Haaland & Reyna team in perfection | Dortmund - Freiburg | 4-0 | Highlights | MD3 – Bundesliga 20/21

#BVBSCF | Highlights from Matchday 3!
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Clear victory for Borussia Dortmund on Matchday 3 of the Bundesliga season 2020/21, and Erling Haaland was, again, in top form, perfectly supported by Reyna. Watch the Bundesliga highlights of Borussia Dortmund vs. SC Freiburg.

Goals: Goals: 1-0 HAALAND (31'), 2-0 CAN (47'), 3-0 HAALAND (66'), 4-0 PASSLACK (90'+2)

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Rick Dalton
Rick Dalton:
haaland giving up his hattrick is a great show of character
Tai Herrera
Tai Herrera:
Haaland became a player to promote his rap career
Simplo Simplo
Simplo Simplo:
Who really dislike this channel? This is so far the best highlight channels in top europe team
Gustavo Rojo
Gustavo Rojo:
Haaland is such a natural - future Ballon D'Or
Rodrigo Bastos
Rodrigo Bastos:
What a gesture of Haaland passing the ball instead scores a hat trick!
Rekt Army
Rekt Army:
Past: Lewandowski - Reus
Future: Haaland - Reyna
There is only one better duo than Haaland and Reyna in the world: Adminho and his job 😎
Gustavo Rojo
Gustavo Rojo:
Who else thinks Haaland looks like Super Buu ??
Jamal Sarbo
Jamal Sarbo:
Maan giving up a hatrick when someone like salah doesn't want even to pass the ball .. love it erling Halland
Niranjan Raghu
Niranjan Raghu:
Haaland running like a machine
Håland is unreal
Kiddazy Emphreal
Kiddazy Emphreal:
Really unselfish by haaland great player
james oluwaseyi
james oluwaseyi:
It's rare for a striker to be selfless..kudos to Erling Haaland & Reyna..
lone lycanthrope
lone lycanthrope:
Haaland giving up his hat trick mean while salah wouldn't even think of passing up the ball
Ekwan Hardiyanto
Ekwan Hardiyanto:
Good decision for haaland choose Dortmund than United
Benjamin Rood
Benjamin Rood:
I love that Dortmund have people in their stadium.
Reyna increíble 3 asistencias y Haaland para nada egoísta supo pasar el balón aun cuando pudo hacer su Hack trick increible se ve el Dortmund!!
morshu's rupees
morshu's rupees:
dortmund have a team of potential-filled and talented youngsters. Reyna, Haaland, Sancho etc.
So happy for Passlack. Always watched him when he was coming up
Max G
Max G:
Everyone talking about Haaland but how about Reyna with those 3 assists
Not only a great player on the pitch but also knows how to build team morale!
gro toni2
gro toni2:
Haaland understood how to score goals. He's gonna be the best striker in the world for the next decade
muslim lives matter
muslim lives matter:
USA becoming great team🔥
osman abdirahim
osman abdirahim:
The person who creates ths beautiful short highlights is a natural genius
så stolt av håland <3 <3
Cesar Sulca
Cesar Sulca:
Ailsa Ni
Ailsa Ni:
So happy for Passlack. Always watched him when he was coming up
Redy Pajero
Redy Pajero:
I believe in this *Borussia Dortmund* team can challenge Bayern for the title this season
Nicolas Chirchir
Nicolas Chirchir:
Haaland is such an amazing player, the lads finishing is sublime. Work ethic combined with character and talent = haaland 💪🏾
Jane J
Jane J:
La primera vez que vi jugar a Reyna supe que merecía la titularidad en el equipo y no me equivoqué, me alegra mucho que siga creciendo, llegará muy lejos 👏🌟
The Fourth Chairman
The Fourth Chairman:
Haaland scores a brace in a match

