Harry Kane scores a BRILLIANT brace | HIGHLIGHTS | Rangers 1-2 Spurs

Watch extended highlights from Tottenham Hotspur's 2-1 win over Rangers at Ibrox Stadium.

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100+ comentarios:

Paulo Minster
Paulo Minster:
Two golden boot winners in one team, and in top form. This will be an exciting season.
Proud of Sonny and Kane and my club! Greatest duo of all time. The new signings are giving me chills I LOVE THEM! Proud to be from Tottenham COME ON YOU SPURS!!
Google DEv
Google DEv:
If Son and Kane only wins trophies, they should be in the talks of the greatest duo of all time.
I'm a Rangers fan....Son and Kane fully deserved their applause from the Rangers fans when they were substituted.....good luck in the new season Tottenham Hotspur.
Barry Boother
Barry Boother:
I hope Kane and son win some trophies at Tottenham. They deserve their flowers they are unbelievable
G Hann
G Hann:
I think Son might hit 15+ goals and 15+ assists this season. He's going to hit another level this season.
Manuel Nava
Manuel Nava:
Son + Kane is honestly one of the best duos of all time
5:03 What an assist from Son. Hes about to get top assister as well 🇰🇷🔥
Donald Cunningham
Donald Cunningham:
From a Gers fan.. great, exciting match! Spurs looked faster and physically fitter. Something we need to work on. And Kane certainly takes his chances well. Thank you Spurs, for travelling up to Ibrox and giving us an excellent game! 👏👍
Two golden boot winners in one team, and in top form. This will be an exciting season.
Lumius ToCyan
Lumius ToCyan:
Son and Kane show keeps on going again and again! We are now ready to watch our new season with old and new power!
And good work for Kulu my boy. Didn't made a goal but worth trying and sharp position!
FA Makers
FA Makers:
Son and Kane…
Nothing to say…
They are just legend!!!
Son and Kane ARE the greatest duo ever.
sg choi
sg choi:
Son and Kane absolutely fantastic duo..!!!
Such a next level play by Kane and Son. Can't wait to see more goals from them in upcoming season.
Josiah Dodo
Josiah Dodo:
So proud of our duo , they'll outperform every other club this coming season . 🏆🏆✅🙂💯
O M:
If Son and Kane win a trophy together... One of the best duo's I've ever seen in the Premier League.
Kane & Son... definitely greatest duo ever without 🏆
Top scorer Son is also good at playing the role of a playmaker.. Son is versatile.. Bissouma and Perisic were impressive
However, Team K League vs Tottenham, Tottenham vs Sevilla pre-season highlights video held in Korea is blocked by the Tottenham channel and cannot be viewed.. I haven't been able to see the video since a few days ago.. Please make it visible in other areas
Not even because I’m a Spurs fan, but Harry Kane is in a league by himself as a CF. His vision and finishing is glorious.
2 assists from Sonny 🔥🔥🔥
DB 101
DB 101:
As a Rangers fan, I thought we held ourselves well in 1st half but the class and quality of the future PL champions came through. Kane and Son were a pleasure to watch.... as was the Spurs side. Enjoyable game with a great Ibrox atmosphere.
Perisic showed how conte wants his wingbacks. With his back to the touchline he was like a pirlo on the sides dictating play. He even tells cbs when he doesnt want them to come out to help. And his moves to get the cross across is amazing. And he is damn fast. At this moment kane son perisic romero are world class. We need one or two more and we can make a serious push for a title.
셉셉이 생각보다 스피드가 빠른거에 놀랐고 케인은 걍 미쳤고 손흥민선수도 연결해주는 패스 정말 멋졌습니다 프리시즌 경기중 제일 경기내용이 좋았던거 같아요 토트넘 화이팅!!!
"Harry, I think you're one of the best strikers in the world, but if we get a freekick on Wednesday, I think that Son should take it." - Dejan Kulusevski -
Martin Hunter
Martin Hunter:
Rangers fan here, was great having you all up here. Blown away by Kane's sheer class tbh. Wish you guys all the best this year in the League.
The Son-Kane connection is out of this world. With Deki and the new signings, Spurs are on fire!!!
Iain Sutherland
Iain Sutherland:
Rangers fan here: I think we did well for parts of the game but when Spurs wanted to step it up then they could at will. No issue in getting beat in a friendly off a team with that level of quality and I’ll tell you what - I reckon that Kane boy could have a bright future ahead of him if he keeps putting the effort in 😉 If Spurs fancy loaning him out for a spell, I’d maybe take him at Rangers !!! Good luck for the season ahead.
3:07 5:03 이제 패스도 도사수준이야..
Kane and Sonny duo is so sharp.
The old double act doing their things once again. Not surprising but delighted. What surprised me was Perisic's quality throughout the match. That cross at 6:44 in particular was something I don't remember seeing last season from our LWB. The only one who could cross like that was Son, not our wingbacks. I really hope we could see our wingbacks assist to Kane and Son more often.
Harry Kane plays in midfield creating chances and laying down the killer passes to see if the other attackers would score and when he sees that they couldn't do that, he moves up the field to go and score by himself

