Haaland brace secures victory for BVB! Dortmund - M'gladbach 3-0 | Matchday 1 – Bundesliga 2020/21

#BVBBMG | Highlights from Matchday 1!
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Watch the Bundesliga highlights of Borussia Dortmund vs. Borussia Mönchengladbach from Matchday 1 of 2020/21 season!

Goals: 1-0 Reyna (35'), 2-0 Haaland (54' Penalty), 3-0 Haaland (78')

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Bundesliga Highlights on YouTube!
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Jerico Paler
Jerico Paler:
Bundesliga channel is undefeated among Europe's league channel. You got a highlight and an in-depth analysis at the same time.
Tanmay Ghosh
Tanmay Ghosh:
Sancho was Legit Scared with that Haaland Celebration :D
Elvi Shehi
Elvi Shehi:
Haaland: 93m for 11 seconds
Sancho : 92m for 13 seconds
EA SPORTS left the chat
odumodu cornel
odumodu cornel:
Celebrate like haaland.. Bundesliga YouTube channel giving us highlights, what a 2020
Zulhilmi Mohanap
Zulhilmi Mohanap:
Erling Haaland. Man of few words. Let the goals do the talks.
Gaurav K Rathore
Gaurav K Rathore:
"American dream .''

now haaland firing humour too .
Ambrus Roland 12E
Ambrus Roland 12E:
Glad Bundesliga is back
Man, every time I watch Håland play I'm always blown away by his pace and strength. His physicality alone would make him dangerous for any side, but his skill with the ball at his feet makes him almost unmatched... And he's only 20... He's almost certainly going to become one of the best strikers in history.
Tasos Aivazis
Tasos Aivazis:
First goal:17yo Bellingham assist and 18yo reyna score
Second goal:20yo haaland score
Third goal: 20 yo Sancho assist and again 20 yo haaland score....
The bundesliga future is here💛🖤💛🖤💛🖤
Imagine 6feet 4 bulky man running fast like alphonso davies... what a monster
SoMa Kun
SoMa Kun:
I still dont khow how ea gave 83 pace to sancho's card
Liam ensen
Liam ensen:
Dortmund’s young talent is absolutely filthy 💰 🔥
35 kmph sprint and still managed to make a perfect weight shift for an exquisite chip ... this lad is unreal
Alexini 007
Alexini 007:
Maybe this year we can end Bayern's streak
Diki Ki
Diki Ki:
Wtf speed by Haaland i thought he can't chase Sancho lol
Who said Haaland isn't good at interviews? 😂
El Chaarawy
El Chaarawy:
Can't wait to see all these American youngsters playing for the national team.
Ahmad Umar
Ahmad Umar:
I guess haaland started to take interview classes now 🤣
Edward Agyeman-Prempeh
Edward Agyeman-Prempeh:
If you look at haaland and sancho from 2:10 to 2:15, It looks like they were running a race

So I don't get why ea downgraded their pace
Tiago Filipe Vaz TFV
Tiago Filipe Vaz TFV:
We are 'Haal' surprised with his performance 👏👏👏
Tactical Manager TV
Tactical Manager TV:
Haaland will be the top scorer of the league. Also, Dortmund will end the Bayern dynasty.
Anders Mork
Anders Mork:
As a Bayern fan, I'll say it's amazing to see that BVB's youngsters are doing great, and the team in general. I personally think that bayern are looking too strong to be dethroned this season, but I'm hoping for good competition both in the Bundesliga and in the UCL. Best of luck!
Random World etc
Random World etc:
I am going to recommend this channel to all my friends for the highlights
Commentators:every time Haaland scores Dortmund win.
Other managers to defenders:did u guys hear that
Swarnavo Basu
Swarnavo Basu:
Sancho to Haaland before the penalty: Let me take this man, these are my last few games for the club.
seeriu ciihy
seeriu ciihy:
I guess haaland started to take interview classes now 🤣
Alex Seunarine
Alex Seunarine:
I hope thorgan hazard gets fit fast
Adnaan Ali
Adnaan Ali:
Just as impressive as Bayern's 8 - 0 demolition of schalke who haven't won since Feb this is against a side that routinely takes points off bayern every year. I wouldn't say Bayern are definitive favourites just yet we will see very soon if they can batter actual top sides in the league
Devraj Ksh
Devraj Ksh:
R Y:
2:25 People will say that Haaland's second goal is an easy one, but it is actually not.
None wants to talk about Sancho's solo run assist!

