Haaland & BVB on Fire! Borussia Dortmund - SC Freiburg 4-0 | All Goals | Matchday 3 – Bundesliga

#BVBSCF | Highlights from Matchday 3!
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Watch all goals of Borussia Dortmund vs. SC Freiburg from Matchday 3 of 2020/21 season!

Goals: 1-0 HAALAND (31'), 2-0 CAN (47'), 3-0 HAALAND (66'), 4-0 PASSLACK (90'+2)

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Isaac Montoya López
Isaac Montoya López:
Haaaland sprints like he doesn't have to even consider stamina
**Clubs exist**
Haaland :
*"So anyways, I started scoring."*
Swastik Dwivedi
Swastik Dwivedi:
Haaland could have scored his hat trick but made an assist at last moment.
What a great gesture!👌🏻👌🏻
Ronaldinho D10s
Ronaldinho D10s:
Is nobody gonna talk about Gio Reyna? The boy is a star in making
Interviewer : "So, how do you feel after scoring 2 goals Erling ?"
Haaland : *"GOOD."*
Interviewer : "What is the secret of scoring goals in every match you play ?"
Haaland : *"HaRdWoRk"*
Is it me or is haaland sprinting towards goal scary?
Shohan Ranasinghe
Shohan Ranasinghe:
Unselfish from haaland, saw some good sprints from the lads today, being only true fan of BVB from Sri Lanka for 10 years now, was with the club from ups and downs, it was really hard to watch klopp , lewandowski,gotze, gündogan leaving the club, 2018-19 season came soo close to win the league, hopefully BVB and tactics work out with our fabulous squad and bring at least one silverware
R-TéZ Rão
R-TéZ Rão:
Haaland almost kicked Reyna in that goal celebration 😂😂
Nuradin Ader
Nuradin Ader:
This is how many Goals Erling Harland will score
Muhammad Osama Qureshi
Muhammad Osama Qureshi:
Haland huge respect for giving felix chance to score he can easily score hatrick ❤ Just Loved this!! Reyna What a match for him to!!

I guess rn BVB have the best youngers in their squad 😍
apple account
apple account:
After every Dortmund match, more than the score I look if Marco Reus got injured or not...trust me I don't mind them losing but am happy as long as he stays fit and playing football.
that assist from haaland showed some maturity as he gave it to new comer to increase his confidence
agree guys??
em alee
em alee:
Brandt, Haaland, Reyna, Reus,Hazard, Sancho, Bellingham. This is the best attack in Europe. BVB just need a new coach.
Tactical Manager TV
Tactical Manager TV:
Reyna with the assist Hattrick !!!!!
Evan Way
Evan Way:
Interviewer: "Why did you pass the ball instead of getting a hat-trick?"
Haaland: "Why not?"
Josue Esteban Landecho G.
Josue Esteban Landecho G.:
Bundesliga channel highlights: 4 goals in 1 minute.
Premier League highlights in random channels: 20 throws in, 10 fouls, 15 missed passes, 1 goal in 10 minutes of video.
dan olu
dan olu:
Haaland has the potential to become one of the best striker to set foot on earth.🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩
Keisam Yuvraj
Keisam Yuvraj:
0:11 Reyna almost got it on his face
Souparna Khan
Souparna Khan:
Unselfish from Haaland🖤
somtoo nwankwo
somtoo nwankwo:
Sancho was 17 three years ago
Reyna has 3 assists in a game and is currently 17
Aaron Thomas Abraham
Aaron Thomas Abraham:
Bayern be like: our future is safe as long as Dortmund exists....
Lionel Messi
Lionel Messi:
Brandt should start along with haaland and reyna .
Giofanni Rahman Dhuha
Giofanni Rahman Dhuha:
Gio Reyna is slowly evolving into Mesut Ozil 👍
oof sauce
oof sauce:
Haaland is going to be one of the best strikers of all time if he keeps this up
Sidelined Han5
Sidelined Han5:
Giovani Reyna with a hattrick of assists!!!
Hei Chan
Hei Chan:
Hat trick of assist by Reyna!
Bavarian Football Works
Bavarian Football Works:
Reyna-Håland partnership 🇳🇴🇺🇸
Hari P Narayanan
Hari P Narayanan:
Reyna coming in clutch with the three assists, great to see Captain Reus back in action too, he'll need a bit more time to get back into top form but it's all looking promising <3
10A26 Rishab .b
10A26 Rishab .b:
Its like haaland is playing fifa at semi pro at dortmund.
R-TéZ Rão
R-TéZ Rão:
What an unselfish player. Respect haaland🔥🔥🔥
saskeR11 GG
saskeR11 GG:
Reynad is on fire 🔥🔥🔥
0:12 Homeboy almost fly kicked Reyna
Edgar Alba
Edgar Alba:
on the first goal celebration, Haaland almost kills Reyna with his left leg 🤣🤣🤣
Alexander Perez
Alexander Perez:
Interviewer: How do yo...
Haaland: Yes.
Moses John . Pedro
Moses John . Pedro:
My love for Dortmund started with C. Pulisic ⚡ now Haaland is doing a great job , Gio Reyna another out breaking star from the USMT 🇺🇸
Jo Jo
Jo Jo:
The first goal is created by Reus 💛
Nush 2001
Nush 2001:
Robert ; My name is Lewangoalski

Haaland; yeah hold my goals😂😂
Hong Zai
Hong Zai:
Super Haaland like a nuclear war head. Wooooow😯
De Bruyne Junior
De Bruyne Junior:
Hat-trick of assists from Reyna
Blueblackfire97 17
Blueblackfire97 17:
Watch out Lewandowski, Haaland has just entered the Golden boot chat!🖤💛
0:10 almost killed the teammate
bruh is scary when haaland run 😂 btw what a sportsmanship - giving a goal to a teammate rather than hat-trick
Its Timo Time
Its Timo Time:
Dortmund better get the fire hydrant since the title says they’re on fire
Bruno Naletto
Bruno Naletto:
Haland, Gio Reyna, Bellingham, the future seems bright
Still Learning
Still Learning:
Haaland has the instinct of a world-class striker. He knows where to be in the box. Young talent!
Merveil Meok
Merveil Meok:
I love this boy. Wow, his future his awesome!
Catalina Salcedo
Catalina Salcedo:
The Polish Traitor: Where are my titles of both Top Scorer and Goal King?