Lewandowski: "Hmm, that's cute"
Riki Zpto
Riki Zpto:
Welcome to Munich for next season 😂
Bayern have very weak defence at the start of the season, while Dortmund haven't looked that good since 2012.
Sicario Frank
Sicario Frank:
Haaland and Reyna & Kane and Son are the most in form pairs right now
Nilesh Chandra
Nilesh Chandra:
I always thought of Haaland as an efficient goal scoring machine.Turns out he is an efficient goal scoring machine with a working heart.
xPa8z vcc
xPa8z vcc:
United should buy Haaland instead of Sancho.
Star Bos
Star Bos:
The next time try to post the highlights before
moc 009
moc 009:
With all his qualities on the pitch, the passion for the game really stands out when I see Halland play
Rupam Sur
Rupam Sur:
He is a great Team Player. By giving the pass he boosted the morale of other forwards who will play alongside him. This surely proves he plays for team not for himself. At his age its unexpected ❤️❤️❤️
Nanda A. F
Nanda A. F:
amazing duet from haaland and reyna 💪
Xuvili Chishi
Xuvili Chishi:
That was the most unselfish play of this season.
Verry Vernando
Verry Vernando:
reyna in this clip has sancho's quality
after he cut the goal, neuer
does not want to kick
clo Se
clo Se:
I hope dortmund would be able to keep these guys. From a bayern fan!
Muhammad Dimas
Muhammad Dimas:
Unselfish from Haaland, man is full of talent and class! ✨⚡
Adora For You
Adora For You:
So tall, so fast, so powerful, so talented but scary goal celebrations. 😅😂
Umer Minhas
Umer Minhas:
Teri bae ne puddi
Baccari Mayess
Baccari Mayess:
Haland and Reyna, amazing duo ❤
Dont Needtoknow
Dont Needtoknow:
Borussia Dortmund...please keep this squad together. You really have a good squad and I think this squad can compete for all the trophies in the world. Also, hope they play Chelsea in champions league at some point . Both teams have probably some of the best young players in the world and they both play exciting style of football. It needs to happen.
Green Parker
Green Parker:
Composure and classs , he has it all erling. Haåland
Fact : lewandowski and haaland both scored hatricks this night
Erick DiCaprio
Erick DiCaprio:
real men cried when haaland passed the ball.....
Haaland has my respect🙌🏻
P Melkin
P Melkin:
Haaland is like Dolph Lundgren in rocky 4! haha
I'd like to see him at Liverpool.
Zaid Ahmed
Zaid Ahmed:
This Present Dortmund Squad will
Destroy Man u , Chelsea and Arsenal😂
Anon 19
Anon 19:
"how do you feels"
"i feels very good"
Yo Haaland is so Fast for his highed
Tactical Manager TV
Tactical Manager TV:
American dream !🇺🇸
s singlul
s singlul:
He's the best striker right now and should have been in Liverpool 🔥
Pearce McConkey
Pearce McConkey:
What a touch of class at the end!
Bethuel Mamabolo
Bethuel Mamabolo:
Haaland is the real deal, what a player!!🔥
Marcus Luka
Marcus Luka:
Qué increíble, @ Steve.watcher me ayudó a obtener acceso a mi cuenta deshabilitada en cuestión de segundos. Encuéntrelo en Instagram para obtener este increíble servicio.
Juan Sebastian
Juan Sebastian:
1:59 Good pass by Julian brandt
Renato Miranda
Renato Miranda:
Isso que é exemplo de coletivo 👏👏👏 Haland na cara do gol podia fazer o terceiro dele mas preferiu tocar para o colega 👏👏👏
Abdul Tahed
Abdul Tahed:
Can only respect haaland 👏🏽👍🏽
Chirayu Saru
Chirayu Saru:
That's real player forever haaland❤️❤️❤️
bennawin Lines
bennawin Lines:
Wow!! Haaland, watching you played, it's just feel lifted. Great striker!!!
Trouble In Paradise
Trouble In Paradise:
Absolute class from haaland ❤
Ujjwal Garg
Ujjwal Garg:
And jao felix cost 120 million and look at erling haland now see the difference yourselves.
Shell Dahl
Shell Dahl:
Oh YES !!!
- this is football
- and two EXCELLENT players
Johan Nilsson
Johan Nilsson:
No way Dortmund will keep these players for very long. Amazing talents.
black jack
black jack:
Haaland 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
All Rounder
All Rounder:
Haaland finishing is just amazing
Hendi DS
Hendi DS:
If there's competition for the best highlight video, this channel would be the winner...
Wildan Zaman
Wildan Zaman:
Video Editor's bundesliga amazing!
Kai Kai
Kai Kai:
Haalang and his interview are way better than Tom and Jerry's scene 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Asad Khan
Asad Khan:
Best highlight channel♥️♥️
Porscha Williams
Porscha Williams:
Lovely 😍💋 💝💖❤️
Ravith Bun
Ravith Bun:
If it was Mo salah with the last goal, he would shoot tf outta goalkeeper.
Team Azpectt
Team Azpectt:
Halaand is the best young player/striker for me hes my 5 fav
Gin solly Nair
Gin solly Nair:
Perfection for Dortmund game (WOW) #eeeeeeee
I am pausing this video to say a few I love Dortmund 1stly best team in Germany in the best league in the world, With or without the stars I love this club, Is there a whatsapp group in English, pledging to view their matches when lost from now on yes.
Max K
Max K:
Nice video editing many cameras used and it's a pleasure to see those footballers who plays so interesting.
Gaming Slade
Gaming Slade:
Erling is a fantastic person, rly blessed man.
Haaland looking like "my player in fifa games". Maximum hight, stocky body type and 99 on everything. He is like a good glitch in matrix.
ahmad kurdish
ahmad kurdish:
Haaland is incredible😍
Idogei Idanegbe Zuco
Idogei Idanegbe Zuco:
Great show of character 🙌
Viktor Kulla
Viktor Kulla:
The editing is on another level ⚠️⚠️
Alfred Aramouni
Alfred Aramouni:
Haland i one of the 3 most exciting prospect in football
The Goblin
The Goblin:
Haaland for golden boot please.
Raihan Adityaa
Raihan Adityaa:
GaminG RevelatioN
GaminG RevelatioN:
I think dortmund will never win if they loose HALLAND....am I right?
Prajil Khadka
Prajil Khadka:
Haaland next cr7❤️
Golden boy
Golden boy:
Perfect due REYLAND 🔥🤩✅😱😅🙏
lamin darboe
lamin darboe:
Wow Reyna amazing talent
Best highlight channel with dramatic view🔥🤟
El Negro Futbolero
El Negro Futbolero:
Vamooo borussiaaaa carajoo
Abel Kweto
Abel Kweto:
Haaland what a player the guy is so good at his age big future and reyna too assist king alongside sancho dortmund have one heck of a team watch out rest of europe
Pueden creer que en el chiringuito dicen que si Haaland viene al Madrid iría al banquillo?. Pues si, los tíos esos dicen que no hay a quien sentar jajaja...