Such young prospects 💛🖤
Arton Wedderburn
Arton Wedderburn:
These highlights are great! The top speed feature for EBH was awesome as well.
Chentao Ji
Chentao Ji:
That haaland run. Damn scary
Reza Radhika
Reza Radhika:
2:51 i dont know Coutinho & Lord Lingard were besties
Muhammad Shabbar Bukhari
Muhammad Shabbar Bukhari:
2:25 and then EA gave 82 pace to Sancho in FIFA 21.....
Edit: My bad, it's 83!
Keshav Raj
Keshav Raj:
Sancho is so much talented
tt zelandi
tt zelandi:
3rd goal only need 12 seconds counter! what a speed!
Maxi Ly
Maxi Ly:
That 2nd goal celebration is too funny from Haaland hahaha
Erling Haaland👏👏👏👏👏👏🔥💯
Tony Clarke Sr
Tony Clarke Sr:
Look at the bromance between Hålaand and Sancho man u fans really think he's gonna leave bvb 🤣
soinu foig
soinu foig:
I guess haaland started to take interview classes now 🤣
Even though I'm a Bayern fan, I really enjoy watching these Dortmund youngsters tearing it up and having fun. They're so exciting to watch!!
Bruno Naletto
Bruno Naletto:
Can you believe he's only 20? That dude is gonna be one of the greatest out there, god damnit. Haaland feels no pressure. He's the ice man
Simon Bawi
Simon Bawi:
Bundesliga is the best league channel ever with their voice over and analysis and it's definitely fun to watch!
Never seen a big man run like that before
I like the production. The best highlight video from the top 5 leagues. Keep doing this, will capture new audiences for the league.
Kushagra Tiwari
Kushagra Tiwari:
35km/h at 6'4"? He's a monster!
Rafi Raihan
Rafi Raihan:
Classic haaland interview lol
Sex Pistols
Sex Pistols:
I love how their top 3 are all English in some capacity
Muaz Imran Alvi
Muaz Imran Alvi:
Love bundesliga from Pakistan♥️
Uddipan Sharma
Uddipan Sharma:
Haaland: I only need to say a few words.
We weren't expecting much anyway.
Ahmad Jiyaad17
Ahmad Jiyaad17:
wow haaland's interview was so quick!
Memeboi 360
Memeboi 360:
Damn I missed seeing fans
Faabio Fierro
Faabio Fierro:
35 km/h, estaba re puesto
Aycheltriawan 02
Aycheltriawan 02:
Halland is the beast💪🔥
Prathamesh Nike
Prathamesh Nike:
How could haaland score in each game, that's the sign of a great striker which certainly he is ❤️
Mike Hunt
Mike Hunt:
Halland runs so funny at high speed
Amazing. Highlights, goals and reactions after the match
The cleverness from Sanchos pass. The work rate and determination from haaland to get forward and make a chance. Art
Sorry EA, 2:10 is definitely 83 Pace.
Aim Kelingking
Aim Kelingking:
came here only to watch Haaland's run 😆 2:07
sayan roy
sayan roy:
I never thought I would say this -
Erling might not become a GOAT like Leo and CR but he can get the stats especially the number of goals scored, like them.
Elmir Jafarov
Elmir Jafarov:
Im a bayern fan but i still think theres a chance that Dortmund can win Bundesliga
Dan DA little Man
Dan DA little Man:
Adminho, do you think Dortmund have a chance of winning the title this season?
Music and Football Playlist channel
Music and Football Playlist channel:
Live the Three Belgian Musketeers trio😍😍👌🇧🇪
Shrek _Donkey
Shrek _Donkey:
Incase your confused, some places in germany they allow 25% (I think) of the stadium to have fans
Maximilian Bauer
Maximilian Bauer:
I was looking forward to finally hearing some cheering from the crowd again and then they cover it with that music... :(
1:42 "Nice try, give me the ball"
2:12 nope no pace in fifa
Kaustuv M
Kaustuv M:
Jordan Sancho and Haaland are like lets have a race 🤣🤣🤣
David Sanchez
David Sanchez:
My goal is to play for Dortmund in a few years 🐝
Great Man
Great Man:
dolph lungdren on fire
vinasu maaj
vinasu maaj:
I guess haaland started to take interview classes now 🤣
YNWA :) that's actually heartwarming in times like this you can hear it on Bundesliga channel. Respect
1:17 wow how do you not do a through ball there
2:11 - Haaland sprint makes me remember Usain Bolt. Tall people aren't meant to sprint that way.
Merveil Meok
Merveil Meok:
I like Haaland, wow. 2 years I have watched him from lower level to top. God protect Haal.
2:28 wait, so haaland cant legally run in a school zone? damn!
Hugh Dennis
Hugh Dennis:
Haaland has been the missing piece for Dortmund. So glad they’re playing well
Ajiboy Dax
Ajiboy Dax:
1:39 difference between neymar and cavani... and sancho and halaand
John Victoria
John Victoria:
Imagine watching these youngsters 5 years from now. Goosebumps.
Damn, he's really fast as well. He's going to be a superstar if he can keep it up.
Alexandros Machlamouzis
Alexandros Machlamouzis:
I love Dortmund so much, I watch every game of BvB, but this year i can say it with confidence that Bundesliga Title is ours!!!!
That sprint from Haaland as soon as he saw Sancho got the ball.. Damn, he's fast :)
niduoe stre
niduoe stre:
We are 'Haal' surprised with his performance 👏👏👏
It took Erling Haaland 8 seconds from his the edge of his own box to the other.
Avyan H
Avyan H:
Yes !! Finally feels like watching a proper game. Crowd is tbe most important part of sports..especially in football where they can be the 12th man. Good stuff bundesliga !
David García Aparicio
David García Aparicio:
Halland es un monstruo de bueno jugando al fútbol y de feo 😂
Felipe Souza
Felipe Souza:
02:02 golaço do haland
There is a mistake in the editing, the end is at the start
DH David
DH David:
He is Brock Edward Lesnar.
Nur Zayn
Nur Zayn:
The most interesting thing is not Haaland brace or Reyna goal. But to see Hummels runs 40-50 metre for the 3rd goal
Руслан Москвичёв
Руслан Москвичёв:
Absolutely masterpiece. Bravo, Yellow kings!
That third goal is one of the best counter I've ever seen
Kocheng Orenzz BarBar
Kocheng Orenzz BarBar:
2:26 best replay
Gembrot Rider
Gembrot Rider:
1:55 emre can relax bro
sunny D
sunny D:
Man United fans probably in years after seeing this performance from Haaland & Sancho 😂