Has Everton's James Rodriguez proved he has the grit to play in the Premier League? | Extra Time

ESPN FC's Alejandro Moreno, Frank Leboeuf, Steve Nicol join Sebastian Salazar to answer your tweets in Extra Time, including:
(0:17) What's the best way to prepare mentally to face the same opponent multiple times as Arsenal and Liverpool have?
(3:05) Does Man City's Kevin De Bruyne winning UEFA Midfielder of the Year mean that he's almost as good as Liverpool's Jordan Henderson who won the FWA Player of the Year?
(4:45) Why were so many people questioning whether Everton's James Rodriguez had the grit to play in the Premier League?
(5:45) Who would rather have as your center back: Liverpool's Virgil van Dijk or Vincent Kompany in his prime?
(6:51) Which fan base is the most cringeworthy?

(9:20) Who are Ale's favorites to qualify for the 2022 World Cup out of CONMEBOL?

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100+ comentarios:

Julio Lopez
Julio Lopez:
James has played well in Argentina, Portugal, France , Germany and Spain , also done it on the big stage in the World Cup
James finally getting game time instead of being on bench at real madrid.
Jaleel HD
Jaleel HD:
He definitely has when everyone doubted him. His stamina might need improvement but his dedication and ability to play is unquestioned.

Chelsea fan here btw.🔵
Kromexstylez Zz
Kromexstylez Zz:
He always was good just needed someone to bring his confidence back Carlo doing well
Chap 567
Chap 567:
If you’re one of the best players in the world you can play in any league it doesn’t matter james along with others players like Aubameyang, de bruyne etc had no problem adjusting to the prem
James is a great player! played for two of the biggest clubs even though he didn't get a long with the coach. He was a break out star in the World Cup with some of the nicest goals.
Asking James Rodriguez to play defense at Real was the problem. That should not be his function on the team. Nor should it Hazards or Isco. Zidane looked for any excuse not to play him which is his perogative.
There is nothing special about the prem, good players will thrive there just as they do in other leagues.
Aaron Adams
Aaron Adams:
Was never a question to me. He has the talent and grit no doubt
Leonardo Cruz
Leonardo Cruz:
madrid played different when James was on the pitch, good or bad thats something few players can manage. They never liked him at madrid, always saying he wasn't fit or he partied a lot they just wanted him out. And Zidane has favorites. There's something about if your not European or Brazilian they don't want you. Just look at Navas, they pushed him out.
Don Nadie
Don Nadie:
He always been a good player he just need a team where it where to be build for him n Everton is just perfect for a James n i was first to say he won't be much help to the team n homie is shown he can carry the team
Cole Smith
Cole Smith:
Yes its very good to see James play regular football like he should have been doing all along.
King Tshilobo
King Tshilobo:
Carlo is good manager. AC Milan was so great during his time
Kd Roofing
Kd Roofing:
James Rodriguez is class from day one just critics down playing is worth
guess who
guess who:
My god. I can't stop laughing at these ESPN pundits 😂. They say individual awards don't matter. This is what you call "Sour Grapes".
Tyler Ramzan Dossa
Tyler Ramzan Dossa:
James has been the most surprising PL player so far but its only been 3 matches
Courage the Doggo
Courage the Doggo:
I don't see why EPL fans and media still try to push the EPL physicality supremacy agenda here lool. They've been proven wrong time and time again. Players from different leagues have come and battered their "physical" teams. "Slow" players can play there just fine.
Just stop it guys. It's not a big deal at all.
The Bosman Viewing
The Bosman Viewing:
He needed a manager like Ancelotti to get the best out of him
Carlos Rodriguez
Carlos Rodriguez:
Creo que no debemos comparar a James con otras estrellas y darnos cuenta de una vez por todas que James es un jugador que tiene su propio estilo con el cual nos esta demostrando que es muy efectivo, sofisticado, inteligente, elegante, magico, de mucho arte, de mucha tecnica, diverso en cuanto aporta muchas opciones encaminadas a generar tanto juego como goles todas estas características están por encima de jugadores con velocidad, regateos. Es un arte ver jugar a James con su propio estilo!
