Harry Kane could become the 2nd most expensive player in history | Let's Talk Transfers | Oh My Goal

Like every day, Oh My Goal is looking at the latest transfer rumors. Today, the focus is on Harry Kane, who could be on the point of becoming the second most expensive player in football history behind Neymar. Tottenham’s owner may have decided to accept a huge offer from Manchester City for Harry Kane.

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Oh My Goal - News
Oh My Goal - News:
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Fan Site
Fan Site:
Getting sold or buying players for huge amounts is outdated now.. The new fashion in the market is making free signings 😂
Dayne Sparks
Dayne Sparks:
Erm lads...you showed rodri when u spoke about Dias 😅
Man Like Denz
Man Like Denz:
Watch Spurs get filled in with Portuguese men
Daniel Sabbah
Daniel Sabbah:
It's nice to see that Jack Grealish doesn't only care about the cash
Kylian Mbappe sold for 212 dollars in 2017.
How trustworthy is the information?
Real story: Harry’s brother and agent, Charlie Kane. Told a sun journalist about this at his own wedding. Reason being him being a little prick, Harry isn’t as keen on a move as his brother. His brother is the one pushing. The things he told the journalist is utter rubbish. (Charlie Kane is an Ar*enal fan, Kane isn’t.)
Mohamedamin Osman
Mohamedamin Osman:
Anyone else who saw he confused ruben dias with rodri😂
[email protected]:
Kane to Manchester city!! Trophies awaits him
0:24 i didnt knew mbappe was sold for 212 dollars only 😂
Alex M
Alex M:
Its a joke , he is just a good striker ..
He is not a superclass..
This football is gonna explode
#FYFY 1.7
#FYFY 1.7:
I say a 5 out of 10 for him coming to City...
Pranav Rangan
Pranav Rangan:
Mbappe-2nd highest transfer of all time
His price-$212💵
Adarsh Gupta
Adarsh Gupta:
Neymar's Record is here to Stay 🔥🔥
Raja Javed
Raja Javed:
The amazing Rodri 😃
Dipan Pathak
Dipan Pathak:
And I thought he is sold😂
Arch man
Arch man:
2:22 oh no no no you mean the amazing Rodrigoooo😂
ghufran khan
ghufran khan:
212 dollars for mbappe.....😂
My man making mbappe worthless
Kopano Moss
Kopano Moss:
HK is an amazing player but the boss was jus pulling City's legs dat price tag is..😪
josiah small
josiah small:
Mbappe was sold for 212 dollars😂😂
Calvin Rwangoga
Calvin Rwangoga:
Please make a video for the person to win the golden glove this year
Man City 🔥💙
Fea Kreuz
Fea Kreuz:
With that much money, Haaland would be a lot better
Mbappe for 212 dollars what a bargain!
Jake Lee
Jake Lee:
Bruh, when you were talking about Ruben Dias you put a picture of Rodri! Ha so funny 😆
Vishal Sonar
Vishal Sonar:
Why oh my goal show rodri photo when they say ruben dias 😂😂
Sumaiya Chowdhury
Sumaiya Chowdhury:
Everyone confused Ruben and Rodri
Trump in Disguise
Trump in Disguise:
212 dollars for Mbappe, now that's a good deal
Hay. Y
Hay. Y:
Jack Grealish should be £75mil at best
Tanishq Biswas
Tanishq Biswas:
He told mbappe was sold for 212 dollars!😂😂
Arnab Threethreesixfivethreethreethree
Arnab Threethreesixfivethreethreethree:
grealish will stay in villa -by order of the peaky fookin blinders
Akhil C Anil
Akhil C Anil:
Last season's City:
120m = 3 players, UCL finalists , PL winners, EFL winners.
This season: 160m for 1 player🤣...I don't see this coming.
Mehdi Naseeruddin
Mehdi Naseeruddin:
MBAPPE got sold for 212 dollars?
Daniel Siahaan
Daniel Siahaan:
0:21 i didnt know mbappe was that cheap XD
Wesley Ansah
Wesley Ansah:
Manchester United or Manchester City Will Buy Harry Kane This Summer Transfer Window
Dayne Sparks
Dayne Sparks:
Cmon citeh
Splash the cashhhh
Lukeyboy12 3
Lukeyboy12 3:
The amazing Ruben rodri 2:22
Mbappe for 212 dollars, even i can buy him😳
M Sarmad
M Sarmad:
Suddenly all the sympathy for a player who willingly took long and one of highest paid contract (in PL) till he turns 30. Only to protect himself. I have no sympathy for him, he protected himself when he was having ankle injury after ankle injury.
Oh my god finally he's going to leave
Diego Lara
Diego Lara:
Spurs need money so they will sell him
Tye Finlayson-hay
Tye Finlayson-hay:
NO please don't leave Kane Spurs need you. We will never win a cup or reach Champions league qualification without you
Ranit Chatterjee
Ranit Chatterjee:
If Kane joins City, City won't win any trophies this season! 🌚🌚
Martin Mendieta
Martin Mendieta:
What the hell is going on with Sigurdson
M K:
Man city broke the silence y saying that they didnt bid this high for Kane and its just fake newss
Md Mamun Hossain
Md Mamun Hossain:
lol man city getting mad shit man 😂😂😂😂😂😂
Go win some trophies 🤧kane
You lost Your Crown
You lost Your Crown:
Manchester city preparing to play world cup. On behalf of England
myakal sridevi
myakal sridevi:
Man city are 😂😂😂

