Haaland's late winner vs Düsseldorf keeps Dortmund's title hopes alive | 2020 Bundesliga Highlights

In a game that saw Borussia Dortmund’s potential game-winning goal wiped away due to a handball and Fortuna Düsseldorf just miss on several key, late chances, the Bundesliga’s second-place team eked out a win thanks to a 90+5’ header from Erling Haaland. The win keeps Dortmund with a sliver of hope of catching first-place Bayern Munich.

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Haaland's late winner vs Düsseldorf keeps Dortmund's title hopes alive | 2020 Bundesliga Highlights

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100+ comentarios:

ND Trends
ND Trends:
I love the fake fan noises
Jordan Thomas
Jordan Thomas:
So Erling, how do you feel after scoring a 95th minute winner?
i swear haaland is so good at making himself look like he has scoliosis
ProfessionalPogger Georgie
ProfessionalPogger Georgie:
Why does it seem like they make some new handball rule every single game?
Petar Zijic
Petar Zijic:
What a ball from Akanji. That technical quality from a CB is immense
Ethan Owen
Ethan Owen:
how’s that a handball? But either way dortmund still win tho
Andy Ickw
Andy Ickw:
How was that Handball?
alder caouette
alder caouette:
I feel like Burki’s first save deserved more credit. It was a good reaction save, he got both hands to it, and didn’t allow a rebound. Really good goalkeeping in my opinion.
Nick L
Nick L:
How did you manage to score Erling?
rip725 gt
rip725 gt:
VAR is ridiculous 😡😡😡😡
Mas Pedro
Mas Pedro:
Lucien favre injured himself
Giyar Handaru
Giyar Handaru:
Call EA to restart tots and give Guerrero a 102 ovr card of the event 🤣

In a massive form recently, so unlucky his goal was disallowed because of his own arm. Underrated but sometimes he is really needed to make the changes to bvb's game. What a player!
Christopher Goodwin
Christopher Goodwin:
“We’re going to see goals “ why do announcers do this...
Idr Nabil
Idr Nabil:
hallan seriously got big pp energy, except vs munich match, he always there to score in important moment
Yoshua Caesar Justinus
Yoshua Caesar Justinus:
FM defending starts at 0:29
Daniel Regalado
Daniel Regalado:
1:46 is no one gonna talk about that save?
Kevyn Montenegro
Kevyn Montenegro:
00:05:07 the manager injured himself while celebrating 😂
agus doni
agus doni:
Finally found this video.thanks
Mozay Menzelli
Mozay Menzelli:
anyone does anything

the commentator: OoH yOu cAnt wRitE a bEtTer sCrIpT
Dinesh Nara
Dinesh Nara:
2:00 Dude looks so tiny... is Haaland like 7ft tall or what? cuz he’s huge standing next to him😂
As a Dortmund fan this last minute goal really made my day.
Someone didn't understand the new handball rule implemented last year (I think). There is no more grey area. If the striker (or the attacking team) touch the ball with a hand or arm, it's not given. No exceptions.
Fernando Saldivar
Fernando Saldivar:
0:34 Hakimi should of ball rolled the keeper lol
RusCar TV
RusCar TV:
“How did you manage that amazing header in the 95th minute?”
“I jumped”
Dimas Rizaldi
Dimas Rizaldi:
Elias Swift
Elias Swift:
The people looking at VAR must be blind. That ball was nowhere near his arm.
Eric Nana
Eric Nana:
Beautiful goal by the young man!
Carlos Montero
Carlos Montero:
The sound effect of the fans 😂😂😂😂
Babushka’s Mayonez
Babushka’s Mayonez:
Can we please acknowledge how good Julian Brandt, he is brilliant on the ball and very impactful without it
Tjen Praet
Tjen Praet:
Raymundo Zamarripa Carranza
Raymundo Zamarripa Carranza:
Imagine haaland as a defender or goalkeeper
muhammad azmi
muhammad azmi:
Classs Haaland!!!!!!
DJVIDEOS - Resumenes Deportivos
DJVIDEOS - Resumenes Deportivos:
"i think we're gonna see goals"
oh if he knew.... 🤣
Emil Lanza
Emil Lanza:
He’s on fire 🔥
h_ kaizoku
h_ kaizoku:
How do you have video with different camera angles and slow motion and still make bad decisions. We need to hear the conversations some of these VAR guys have.
I'm here wondering how thet make it sound like there are fans at the stadium
Ethan Braden
Ethan Braden:
I left the room in the 4th minute of extra time, I’ll never doubt Halland again
Gian Garcia
Gian Garcia:
5:05 Lord Bendtner approves.
Nabil Kaali
Nabil Kaali:
Dortumund seems to find all the great players and then turn around to sell them to big teams.
Rizki Ridhasyah
Rizki Ridhasyah:
Sounds like so many supporters there. Great editing 😂
¿K Allayl?
¿K Allayl?:
Do you have to give away the ending in the title every time?
Vinnie Alemps
Vinnie Alemps:
And Bayern takes care of their business without Lewandowski and Muller. Good try
Astro Kid Lo’
Astro Kid Lo’:
Those sound effects really help lmao
m ch
m ch:
Never ever give up!!
Congrats to BVB and wunderkind Haaland!!!!
wow he can score by head :D
Blueblackfire97 17
Blueblackfire97 17:
Heroic Haaland!!!🖤💛
Papi Detroit
Papi Detroit:
Will be great season for him in the National team with USA. Great player
Ernesto Melchor
Ernesto Melchor:
Haland is amazing!
santiago Jiménez Ferrer
santiago Jiménez Ferrer:
5:10 *LOL XD*
Severinus Zeno Joseph
Severinus Zeno Joseph:
Where's the crowds?🤔
Tony GX
Tony GX:
A haland's header? :0
Alfayeed Salik
Alfayeed Salik:
Nice find by Akanji to Haaland though, that's great skill
Where is the crowd? I hear them but I can’t see them
Mnaqiuddin Hadzrin
Mnaqiuddin Hadzrin:
2-0 mate....
Alive? It's already dead by the time they lost against bayern
Alessandro Bensaia
Alessandro Bensaia:
Haalandddddd tooooorrrrr Derby Sieg 💛🖤💛🖤
If Dortmund win the league, the commentator screaming HAAAALAAAAANDD!!! will be the bundesliga equivalent to AGUERROOOOOO!!!
Hared Herrera
Hared Herrera:
Top gol the bundesliga
Haaland ⚽🇳🇴
Havertz ⚽🇩🇪
Hey lads! Is there a recorded crowd chanting in the stadium?
Wait, where is the fan cheering noise coming from 😂
opiat auz
opiat auz:
where is the great sancho?hahaha
Emily Xiao
Emily Xiao:
Header from Haaaaaaland!
Raihan Adityaa
Raihan Adityaa:

