Have Tottenham and Mourinho lost their philosophy? | The Debate

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Paul Merson and Jamie O'Hara discuss the result of Tottenham Hotspur vs Wolves and whether Spurs and Mourinho have lost their philosophy.

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Sky Sports Football
Sky Sports Football:
0:24 How damaging was the Wolves defeat for Tottenham?
4:21 Should Mourinho lose his defensive philosophy?
5:27 Would Chris Smalling be a good fit for Spurs?

Let us know your thoughts in the comments!
Vlam Persy
Vlam Persy:
This is from an Arsenal fan. Why is Paul Merson a commentator he has the common sense of a dead rat?
Ikenna Gaming
Ikenna Gaming:
**spurs wins against city**
Media: are spurs top 4 contenders?
**spurs loses against a bottom side**
Media: Have Tottenham and Mourinho lost their philosophy?
The Luko Show
The Luko Show:
This is just stupid. They have an awful squad and their two superstars are injured.
You don’t need to read into it any more than that. Philosophy? Oh please 🙄
John Matrix
John Matrix:
What a meeting of minds.
They get O'Hara who has never won a real trophy in his career telling two time champions league winning manager Jose Mourinho what to do?
Craig Rose
Craig Rose:
They should ban the word 'philosophy' in any conversation about football. Load of bollocks. If you don't get the results, you lose your job.
Jack Oxley
Jack Oxley:
Paul Merson needs to stop shouting when someone disagrees or tries to talk against him
Lastname Firstname
Lastname Firstname:
Lol duh, they never had a ''philosophy'' in the first place. What they had was a manager with a certain playing style/philosophy and now they got a new manager with a drastically different philosophy.

This reminds me a bit of wacky people spewing nonsense about ''boring Van Gaal football'' while they cheered the signing of Mourinho on like he was about to bring them exciting football. Here is Mourinho's philosophy: winning by any means necessary. Which often results in drawing your team back on their own half and waiting for the mistakes of your opponent to quickly country and score a goal. It's all based on setting up the players defensively strong, with dedicated players which he has motivated through his people management skills. While he also often tries to mentally unnerve teams that have superior playing styles.

Like when he totally got into the heads of Guardiola and his players when he won matches against that Barca. He knew he wouldn't ever be able to go toe to toe with that prime Guardiola Barca team, so he did everything in his power to make playing football impossible for them. A great example of this was these previous weeks with Getafe playing against Ajax. Ajax tries to play their stylistic possession football, while Getafe totally unnerved them by slowing down the game. Diving, laying for long periods on the ground, not taking throw-ins quickly, just being annoying and wasting a lot of time. It got under the skin of Ajax players and they totally lost focus. This is what Mourinho's mindset is. Drawing his team back, unnerving his opponent. He's like a boxer that tries to play mindgames and walks away, avoids punches, clinches a lot and annoys the other fighter because he feels he can't catch him. Meanwhile Mourinho throws jabs here and there, uses his body weight to tire you and in the end he strikes with a sneaky knock out.

I used to HATE Mourinho's approach to the game. But I've grown to learn to also see the beauty in totally showing no interest in playing football and just trying to unnerve your opponent.
Gg Gg
Gg Gg:
Literally playing without a striker it really strikes the defenders confidence

If I was vertonghen or spurs defender I’ll be fuming seeing parriot
Neal McEneaney
Neal McEneaney:
‘Supporters won’t stand for it’. So play attractive footy and lose 3 at home.
ThTs what they really want.
steve richards
steve richards:
You can talk about Spurs all day long ,
I'm just happy to watch my wonderful canarys play a top 6 premier team off the park .
Anyone seriously calling for Mourinho out has an agenda against him. Needs atleast a full season to be judged properly. Plus no Son, no Kane no chance
Imagine if Liverpool lost Mane and Firmino they'd struggle aswell
Listening to O' Hara makes me uneasy
JoMo needs to start from the beginning and not in the middle of the year trying to win games and come back to save Spurs.
Craigo 91
Craigo 91:
i not a tottenham the palyers are throwing mourinho under his owen
Mourinhofans TV
Mourinhofans TV:
O’Hara makes a lot of sense. Jose is the greatest and it’s just a matter of time and at least one transfer window to find the pieces of the puzzle. But Jose will deliver 200%
Richard EVANS
Richard EVANS:
Blame levy and Lewis who are holding back Tottenham Hotspur
What philosophy 🤣😂
Jack Collins
Jack Collins:
Wait til next season to judge Mourinho when hes had a chance to rebuild the squad
What a surprise 2 clowns in one room
Tottenham are without their 4 key players. Sissoko, Kane, Son, Lloris & people are looking towards Mourinho. Such a stupid debate. He can't play the way he wants to play without his players.
Omar 03
Omar 03:
What philosophy?
Mourinho's been a dead dog for a long time, absolutely no success in his second stint in the premier league, since he 'changed'. He doesnt seem to care anymore. 3 best players out (sold Erikson for nothing) and you're going to have a problem. Tottenham were stupid for sacking Poch though, recipe for disaster.
The media have turned on Mourinho again. He will be gone soon now. They media dictate all.
Kurde Kurdistan
Kurde Kurdistan:
Chatting 💩 both of them
Spurs have always followed the philosophy of bottling, this is nothing new
Christopher Savart
Christopher Savart:
Pocchetino was the best manager they had and they sacked him. 😔😔. All he needed was a strong backing.
J M:
They never had a philosophy to begin with
kevin perry
kevin perry:
Lost it? They’d have to have it to lose it. He needs more time before you start judging them.
Austin Powers
Austin Powers:
“The fans won’t accept it” these fans accept not winning trophies 😂
Jose is overrated. very overrated.
A negative title on Spurs ?

