Habeas Corpus

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Habeas Corpus, sometimes known as ‘The Great Writ’, names an important legal principle that protects individual freedom and ensures that no one is held without charge.

Stephen Fry explains the principle and how sometimes it can be circumvented.

Narrated by Stephen Fry. Scripted by Nigel Warburton.

This project is from the BBC in partnership with The Open University, the animations were created by Cognitive.

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Stephen Fry is the reason why I love to listen to the Harry Potter audio books time and time again.
Shouldn't this also mean that the cops can't put you into custody and then let you go later without charges? Or like... if the police take some adverse action against you based on "reasonable suspicion" that is proven false, then why aren't they liable for damages? (I mean, in the USA, I know the answer goes something like- police unions protecting corruption, biases in the system, politicians being tough on crime...) It might also be argued that, if police could be held monetarily responsible for their actions, then they may be less likely to do their job if it means the possibility of harming people or property. Which, to me, is a positive thing... but to others is not.
Zac Attack
Zac Attack:
Can this Narrator, just continue to talk for ever.
Dapper Bleach
Dapper Bleach:
*Habeas Corpus, you feel me?*
Trev Lambert
Trev Lambert:
Detaining people in the drunk tank without charges is also a suspension of the writ of habeas corpus.
Not exactly, the US Supreme Court held that the constitutionally guaranteed right of habeas corpus review applies to persons held in Guantanamo Bay, case is Boumediene v. Bush (2008).
the late night gamer
the late night gamer:
I don't belong in prison but here I am 10 years and counting
Darren Silsbury
Darren Silsbury:
Though some countries circumvent... How can you respect the law if they just circumvent it? Makes no sense to me.
I dont belong in prison, but here i am, 10 years in the county
This should work against the IV-D child support agency, Ima try it
Jeremy Turcotte
Jeremy Turcotte:
Who is the man with the big head in the jury box?
EDIT: Never mind, it's Vic Reeves as the Masterchef judge.
Watching this because the US Depatrement of Justice is using the Coronavirus crisis to suspend Habeas Corpus.
crazy times! "national security"
Heather Smith
Heather Smith:
Who else came here after reading Castle Rock's episode title on Hulu?!
Alejandro Tello
Alejandro Tello:
One can feel the ironic tone at the end of the video
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Teena Davenport
Teena Davenport:
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Ambarish Sinha
Ambarish Sinha:
marco hanse
marco hanse:
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Tiger Trophy
Tiger Trophy:
Who suspended habeus corpus?
Latricia Worrick
Latricia Worrick:
being forced to watch this by my history teacher checkkk
Joe Price
Joe Price:
They threw the book at me
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Giovanni Lido
Giovanni Lido:
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Gonçalo Costa
Gonçalo Costa:
Blackadder references
Latricia Worrick
Latricia Worrick:
Process of charging someone
Francesca Fucile
Francesca Fucile:
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mark Johnson
mark Johnson:
Yea but the problem with this post that this country detain people left and right without just cause. M
brandon HVAC/ANTS
brandon HVAC/ANTS:
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Rahul Yadav
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Huai Huai Cheung
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