Hartley Sawyer FIRED as Ralph Dibny on The Flash! What Happens Now?

Hartley Sawyer FIRED as Ralph Dibny on The Flash! What Happens Now? The Flash Season 7, The Flash Season 7 Promo, The Flash 7x01 Promo, Crisis On Infinite Earths, Godspeed, Reverse Flash, Blackhole.

Article: https://www.hollywoodreporter.com/live-feed/hartley-sawyer-fired-flash-misogynist-tweets-surface-1297483

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Hey Everyone! Thanks for watching! What are your reactions to this? Did you expect it? Or are you sort of surprised? Let me know in the comments!
Tobi Kayode
Tobi Kayode:
I find it weirdly ironic, how when his character was introduced in Season 4 his character arc was about how people can change, and then come 2020 and he is fired for the man that he was 8 years ago
Master Super Shark
Master Super Shark:
"I don't care who you were then, I only care about who you wanna be now"
that was a quote from charlie in legends of tommorow. not even CW can follow the quotes they make their actors say
John Ryan Parman
John Ryan Parman:
they keep firing actors but won't fire their dumb writers
Red -Man
Red -Man:
How convenient is it that he is the character saying that everyone can change
Kevin Martinez
Kevin Martinez:
Sorry but I can’t see no one else as Ralph dibney/ aka baby giraffe
il Kid Poker
il Kid Poker:
His entire character was made as him changing as a person for the better.
D.E. Waters
D.E. Waters:
It is sad that now his career is probably over. Yes he is fully responsible for his comments and he knew they were out there. But I only hope the dirt diggers find themselves in a hole they can't dig out of too. Purposely hunting to find damaging trash on people really makes you no better than the trash you dig up.
Adi Afendi
Adi Afendi:
The entire premise of Legends, The Flash, Supergirl and Arrow hinged for the large part on the themes of redemption and second chances. What the hell, CW?
Too bad for him. He really did look like the character in the comics.
Literally JUST as his storyline was getting somewhat interesting
The Sisters
The Sisters:
He needs to be hired back or I'm starting a protest worldwide
If Hartley Sawyer doesn't return to the flash I'm never watching it again. Its wrong that someone should defined by something they said years ago, when clearly they have changed and matured as person.
If they re-cast I'm rioting. They either bring him back and accept his mistake as long as he doesn't do it again or kill Ralph off
Jeon Jungkook
Jeon Jungkook:
I thought it was clear that it was trolling. Ain’t that what Twitter is for?

