Haaland Brace Seals the Deal! | Borussia Dortmund - 1. FSV Mainz 05 3-1 | All Goals | Matchday 8

#BVBM05 | Short Highlights from Matchday 8!
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Watch all goals from the Bundesliga match between Borussia Dortmund and 1. FSV Mainz 05 from Matchday 8 of 2021/22 season!

Goals: 1-0 Reus (3’), 2-0 Haaland (54’, P), 2-1 Burkhardt (87’), 3-1 Haaland (90’+4)

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Mortimer Smith Sr
Mortimer Smith Sr:
Haaland's 70th goal for Dortmund in under two years at the club. No words
Rasheed Hadid
Rasheed Hadid:
Dortmund like always :
1 - Entertainment ✅
2- Haaland scores ✅
3- No clean sheet ✅
Mohamed A
Mohamed A:
Man i love Haaland's reaction when his teammates score.
I love how Bellingham just stayed on the floor once he passed the ball he knew erling was gonna score😂
Tom Lonsdale
Tom Lonsdale:
Look at how Bellingham just kneels there after playing haaland through. He knows where the ball is going
We’re really witnessing the start of the most prolific striker who will ever play the game
Aritra Roy
Aritra Roy:
Reus and Haaland make such a lethal duo.
Favourite Music
Favourite Music:
Haaland is just built different. For someone that is a year younger than me it genuinely amazes me how great he is. Mark my words he will be a champion very soon
Tuu Francis Nelson Hezekiah
Tuu Francis Nelson Hezekiah:
I love the appreciation from Haaland after Bellingham’s assist… changed direction and ran towards Bellingham …🤝🤝
Haaland is a gift to football from the gods!!!
Guerilla 09
Guerilla 09:
Halland scores a brace in his return
Halland's 49g in 49p with dortmund this year
Dortmund are top of the table
Jude keeps surprising us with superb performances this month
Haaland is crazy! Huge player.
Reus is really an amazing player
Brasil acavalado
Brasil acavalado:
Haaland é fera, acompanho ele desde que chegou no Dortmund, em janeiro de 2020. Quando eu tinha 18 anos.
Abraço do brazil. 16/10/2021
Aswath Jacob
Aswath Jacob:
I love how Bellingam started celebrating before Haaland even touched the ball
Man, the celebrations - first he's SO happy for Reus, then he immediately turns towards Bellingham after the final goal. Cynical finisher AND a team-player! :D
70 goles y 15 asistencias en 68 partidos, Haaland 🤯
Oq joga esse Haaland... é um ABSURDO!!💫🇧🇷
Marco Reus still one of my favorite players after 10 years
Nouval Tria
Nouval Tria:
Im just happy every time Reus score a goal
Wesley Donnell
Wesley Donnell:
Felicidades al Dortmund. Y Halland que continúe así. sus estadísticas son impresionantes. 👏👏
Haaland simplesmente o melhor jogador do mundo
Rick Astley
Rick Astley:
I'm a defender, but every time I see haaland play it inspires me to become a striker
Bilal Ahmed Shariff
Bilal Ahmed Shariff:
Bellingham & Haaland...what a duo!
leif lenes
leif lenes:
Haaland keep breaking records 💥 21 years; Goden Boy, toscorer in Ucl, 9 gold in on mach for Norway, topscorer in Austria first year, 70 goals in 68 games for Dortmount.. Its just 🙄
Leo Gómez
Leo Gómez:
Jornada de Golazos, en la Bundesliga como en la Premier! 🔥⚽
Felipe Santos
Felipe Santos:
Reus joga muito
Pena que se machucar muito
Pra mim um dos melhores do mundo
Omar Al kayal
Omar Al kayal:
Starting my morning motivation with this beauty from Haaland & Reus ❤️
Henryk Martinez
Henryk Martinez:
Håland and Bellingham, oh wow I’m so proud to be a Dortmund fan 🔥🔥
Barlet Beqiri
Barlet Beqiri:
Man, I love Haaland! ❤
Jack Lyons
Jack Lyons:
Haaland and Salah, the two best players on the planet at this moment in time!