Lord Erling Braut Haaland: You are too late, Polish Traitor because your titles along with the Torjägerkanone, second Golden Boot and Champions League Top Scorer are rightfully mine. Consider yourself dethroned! 💪👑😈💛🖤⚡
Facts Universe
Facts Universe:

Commentator: Holand
Josemar Guilherme
Josemar Guilherme:
Haaland matador melhor centroavante da Europa 💥🔥
DK Boat
DK Boat:
What baffles me is that, dortmund will play nice, win today and they will go ahead and mess up against Bayern another day. They need to be consistent.
Rodrigo Realista
Rodrigo Realista:
Gio reyna such a good talent
Prateek Kumar
Prateek Kumar:
Is Rues gonna be the best captain of Bundesliga ??
JP Alberto
JP Alberto:
Selfless from Haaland, and I admire that 👏🏻
Ali Hamza
Ali Hamza:
0:11 Haaland almost hit Reyna in the face
Monang Siringoringo
Monang Siringoringo:
Consistency is the only thing holding bvb from trophies, amazing Haaland, by the way...
JY Jan
JY Jan:
It feels always nice to watch BVB matches. Haaland is not only a great striker but also super unselfish.
Reyna's 3 assists should be also remembered😀
100,000 STUDIOS
100,000 STUDIOS:
Big ups to those who upload these Bundesliga highlights, u keep it just simple...👍
Septian Siregar
Septian Siregar:
Erling Haaland 🔥🔥
Zadri Zain Bin Mohd Zain
Zadri Zain Bin Mohd Zain:
Reus is back🔥
Alvin Aditya
Alvin Aditya:
Haaland is dangerous, sometimes i forgot that boy is still young, and for his size he is deceivingly quick
OMG that was beautiful. Haaland is going to be a MONSTER
Jack Daniel
Jack Daniel:
Well done Dortmund 🔥BVB🔥💛🖤💛🖤 very good win for the team love Haaland unselfish player good performance from Reyna 👌👍☺️
arbaz alam
arbaz alam:
My boy Haaland is on🔥🔥
MBA 95
MBA 95:
Haaland sprints.
*Stamina* left the chat.
Rishan Kp
Rishan Kp:
I will expalin, the player passes ball forward, haaland goes and shoots first time with his strength.. 🤓🤯
Maurice Ukaegbu
Maurice Ukaegbu:
I always enjoy Bundesliga highlights, please make the clips longer to like 3mins, also add slow motion. Thanks
gokuk prasath
gokuk prasath:
Fan from India since 2016
Haaland is a fenomeno. I haven’t seen #9 bomber like this since van basten. He looks like he still has room to improve due to his young age
진짜 홀란드 내가 기달린 스트라이커다~!!
Super Gamer
Super Gamer:
The power and accuracy on haaland's shot is incredible
Wassim ElShamy
Wassim ElShamy:
Damn 3 assists from Reyna
Sreerag M
Sreerag M:
0:49 respect
Dawa Thongchi
Dawa Thongchi:
Will haaland able to beat Lewandowski for the top scorer race this season?? Those who believe please comment.
V & Ali
V & Ali:
My man😍😍 Haaland
من داخل مدينتي
من داخل مدينتي:
Haland amazing with his team
Haaland is the complete player!🤩
Jayshal Gokal
Jayshal Gokal:
That was class from Haland
Wahyu Darmawan
Wahyu Darmawan:
Halaand perfect CF💥
Haaland Welcome to Bayern M.
Edevanio Silva
Edevanio Silva:
Haaland monstro! @BVB 💛🖤
Santiago Jr
Santiago Jr:
Amazing win for the black and yellow 👏✊
Deepak Gautam
Deepak Gautam:
Mark my words : Erling Haaland is Going to be the Goat 9
Nice Haaland 👍
asif electroX
asif electroX:
Bayern will Buy Haaaaland 😂😂🤣🤣🤣
Durga Magar
Durga Magar:
Love Dortmund n halaand
Ikpa-Agodo Kingsley
Ikpa-Agodo Kingsley:
At the last goal, CR7 left the group chat 😂
Jerry Dboss
Jerry Dboss:
Halaand's finishing is just phenomenal
Jason Allen
Jason Allen:
I am so glad some of the fans are back! Yayyy!
Luis Alamilla
Luis Alamilla:
Bayern : Give it to me
Ronny McCullum
Ronny McCullum:
14th viewer , Haaland❣️ Fan
Jovan T
Jovan T:
After watching this video I realized that all goals for BVB came thanks to mistakes of Freiburg's men. (I also mean corner cause if that wasnt corner BVB may didnt score)
Henry Benavidez
Henry Benavidez:
Foot Clips
Foot Clips:
bhargav bordoloi
bhargav bordoloi:
ErlinGodly Haaland 🙌
Alejandro Mosquera
Alejandro Mosquera:
I think Haland can be better than lewandowski, honestly since R9 in my life has seen before such a pure 9 as r9 he can be ballon de oro
That was fast admin
Só Futebol
Só Futebol:
Haaland Y Love You ❤❤