Harry Styles and Olivia Wilde can’t keep their hands off each other| Page Six Celebrity News

In photos exclusively obtained by Page Six, the “Booksmart” director, 37, and the former One Direction crooner, 27, can be seen enjoying themselves on a yacht in Italy where they’ve been vacationing for the past week.

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14 comentarios:

Irene Tarigan
Irene Tarigan:
I really hope he is happy and enjoy the happiness with Olivia...
They actually looks similar with their faces
Ariana Chavez
Ariana Chavez:
aaaaaaaa llorandoooo
I'll give it 6 months
allison pruss
allison pruss:
harry styles love olivia wilde
allison pruss
allison pruss:
harry styles and olivia wilde are you together
Ice Breaker
Ice Breaker:
Two narcissists cannot last long together.
Arina Rahman
Arina Rahman:
What is this even for?
Maui Lorizond
Maui Lorizond:
I have sore eyes. Did not see this much🥴🙄🧐🤪😜😝😵
Super Nova
Super Nova:
Alexa play “ Deja Vu “ Lucy Horobin 2.0
Sheila Anne
Sheila Anne:
So mommy flies off to an Italian Rivera vaca with her young lover while the kids stay in Brooklyn during a swealtering 4th of July? Great
Maui Lorizond
Maui Lorizond:
In broad daylight they dance, read, kiss and cuddle with paps present???? 🥵🙄🤪 I was not born yesterday to not understand this script😜🤪🧐🥴🥺😠😡🤬
Edith Fernandez
Edith Fernandez:
Most of the pics is not Harry because there are no tattoos on his body.
Arina Rahman
Arina Rahman:
Fake relationship and Holivia is so fake