Harry Kane at the DOUBLE! | HIGHLIGHTS | Nottingham Forest 0-2 Spurs

Check out the key highlights as Tottenham Hotspur beat Nottingham Forest 2-0 in the Premier League.

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100+ comentarios:

Last season, in Son's first 14 games, he only scored 6 goals. Then he started scoring like a machine, and got the golden boot. 35 matches 23 goals no penalty. It's a slow start for Son, but give him time and have faith
Love that people are showing love and support to Son even though he's going through a rough patch. We should always stand behind and encourage our players.
Jahseh Onfroy
Jahseh Onfroy:
Kane also had a slow start last season not scoring in 3 months. But believe, Son will fly high again 💪
Sonny will find his form. He showed some good moments today. We need to encourage him ! Wish he get more passes than today...
I feel Son’s frustration. He may not be in his best form but also the circumstances don’t help. Last game he was forced to help out in defense mostly and I noticed lately Son doesn’t get as many passes from his teammates as Kulu or Kane. Also when Son does get the ball, the opponents just do a yellow card & push him down to keep him away cuz they know he’ll score otherwise. It just all adds up
That pass by Richarlison was pure class 👏🏼
Kane just passes the ball towards the goal... That's his finishing technique..🔥
Son's form seems to be coming up, only matter of time til he finds his first goal 🇰🇷🔥
Kane just passes the ball towards the goal... That's his finishing technique..🔥
Son acted as a decoy and helped other players have chances. He kept sprinted throughout the game, however his teammates rarely passed to him,
Andes Kurnia
Andes Kurnia:
Son will score for Spurs soon, and he will be unstoppable. He is a great player, deserve to be on the same level with Moh. Salah, Mane, Vlahovic, Sterling, etc.
Harry Kane
Harry Kane:
Honestly I didn't expect Dean Henderson to save that penalty but you're not gonna stop Kane when he's in goal sight 4 goals already in 4 games Kane's sharp and ready for the new season 💪 Coys
Larissa Stuart
Larissa Stuart:
Son just keep going you are irreplaceable
I hope to see some goals next game ~SON
Great game HARRY KANE 🔥🔥🔥
Sonny just bit not there yet - but he will kick off soon. A slow starter. Harry Kane was just amazing!
Jadeus Dragias
Jadeus Dragias:
Midfield kept losing the ball. Sonny’s not getting ball because of them. Both GK had more time with the ball than him. The first goal happened thanks to Kulusevski recovering a bad pass.
The Realist
The Realist:
Great work from Richarlison to not give up, he chased that ball down won it back and put in the assist of the season so far for Kane, that's how you do it Sessegnon.
Miguel Dias
Miguel Dias:
Kane is a legend for this club! Once again he gave us a victory with two fantastic goals!
James Harle
James Harle:
Lets take a moment to appreciate Richarlison chasing after a lost cause winning the ball and supplying a delicous cross with the outside of the boot to Kane 👏👏👏👏
Perisic is amazing every game.
Just what Spurs need to win titles.
Dogu C
Dogu C:
Great game from Henderson. That save at the penalty was just
Mark Shaz
Mark Shaz:
Wasn’t a great penalty tbh but that outside of the right foot assist from Richarlison was brilliant.
Julius Iha
Julius Iha:
Richarlison and Perisic were good signings. Go Spurs!! Will do great this season.👏👏👏
Mr. Sheroo
Mr. Sheroo:
Son is just resting, when he is ready. There will be more goals ❤️⚽️
richarlison’s pass is exquisite!! outside foot curling it for kane to double the lead, very nice to see the link up play.
0:03/That's incredible!😊⚽🔥
The assist from Richarlison🔥🔥
amos wahu
amos wahu:
Oooh...that assist from Richarlison🔥🔥🔥🔥💪🏿🥅⚽
Ahmad Sbaei
Ahmad Sbaei:
The performance wasn’t the best and there was some moments where we were sitting deep on the pitch and allowing them to create chances maybe it’s conte s tactics but we were looking dangerous everytime we attacked and got the win !!
Tünde Eszlári
Tünde Eszlári:
Congratulations on the 3 points, keep it up, Tottenham Hotspur.🤍
Kane is a legend of the Spurs, I hope he becomes the best scorer in the Premier League
Tennis Files
Tennis Files:
Great win lads, keep it up! Sess should have been a bit quicker with the pass to Harry but it was brilliant to get another chance and put it away seconds later. COYS!
Tottenham fan
Tottenham fan:
Richarlison's assist was brilliant, can't wait to see what he can do this season! COYS!