yankee wz
yankee wz:
*Correction* you mean "how james like many others keep proving the premier league is overrated"..if you're talented & committed enough you will succeed in that league, even if it rains "fireballs" in stoke city.
Steeve Cantave
Steeve Cantave:
Grit? The EPL has changed. Before, Arsenal was the only team to favor skills ahead of physicality in the attacking third. If one looks at City, Liverpool, Man Utd, Chelsea, and Spurs, Kane is considered to be the most traditional strikers out of all the forwards on those teams, and he’s hardly a lumberjack. All those teams have great technical players in the final third. The key is to have midfields that enable these players to focus on attacking.
Jitu Teron
Jitu Teron:
The belief that EPL is too tough for technical continental players has been debunked a long time back and is still held only by a few old Scotsmen
Heberson Joseph
Heberson Joseph:
So far he's doing great but his team haven't face the premier league top 3 yet
Deborah Luck
Deborah Luck:
He has proved his worth already❤️
dhawal c
dhawal c:
It's about time we realise that la liga players can play well in the premier but not vice versa
Levi Williams
Levi Williams:
I am glad he getting playing time. This will only make him better.
Cutz McVascular
Cutz McVascular:
With all sports and all pro athletes, there has to be a fit for success. If the player doesn't fit the team, there will be no success. Now he has found a place where he fits, he's showing his full potential. I wish that fit was at RM, but good luck to James anyway...
Lebohang Makhanya
Lebohang Makhanya:
good to see Seb having some bite and not letting Ale and Steve bully him! He is a lively host in my opinion
vikram dharma
vikram dharma:
Since Man utd not getting Sancho. On hindsight, Man utd should have signed James. Lost opportunity.
It would be very naive of anyone to think that James didn't have pedigree to make it in EPL. He would have fit in all the big clubs .
He should've left Real Madrid 3 years back, when he was not starting the game. He was too good a player to come as substitute.
Felipe I
Felipe I:
Love how the UK media is totally self absorbed. If a player doesn’t play the premier league he has not proved himself. By this metric, EPL teams should be winning the champions league every year!
abhinand rk
abhinand rk:
James is just showing his class..never thought a single player can change the entire team
Lol Kimmich played right back half the champions league games and only played rb since the restart in July. He could certainly qualify for best defender of the competition. The best had to go to either Kimmich or Thiago Silva.
I've been a United fan for 35 years and I love Stevie Nicol.
Frank Guerrero
Frank Guerrero:
Everton's team chemistry is high vs liverpool we will know how good they are
PhiStol TV
PhiStol TV:
Premier league being a top league died around 2008-2010 before that you could make that argument. Its just a myth that Barclays Premier league is the best league in the world. It certainly the most watched, most marketable or most entertaining but certainly not the best league this past decade.
Orlando Velastegui
Orlando Velastegui:
The reason they thought James Rodriguez wasn’t good enough for the Premier league was because they think the premier league is better than La Liga but, it’s not La Liga is better. That why james is excelling at the Premier league.
Debraj Borah
Debraj Borah:
Steve Nicol is a former Liverpool player, so its very hard for him to accept that someone from a Mancunian team won the Midfielder of the Season award.... taking the topic to a Defenders and saying these awards are trash... I m pretty sure he would say that Mane (no disrespect to Mane, he is Liverpool's best) should have won the Forward of the season award in Place of Robert Lewan"goal"ski.... LOL
Get the actual stats from the last 50 games he played, I’m not gonna say it, just use that one website, it’s ridiculously good and unbelievable he didn’t get the game time at real.
Rami Ruokamo
Rami Ruokamo:
James Rodriguez is perfect example of "luxury player" that needs team built around him. Luckily his current manager gets best out of him.

Its clear that every1 in Everton team knows James's ability when it comes to ball control and passing.

And by luxury player I mean type of player that does fit basicly only certain formations and he can perform well in only one...maybe two positions on the field.