And even if he wasn’t, it was 5-8 years ago. Really? Why would u fire someone over something that happened 5-8 years ago. If u were to judge someone from like 8 years ago then ur a bad judger. I’d understand if he was STILL racist and stuff. But if not, that’s not fair.
Tom Gaffney
Tom Gaffney:
That's it, I'm out, arrowverse is over for me, I Can't stand the cw, they can't make any good decisions.
Jaliah Barker
Jaliah Barker:
People ain’t playing no more games about racism like it’s 2020 come one but at the same time he didn’t have to get fired
Dr Sundae
Dr Sundae:
Honestly CW is just digging their own grave at this point. Firing a talented actor like Hartley Sawyer is not something that they should be doing lightly. Sure he has a past that I’m sure he is not proud of, but haven’t we all. Accepting change and becoming a better person is what matters. We should not judge a person based on who they were but rather who they are today. And from what I’ve seen Hartley Sawyer has changed. Idk. That’s just me.
Gonk Droid
Gonk Droid:
Ironic because when Ralph was introduced he was a jerk but he learned that his past didn’t define him and then he became a hero. Then he has to get fired from something from his past. Makes me angry. Baby giraffe, you will be missed. 😢
Ash Brooks
Ash Brooks:
For a tv show that makes shouts from the rooftop that you can’t change the past and that it’s important to live with your mistakes it’s ironic that ya fire someone for something he said in the past 😂
Anthony Lozano
Anthony Lozano:
8 years is a long time for someone to grow, I highly doubt he’s the same person he was then and he probably has a better understanding of the meaning behind his words and how much they can hurt in today’s social climate. I wish they were willing to stand by him and vouch for who he is today, but considering the timing the CW probably felt their hands were tied. It sucks but I understand it from a business perspective, they probably felt like they had to let him go rather than give a second chance. Shitty situation all the way around. For the Hartley, for the fans that might want him to stay and for the ones who he might have hurt, and just for the show in general. It all sucks.
W Lee
W Lee:
The character of Ralph Dabney was introduced as a scoundrel. Basically a BAD COP who would say or do anything to get the desired outcome he wanted. Over the course of 2 yrs we saw the character realize that he didnt want to be that person anymore. It was one of the great stories of the show of redemption for both Ralph and Killer Frost. Now we have a real life sitution of Mr Sawyer making distasteful comments of few years ago. I think that rather then just write this character off "as well aa the actor who has apologized for his comments" there should be one or two final episodes of the characters past coming back to end his participation on the show. It needs to be a show about redemption and causality of words and actions of the past. If Hartley wanted to donate part or all of his actor pay which would be a genuine gesture as well. This episode(s) would of course need to come with the approval of the rest of the cast and crew and should be little to no interaction with other actors on the series. What he said was wrong but the show is about redemption and what better way to highlight that than a real life episode to end this incident IMO.
Kester Semacio
Kester Semacio:
Bro where was the lesson from the show?
"It's just the past, you can't change it, all you have to do is to accept your mistake."
Honestly tho like how bored do u have to be to scroll thru years of someone’s tweets
Samir Choudhury
Samir Choudhury:
Arrowverse: crisis of infinite recasting
AlphaBoi Games
AlphaBoi Games:
Ralph was one of the best parts of the flash along with cisco and the flash, I honestly liked Hartley as Elongated Man too. Also it was 8 years ago, Im sure he changed after what happened in those 8 years ago, it was from the past, this also happened too to the firing of James Gunn, I hope the CW/Warner Bros. dont recast him, give him another chance, I honestly liked him in the flash. Ralph was My 3rd Arrowverse Character, My Top 1 arrowverse and favorite arrowverse character was the flash
Vampy uwu
Vampy uwu:
The world changes, humans change, emotions change and personalities do too, to whoever brought these up, shame on you, you just fired an iconic character from television. Its like you took water from us, RDJ from his role as Iron Man, Elongated Man from us.
can't believe this happened he was a really good character in the comics and the show think i gonna cry rn. thx for letting me know appreciate it .
Nova centurion
Nova centurion:
They fired him now because people would get mad and say they're keeping a racist on the show.
Rayyan Akber
Rayyan Akber:
I hate it when people bring up bad things from people’s past, when the people themselves have moved on and become better people.
DC_Young_ Bennett
DC_Young_ Bennett:
I find it ironic how when his character was introduced in season 4, his storyline of the episode was about how people can change, now comes 2020 and he gets fired for the man he used to be and the comments he made 8 years ago... you're sending some mixed messages CW
Edit: not to mention that whenever Barry tries to change the timeline they make it clear that you have to live with your past mistakes
Adam Volný
Adam Volný:
Cast of Flash: We like Hartley. He's great.