Why didn't other players pass to Sonny when he was right in front of the goal post ? 🤔🤔🤔 They just didn't give a pass to Sonny when he got good chances many times. But fake fans keep saying Son to bench... Richalison first in... I really don't understand why Conte is making and enjoying this situation. He keeps taking Son subbed out first for Richalison. And it is making people think Son is worse than Richalison... which is not true. Why does Conte keep doing this from the very first game? Does Sonny need a competition bcz he is so lazy?? We know he is the most diligent player. Sonny doesn't have a winning mentality? You know he renewed a contract to make this team win something!! Winning for the team is everything to him. Then what on earth is Conte doing now?
awnx ruyv
awnx ruyv:
Great game from Henderson. That save at the penalty was just
Supervoid Cinema • The Greatest Movies Never Made
Supervoid Cinema • The Greatest Movies Never Made:
That ball from Richarlison with the outside of the foot, absolutely sublime, hope he gets 90 minutes at West Ham on Wednesday.
When the team was in trouble and Kane was pouty last year, Son was there. But I don't see that from the team or Kane this year. Son should move to the bigger clubs.
What a legend!
What a legend!
Well done boys👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻
Max Cho
Max Cho:
3 pts and a clean sheet back to back. Delightful 😍
Crying Wolf
Crying Wolf:
I hope to see Sonny's smile again.
London Dazza
London Dazza:
Everyone calm the F down Son will smash it again, we have accepted slow starts from Kane no difference Son is elite! Spurs looking strong right now #COYS
Carsten Olbers
Carsten Olbers:
Awesome assist!!
Darius Sale Petru
Darius Sale Petru:
Go Spurs! Well played Harry Kane
Son just needs a goal to keep scoring goals so I hope he could get it soon, and great 2 goals by Kane to get important early points in the league table.
Cline Mykbrian
Cline Mykbrian:
Wonderful job! Well done by Spurs!
Ebube Agu
Ebube Agu:
Kane u r doing great...more strength 💯🏅⭐
Son will be back in form in no time definitely next game his scoring 🤞
Diketso Molefe
Diketso Molefe:
That Richy pass thou😍world class🤝
The Mentor
The Mentor:
I like how Kane and Sess just stop, Rich is already chasing after the ball and what a cross!
Бавнотор Петров
Бавнотор Петров:
Why is everyone complaining about Son having a slow start? We are winning and that's what matters. It doesn't matter who scores!
The connection between midfield and front 3 was quite glaring. I dont think playing long balls to the front for kulu or son to chase is the solution.
I feel we need a midfield with flair to make those deadly pinpoint passes to our front 3 nearer to the box. Not only from long balls from the back half of the field
Nicolás Centurión
Nicolás Centurión:
I'm Spur but Henderson is a great GK
Nigel Tilbury
Nigel Tilbury:
Probably the worst defending I have ever seen for Kanes 2nd! He 's just standing there alone in the 6 yard box.
Was in the box for this one, what a win COYS
Richarlison's assist😍
Chris Tiedtke
Chris Tiedtke:
I'm disappointed that Richarlison's skill move isn't included.
Joseph Plays
Joseph Plays:
What a game Kane 2 goals and lovely skill from Richarlison #coys
Dillinger Sam
Dillinger Sam:
Forest players all over the place
King Kane The Real Deal 😀
ChocSpo TV - European Football Contents
ChocSpo TV - European Football Contents:
🔥🔥🔥kane, fire~ and Son's absolutely gonna do what he used to do 🔥🔥🔥
xrrxy vvoi
xrrxy vvoi:
Wasn’t a great penalty tbh but that outside of the right foot assist from Richarlison was brilliant.
sung kim
sung kim:
If it's not broken why change it up. if they're winning that's all that matters. People got to stop hating on Sonny
Ariel Martin
Ariel Martin:
Son is marked every game bec they know him
Very tough game to watch as a Spurs fan. We were getting dominated in terms of possession and Forest looked really dangerous with the ball through so many moments of the game. We had a hard time playing from the back and we also made a lot of bad passes that turned the ball over several times. We definitely need to work on our passing, and build ups especially in the midfield. im glad we were able to grind out a win and it was an exciting match to watch with a lot of back and forth. COYS!
ikls gu
ikls gu:
Wasn’t a great penalty tbh but that outside of the right foot assist from Richarlison was brilliant.
Google DEv
Google DEv:
Conte shouldve let Son get a goal and play him full time. 70th minute is when Son scores goals the most, as it is when the opposition's team is tired, so Son uses his speed to shine. So it was normal that he got mad when got substitued.
Philip Steiner
Philip Steiner:
Why on earth would the Spurs official channel not show a replay of Richarlison's great work to win the ball back before his perfect delivery for Kane's second goal? I had to check that I wasn't watching the Forest channel.
Sansani B.N.
Sansani B.N.:
What we should keep an eye on is not Sonny’s temporary form but our build-up and pass work from the back, seriously.