Also not every team need player like James even if (in theory) they could sing him.
Ricardo S.
Ricardo S.:
Zidane a raíz de la salida de Ronaldo y al no encontrar sustituto lo unico que se le ha ocurrido es intentar por todos los medios de no recibir goles. Elimino a James con la excusa de que no tenia físico para ayudar en defensa cuando siempre demotro calidad en cada ocasión que tuvo. Pero exigía mas para quemar la brillantez de james. Siendo el único que creo mas ocasiones de gol. Están las estadísticas que lo comprueban. Logro limitar su brillantez relegandolo a la banca. En lo personal pienso que Zidane logro 3 champions porque estuvo en el momento adecuado con los jugadores adecuados y sobre todo gracias a Cristiano. Luego de la salida de Ronaldo nada de futbol, nadad de entretenimiento solo estrés en sus jugadores desmotivando a estrellas que ahora que estan en otros equipos y estan demostrando que son mejores de lo que zidane dijo. Caso Keylos Navas, Reguilon, James, Falta que Bale juegue. Pero seguro dara mas de lo que Zidane pudo sacar de el. Me da pena ver hoy al madrid es un equipo sin alma- sin alegria
619 Trading
619 Trading:
Well see if he can last all season... and let’s see how he does against top 4 teams
James Michaels
James Michaels:
The premier league IS a supior league. The best players thrive in any league. Nobody said James Rodriguez would not do it in the premier league.

The EPL is the best league because the mediocre teams in the premier league have more quality players than the mediocre teams in every other league in the world.

