Halo Infinite Gameplay and Impressions

Halo Infinite Gameplay just dropped! Let's take a look at what we saw and all the new info along with it. Some first impressions here too, what did you guys think? Leave a LIKE and a comment, thanks for watching.

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Matt J
Matt J:
I really hope they make everything look less plasticky.
0:20: grass: I need to go now
The Supreme Carry
The Supreme Carry:
Idk but the gameplay makes me feel like I’m reading the books again which makes me very happy
Joseph Ward
Joseph Ward:
I feel like there is space for the game to look amazing, hopefully this is just an early build. You can see some nice details, it just looks kinda cartoony and smooth, and some animations / faces look a little dodgy
Lil Toenail
Lil Toenail:
Why do the graphics look terrible and amazing at the same time
Idk man, It feels that people likes it, but deep down they're mildly disappointed.
Whiskey Yankee
Whiskey Yankee:
Halo Infinite needs big improvements in:

-Texture design
-Special effects to vehicles and more
-Gun sounds maybe
-Landscape rendering
Sun JoeXYS
Sun JoeXYS:
I wish the Arbiter can be back. He's one of my favorite video game characters.
Oh that texture popping in the mountains at 2:25
Did I just hear the energy sword being called the plasma sword? Not good Jack not good
This looks really good to me - return to the older art style, gameplay looks fun and dynamic. Interested to see the PVP
2:26 there's parts of a mountain that just popped in LMAO
Jack of Blades
Jack of Blades:
That open world thing. Yeah that was first done in Halo CE on several levels
It looks plastic and way too much bloom. I feel like the game should be more gritty. Most halo fans are much older now so it feels only right for halo franchise to evolve darker . I think so at least. I miss the original feeling of Halo CE and Halo 2 . You felt like an actual soldier. Fighting with UNSC troops. Hopefully this game does great. Im just not very excited from what I've seen. Make the Covenant grittier. Mean looking. Intimidating. Make Chief look battered but still kicking ass.
Daniel J. Machado
Daniel J. Machado:
When he fights those two brutes that drop down in pods he shoots the left one's left knee and the brute stumbles. Pretty cool.
The game looks like Fornite with the smooth texture and all.
They need more girtty, dirt and scratches here and there to make it more 'real'.
My favorite part was bits of the map rendering in while the player was looking in their direction. Truly a next gen experience.
Fishysticky 69
Fishysticky 69:
Me seeing flying suicide grunts in halo infinite: They fly now!?
Alexander Dewanto
Alexander Dewanto:
Jackfrags: "Grappling hook with the plasma sword"
Me: "THE WHAT??!!?!"
Personally, I believe that they need less smooth textures. Everything looks very plasticky. (this is called criticism fanboys)
insanity 2222
insanity 2222:
Seems like they've taken the Halo Combat Evolved level design again, I've been missing more open maps for a long time.
Isaac West
Isaac West:
People talk about “Where boys become men.” This, this is where men scream like little girls.
An Alcoholic Hedgehog
An Alcoholic Hedgehog:
I’m pretty sure they confirmed this as an earlier build of the game however this could be untrue
Michael Vasconcelos
Michael Vasconcelos:
This seems to be heading towards the Metro Exodus style / way of open world story telling.
rashaud gideon
rashaud gideon:
Difference between 343 and bungie is bungie had a more ambitious story line and was more MILITARY like, while 343 is more sci-fi techno based. They just need to bring that military feel of halo back
Dan D
Dan D:
Imagine playing a halo in 2020 with textures worse than reach
J. R. 6
J. R. 6:
Judging by the comments there are going to be a lot of haters, but I'm going to love it.
Chad McGuigan
Chad McGuigan:
I'd say that the graphics being underwhelming is an indicator to how large of a game it might be. If it were more of a traditional, linear, shooter, they could make the graphics incredible, but on the scale that they made it, mind blowing graphics wouldn't be practical.
I’m very excited for this game. Gameplay looks incredible and it’s important to remember the graphics and textures are still just a demo and was done while working at home during a pandemic, and you can tell 343 has put much love and work into this game and I’m very happy with it.

