HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY!! *we have the best mom EVER*

In this video we have our beautiful mom join us for a very fun game! We are testing our mom to see who she knows best! Also join in on a friendly game of arm wrestling ;) Comment down below who you think my mom knows best?

Video Editing: @lo.sheff


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Leanne Wong
Leanne Wong:
I would love to know how Mom named all the girls
Sarah Sears
Sarah Sears:
y'all at 22 minutes you can hear Jensen say "it's the baby's strength"!! i cant believe I didn't realize before!!
Chenai Walter
Chenai Walter:
Lindsay has revealed she is pregnant now you can so see the bump when they did the arm wrestle
We need to see the Arnold sister’s wrestling match now because of the end😂
Emily Wilt
Emily Wilt:
Guys Lindsay is pregnant! Go to her Instagram
Sarina B
Sarina B:
Rylee’s sass😂😂😂 gotta love the teenage years haha
Stryker Ace
Stryker Ace:
the best moms use arm wrestling to settle sibling disputes.
Kiley Strain
Kiley Strain:
I was laughing so much when Lindsay was recreating rylees face
Sophia Strom
Sophia Strom:
Peep the baby bump🥰👶🏼🐣🤰🏼
Jessica Brodziak
Jessica Brodziak:
CONGRATULATIONS Lindsay!!!! I am so happy and excited for you but I’m sad that I won’t see you next dwts season. But this is awesome news. I’ll keep you and your family my prayers.
Bobo Poza
Bobo Poza:
amazing video...we all love Mindy , she is so sweet and it was so nice to have her in this video❤️❤️
side note : could you please change the font style on the video for the questions . make it the regular style better , it would be easier to read the questions
Kaitlyne Petronio
Kaitlyne Petronio:
Lindsay I saw you on the Disney sing along with your best friend Witney and I was so excited 💗
Mandy Grace
Mandy Grace:
😂😂 rylees attitude was the highlight of the video
William Ray1
William Ray1:
OMG, now I know Jensen looks more like her mother, but question for Rylee, will you be attending college after high school or pursuing your dancing career???
Cloey Husted
Cloey Husted:
Ahh my birthday is January 12th
Amanda Antista
Amanda Antista:
That was great. Love you all. The end had me laughing soo hard.
Kaitlyne Petronio
Kaitlyne Petronio:
Happy Mother’s Day to the most beautiful incredible mother you has four amazing incredible talented dancers Mindy
Viola Dagher
Viola Dagher:
The arm wrestle at the end was awesome haha❤️
Isabella "Bella" Daniel:
I LOVE YOU GUYS SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO MUCH!! I’ve been watching DWTS since I was 5 and I’m so sad jurors was cancelled. And I loved watching Jensen and Lindsay on sytycd
m e g h a n
m e g h a n:
Does anyone else think it was rude when Rylee said she rather be at dance right now? It is mother's Day and she said that
Omg, I Love watching y'all! you are all so funny, btw Rylee I feel ya girl, im the youngest out of 4 as well and sometime is not fun. Have a great Mothers day and stay safe! sending y'all a lot of love!
brianna evanik
brianna evanik:
the way linds is so caring and protective of ry has my heart🥺🥺
highlight king
highlight king:
Love you guys♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️
Summer Fulmer
Summer Fulmer:
OMG Lindsey was pregnant here 🥺😍🥳💕
Ronnie Peterson
Ronnie Peterson:
Today, as you continue your success, We remember alegendary hip-hop star that you and the girl did on their separate dance studio as this video not only dedicated to your mom but the man who made P. Diddy and other hip hop stars a world of music. Tonight, suicide has taken many lives for decades. it has also claim the life of Uptown Records Member, Andre Harrell at his apartment May 8 at aged 89. We Asked Brynlee to tellus about the pedicure on their toes dance from Kesha who did TikTok and remembered about your favorite hip-hop artist Andre bought as P. Diddy remember a iconic producer and thanks for that Mother's Day moments you shared with your Mom, Arnold Sisters.
Katrina E
Katrina E:
love how you all said "fave" at the same time haha
marisa tamayo
marisa tamayo:
congrats on the pregnancy, lindsay!!
Alex WAllar
Alex WAllar:
Lindsay's pregnant 😍😍😍😍😍😍
Cailin Price
Cailin Price:
I did not realize how funny everyone is 😂
Caitlyn M
Caitlyn M:
2L*side ways hand motion* 😎 Riley knows what’s up🤣
Adona Fortune
Adona Fortune:
Happy Mother’s Day Mindy! ❤️🥰👑😘
Eddie Genotivo
Eddie Genotivo:
Happy mother's day guys we love you we miss you
Lily Krainbill
Lily Krainbill:
Brinley, I have gotten stitches in my eyebrow too.
Abigail Nix
Abigail Nix:
My favorite show is Dancing with the stars
Soccer Mastery 101
Soccer Mastery 101:
Hi!!! I love you guys so much. Y’all are goregous
Rylee was just not in the mood 😂
robert price
robert price:
You guys make me laugh out of control.
Lo Sheffield
Lo Sheffield:
grace klemme
grace klemme:
omg i love all of you and when rylee said her least favorite thing is hiking in the sun that killed me.
Bailey Dennis
Bailey Dennis:
happy mother’s day to your amazing mom!! ❤️ also, poor rylee 😂
congrats lindsey!!
Sung Sung
Sung Sung:
That’s some powerful beautiful genetics at work there. Brynley is so pretty today. But hard to tell which sister looks most like their mom. It’s like all of them do but are unique in their own way.
love you guys and happy mother's day
The Cassandra Show
The Cassandra Show:
I love your family SOO much!!! 💕
Megan The boss
Megan The boss:
I got stitches in my left eyebrow too.
Jodi Lloyd
Jodi Lloyd:
DG Mills
DG Mills:
This was a fun Mothers Day video to watch!
Kate Briese
Kate Briese:
I just realized Lindsay’s anniversary is the same is my parents.
Jan Anton Sutacio
Jan Anton Sutacio:
Hey rylee i hope you notice me because i have a big big crush on you keep save rylee(only rylee)
Just kidding keep save evryone
Jodie Delany
Jodie Delany:
Hiii guys happy Mother’s Day I love you
Makenzie Killmore
Makenzie Killmore:
OMGGG i have a twin my birthday is also jan 11!!!!!!!!!!
Madeleine Granath
Madeleine Granath:
Imagine being an Arnold Sister
I had so much fun watching this video, you girls are seriously the cutest!! 😍💗 Thanks for giving us lots of laughter during this crazy time!!
James Merrill
James Merrill:
Don’t snap at the dog it makes them more hyper
Phoebe McGowan
Phoebe McGowan:
amazing! love you all xx
Sahaana Ganesh
Sahaana Ganesh:
Can u do the same thing on Father’s Day
Bubbly Brooke
Bubbly Brooke:
Y’all look like sisters!!
I’m sorry but for some reason I died at 7:08 😂
Laurel Jade
Laurel Jade:
you guys are so cute when you all sit on the couch in the beginning
Allie Hansen
Allie Hansen:
I love you guys and I live in page so if you need a person tour guide I can give you one.
MadStyles Hair
MadStyles Hair:
rylees mood 🤣🤣
Makenna Harris
Makenna Harris:
You guys are the best! Y’all make me laugh all the time. Love y’all!!!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Vanessa Love
Vanessa Love:
How cute!!!
Abhinaya Bantu Bunda
Abhinaya Bantu Bunda:
Happy mom... happy family nih... happy mothers day...
Sarah Andrews
Sarah Andrews:
Can you guys do a house tour?
Kallli Girl
Kallli Girl:
A G Wagon 😅😂
Triple C
Triple C:
I play forward and midfield too
Justin Allen
Justin Allen:
RIP headphones users
Amy Q
Amy Q:
Theresa Houseknecht
Theresa Houseknecht:
You all are putting lots of pressure on Mom for Mother's Day. She should be asking you all the questions LOL. Love you all so so much! Hope momma had a fabulous Moms Day🥰
Alexis Schliewe
Alexis Schliewe:
Khadijah Fall
Khadijah Fall:
Hi Arnold sister and I love you guys so much
Jan Hockenhull
Jan Hockenhull:
Doesn't appear that they answer questions ...hmmmm
Gianna Jacobbe
Gianna Jacobbe:
Lindsey has pregnant strength
Sadie Cook
Sadie Cook:
my cousin is kollin galland hahaha
Kaitlynn Lattimore
Kaitlynn Lattimore:
kulprakash kulprakash
kulprakash kulprakash:
can u please ask kamri to reply my message in facebook plzzzzz
Jan Hockenhull
Jan Hockenhull:
Your mom & Jenson are TWINS !!!
Sami Kalouch
Sami Kalouch:
Very byoutifoul
Madeline Brezonick
Madeline Brezonick:
What breed is Lindsay dog?
Lauren Preston
Lauren Preston:
Lindsey, your mom said you were born on the 11th at 11:00 and your due date is 11-11!! How crazy!!
Andrea Savona
Andrea Savona:
What a cute video. So funny.
Augustus Green
Augustus Green:
Cassie Smyth
Cassie Smyth:
Are you guys all isolating together orrr???
Poop Police
Poop Police:
Can you settle a debate? I have been pooping in the garbage disposal because our toilet is broken and the plumber can’t get here until Wednesday. My girlfriend says she’s going to break up with me if I do it again. She insists on asking to use the neighbor’s bathroom…WHO WE DON’T EVEN KNOW!!! I don’t see what the big deal is. It all goes to the same place and I clean the sink every time. Can you get the poop police off my back and tell her that she’s being unreasonable?