Charming Vato
Charming Vato:
Omg, 70 goals in 68 matches with BVB. Definitely he will beat Ronaldo's historical records.
Hugo Lau
Hugo Lau:
Haaland always runs to celebrate the teammate who assists him first. No wonder his teammates are feeding him all the time! A true team player!
Blueblackfire97 18
Blueblackfire97 18:
Sweet technique from Reus! 🖤💛
Sir.Harveys Forum
Sir.Harveys Forum:
Haaland Finishing 💯
Shooting 💯
Speed 💯
Fighting Spirit 💯
Child's Play 💯 The guy is too good
Mientras Reus y Halaand jueguen bien, el Dortmund tiene posibilidades de todo 💛🖤💛
Josh Bostock
Josh Bostock:
Crazy to think pedri was nominated for balon dor and Bellingham wasn’t, in my opinion Bellingham is clear of pedri…
Eduardo Silva
Eduardo Silva:
Halland mitooo 🇧🇷❤
Kelvin Kamau
Kelvin Kamau:
This guy is above the stats, his just too good 💯😈
Nowhere Man
Nowhere Man:
Such fast highlights, credit to the channel, no nonsense. The only league I bother to watch other than Premier League.
Say It, Say It with me, ERLING GOALAAND!!!!!!!
Haaland is BEAST 🔥🔥
Osmane Ibrahim
Osmane Ibrahim:
Haaland is a A Phenomenal 🙌♥️
Wan Ameerul Azizi
Wan Ameerul Azizi:
when u see dortmund score more than 4 or more goals, u know Haaland will score at least 2 goals.
Haaland is already a Dortmund legend
Goodluck Okereke
Goodluck Okereke:
"Haaland all alone and you know what that means"
We can't slip up we need that beautiful title can't gave it too Bayern again need to hang on 😥 Hornets forever 💛🖤💪
Getahun Yeshanbel
Getahun Yeshanbel:
Young football giant. Halland love you from Ethiopia 🇪🇹.
Emmanuel Kalinda
Emmanuel Kalinda:
Wow Haaland is a Beast in front of Goal😲
Halland o melhor e futuro melhor do mundo
Luciano Capelo
Luciano Capelo:
O homem joga demais, ja é meu segundo idolo o 1º é o Messi...
Rickkert S
Rickkert S:
Haaland the real legend!
Harshajit Choudhury
Harshajit Choudhury:
His finish are like shooting in an empty goal.
negozn ip
negozn ip:
Haaland futuro melhor do mundo
What a machine🔥🔥🔥
Zidiq Muhammad
Zidiq Muhammad:
My idol after CR7..he is erling the great halaand🔥
lior yunfh
lior yunfh:
Mientras Reus y Halaand jueguen bien, el Dortmund tiene posibilidades de todo 💛🖤💛
Ptao Tom
Ptao Tom:
Marco Reus still one of my favorite players after 10 years
Carlos Eduardo
Carlos Eduardo:
Young football giant. Haaland love you from brazil🇧🇷
But marco's goal, omg what a player!
Punt van de Komma
Punt van de Komma:
Ajax - dortmund might be one of the best games in this CL year.
Ajax with possesion and control on the field vs dortmund who probably has one of the biggest counter strikers at this point.
I know Dortmund has plenty of good players, yet only Haaland i fear....He is on another level....This guy will probably destroy a lot of CR7/Messi records.
xrrxy vvoi
xrrxy vvoi:
Haaland is crazy! Huge player.