*His old tweets appear*

Cast of Flash: Let's stab him in the back. We never liked him. And we'll hire some POC. That'll help us.
The moral of the story: be careful what you post on social media. Or just do not be sexist, racist or homophobic in the first place.
Osa A.
Osa A.:
i cant believe that some low life would take their time to ruin someone's career because of some tweets from eight years ago. As a female black person, I was extremely mad at first, but then I thought about it. His entire character was based off second chances and the CW didn't even think about it for a second. I get that they thought it was the best thing to do at that moment, but it wasn't. Whatever the actor did, that doesn't mean to just completely remove him. I've seen way worse tweets from actors who never got fired for it and got ankther chance because it was years ago. keep in mind those actors had tweets from like two but hartley had one from EIGHT years ago. and it's so disappointing that nobody even said anything about it, or even somewhat tried to defend him. they just threw shade and that was it. i really have a bad opinion on the way that CW runs things now because this is just sad
Cancel culture will end up cancelling the arroverse
Bryan Luna
Bryan Luna:
Im furious that they took out one of my favorite characters on the story. All this stuff needs to end, and CW is adding fuel to the flame.. people can change over 8 years. Growing and evolving is what we do.
Deividas LTU
Deividas LTU:
That's the start of how The flash will start to fall, such a shame, Hartley Sawyer really felt like he belonged here
elastic man can easily be replaced, because he can change to anyone
Tristan Crowley
Tristan Crowley:
When I was in my early 20s I remember making a "joke" about rape on social media. Thankfully somebody pulled me up on it and I changed my mindset. All I can say is thanks God that I don't work as an actor at this moment in time or I'd be in the same position. Now, if you asked any of my friends they would never say I was someone to make inappropriate jokes, because people do change. I just hope he does get somewhere after this and still finds acting work when things calm down.
They could have him “morph” into a different character and forget how to become Ralph
some idiot
some idiot:
Does anyone else find it unfair that he’s being fired for something he did 8 years ago, before he was even on the show?
Votzre on 60 fps
Votzre on 60 fps:
Season 7 Barry allen: wheres ralph
Team flash : erm he erm got killed by mirror master
i bet 100 dollars cw will put that in the script
1 Million Subs Without Videos Challenge
1 Million Subs Without Videos Challenge:
Its Ironic how Hartley's Character, Ralph Dibny is based on second chances. However Hartley is being targeted for his past which is totally against his character's treatment. Hartley may be a changed man and I feel CW should give him a second chance. I cant imagine anyone else as The Elongated Man.
After reviewing the situation of Hartley Sawyer it was unacceptable he should not have said that stuff on twitter. I fully respect the decision that the producers of the flash have fired Harley Sawyer. He was disrespecting brown and black people in the twitter tweets. Some good thing about Hartley Sawyer he was a very funny member of the flash crew in my opinion he was the most funnest character in the flash. It just sucks to see him go but I hope we see him in the near future. but in my guessing he will not be returning to the Flash crew.
CrAzE Volt
CrAzE Volt:
CW: We don't tolera..
Me: Second Chances?!
Ronnie Hesson
Ronnie Hesson:
I think they should fire whoever dug through decades worth of social media post to find something to use against.
Aiden Kane
Aiden Kane:
Well this news just ruined my whole night.
Chea kimhong
Chea kimhong:
Imagine the show go downhill after they fired Hartley sawyer
Andreas Georgiou
Andreas Georgiou:
In terms of story line, they had Sue Dearborn wanted for murder at the end of the finale, they could have the Ralph Dibney character implicated and would have to go into hiding hence the new face ie shape shifting 🤔
I mean, why spend 2 seasons on a character that you were gonna fire after finding something relevant to present events that were posted 8 YEARS AGO. I mean he said some pretty messed up things but why are u gonna hire someone that you were gonna fire them in 2 years. Honestly makes the shows really difficult to direct. How are they gonna do season 7 now? With the dearbon Stuff. Are they just gonna say "He left." Like come on.
This sucks. He was my favorite character and no one else could play the character better
K Plazzm
K Plazzm:
Ralph lost his job again and this time It wasn't Barry's fault.
Brody's Awesome Videos
Brody's Awesome Videos:
Why did this happen to one of my fave characters :edit :(
These tweets really weren’t even that bad
I read the tweets, and they were for the most part juvenile and mostly seemed to be an attention grab, and while upset by his language in the tweets and the subject.. I don't believe any of it was serious, and I feel he deserves a chance to make amends for it.. Much in the way Ralph Dibny went from a sleazeball dirty cop and later private eye, into a valiant superhero.. I think the CW should give him an opportunity to prove he's grown up in 9 years and is no longer the same person that tweeted those words..
Drew Manning
Drew Manning:
This is a bummer, I just got back into/caught up on Flash and his character was my favorite addition to the show. Clearly the man's tweets were just a bunch of dumb jokes he made years ago and I don't think they should cost him his role.
Jen M
Jen M:
It took me forever to like his character, and then i finally like him and he goes away. What a jerk. You would think stars atleast, especially moreso than the rest of us, would have an education on what to keep quiet about, unless its a very strong belief. If its something you believe with your heart you should stand against - then yes, even being in hollywood shouldn't keep you silent, but these are known wrongs that it seems like you would know by a certain age. I thought he was dead for several episodes after the black tar anticancer guy (sorry, bad with names) got a hold of him. I wish they had left it at that, because I absolutely hate recastings. And what happened to the hyper boy? they said they needed him and he got excited, but he was gone after that. They said they needed everyone in one of the last 2 episodes, and he wasn't there. I hate how people just disappear. Its one of the better comic book shows on tho and i hate to see anything happen to it .
Robert G
Robert G:
These ppl just wanted to fire him.
Everyone who played cards against humanity should be desecrated by the internet then.
Caleb de Jong
Caleb de Jong:
Man leave the past in the past. If he doesn’t say that anymore why would you fire him???
Star Brand
Star Brand:
Antithetical: directly opposed or contrasted; mutually incompatible.
I SAW THAT I CANT BELIVE WHAT HE DID! I’m so exited to see what they say about him. Prolly he died or had a case he had to do and can’t come back
I’m confused why he says sue dibney her last name was Dearbon right
Omarion Brown
Omarion Brown:
You've gotta be kidding me! They were going to continue the Ralph and Sue thing next season... 😥😢
Im sad that I won't get to see him on the show anymore but honestly, getting fired was expected when he did what he did.
Renber Hernandez
Renber Hernandez:
Bruh i wanted see him reveal identity and mary sue😭😭😭😭😭
Josiah Oliver
Josiah Oliver:
imagine not being homophobic in 2020
couldn’t be me
Zaharah K
Zaharah K:
and dudes storyline started to get interesting
Anthony Caisse
Anthony Caisse:
the reason he got fired was because he said inapropriat commmet
Daniel Ladipo
Daniel Ladipo:
That was 8 years ago thats a very long time for someone to change and thank skai Jackson for scrolling all the way down for a few minutes trying to dig up some dirt
I say they have him disguise as someone and get hit by some sort of meta, or something that has him get stcuk as someone else
Andrew Harnett
Andrew Harnett:
My dad find out of the yes I'm very surprised about this thank you for sharing this see you on your next video
Alonso Gustavo Pacherres Rodriguez
Alonso Gustavo Pacherres Rodriguez:
Warner Brothers: WB we want Hartley Sawyer back, everyone deserve a second chance ( Que vuelva Ralph Dibny a The Flash, lo queremos de vuelta - ¡Firma la petición! http://chng.it/wKcMmcs8 a través de @ChangeorgLatino

