Harry Potter Movie Mistakes Only Muggles Missed

Mistakes In The Harry Potter Movie Series You Missed.
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We all love Harry Potter. J.K. Rowling’s Wizarding world has cast a spell on us that we haven’t been able to break, not that we’d want to. This near perfect film series is beloved by fans all around the world. And seems just as relevant now as all the way back in 2001. With eight movies in the series, though, there’s bound to be things that the creators missed. While some muggles may have missed these magical mistakes, our eagle eyed wizards were able to catch 20 of the mistakes that slipped right past the editors. With the series spanning over 10 years, the technology and visual effects behind the magic was bound to improve, but that doesn’t mean there weren’t some bumps along the way.

From all of the fake birds and creatures spotted on camera, to the not so magical green-screens. Complete character changes from one shot to the next, disappearing injuries, wires and electronics left in backgrounds, and Rupert Grint’s many blunders on set. Not to mention, you wouldn’t believe what's been powering Hogwarts technology this whole time .. batteries?! We will be taking a look at mistakes that will be impossible to ignore once you see them. So let's take a trip back in time across all 8 of the Harry Potter films for the mistakes only Muggles could have missed! And no, not even Alastor Moody's magic eye could catch these. Strap in because we are headed back for another semester at Hogwarts!

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Written By: K. Thomas
Narrated By: G. Kellett
Edited By: V. Serhii

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100+ comentarios:

H x n e y D u c k
H x n e y D u c k:
Well obviously they used a fake owl....why would they injure an owl.....
Why is this so popular now...??? 😂
Imogen Malfoy
Imogen Malfoy:
Bruh we aren’t detectives. We like to watch the movies not pay attention to EVERY SINGLE detail.
Pinkishpinklol K
Pinkishpinklol K:
Thumbnail- ginny wearing a slitherin tie

Actual video- “ohh there’s a blanket that shifts over an inch”. Has nothing to do with ginny wearing the slitherin tie.
Nahar Tarabzoni
Nahar Tarabzoni:
They are not mistakes there are no mistakes in the Wizarding world it’s just magic
Mrbeast fan!! •
Mrbeast fan!! •:
Unless you want the owl to crash into a wall, it’s not a mistake
Ron: leviosah
Hermione: it’s leviosaa, not leviosah
Webster’s dictionary: actually, it’s levëóhsâch
Alkira Went
Alkira Went:
Not only Muggles missed the mistakes but also some Wizards ; )
• Mxilla •
• Mxilla •:
Excuse me sir/ma’am
I’m not a muggle, i go to Hogwarts
Lewis Sweeney
Lewis Sweeney:
Still the movies are awesome
u know we are just tryna enjoy the movies not play detectives
Mrbeast fan!! •
Mrbeast fan!! •:
They had an excuse for all of these “mistakes”, and that is Magic
Syndel Smoke
Syndel Smoke:
It doesn't matter bc they weren't mistakes, it's hard enough to make a mini movie with barely any editing and to make a huge one or would be impossible to make it perfect l, nothing is perfect
Jessica Her
Jessica Her:
So I went to YouTube some of these clips, you don’t see any of the claims he’s making. Smh.
Weronika Pulawska
Weronika Pulawska:
It doesnt mean were muggles. It obły means we enjoy The movie and dont judge humans by mistakes
Royale Rabbit
Royale Rabbit:
O rlly!?! Did quarrel not have another head coming out of his head?!? I didn’t know... haha ThAnKs so “smart” lol. Out of ideas much? O and, they wouldn’t use a real owl. That would be cruel. And they... didn’t use a real giant for it and Emma was cgi? O... we thought it was real. Anyways... bye. Wast of time.
Galaxystar Gaming
Galaxystar Gaming:
When Hermione punches Draco the hand holding her wand switches.
Considering the amount of films we’re talking about it is actually amazing that that’s all you could find and two are incorrect..
1: The shirt changing color: you ran two scenes together, the scene when Harry sees Voldemort at the train station he wakes up on the train on the way to hogwarts. You showed him waking in bed having the dream about Mr. Weasley getting attacked. Two completely different scenes hence two different shirts.
2: The Second challenge towel change: again you’re splitting the scene to fit your agenda here. Hermoine came out of the water before Harry and was given the blue towel, which is the final scene you show. If you notice Harry is not there yet and everyone is anxiously waiting for him to come out of the water. Once he does, they then show Hermoine wrap her blue towel around Harry therefore leaving her in her dark blue robe.....you just reversed the scenes to make it look like a mistake.
Also, the book opening on its own was more than likely the wind blowing if you notice in the scene you’ll see the pages continue to turn in the wind...so that one is questionable as well.
If you have to fake movie mistakes to make a 10 minute video when you have eight films to work with that pretty much says it all....they did an amazing job.
Emma Guillen
Emma Guillen:
Ok so the cover is wrong Ginny was not wearing a green tie
Eva Doodnath
Eva Doodnath:
The one about the book next to Hermione is so stupid like have u never heard of the wind?!
Brooklyn Baxter
Brooklyn Baxter:
who loves Harry Potter and what is your favorite book?
Issy Cook
Issy Cook:
Did you realise that in the movie, Hermione breaks the law. She uses 'oculus repairo' in Diagon Alley even though shes only 12. Still love the series through and through
Leila Hamed
Leila Hamed:
When you realise your not as much of a fan as you thought you were-
Zooey Lebel
Zooey Lebel:
Does anyone realize that the Harry Potter films and movies are set in the 90s? actually the first Harry movie was set in 1991 and ended in 1997, so if you were born in 2010 like me, the first movie is 29 years old lol.
Ps I love Harry Potter
Téa The potter-head
Téa The potter-head:
The head wig thing wasn’t a mistake- they did it so they didn’t hurt a real bird duh
Rose shane
Rose shane:
Bots :don’t lie who’s been a fan of the things before 2020 Me:don’t lie who’s sick of seeing these comments
Neiko Wilburn
Neiko Wilburn:
Come to think of it we all finally realized the mistakes in Harry Potter
ranbir jaswal
ranbir jaswal:
big harry potter fans like
Viktoria Gluc
Viktoria Gluc:
Voldemort had a nose in the first movie when he was on the back of quarrel’s head
laura drawzz
laura drawzz:
Try making a movie all by urself and well see how many mistakes they are
Bruh those things are so uneccesary and random, who would even care
Vibe wit Me
Vibe wit Me:
I went and checked the scene where draco and Harry have a “ wand fight “ and there is litterly no one there ... good editing.⚰️
Farrah Healy
Farrah Healy:
When Neville gets the remeberel he says he doesn’t know what he forgot but he is the only one that is not wearing a black cloak
Ellie Hurst
Ellie Hurst:
I ❤❤❤❤ harry potter it is the best
Hayley Oosthuizen
Hayley Oosthuizen:
There is another mistake harrys scar is on the right then on the left in the movie
Draco 🌿✨
Draco 🌿✨:
What a stupid video, *honestly*
We aren’t detectives, we just want to watch the movie, jeez 🙄
The thumbnail for this is just so fake. I can’t even-
(The first one)