what a phenomenal player
Bobby Harrison
Bobby Harrison:
Son and kane were great , but can we talk about kulu, looked sharp!
Kevin A
Kevin A:
Kulu is a beast. His footwork is insane.
Son should be taking the freekicks not Kane. He scored two freekicks in a row in two matches for Korea
Tottenham fan
Tottenham fan:
I'm happy about the new signings, they played really well. And Harry and Sonny were brilliant! They only need to win trophies. And I think it is possible to win them with this team.
AYL Yi-Huh
AYL Yi-Huh:
spurs had some great looking chances. warms my heart seeing the chemistry and unselfish play on this team
sk 2020
sk 2020:
w/o doubt Son&Kane duo will continue and leave history behind in this season as well
Julius Arakwen
Julius Arakwen:
Kane,Son, Romero and Kulusevki are by far our best players.Looking forward to a successful campaign next season
Boink erz
Boink erz:
Kane looking as fit as he's ever been. Looking really sharp, bodes well for his and Spurs season.
Chano Medina
Chano Medina:
The style of play that has been instilled in the team since Conte took charge has been so beautiful to watch. Its pure art on how some of these transitional plays and movement off the ball are taken place. Spurs are gonna do some damage this year! Hope to see them finally earn some silverware. COYS!
This game didn't feel like a friendly! So many missed chances from Spurs, but Kane is looking sharp!
Son&Kane combination is absolutely outstanding
Son and Kane are the living Legend ! keep going up !
Warren Kang
Warren Kang:
6:43 gorgeous cross by Perisic. He's trustable. Close header by Richarlison. Looking forward to this season so much!!!
우승컵만 따낸다면, 손흥민과 해리케인은 역사상 최고의 듀오로 남을 수(회자될 수) 있을 것입니다.
If Son and Kane only wins trophies, they should be in the talks of the greatest duo of all time.
Son and Kane was great. Kane also proved himself the best striker ever in the world. Sonny was outstanding as usual. So Proud of u
Do Hyeon Yun
Do Hyeon Yun:
The combination of Sonny and Kane wil make history again in this season 2022~2023!! All members of Spurs will get it!!! Coys!! 🤩
What a touch from Son for the second assist and even better finishes from Kane 👏👏
Aut O
Aut O:
항상 느끼는거지만 케인은 자세가 안나와도 골 개잘넣네 ST 그 자체
Paul TheOutcast
Paul TheOutcast:
Kane looks absolutely amazing in he's pre match games and if our boys keep up the pressing and get more shots on target then the new season is gonna be awesome COYS 💙
I love to see what Kulu give to this team. His composure and creative ball protecting skills produce better chances to spurs. I'm buzzing to see how spurs go marching in this season with Kulu. COYS💙
Kane scored a double, both assisted by Son, what an amazing duo!!
Kara Seda
Kara Seda:
Son and Kane perfect duo...congrats spurs....coys💜
A.M. Armstrong
A.M. Armstrong:
I don't know what to say about our team now. I'm so happy to be Spurs. The transitions were so slick and we have that feel of a team that is able to kill the game. Kane's nonchalance seemed almost disrespectful. Kulusevski, Perisic, Spence, Moura seems rejuvenated. I recall the Redknapp and Poch teams but this team, with one or two exceptions, is better individually, and feels more cohesive as a team. I can't say anymore. It's emotional.
I remember when we started last season Kane was still not out of the City fiasco. Then he had a few first matches performing below his average. I am very excited for this season as Kane and other attackers look to be in form, not to mention we have Conte all the way from these pre season warming up matches. Hope the lads remain focused and start the season in full gear this time.
lal faihriem
lal faihriem:
kulu is just something else...i hope he goes bigger this season
Cline Mykbrian
Cline Mykbrian:
Excellent job! Wonderful resilience from the team to come back and win!
The chemistry between the players already 🤩!!
One thing I like about Spurs is "no one's selfish 🏌️
seeing Kane and son in such world-class form literally makes me cry tears of joy
raging bull
raging bull:
케인은 진짜 최고의 스트라이커. 첫골은 진짜 스트라이커가 뭔가를 보여준 골이었음. 이반 페리시치 크로스도 좋았고.
Son and Kane are nothing to say..I cant close my mouth! Fantastic!!!!!
Steven Bartkowski
Steven Bartkowski:
That pass by Sanchez!! 🔥🔥
Loopy :
"Harry, I think you're one of the best strikers in the world, but if we get a freekick on Wednesday, I think that Sonny should take it."