Вот он настоящий Гарри Кейн которого мы знаем, очень рад что он хорошо начал сезон 🔥
jekson pinontoan
jekson pinontoan:
Son will find his way to make many goal... . 💪Sonny
Emmanuel Onubi
Emmanuel Onubi:
Son is just unlucky with his finishes. So many chances for him already… they’ll come pouring in soon 🔜
Ellen Sheen
Ellen Sheen:
소니의 포지션은 공격형 윙어다,
그러나 이번 시즌들어 콘테감독은
소니를 수비수로 포지션을 바꾼듯하다?
페리시치보다 더 많이 수비위치로
내려가 있는 소니를 보니 마음이 아프다.
콘테가 소니를 망치고 있다는
불길한 생각이 자꾸든다.
시즌은 길다, 소니에게 수비를 맡겨
당장의 이익을 얻을수 있을진 몰라도
콘테는 길게 봐야 한다.
축구는 골을 넣어야 이기는 경기이다.
🌲 good Defensive players & good Goalkeep 👍🏻
We (my beloved Spurs) are not playing that well but are carving out results. When we finally hit top gear, the rest of the league better watch out.👊 We really have a shout at winning the top prize this season.
jin ho bong
jin ho bong:
이건 손웅정씨의 최대실수다. 계약기간도 남았는데 종신계약급 재계약을 해 버렸다 이러니. 토트넘들은 아쉬울게 없으니 선수를 저리 대하지. 아마존 다큐에서도 의도적으로 손흥민을 악의적으로 편집하고, 선수가 뭐가 아쉬워서 미리 계약을 해버리나 이제 떠나고 싶어도 더 떠나기 힘든 상황인데 백둥이들이 이렇다. 특히 토트넘은 이영표때부터 정이 안가던 구단임. 얼마전에 첼시전에서 손흥민 인종차별당했는데 구단차원의 항의도 앖었지? 손흥민은 토트넘에 뭔가 크게 밑보인게 아니라면 이런 대우는 정말 심각한거다. 아무리 런던생활이 좋아도 최대로 실수한거임
David Negus
David Negus:
Harry Kane noe levelled with Andy Cole and just 21 goals away from Rooney and 73 goals from Shearer
Scored more than players like Henry Aguero what a player spurs legend
That richarlison assist was incredible
Tut Liw Yat II
Tut Liw Yat II:
That pass from Andrade is insane
Why is every comment here about Son... This is a highlight and prolly should be talked about not a player who had no impact in goal nor assist
Nevertheless he's a great player
Indie Chana
Indie Chana:
Why is everyone banging on about Son? How about apprenticing the positives which is Richarlison and another cleansheet.....the guy is going to prove all the doubters and the media wrong. He's the exact type of player we've been missing.
Huda K. Wardana
Huda K. Wardana:
Silver Wealth
Silver Wealth:
Rucharlison assist 🔥
Emmanuel Onubi
Emmanuel Onubi:
How that wasn’t a red card for Cook I will never know
Leigh Richards
Leigh Richards:
Never in doubt today. For all their huffing and puffing and the noisy home fans they didnt lay a glove on us. Best start to a season for 13 years - and we havent even played well yet ☺️. PS. Sonny loves scoring against west ham 😉
What an iconic pass by Richarlison! True brazilian blood runs thru him
Great work from Richarlison to not give up, he chased that ball down won it back and put in the assist of the season so far for Kane, that's how you do it Sessegnon.
Tirto Ananda
Tirto Ananda:
Wonderfull Goal From Harry Kane 2x. Tottenham Hotspur Winners Against Nottingham Forest In The City Ground Stadium.
it does seem that the Tottenham doesn't need sonny any more, just only for a bait role to distract some defenders in order for Kane to have chances to score goals....
Zi Lama
Zi Lama:
The reason of Son's difficulty is excess of heavy muscle trainning which made him too slow and exausted even before the game.
Conte should stop over trainning him and make a training route fit for him.
He is an inspiration for me ❤️
What a wonderful cross from no. 9 .. !
Yoel Arokeum
Yoel Arokeum:
Harry goal machine Kane ⚪👑💪🏼
Matthew Bevilaqua
Matthew Bevilaqua:
Crazy that Cook wasn't sent off for that handball on the line. Clearly prevented a goal scoring opportunity with his hand also had hold of Kanes shirt.
Farras Naufal
Farras Naufal:
Fantastic performance from the team, I hope we can be consistent until the end of the season!
Of course Harry Kane and Richarlison de Andrade are good players. But director should use Son. He doesn't need to abandon son. He tried to make son concentrating on defence. Son is a world class wing forward. His strong point is not defence.
Saint Tongpha
Saint Tongpha:
Even though Kane got 2 goals..he was quite slow n bad ball control...worry!
곧 골 넣을거라 믿어 의심치 않는다
이때까지 잘해왔으니 이번시즌에도 잘할거라 걱정 안된다
Kane above the team and manager
Mr no-name
Mr no-name:
He before anyone watches full video!! Kane is amazing and so may say you can’t replace him.
morris mwenda
morris mwenda:
Congratulations Spurs