We don’t like to think of stuff as ‘fake’ mate,
Sara •
Sara •:
Or we just enjoyed the movies and didn’t care because they were still amazing.
me, a potterhead, realized this the first time I saw the movies. I guess being a ravenclaw helps with that🦅
I think that in those cases of muggle technology, Arthur weasly has experimented too much!
Isla Curtis
Isla Curtis:
"only muggles missed" no not just muggles I'm half blood and I missed it
Lauren Tyrrell
Lauren Tyrrell:
Hermione's wand in the first film is different than her wand in all the other films
Nancy Hamilton
Nancy Hamilton:
In the scene Harry opened the Invisiblity clock. The "R" on Ron's sweater is reversed. Your wrong about Pettigrew's wand. Left pocket is his wand the right aide is Vaultamor's wand. 2 wands not the same wand.
Amy Hallett
Amy Hallett:
When they said about the book moving and opening in deathly hallows part 1 I was like “ ever heard of wind “
Julianna Pidlaoan
Julianna Pidlaoan:
The Things: You are a muggle if you missed these parts in the movies.
Me: But I thought wizards *don't have* electricity or electronics?

I'm a Ravenclaw, and got sorted on Pottermore. What house are you?
Nancy Hamilton
Nancy Hamilton:
Did anyone notice that the numbers are backwards like in quidditch where Ginny was standing beside Harry? It has happened in many areas like Ron's sweater.
Ron between Ginny and Harry. Both are setting close to the arms of the sofa. So the widest place is between the two. Also, Harry was given Arthur's approval to be with Ginny when Arthur left the room.
Adela Luzon Querol
Adela Luzon Querol:
4:30 ... Dumbledore ask the students to go to their respective bedrooms, although slytherins's is in the dungeons, exactly were quirrel had just said that the troll is located...Is headmaster mania for slytherins so terrible??
That One Minecraft Guy
That One Minecraft Guy:
Yeah none of these claims are true I'm going to watch memes now to block this horrible video from my mind
Hogwarts is My home
Hogwarts is My home:
are people not aloud to change shirts during the night Sir?
The Legendary Luna
The Legendary Luna:
The wind probably blew the book open, you see the pages flapping in the wind.
Mer mer & Hancy
Mer mer & Hancy:
:O early I’m a Harry Potter fan
Tic Tok Guy
Tic Tok Guy:
Fred and George when Harry gets put in Gryffindor: wE GoT pOtTaH! wE GoT pOtTaH!
「 Mxchuii 」
「 Mxchuii 」:
hi i love ur channel <3
me when I watched all of the movies 12 times : damn this isn’t news to me I jus like watching it wheeze
Daisy's Days
Daisy's Days:
‘Transfigure them selfs’ wish that was true then I could fit everything in it, like if you agree 😅😂😅
Rakahajain43@gm Jain
[email protected] Jain:
One mistake I found in Harry Potter and the sorcerers/philosophers stone when harry accidentally sets a python on dudley so when The python comes out of his cage we can see one girl jumping who got stuck into air instead of jumping.
Summer Bladen
Summer Bladen:
When Voldemort was in t back of the poshest evel wizard he has a nose when he is not on it he has no nose
Lydia Grace
Lydia Grace:
He made a mistake he said deathly hollows instead of deathly Hallows
Nania Xyreez
Nania Xyreez:
ana unas
ana unas:
Me wanting to see all the clips again to cach the mistakes ;-;
Misty Girl
Misty Girl:
I ain't no muggle I'm a magic person a slitherin and a witch
Kt Stuff
Kt Stuff:
E.t. Gachas
E.t. Gachas:
Imagine getting paid to point out mistakes and edit mistakes in a beloved series and then telling the true fans that they are muggles.