Bram Ibes
Bram Ibes:
Haaland this season: six BL games, 9 goals and 3 assists 😱😱
Ken Griffin
Ken Griffin:
Sancho really left this team to join Ole at United 🥲
Rishabh Dalakoti
Rishabh Dalakoti:
One word for halland monster 😜🔥🔥🔥🔥
Makavelli :
Bellingham after laying the pass: My work here is done
as usual Haaland always scores goals
Rick Astley
Rick Astley:
We’re on a title Charge💛🖤
Olajide Sehinde
Olajide Sehinde:
He is back 💛 #9 🔥
Haaland some time in the future: "It has always been my dream to play for Newcastle United..." 🤣
drttyu liqm
drttyu liqm:
Felicidades al Dortmund. Y Halland que continúe así. sus estadísticas son impresionantes. 👏👏
Whgu ybnm
Whgu ybnm:
Felicidades al Dortmund. Y Halland que continúe así. sus estadísticas son impresionantes. 👏👏
Haaland a goal machine👌👌👌💪💪💪💪
Igbodipe Latade
Igbodipe Latade:
Haaland is a BEASTTTT!
How do you forget to mark Haaland? Leave alone one of the best strikers in the world....?
Jochen Friedenberger
Jochen Friedenberger:
King Haaland💪🏻🙏🏼
serry ciok
serry ciok:
Man, the celebrations - first he's SO happy for Reus, then he immediately turns towards Bellingham after the final goal. Cynical finisher AND a team-player! :D
What a nice match!
Bellingham celebrated even before the goal 😂
Hei Det Er Meg
Hei Det Er Meg:
I just looked up his stats, and he's easily in the top 3 for most prolific goal scorers by the age of 21. The only ones to top him are Ronaldo (Fenomeno) and Mbappé. By this date, he has scored 119 club goals in 72 matches. It would almost unreasonable to expect this rate to continue - but numbers wise, he looks set to be maybe the most prolific striker of all time. That's a damn frightening prospect for some Norwegian guy lol
gedeon ATCHOGLO:
amazing goal Reus
Billy Hangman
Billy Hangman:
😂 😂 😂 So giving them no chance is his trademark, that's legend
Nitu Devi
Nitu Devi:
Loved the way all the teammates celebrated when Reus scored the opener.
Forever Invincibles
Forever Invincibles:
Erling Haaland 49 goals in just 49 matches incoming😀
Nehal E
Nehal E:
Haaland looks so good in Black and Yellow and also Happy 🖤💛
Dortmund may be literally incapable of keeping a clean sheet. I’ve been a fan of BvB for the last decade and a half. The last two years have been the worst defense I’ve ever seen from the club. Everyone is celebrating when we score 3 or 4 and talking about Haaland etc.. Then we all go silent when our attack doesn’t show up and we lose or draw. It’s maddening. We will never match or overtake Bayern and we will never be a European threat without a decent defense.
Qwesi Maedle
Qwesi Maedle:
A place for Erling Haalang ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Insight 123
Insight 123:
Haaland for balon d'or
He has the highest goal contribution this year and he has no brake
Maribo AK Official
Maribo AK Official:
Bruh Who Is Ready To Psy 200 Mil For This Guy? 😂😂😂 He's Is A Beast.
Sancho should of stayed, exciting team that he was a big part of to playing badly at utd
Pink Diamond
Pink Diamond:
Did any of you guys see Bellingham celebrating before Haalands second goal? That goal was a ROCKET!!:D
Shivansh Khandelwal
Shivansh Khandelwal:
Bellingham kneesliding post the assist is cold af
Deesant Kharel
Deesant Kharel:
6 games 9 goals....wow
Lhakpa Dorjee
Lhakpa Dorjee:
I need this insane finisher in man city...hope he will join on January transfer window...
Ahhhhhh imagine, dortmund with very good defenders and goalkeeper. they will be the king of all club

just imagine chill bruh😂
Simo Zladkodalić
Simo Zladkodalić:
Dortmund c'est fantastique 🖤💛🖤💛🤟
Haaland is beast😘😘
Ammar Sarwar
Ammar Sarwar:
Goat + beast + terminator = HAALAND 💛🖤
Haaland is on top of the world right now!