Great job 343!
Miles Glenn
Miles Glenn:
I’m guessing 343 is gonna pretend like halo 5’s campaign never happened. Lmao
MadFaZeSupporter XX
MadFaZeSupporter XX:
It looks amazing, definitely getting the series X
I didn't like Halo 4/5, but this looks pretty good imo
That Guy Called Austin
That Guy Called Austin:
I hope when they actually release the game, the grass smoothly transitions in and out of view rather than just popping in and out
Not gonna lie, it looks really outdated for something that's built for a next Gen console
Looks like a Disney game with all the colours
Mythic Borg
Mythic Borg:
Graphics leave a lot to be desired. That being said, the gameplay looks super fun and I'm glad classic elites and grunts are back. Hoping the game will look better at full release
What a let down. I’ve always loved Halo since I was a lad and it breaks my heart to see it treated like shite
Andrés Maya
Andrés Maya:
This must be running on pc with textures on medium 🤔
Aage Vdvet
Aage Vdvet:
Everything just looks too clean and smooth. The crashed ship doesn't even have scratches, all surfaces are super clean while there is loads of mud around. Makes it all look super arcady.
Potato Tablet
Potato Tablet:
343i: "Oh, I know what the fans like"
Joshua Powell
Joshua Powell:
Green skull had an exclusive interview and 343 says the entire ring is open for us to explore, quote " mostly whatever you see, you can go to" end quote.
Future Dad
Future Dad:
Not gunna lie I’m pretty damn excited for halo infinite, I can’t wait to see when the ray tracing is booted up
bruh moment when they delay the release until 2021, tbh i think that was for the best though as now they have time to make the game better and improve it, they said that they found it difficult with the whole covid-19 ordeal and that it was impacting their development process, which is pretty understandable, judging from what they said though i think the game will be releasing around the beginning of 2021 so see you then bois, ima head out and play some halo MCC, halo wars and halo 5 in mean time.
I feel like they forgot to turn off the mega bloks texture pack.
Kyle Pearce
Kyle Pearce:
3:06 the Brute is the thing launching the suicide Grunts.
eXe Osiris
eXe Osiris:
Didn’t even know there was gameplay footage thank you 🙏🏻
Austin Howell
Austin Howell:
I have been waiting for this for years, and I must say that it looks absolutely incredible and really weird at the same time
Ovo Will
Ovo Will:
The classic halo nostalgia all revamped into this beautiful game! Reminds me of being a young punk gaming out all night!
Jose Lara
Jose Lara:
2:22 - if an elevator doesn't play this music I'm just going to take the stairs.
Marble Halo
Marble Halo:
I love that the art style is back to classic, I just need them to work on some of those textures, lighting, and pop in. Otherwise looks fantastic
Graphics remembered me minecraft with shaders and a good texture pack
I imagine alot more grit and detail or grain while be added to the final release.

Perhaps this is just a demo for announcement purposes. It's happened plenty times before. We cAn only it goes for the better route and the game graphics improve
Briggs 123
Briggs 123:
This really has me feeling Halo again. I cant wait.
The Ike
The Ike:
That soundtrack really knows how to make the fans smile
Ace of Spades
Ace of Spades:
This looks like: doom-HReach/-H5-Destiny-Minecraft RTX
Channel CASenine
Channel CASenine:
I'm excited with the gameplay and then I lost my mind when I saw that IT'S COMING TO STEAM TOO
Looks like alpha gameplay. Missing detailed textures, warthog does not even get dirty when driving in the mud, no blood splatter on the ground, dead bodies disappear near instantly, warthog sounds like a dirt bike, when Chief walks through water can't hear splashes/footsteps, lots of object pop in...

Not good at all. Feels like a MMO type game like Destiny or even a more detailed Valorant as the style reflects that online shooter a lot.