Having one great team doesn't make their League the best. Its the other 19 teams. (Good leagues have 20 teams).
He was on Real Madrid that was were better than any premier league team for half a decade. He’ll be ok.
Sidharth Byju
Sidharth Byju:
Let's be honest, the guy is too good to play for Everton.
Alfonso Castillo
Alfonso Castillo:
Señor Venezolano, no nececita minimizar a James para usted sobresalir, y recomiendele a sus amigos panelistas que no utilizen en el titulo a James para que los escuchen mas. Saludos
James Hughes
James Hughes:
Honestly Why not just say you where wrong he's quality. In hind sight your bias made you want James to be a failure. Everton 6 games in 20 goals scored conceded 6 and won all their games.
You pundits overhype Premier League. Any good player will survive in that league🙄🙄
Nick Black
Nick Black:
VVD is easily better than Kompany. Kompany's game had more limitations
Nelson Pelaez
Nelson Pelaez:
Alejandro Moreno has always minimized James Rodriguez. ESPN hire these third rated ex-futbol players. James was the best player below CR7.
Anyone who has ever played or watched sport will know that you're only as good as your last game, particularly when you've only played a few games in any certain competition.
Gian Garcia
Gian Garcia:
He's only played 3 games , while Bruno Fernandes had to play half a season in order to be recognised
Jose Osorio
Jose Osorio:
I like how frank doesn’t say anything about the the World Cup qualifiers lol classic
Jermain Mc
Jermain Mc:
I am convince Stevie only watches the EPL. If Kimmich plays at RB he is the best in the world, if he plays at CB he is amongst the best in the world, if he plays as a #6 he is the best in the world. He does in the Budesliga, in Champions league and for his country.
Israel Ramirez
Israel Ramirez:
The prem is overrated “physically” and the competition do of course top players from Spain stand out
The Prem is so overrated. This isn’t the 2000’s. Players move to England and shine yet the whole “Adapting to the Prem” conversation still takes place.
Sascha _GER
Sascha _GER:
Omg dude. Kimmich played lisboa in the def. Before that thiago was on the bench and kimmich played midfield when pavard was fit.
Paul Hayes
Paul Hayes:
Steve your a manager got to say this made me laugh so hard the guy trust me is a moron that’s why he’s on tv in the USA
A Z:
So now it's grit. You do realize other leagues are tough and physical.
Alfonso Castillo
Alfonso Castillo:
Mr. Venezuelan, you do not need to minimize James for you to stand out, and advise your panelist friends not to use James in the title so that they will hear you more. Greetings
Andy Perez Carrillo
Andy Perez Carrillo:
Unpopular opinion: if it wasn’t for that knee injury he could have become top 10 midfielders in the world potentially top 5
Danny Taylor
Danny Taylor:
Is the premierleague the most intelligent or skillful legue in world no but it is the most challenging , attacking, physical. There reasons why regulated Huddersfield got 93 m in tv deals yet buyer munich got 83 m.
Let me remind everyone this: during the bayern transfer rater episode guess who stevie said should leave bayern and were their less useful assets due to not contributing? YUP, it was thiago and kimmich. I know you guys are partners with the bundesliga now, but apparently that's not enough to educate this old man about the bundesliga or bayern.
Vvd over vincent kompany ? Absolute joke, let vvd play 2 more years at the same level and then consider comparing them
Grant M.
Grant M.:
Yall stupid- he proved that being bought by Real Madrid. Once you are picked up by such a high quality team your QUALITY should never be questioned
Dalisu Ngobese
Dalisu Ngobese:
being a sports journalist these days is super easy, u just read twitter questions and you're done
Med Simon
Med Simon:
Daniyal Iqbal
Daniyal Iqbal:
He’s ten times better than jordan
James was washed up last season now after 3 decent games with Everton he's a superstar.. Pundits today are useless
What a pretentious question. It's fkn James Rodriguez, of course he was gonna succeed in England. Not his fault Zidane froze him out
Abel Fuentes
Abel Fuentes:
Minute 5:00 is such bs comment. James gave it all to Zidane to try and win minutes. In his last game at Real he had the most take aways out of anyone not a defenser and ran himself into the ground playing defense..pressing...tracking back. Can we just stop making reach excuses for Zidanes stupidity at managing James and Bale and the current offense who is starving for a creative player like James and Odegaard is nowhere near as world class no matter what Zidanistas say.
Milton Delgado
Milton Delgado:
Viva James felitaciones por los comentarios los vemos desde colombia
Kevin Mustoe
Kevin Mustoe:
He played for Madrid and scored hat tricks 4 Bayern. Stupid caption, the premiere league isn't special. Conor Wood thrives Ings thrives they aren't even on the level of others. Jamie Vardy is 33 and shredding teams. There's nothing to talk about if you're good youre good. 👍
Wilton McDonald
Wilton McDonald:
Dan Thomas an X pro?? He looks more like a Sunday Morning Footballer on the Heath😀
Karl Moore
Karl Moore:
Is Stevie doing this halfway through examining his patients?!
Ryan Schembri
Ryan Schembri:
the physical narrative in the premier league is such a myth
Timothy Peters
Timothy Peters:
That kdb question to wind up stevie 😂😂😂
Iam Madridista
Iam Madridista:
Honestly people hype premier League a little much when they say other league top players can't put in same level of performance In prem
p3rp13x x
p3rp13x x:
Love that intro!
Zanir Mason
Zanir Mason:
if he's bossing the prem. then why do we debate about messi
Sascha _GER
Sascha _GER:
Kimmicch was the best in def and midfield. Noob . its abt the ucl .and there u shouldnt lose too early.
De bruyne they just used that not all were from bayern haha. Was there a better goalkeeper and attacker ?
Carlos Chiquillo
Carlos Chiquillo:
Is funny how the have to use James in the title to get more views...
Ringo Starr
Ringo Starr:
Why do people act like the Prem is the thunder dome, people got a superiority complex. If Bayern, Real Madrid, and Barça were in the prem English clubs would be starving for silverware
Cosmic Cleanse
Cosmic Cleanse:
I don’t know what Stevie is going on about - I’m probably the only Man Utd fan who watches this shyt show. Gotta do something to pass the time
Zib Ndix
Zib Ndix:
Dont need grit if no one can get near you.
Joshua obaga
Joshua obaga:
lol "what are these awards even about" is Nicols argument when a Liverpool player doesn't win it.
Horatio hornblower
Horatio hornblower:
Can he keep going
Robert Kippes
Robert Kippes:
Do none of them know Kimmich played right-back? That's not a defensive position? Absolute nonsense.
Jo Nightwing
Jo Nightwing:
Seems ESPNFC only talk of Spurs or put out Spurs related content when Spurs lose or have an off day.
It’s been 3 games, lets slow our roll.
Jeffrey Jeffery
Jeffrey Jeffery:
Y'all overrate the Premier League too much. The best and greatest players in football history, both in the past and present generations never stepped foot in the Premier League.
Alexander Rossi
Alexander Rossi:
Lol what are you talking about what have you see play James?
Look his time play in real Madrid and look at his numbers
That's your homework buddy
Streetvybz Customs
Streetvybz Customs:
James more important in his team than Messi lol that funny
PEStyles HD
PEStyles HD:
James played football in the streets of colombia and they talk about grit
Abdullah Shaikh
Abdullah Shaikh:
The prem only has one good English player harry kane the rest all came from Egypt belgium Argentina
Robin Hood
Robin Hood:
Steago 876
Steago 876:
You guys always think PL is the toughest thing.... Anyone who is a top player and have the mind set can play in the PL....kmt
Jack mcdonnell
Jack mcdonnell:
stevie nicol belongs in the proclaimers
Abhinav Lal
Abhinav Lal:
Kimmich plays whole season as a midfielder gets best defenders award what a joke.