Haaland Again with a Brace! | Borussia Dortmund - Greuther Fürth 3-0 | All Goals | Matchday 16

#BVBSGF | Short Highlights from Matchday 16!
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Watch all goals from the Bundesliga match between Borussia Dortmund and Greuther Fürth from Matchday 16 of 2021/22 season!

Goals: 1-0 Haaland (33’ (P)), 2-0 Haaland (82’), 3-0 Malen (89’)

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Everyone talking about haaland, but look at what’s malen been doing last games. Great to see him finding his form!
Chap Chap
Chap Chap:
Haalands been training his headers this season man. He's already scored like 7 or 8 all season already. Crazy good man.
Troye Akb
Troye Akb:
Haaland is now becoming a complete forward
He's doing great on his headers
This guy is insane
Dragon Sports
Dragon Sports:
Haaland is just a wonder, even if he doesn’t stay at Dortmund I will always follow him! Besides I have always wanted to see a robot
Haaland has been working on his headers past few months, 3 headed goals in 2 games. His training are absolutely paying off and it's frightening to think of how good he can become
Meditex Studious
Meditex Studious:
I salute BVB prospect department. They always sign the right players
He doesn't stress as other youngsters do he is peaceful and focused just on scoring, that's why he is so good
Izaiah browne
Izaiah browne:
That third goal was class!
Red devil
Red devil:
His absence really effect the team performance, he is the main man for this team, no doubt
Claudio Cortez-magan
Claudio Cortez-magan:
You can tell haaland definitely has been improving his Ariel prowess
Parth Jain
Parth Jain:
That nutmeg finish from Malen 🔥😍
mutton rolls
mutton rolls:
Malen's quick reflexes make that third goal satisfying to watch
Mario Wong
Mario Wong:
malen and brandt being so good recently.. and also erling still being beast!
Let’s play Soccer
Let’s play Soccer:
Haaland is honestly different bro, once in a generation sort of player
ramon nelson
ramon nelson:
That boy is a goal scoring beast and deserves to be in a team with expectations of winning trophies can’t wait to see what the future has in store for him
Ferdinand FF
Ferdinand FF:
What a beast of a player Haaland is🤖!
Ali Hamza
Ali Hamza:
Haaland and Brandt are a good combination
Pablo Bastos
Pablo Bastos:
Haaland um dos melhores com ctza 💛👑🏆🔥🔥🔥💯🚀
Bruh look at his hop on that header… the guy is a freaking machine!
NoNo Don't Touch Me There
NoNo Don't Touch Me There:
Haaland has really become great with his headers.
Sumaiya Chowdhury
Sumaiya Chowdhury:
Nice to see Malen getting back in form
Khethani Mkhwanazi
Khethani Mkhwanazi:
Haaland is an absolute beast!!!
Mallen's goal is sensational 💯
Football CompsHD
Football CompsHD:
Damn Haaland surely improved his heading ability. Now the only thing Haaland should improve is his dribbling tho it’s hard for a 1.94 M tall player to dribble. But he still can improve it tho. It can be very useful in certain moments
Renaldo Matadeen
Renaldo Matadeen:
A clean sheet with Hummels is unbelievable
Justin Anorue
Justin Anorue:
Haaland knows how to use his height. Great player.
Haaland is the future of modern day football
slida emif
slida emif:
What a beast of a player Haaland is🤖!
Vihan Subramaniam
Vihan Subramaniam:
Great improv from Malen. Neat goal.
This just shows you that even if Haaland have a bad game, he can still score goals and contribute for the team :)
Haland to maszyna!!! 🇵🇱
Haaland a machine
Craig Scott
Craig Scott:
Haalands physical characteristics are terrifying. Fast, strong, quick, size and deadly finishing
Mario Barrios Colman
Mario Barrios Colman:
Haland Es Impresionante. Grandioso.....
Clemence Saro
Clemence Saro:
If Haaland ends up under Guardiolas wing we will be witnessing the greatest ST to ever play the game
When class meets talent and hardwork
This guy must be the best striker in the world right now...by considerable margin
Bruno Alves
Bruno Alves:
Acredito que Halaand tem tudo para se tornar o próximo melhor 9 a nivel mundial, depois de Ronaldo Nasario(fenomeno).
That Malen goal was very smart💯
Karim Adjaoute
Karim Adjaoute:
Brandt has been outstanding lately... scoring goals and providing assists
Renno Wirayudha
Renno Wirayudha:
Braaland combination is on fire 🔥
I hope Dortmund builds a good team in the future. I hope Haaland stays. I hope Dortmund dominates Bundesliga one day.
Ricardo Rodriguez
Ricardo Rodriguez:
Halaand is really just Drago from rocky in real life
Freya murtem
Freya murtem:
Mbappe is a phenom. But haaland is something special.
Ro Harris
Ro Harris:
Man I love MR11 to death especially his vision, but the offence was off today and i expected him to step up. Brandt has been stepping up whenever Reus doesn’t so I’ll accept it cuz I love em both
Pempho Kamoto
Pempho Kamoto:
We all know Halland is a beast.
But somebody tell me about the third goal.
Was Malen still dribbling then the ball ended up in the net?😂
Juan Garcia
Juan Garcia:
Haaland está hecho UNA BESTIA!
Ashley Mabunda
Ashley Mabunda:
Somebody needs to put a leash on Erling. It's too much now. And shoutout to Malen. This BVB team sure now how to do business and get the right players. It's like Sancho never left.
KimJong ngosss
KimJong ngosss:
halland is the real monster!!!! young and dangerous
zalan aczel
zalan aczel:
Everyone talking about Haaland but Brandt is super in this season
David Lim
David Lim:
Good to see the crowds back
Aritra Roy
Aritra Roy:
The scoreline doesn't reflect how the game went. Anyway, clean sheet and 3 points to end the last home game of the year.
Suraj Patel
Suraj Patel:
Haaland header 🔥🔥
José Augusto
José Augusto:
Haaland ñ é deste planeta
Just Jay
Just Jay:
I know Mino Riola as got in Haalands ear more than a little bit but I’d love to see him in the Prem with Liverpool and our Trent Alexander Arnold /Robertson supplying to the Viking Cyborg.
After one more season in Dortmund ofc 👊🏾
Ilir Tanku
Ilir Tanku:
Haland celebrate every goal he score.He seems to enjoy football so much
Marcelo Yunes
Marcelo Yunes:
the bundesliga groupe of marketing should post on english too for reach fans around the world because the league has a unique style of play, with incredible fans and the matches are very dynamic.