Nothing about this feels next gen. The visuals are a downgrade from Halo 4 and on par with Halo 3 in some regards.
I would love to see a deep fleshed our story with multiple seasons rivaling a tv series.
dunno how I feel about the warthog sounding like a lawnmower. Needs a deeper v8 rumble
This looks nice so far, wonder what it'll be like when its finished. Though I find it interesting that the Brutes and the Elites are working together here. Especially considering that they kind of hate each other.
mihailo marković
mihailo marković:
I am used to playing games on shit laptop, so this looks sooo god dam good to me!
i want to know more info about the consoles, this runs at 4k 60fps, can we run it at 1080p 120fps? as us monitor players have no use for 4k
Savage Lad
Savage Lad:
I love how it looks but in my opinion the armor should be more damaged, scratches and marks. Also I liked the utility/usefulness type of look from reach where everyone piece had a purpose.
That halo ‘feel’ has been completely lost. Such a shame.
Fones R Phunny
Fones R Phunny:
"Infinite" ... that's the best title they could come up with? 343 is hilarious.
Seth Zero
Seth Zero:
Kinda wish they’d drawn more from the older weapon designs as I find it makes halo stand out from other titles in a pretty good way
Privatejose B32
Privatejose B32:
I've always been on PlayStation but halo is one of the best games ever made, loved playing halo round a mates house when I was younger banging
Been maining Halo since 2001, I'm interested in the competitive side of things, that's where it counts for me!
randy marshole
randy marshole:
I love Halo CE, it's my favourite Halo campaign and it's not even nostalgia speaking...as I only played the game for the first time a few months a go. Infinite giving me Halo CE vibes, looks fantastic. Yeah the graphics aren't cutting edge but the gameplay looks dope.
Don't Reset
Don't Reset:
This game is giving me a Doom vibe, like how they keep switching the guns for more powerful attacks.
Kai Brand
Kai Brand:
It’s the demo version, the warthog didn’t even have mud on its tires. They’ll get round to the finishing touches
I can work with these graphics, but if we're really getting into the next generation I hope more games actually step it up.
Living Reverie
Living Reverie:
Though this is small: All the gun models look so damn unique yet so similar.

Some guns are new of course but more are reformed

The “Sidekick” looks like the silenced pistol from ODST

We have an entirely different DMR for design (It’s still obviously a new gun, but the purpose of the DMR.)
Lee Walker
Lee Walker:
From my perspective this looks like Halo 3 early game (in the campaign), just with nicer textures. I admit I don’t like the whole smooth look these days but it’s not different from the Halo I remember from my teenage years.
Halo, for me, was never about the graphics. If Anything, I just want to be able to explore the ring as Masterchief while fighting off every enemy faction, saving anyone I can, and protecting the universe from total annihilation.
3:05 actually the brute throws the grunt.
Indy Jones
Indy Jones:
Idk man, this gameplay feels weird
As soon as the video started i said omg cos damn this is looking nostalgic af
Matt Swain
Matt Swain:
I completely agree with you: I think the map and the gameplay looks great, however the textures etc. look like they're dated already in some way. I dislike the soft colour palette/cell shaded direction they went rather than more detailed and visceral.
Weeb Hunter
Weeb Hunter:
You know I really don’t care how it looks cause I mean most of you probably have never played Roblox phantom forces. That game is one of the best FPS out there not lying.
ummmm im getting a doom vibe from this preview not sure how i feel about it
it looks like some random arcade game with halo skin mods installed.
Grunt ELCAN:
Have to admit the graphics is one of my favorite things about the trailer, it just has that smooth and appealing look to it, very easy on the eyes. Reminds me of the first time I saw Halo 3 and source games like Half Life.
Nolan Pham
Nolan Pham:
This is giving me some major Doom: Eternal vibes
I swear jack said he would do a last of us part 2 playthrough - still waiting for it
Hunter Roudenis
Hunter Roudenis:
Maybe it’s just me, but this gives me DOOM vibes
Itz_Juzt_ Ghost
Itz_Juzt_ Ghost:
Damn, this game looks amazing: even though I’m stuck watching at 144p.
Björn Blomkvist
Björn Blomkvist:
Graphics are "ok'. But it feels like Halo again. I'm happy about this.
Bare in mind the first 2 years are gonna be cross gen games.
Every time I render a video in 4k 60fps and set a high Bitrate youtube takes my video and RUINS the Bitrate.

Why does this look good but mine doesn't.

I don't like yt
The Best of Realm Royale
The Best of Realm Royale:
Recoil: he...
Halo infinte: *SILENCE*
Perfectly Balanced
Perfectly Balanced:
They need to focus on details. Everything looks way too damn soft to be Halo.
Louis B
Louis B:
I wonder if the enemies were there before he chose what mission to do or if they popped up and spawned because he chose that... looks good. Love the exploring aspect
"Next gen"
Aura The Draak
Aura The Draak:
Even at 1080p at 60fps, is amazing.

On phone ofc. But most importantly, new weapons.
I want to see some multiplayer halo 1, 2 and 3 were my favorite days of gaming
Rabbid Raccoon
Rabbid Raccoon:
This looks like a perfect Xbox One launch title...7 years too late.
Literally looks no different to the first one lol 😂
This is so nostalgic and that soundtrack gave me chillsssss
Looks perfectly fine to me. When you don't have expectations towards any aspect then your open to acceptance of the product given. Not that hard