- Dejan Kulusevski
Marcus Rakyat
Marcus Rakyat:
Kane goal just outstanding and great performance by him.
spring cbas
spring cbas:
Son Kane duo. deadly!!!
Graham Kennedy
Graham Kennedy:
Good game for a friendly. Decent intensity to match that was decided with sheer class from Kane. Best of luck Spurs in upcoming season this was a good test for both sides.
Son and Kane 💙 that’s the duo!!
Gregorius Suri
Gregorius Suri:
With the depth of the squad and the way the play i'm convinced that Spurs is going to win something this season...
Kane has make up his mind to become the golden boot this season mark my words
원정경기에 처음발을 맞춰준 선수들 너무 수고많이하고있죠~!
손홍민 허리케인 선수 둘짝의 환상의호흡 와~ 대단합니다!!
토트넘선수들 첫예감이 넘좋습니다!! 시즌내내 승리를위해 가즈아!!!
S Mardi
S Mardi:
What a performance by Harry Kane
Gareth Robertson
Gareth Robertson:
Rangers fan here. Hope the spurs have a cracking season. Great club. Good luck boys
I hope Kane can keep this form 2 weeks from now. Last season early half he looked disheartened and disinterested, and despite amazing passes did not look to be on good striking form. With Son, Kulusevski, Richi at the front and now reinforced by Bissouma and Perisic I can see Kane easily winning the golden boot.
Arafat Hussain
Arafat Hussain:
Really happy that Levy went out of his way to keep Kane, definitely one of the best striker football now have!
0:33 what a pass from Kane 😀
Mark Thompson
Mark Thompson:
After watching tonight's game, genuinely think that Tottenham can challenge for the top 3 this year. I would actually be very surprised if they were not either 1,2 or 3!
Brian Ward
Brian Ward:
Was a good game to be at Kanes off the ball movement is unreal and his hold up play was very good kane and son are diff class to what we're used to good effort from spurs fans too decent travelling support hopefully see yous one day in a real.game
Joe Parker
Joe Parker:
I know everyone is talking about Kane and son but man Kulu looks sharp
Kinam Yun
Kinam Yun:
페리시치 그래 저게 크로스지. 속이 다 시원하네.
Abdallah Ashraf
Abdallah Ashraf:
Son and Kane historical double players 🇰🇷🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Son and Kane, they are wonderful..!!!! ~>.< I hope Tottenham will continue to improve.!!
Son doing Kanes job and Son doing Kanes job. Son might as well get top assister this season
ڪُميل ننجياڻي
ڪُميل ننجياڻي :
I am not a Tottenham fan. However, I think Kane should take the penalty and Son should take the freekick
As a brfootball subscriber, I came across information where Son scored two goals in two matches from freekick in the International Friendly Match.. This seems like a waste of talent
페리시치,히샬리송,비수마까지... 토트넘 스쿼드 정말 대단합니다
Declan Blake
Declan Blake:
Harry Kane is looking very sharp I can feel this is gonna be his best season
Salute to the Rangers keeper, 40 years old and still play so well and saved so many balls.
Rizki Adrian
Rizki Adrian:
Kane created his first goal out of nothing 👍
Baback D.
Baback D.:
Harry Kane's passing ability is seriously amazing and unique. You cannot not love that about him.
Kane and Son together is honestly a cheat code at this point. Always picking each other out with ease very rare you see a strike partnership like this especially nowadays
jae heon
jae heon:
That's a great game👏👏
M i Α vℓσg gσ тσ му ¢haηηєℓ!
M i Α vℓσg gσ тσ му ¢haηηєℓ!:
Two golden boot winners in one team, and in top form. This will be an exciting season.
Paul Jaime Panis
Paul Jaime Panis:
I'm not a Rangers fan but damn! That goalkeeper of theirs is on fire. I know they lost but the man kept the game close.
Andy Big B’s
Andy Big B’s:
It was great to win a cup! 🏆
James Alvin
James Alvin:
I'm watching this as a ManUtd fan,great play by Spurs,I see they created numerous chances
K. H
K. H:
Kulusevskiiii ✨✨ Couldn't score but what a game man . Can't wait to see more
Tanneka Hewitt
Tanneka Hewitt:
This front 3 is gonna be legendary the turn around n passing skills awesome exciting new season
Ming Tian
Ming Tian:
If Spurs drew this game, there wouldve been more talks of Kane not taking freekicks. Son should seriously take them, he scored two for his national team 🇰🇷
Tlhompo :
very happy about the team's performance, really can't wait for the season to start
Graham Craig
Graham Craig:
All the best for the season ahead Spurs! Was a good challenge for us and hopefully your guys enjoyed Ibrox
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Son & Kane , World Best Couple ❣️