Aisylexx_ me
Aisylexx_ me:
Haaland is so tall hahaha
Rekt Army
Rekt Army:
When haaland in: Dusseldorf, do you ready to lose?
Khalil Abukhalil
Khalil Abukhalil:
The score should prolly be 3-1
have they been using laugh tracks for all the post-covid games?
Rendy Darmawan
Rendy Darmawan:
Wait... Crowd sound?
Rattikarn R
Rattikarn R:
juan pereira
juan pereira:
This was one of the worst football games I've seen recently. So boring I actually kept falling asleep. And I'm a Dortmund fan but this was a really bad match.
Mpice We
Mpice We:
Augustus Gloop, the pride of Dusseldorf, is devastated.
Adi Pardita
Adi Pardita:
imagine if var existed in 1986
Franco Olivera
Franco Olivera:
A lo Palermo!!
Muh Nia
Muh Nia:
Erling Halaand terbaik best pokok nya
Mugo2 dortmund juara
survivor turnover
survivor turnover:
sweet victory bruv
Hendy Mustiko Aji
Hendy Mustiko Aji:
no crowd, sounds like crowd
Naqiuddin Shah
Naqiuddin Shah:
haaland are gonna get player moments card on fifa 21
Felipe Pareja
Felipe Pareja:
How is that a handball 🤦🏽‍♂️
Saiyan Socute
Saiyan Socute:
Berita Sepakbola
Berita Sepakbola:
Mangtap ling, ayo cetak gol lagi
Frank Champion
Frank Champion:
Duesseldorf 19/20 one of the biggest bottlers in bundesliga history
Mariano Freyre
Mariano Freyre:
Halaand <3
Gusti Setiawan
Gusti Setiawan:
wait? where the crowd voices come from???
Yes, I can definitely write a better script.
Filmon hawkee
Filmon hawkee:
Patrick owomoyela his English is fluent
Bunz Funz
Bunz Funz:
The BABY 👶
Danial Hakimi
Danial Hakimi:
Is there are people watching in the stadium?
Brandon Llangari
Brandon Llangari:
4:05 yeet
indra Setyawan
indra Setyawan:
Haaland just like TERMINATOR,clinical killing machine booomm...
diego vargas poma
diego vargas poma:
magnific haaland
BharathKumar D
BharathKumar D:
Feel for Fortuna Dusseldorf!!!
Welp Bayern already won it welp
Najmi Naim
Najmi Naim:
Where did the cheers come from?
Gavin Ronald
Gavin Ronald:
Who else could it be, Haaland!
The mans a machine
Omar Toledo
Omar Toledo:
Hosea the ??????
Hosea the ??????:
Akanji needs more credit for that ball class technique and accuracy and the best part is he is a center half
2-0 !!!