Makeveli Customs:
RIP Jon Mcafee 🙏🏻
Rest Easy King 🙏🏼
Lazy Saturdays with Hunter
Lazy Saturdays with Hunter:
The only Silicon Valley OG who turned down a life full of soy and Chinese yeun. RIP.
Tiffany T.
Tiffany T.:
Showtime; I hope to God they don’t sensationalize an already sensational man.
Philippe Cote
Philippe Cote:
Need more hammock in the trailer
jorge beato rodriguez
jorge beato rodriguez:
RIP 😭🤘🏻🤘🏻🤘🏻
John is a computer scientist gone rogue
Square Peg
Square Peg:
I watched it last night, it’s the real life Bond villain Goodfellas, Breaking Bad, Scarface all rolled into one, what a crazy life, beyond belief
maddie comer
maddie comer:
this guy lives in my town now, so that’s fun
lisa foos
lisa foos:
This guy makes Kanye look humble. lol
Rei Liçi
Rei Liçi:
Another "did not kill himself" meme incoming.
Jonas Faa
Jonas Faa:
RIP to a brother of humanity!
Katrina Hay
Katrina Hay:
"..Kurtz got off the boat,..he split from the whole fuckin programme!!.."
M Christine
M Christine:
John McAfee did not kill himself...just saying
This man ain't dead he paid them to make it look like he killed himself
Equality 7-2521
Equality 7-2521:
The only Silicon Valley billionaire who wasn’t a soy boy.
J V:
Nothing beats standing at the bottom of an Andy Gump waiting for lunch on a hot and humid afternoon
Mathew Wehner
Mathew Wehner:
This guy is out to lunch but the smartest people seem to always be nuts which diminishes their intelligence
Looks interesting, I'll definitely give it a view.
john mcafee reminds me of a call of duty character
rummy rummyrum
rummy rummyrum:
We need nick musik to play this guy
Gary W
Gary W:
So when's the Jonny Depp film coming out?
Lindsay Kay
Lindsay Kay:
Just use a good linux distro and you'll never even have to be aware of the existence of McAfee
Don Mak7
Don Mak7:
Dude was a real larger than life character.
Newport Box 100s
Newport Box 100s:
Someone send me a download link to this I don't have Showtime.
harsha naik
harsha naik:
So mcafee is the real John wick😅
fred ward
fred ward:
Ah yes the guy that made it so I have to uncheck "install McAffee anti-virus" every time flash needs an update? I guess if it wasn't him it'd be somebody else hehe.
Per Jensen
Per Jensen:
Now this man can hardly control himself.
He is the classic far cry antagonist
Just watched this yesterday. Wow
Isch bin der Bruce Wayne isch hab ganz viel Geld
Isch bin der Bruce Wayne isch hab ganz viel Geld:
Guess who's dead all of a sudden now...
J Rena
J Rena:
Imagine how crazy the u.s would be if this guy was president
ET_2_0_1_0_2_5_ Tazrean Rifty
ET_2_0_1_0_2_5_ Tazrean Rifty:
Jian Yang.
sam fairtex
sam fairtex:
John McAfee didn't kill himself
Yaakov Krakowich
Yaakov Krakowich:
RIP John. OG E-gangster
Nonder 92
Nonder 92:
What an absolute badass
Liam Vogel
Liam Vogel:
He definitely didn’t kill himself
Milad J. Panah
Milad J. Panah:
This guy needs to be the POTUS !
Radu Oleniuc
Radu Oleniuc:
He's good.
this is quite the hit piece
msjuicy ツ
msjuicy ツ:
Rest In Peace
This was just an amazing documentary, crazy, frightening, outrageous!
Vinícius Assis
Vinícius Assis:
My laptop is infected with McAfee antivirus. Can't get rid of it.
Chriss Re
Chriss Re:
I think he made this AntiVirus based on his personality. Everyone wants to get rid of him and nobody can't. But I hold huge respect for John McAfee.
Jorge Agüero
Jorge Agüero:
RIP 👁️
Stryder Winch
Stryder Winch:
I sow the seeds I seed the souls I reap the roe my red red toe I am the Allen Witch God of Rah Rally of man
I am truth
I am saw
Cipher-Tu Productions
Cipher-Tu Productions:
hit piece
RIP John Mcafee
Waiting for the McAfee movie
Frank Masselli
Frank Masselli:
Still can’t believe this dude ran for president… what a life R.I.P
Christopher Luna
Christopher Luna:
He had my vote
! just heard this guy have a conversation "from a yacht somewhere in international waters" with Glenn Beck. Strange man! McAfee also.
Marty Masters
Marty Masters:
R.I.P. John
Oh shit first hand accounts of people purporting to be criminals? I'm just gonna believe it.
Dariana Cruz
Dariana Cruz:
Aquí en EL SALVADOR LE doy mi casa para que se esconda John
Bass player fisher Chill
Bass player fisher Chill:
RIP McaFee
Xheenia Pendragon
Xheenia Pendragon:
RIP John McAfee
Dane Brammage
Dane Brammage:
and he is gone.....RIP John
Pirate Smurf
Pirate Smurf:
R.I.P John Mcafee
John McAfee didn't kill himself
The Unknown Guy
The Unknown Guy:
He is not criminal, John mcafee was innocent
Geo L
Geo L:
The microbiology lady is a liar. A victim would never confront their attacker. Then grin while talking about the "scary" moment.
Why are they always shitting on John?

Its ridiculous.
RIP John McAfee...
He has my vote
this guy drinks dos Equis
King Richard lV
King Richard lV:
I watched this whole guy Show
From what i understand
He is a Nerd acts like Nerd pays people like Nerd and has his Nerdy Secrets
When you genius like that you this the world is yours like Scarface
Well Nerds Computer Coders aint Scarface or a local thief
He doing all the things a Nerd would do anything do
He seems like he has too much money to many problems like Puff Daddy and Biggie
He is not Biggie or Tupac as bad he wants be..
He didnt have give soul a penny and he have more money people respect
You cant pay people be quiet you cant pay people be real you cant pay people loyalty
In the end
He got taste Thug Life ran home states got to deep for him
When if somebody killed American American or not
We want answers
We know he poison dog
American people do not poison dogs or cats
So if this guy did poison his dogs
And he did kill his neighbor
There was nothing worse or more horrible then yaving put down kill your dogs
I not want only justice
I want who is responsible poison those dogs
That is the truth
Then we all understand
He go back being Nerd
Try not rat on everybody he ratting on save there souls
That in this life or next Due Proccess means something
You cant run hide hack truth
It follow you everywhere and drive you crazy
Im not saying Nerd bad way
This just how i talk cause im from Philly
He can come Philadelphia rent my apartment from me get me some views tips on spy wear
Now since theres dogs involved
This is a touchy subject
I take no sides
I cant imagine have shoot my cat cause poisoned
I wish i there save dogs so this never got out hand
I took the dogs back Philly