Hartley Sawyer Joins The Table

Hartley Sawyer joins the table to discuss the finale of "The Flash."

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Here after finding out he’s fired. Over some tweets he said many years ago 😔 smh
I'm Batman
I'm Batman:
The CW are cowards. The really heroic thing to do would would be for the CW utilising their real courage and sense of community would be to shower Hartley with love and acceptance and tell him they think he was talking shit but they love him anyway and they’re gonna stand by him. Imagine how powerful of a message against hate that would be. Even if Hartley was a sincere racist up to that very second he’d change his views right there and then.
Hartley sawyer left the table
The way she said elongated man
I knew Ralph ran in front of the mirror gun!!!
Elongated man Forever
Elongated man Forever:
Cw we had a good run. But after you did this man dirty I'm so over the flash it's gonna be lame now.
Mega_ Raptorian
Mega_ Raptorian:
The flash is over now. 0:
Fadly N.
Fadly N.:
Am I too early?
I don't think facial hair suites him😕
E B:
Please tell me, I'm not the only one who thinks this guy can play a young Jim Carrey in a biopic film?
Rudy the baryonx
Rudy the baryonx:
Matt Dougherty
Matt Dougherty:
There must be a few deleted scenes on that show. I don't recall Cisco ever mentioning lady gaga before the season finale
LuKas Kasdan
LuKas Kasdan:
People change. They either evolve into better people...or sink deeper into the nasty, vile racists they were before. Whatever the case, the past has caught up with Hartley Sawyer. Pay up, bro and get decent if you haven't already.