Iiris Rebeka Saffre
Iiris Rebeka Saffre:
it doesnt matter why fo they matter like ok the one where Harrys shirt changes but chill
3:47 so were just looking at ppls butt's now🤣🤣🤣🤣
Aesthetic_ Milo
Aesthetic_ Milo:
I didn’t miss dis because I might be a muggle born but I’m no muggle
2:23 ever heard of wind?
Crazy Cosmo
Crazy Cosmo:
Yall watched the films a lot differently than I did, i actually enjoyed them by not playing Sherlock Holmes
The Dancer
The Dancer:
When Rons rat gave his wand to "Lord how ever you spell his name is" he chopped off his hand in the very beginning when he was trying to bring him back to life so when he was giving him back his wand his hand that got chopped off got switch between parts so if you didn't notice that you are just like me in the every beginning!!!!
I can't think of a good name
I can't think of a good name:
1:00 The thing that always bothered me about that scene was the shot where they suddenly cut to the real Hedwig. We saw the fake owl, who does not have stripes on its wings to look like feathers, topple onto its side. Then, the real Hedwig is seen standing upright with a lot of dark on her wings. That shot used to drive me crazy, because it didn't logically make sense. Not only does it really show that the other owl was different, which makes the real Hedwig seem off by comparison, but it also just doesn't work. She can't be on her side and then up right before anyone's adjusted her, so this shot always messed with my mind a little bit because my brain tried to understand it logically.
Chom Sirikarn K. :p
Chom Sirikarn K. :p:
Just because we don’t pay attention to EVERY SINGLE detail doesn’t mean we’re a f*cking muggle
Chickennuggets -_-
Chickennuggets -_-:
Anyone else notice how Voldemort’s robes get lighter as it goes through the movies? ✌🏻
The Malfoy Sisters!
The Malfoy Sisters!:
I just watched Harry Potter and the chamber of secrets and replayed it over and OVER again and found no sign of a camera man.
Hermione Granger
Hermione Granger:
You recognised these muggle things because you are a one 😆😆😆
Ghostie Xx
Ghostie Xx:
It wasn’t a mistake, if they used a real owl it would be animal abuse and they would’ve injured the bird

They did that on purpose
Oana Sârb
Oana Sârb:
Whats ur problem ? Everyone makes mistakes
Abhilasha Rodrigo
Abhilasha Rodrigo:
You missed one that I can think of. At the end of the Chamber of Secrets, when Harry frees Dobby, Lucius Malfoy raises his wand, and you can catch him (even though its barely audible) saying "Avada Kedavra"!
I'm ashamed of not knowing this, fine "TheThings". You beat me as a Muggle.
space мσση
space мσση:
The Percy Jackson fans with all the mistakes in their movies: imagine how tired we are of it
Katherine Knapp
Katherine Knapp:
The way they sneak in stuff or move them around all in one scene is wicked!
Owen Clayton
Owen Clayton:
I will never watch Harry Potter the same after this video.
At the start it was like serious mistakes but as it got to the end the were judging a piece of toast by it angle changing lol
Hermione Jean Granger- Weasley
Hermione Jean Granger- Weasley:
ive actually seen all of this. im not a muggle anymore
Violet Cheetah
Violet Cheetah:
*Hey, they tried their best -.-*
John Christopher Santos
John Christopher Santos:
9:40 plot twist: there are "two" wands😆😁😂🤣
5:00 You mean 4 copper lines and then 3 copper lines..... Wow, you missed that in a video that says movie mistakes
well of course they used strings what else what do you expect actual magic? LMAO
0:55 so you are saying you want a real owl to crash into the wall
{Bagel Brownie}
{Bagel Brownie}:
Wait...I’m In One Of Those Weird Muggle Things They Watch?!
Alexis Emberbridge
Alexis Emberbridge:
Harry I forget what time: LOOK AT ME
Me: I already am
Chloe MacCheyne
Chloe MacCheyne:
The shirt I thought was bc it was a different night since harry repeats dreams
Gacha _wolfy
Gacha _wolfy:
bro i know the crew and none of this happens
déjá bowler
déjá bowler:
I'm early
Megan Codling
Megan Codling:
Quirrel comes in he says the troll is in the dungeon, then dumbledore says to go to the dormitories... The slytherin dormitory is in the dungeon
Susan Devine
Susan Devine:
Am I being stupid or does dobbie’s face look smooth then rough??🤨
e h
e h:
Muggles missed this one big thing: the entire movie series
IM so early
Giraffe 77
Giraffe 77:
9:25 Voldemort- Once again I thought I had hair