cheers of a Botafogo fan 🇧🇷⚫⚪🌟
Michael Loran
Michael Loran:
If Haaland wants to win a major trophy or win the Ballon d'Or. Please let him leave BVB.
Ahmed Abdelhameed
Ahmed Abdelhameed:
Malen has turned into R9 with that haircut. Let’s hope he can play the same way too👀
Obinna Obiekwe
Obinna Obiekwe:
Haaland's use of his head in scoring lately is somewhat new for him because he was always more about his legs.

That's like making him more devastating as a striker.
Haaland 2nd goal is awesome
Jay i
Jay i:
that malen goal has composure written all over it
Wish Zamatia
Wish Zamatia:
Haaland is a machine 🤖🤖🤖🤖🤖
Can Can
Can Can:
Haaland and malen is king...
bocoy noiu
bocoy noiu:
Haaland and Brandt are a good combination
S. G.
S. G.:
That first touch from Malen is orgasmic
Cristian Sanchez
Cristian Sanchez:
Como se extraña a Sancho
Syed M.H haris
Syed M.H haris:
Finally this channel bring highlights with replays
The Dark Knight Racist
The Dark Knight Racist:
Halaand is good in BVB, but learning from Sancho, i'm not sure he will fit in other teams tactical approach, BVB score a lot of counter attack goals because most german team had poor defense, not every other top league have that kind of problem.
Malen without hair is weird to look at, but great win!!
Riski Irfan
Riski Irfan:
The best younger players ever
Fredrick Ekweogwu
Fredrick Ekweogwu:
Malen going with the Goatwaithe haircut. Love it 😄
Chase your tale
Chase your tale:
It's unorthodox but just imagine Halaand and Ibrohimovich as your front 2....
Brandt is coming back🔥🔥
Black Panth Magic10n
Black Panth Magic10n:
Brandt this season is really superb
CLuTcH๛ MaCinE
CLuTcH๛ MaCinE:
haaaland 🔥🔥🔥
Reyler Gutiérrez
Reyler Gutiérrez:
HAALAND mucha jerarquía
I am waiting Haaland vs Mbappe debates for the next decade
Alexander Ramírez
Alexander Ramírez:
Los alemanes son buenos hasta para los resúmenes de los partidos
sabz sabz
sabz sabz:
Malen is also in form
Marvin Romero
Marvin Romero:
That third goal 😂😂😂😂
Zx Reusinho 🔧
Zx Reusinho 🔧:
Bien por malen
wiz lion
wiz lion:
Brandt is a baller 🌟
Preetam Bhowmik
Preetam Bhowmik:
So nobody gonna talk about Brandt creating such beautiful balls
Donyell Balden, what a nice goal tbh
Melchior Apphia
Melchior Apphia:
Who else is in love with the thumbnail😂
Yasharbek Tuyganov
Yasharbek Tuyganov:
Borussia Dortmund olg'aaa 🇺🇿 super ❤️🇺🇿🇺🇿🇺🇿
M'ngei Fitzpatrick
M'ngei Fitzpatrick:
haaland needs guidance on a trademark celebration
Alpin Saputra
Alpin Saputra:
Haaland = Gabriel Batistuta in his prime
Mbene Fall
Mbene Fall:
🔥these yellow men can be even better tuned for a better result in the Bundesliga and throughout Europe.💪👏
jacek michalski
jacek michalski:
Bruno Monteiro
Bruno Monteiro:
Haaland again and again is don't stop scoring 🚫😁😎😅
Bofe Hanzo
Bofe Hanzo:
Odegaard is waiting for you at Arsenal 🤣
Is Haaland a goal scoring robot ?
Ari V.
Ari V.:
Golazo de Malen jaja le cayó bien raparse
Sɪᴍʙᴀ Tʜᴇ Lɪᴏɴ Kɪɴɢ
Sɪᴍʙᴀ Tʜᴇ Lɪᴏɴ Kɪɴɢ:
Good Luck in the Europa League 👍
Omrann Hawa
Omrann Hawa:
Haaland is next!❤🔥💯
he wont just stop scoring and i do not know why