This is the best chance for Tottenham
Bryan Gil

Tottenham can build now
mustafa sajjad
mustafa sajjad:
HmoudPlayz 23
HmoudPlayz 23:
2:25 he said Ruben but he put rodri lol
Gaming Booth Nepal
Gaming Booth Nepal:
Most overrated player 🤣🤣
Mudassir Khan
Mudassir Khan:
What a waste of money that would be!
Vuyani Zaza
Vuyani Zaza:
So am I the only one who saw that he put Rodri when he spoke about Dias
Tik tok
Tik tok:
And his peaky blinders
L Hanna Moxey
L Hanna Moxey:
I thought mbappe left for 145million and Neymar 222million
Goutam Dey
Goutam Dey:
That's not ruben dias.. that is rodri 🤣🤣
xtocix OB
xtocix OB:
What gonna happen to sterling
fabrizio romano if that man says it i will believe it
Fayis K
Fayis K:
220 million for harry kane? what has become of the world of football? how many goals did he score last season?
Nikhil M
Nikhil M:
Probably they were gathering money for Messi and now that he is staying at Barca, they already have money that they are mentally prepared to spend. 😂
Tube Everything
Tube Everything:
160 mil for Kane , wow I think man city is doing a favour to Kane seeing his poor condition cause you can get any player for that kind of money Haalland or mbape
Piyush Bansal
Piyush Bansal:
Such a garbage episode 😂😂
Ben Adams
Ben Adams:
0:25 ah yes Mbappe going for $212.
ManCity buying Harry Kane yes but with that price tag Idk if the Emirates willing to go berserk
Joshua . Akpara
Joshua . Akpara:
Wow mbappe was sold for 212$😂😂😂
This would possibly be the worst signing in the history of Manchester City club ... Mark my words guys 🤔🤔😊😊
Kunal Bakre
Kunal Bakre:
212 dollars. I really didn't know Mbappe was worth that much. Bet, imma buy him with my pocket money.
Jaime Rodriguez
Jaime Rodriguez:
I wouldn’t pay that even if Kane was 17. 90M just like Sterling value
Why is everything in US dollars?
Lord figo
Lord figo:
This guy never won nothing its cuz hes from England otherwise he is a 40 million dollar player
B1aZe Clipz
B1aZe Clipz:
Phoden Kane grealish stones walker😁😁😁😁❤️❤️ cmon
Sumaiya Chowdhury
Sumaiya Chowdhury:
English tax + attracts english fan
Vero A
Vero A:
Joseph Antony
Joseph Antony:
Mbappe 212 bucks lemme buy him!
teddy nasr
teddy nasr:
Ngl not the smartest transfer
Sidney Cardozo
Sidney Cardozo:
Will be a waste buying at that price
Nah, Kane is not worth 220m €, Erling would be better for the price, or Ferran as striker is good idea too
saw rodri instead of dias and scrolled down to the comment section
Kristaps Apkalns
Kristaps Apkalns:
2:22 is Rodri not Ruben :)
Athip Karnplumchit
Athip Karnplumchit:
yes, keep on crying rivals we are the oil club so what? our money's green and we're comin in hot
Kevin Huerta
Kevin Huerta:
U showed rodri
when u said Dias
PiDe ZW:
Mbappe 212 Dollars 😂😂😂
Jacquline Telfair
Jacquline Telfair:
😆 what a joke
It is still cheap For CiTy
Junes Mandigo
Junes Mandigo:
Psg v city ucl final.
Imo Khan
Imo Khan:
If they are willing to PAY that much $ , MAN CITY should look at better talents like Haarland .iam just saying 😌🤷 but on the other hand it would be great to see Kane, Sterling and Grealish to be playing together for City's offense 😀💪⚽️#FOOTBALL FOREVER ⚽️
At least he has the worst English in history that’s something to be proud of
Fortnite inn
Fortnite inn:
Pep said that he cannot afford a striker only This season
Tell me something about Ronaldo i mean transfer news
abhijit saha
abhijit saha:
212 dollars ??? Wtf 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Not Ali-A
Not Ali-A:
2:22 that dont look like ruben dias that looks like GhuBeN diAsH
Messiah ww
Messiah ww:
Jesus is King
Omar Abdi
Omar Abdi:
Ruben dias.. showed rodri
The sun always has Fake news Lewy will never sell harry
ddodo v mmvvm
ddodo v mmvvm:
mbappe 212 dollars wow
Alex Skyler
Alex Skyler:
$220M for a player can't even give Spurs or England a major trophy. Bullshit price for that player 🐒🐒🐒🐒
Masked Genius ✪
Masked Genius ✪:
Grealish so overrated