GUILTY PLEA by Former Nickelodeon star Drake Bell to charges involving 15-year-old girl

Drake Bell, the former children's television star who is facing accusations in Cleveland related to an incident involving a teen girl, has pleaded guilty to the criminal charges against him.

In a brief pretrial hearing Wednesday in Cuyahoga County Common Pleas Court, the 34-year-old Bell (who went by his legal first name of Jared during the proceedings) admitted to both attempting to endanger children (a felony) and disseminating material harmful to juveniles (a misdemeanor). The one-time star of Nickelodeon's "The Amanda Show" and "Drake and Josh" was already out on bond and attended the hearing via Zoom.

Police say the incident occurred back in December of 2017, when Bell was performing at the Odeon Concert Club in the east bank of Cleveland's Flats. At the time, Bell was 31 and the alleged victim was 15, and while authorities did not specify what happened at the club, they did claim Bell and the girl knew each other for years and that he sent her appropriate messages in the months leading up to the concert.


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Austin Alexander
Austin Alexander:
Man, he really fell far. Kind of makes sense why Josh didn't want him at his wedding now
this has to be one of megan’s pranks
Juanito Mendoza
Juanito Mendoza:
La gente famosa de nuestra infancia, caída en desgracia :O
Richie Dechau
Richie Dechau:
Sad to see him do that I loved him on Drake and Josh and as Timmy Turner in the Fairly Odd Parents movies
dan schneider is next
Trevor B
Trevor B:
So does he go to jail or just pay the fines?
Josh Nichols
Josh Nichols:
AA Behl
AA Behl:
Somebody tell me how long he gonna go to jail for
Zoe Rorrendo
Zoe Rorrendo:
No me duele me quemaaa
XD rick es el juez
El gran Heman
El gran Heman:
Nooo Drake would never do this I am crying and I am shakingggg
Milyy210 Wandelow
Milyy210 Wandelow:
Que fue lo que hizo? Habla de poner en peligro a niños menores en cuarto grado? Que significa exactamente eso?
Kristofer López
Kristofer López:
Alguien sabe que fue lo que iso?
Nigthwatchs cabalaza
Nigthwatchs cabalaza:
Fan of cuties🍕
Lobo Nocturno
Lobo Nocturno:
Al menos no es gei
Rockstartodd 1
Rockstartodd 1:
What do you expect from someone who was abused himself as a child they think this is ok what a sad world we live in