William Johnston
William Johnston:
Ralph Dibny was one of my favorite characters it took me a while to get used to him, but he grew on me. The Flash Season 7 better be good or I may just stop watching it, because after crisis ended in Season 6 I kind of lost interest in it.
9:58 he talking about like how they did Legend with the shapeshifter
joseph paula the kowla
joseph paula the kowla:
I literally change like every 6 months stupid firing someone for something 8 years ago. Also wasn't his character all about character development and how he turned out as a jerk and became a better man.
natalie Moore
natalie Moore:
I saw grant gustins ig post about this and this is how I found out
Christian Johnson
Christian Johnson:
WTF HE IS ONE OF MY FAVORITE CHARACTERS. This story with Sue has been great
“re-cast him with a poc!!!!!”
I always liked the second Darren better.
aww man.. I loved Ralph
Zach06 Attack
Zach06 Attack:
What I don't understand is why someone went through his Twitter and went years back just to call him out and get him fired. It's completely bull shit.
Chrs Lettin
Chrs Lettin:
The whole cast say he's a decent guy they love him so why the hell would you punish a guy for something that happened 8 years ago he is clearly not the same man from 8 years ago or the cast would not like him
Tyler Duff
Tyler Duff:
The thing that gets me is the fact that all these post were from years before they hired him to the show.... so this is all on the cw for not doing their research.
Layton Pratt
Layton Pratt:
Well, looks like he’s not the only one not returning for season 7. He was my favorite character.
Exactly when he was about to have something so amazingly interesting about to happen he gets caught for something this stupid🤧
Jerome Guirgius
Jerome Guirgius:
Before: oh flashpoint did it
Now: earth prime ya he actually died in it
Elongated man Forever
Elongated man Forever:
I believe in second chances we need to make a petition to get Sawyer back, He shouldnt be fired because for something 8 years ago That's injustice.
Ben Rybinski
Ben Rybinski:
If that means one less useless character is in star labs I’m happy. I preferred season one with just the Og crew.
Selim Helal
Selim Helal:
Imagine judging someone from something they tweeted almost a decade ago
Secretary Bird
Secretary Bird:
We need jim Carrey elongated man
Miely 08
Miely 08:
My reaction...my reaction is I’ve had enough with wokeness. If he had been harassing or intimidating black actors and workers on set, the firing would have been justified. How old was he 8 years ago?
I would not compare tweets to possible physical sexual assault of a child...which other evidence against Gunn popped up hinting his thoughts and preferences.
Stephen Reeves
Stephen Reeves:
New chapter for the Book of Ralph: The Internet Never Forgets
Mark Maxner
Mark Maxner:
It's too bad. Ralph was my incentive to watch Flash. Loved that chemistry the two actors had in their storyline. Hopefully they'll try to replicate this dynamic with another actor. Good Luck Show Runners!
jerry smith
jerry smith:
I didn't know until the revealed of his tweets but I since season 4 I've always had a vibe about him...no pun attended
Amro Safwan
Amro Safwan:
Man im so pissed right now i mean he was one of my favorite characters in the flash and now Hartley gets fired because of his actions which i understand but come on i forgive him and i think everybody should give him a chance i mean what he did was 8 years ago ,8 DAMN YEARS AGO like really, the past is just the past and people change and fun fact the cw teached that in the flash season 4 where barry has to forgive ralph for what he done and he does eventually because he learns that the past is just the PAST and look over now ,the cw is not forgiving hartley for what he had done 8 damn years ago ,COME ON CW JUST GIVE HARTLEY ANOTHER CHANCE
Edwin Garcia
Edwin Garcia:
Im surprised I would have never thought he was this way I loved the way he played Ralph but I've decided to remember him how I know Ralph
What is going on with 2020? It's as if this year is literally cursed. It's so wild.
Slade Baker
Slade Baker:
I'm extremely mad at the cw for this.... You're already letting the show get boring. Now you take the sense of humor person from it.
You just finished breaking the show. Not sure I can support the flash anymore sorry