I just had to click !
Otto Schless
Otto Schless:
As Mourinho said at the start of his tenure, he regrets not having a pre season with the squad. If he fails next season then you can throw some language at him. Until then, give him a chance.
The real one
The real one:
Spurs thought Mourinho was gonna save them lol.
Kobe Mead
Kobe Mead:
Paul Merson does my head in, disagreeing coz he's an arsenal fan clearly
Royston Sanders
Royston Sanders:
Mourinho is a failure in England of late...Chelsea, Man Utd and Spurs
Joshua Fernandes
Joshua Fernandes:
Spurs will always be banter
Mourinho fault for joining
The Huntster
The Huntster:
2:26 errr I think that’s what we said at United and Bourinho was happy to play boring football
M c
M c:
What philosophy?🤣
Ahenkan Somuah
Ahenkan Somuah:
Why does everyone forgets that Mou had the best attacking and defending stat in the League until he was recently overthrown by Ancelotti and Pep. He has some of best attacking stat in every country he has coached in. He prefers 2 to 3 touches before a goal it others prefer 10 to 25 touches before a goal it doesn't mean he is defensive.
Kevin Wilson
Kevin Wilson:
Is this a comedy, an ex alcoholic spurs hating arsenal player and a nobody who spent more time on loan in his six year stint at spurs discussing Mourinho
When they win a trophy then ..yes
what philosophy lmao
Cupid Stunt
Cupid Stunt:
what a meeting of dimwits!
How is ohara employed? Useless footballer and even worse manager..Absolutely clueless
jdshhhfhf ccnnndncn
jdshhhfhf ccnnndncn:
If you remember the summer everyone was saying spurs and arsenal had the best summer window, now they haven’t got the players it’s funny
JamieB 05
JamieB 05:
Mark Woods
Mark Woods:
Maybe Tottenham need to get another top striker because Harry Kane is injured for months every season
Nolan Fonseca
Nolan Fonseca:
My view on all of this is that they’re missing the teams best goal scorers and that has affected the morale of our defenders who have been playing awful for what seems like months.
Philosophy 😂😂 its football it's not that deep
J Lao
J Lao:
Typo on philosophy btw
Danny 906
Danny 906:
Jose is finished as a top level manager, come on Jamie. Look what he did at United, he conceded hell of goals and he killed everything attacking (Martial/Rashford)
Jack H
Jack H:
Jamie is right. The Defence isn't good enough for Jose to work with and we need another DM to
Host has beautiful voice and accent
Zak Alrubae
Zak Alrubae:
Are Tottenham a big club 🤔?
Mike bonilla
Mike bonilla:
Paul Merson Voice : What Philosophy?
Ajay Parmar
Ajay Parmar:
Michi Batshuayi would be the perfect addition to the Tottenham squad
Laura Woods is so gorgeous
Inter Ya nan
Inter Ya nan:
Is this the same jamie O'hara that was mouthing off when Jose Mourinho signed for spurs saying they will be guaranteed a trophy this season ?
Jamie Young
Jamie Young:
Merse looking trim af, love the guy
Vishaal Venugopal
Vishaal Venugopal:
To lose a philosophy you need to have one first
Red Devil
Red Devil:
Hahaha goodbye spurs and good luck
Mishas Corner
Mishas Corner:
We didnt have any philosophy
Вячеслав Комаров
Вячеслав Комаров:
They had philosophy?
Malcolm George
Malcolm George:
O Hara were a Wolves player
Connor Mcleod
Connor Mcleod:
Jose is a legend
Michael Senkyire
Michael Senkyire:
Gary Casey
Gary Casey:
Surly there's better pundits than O'Hara, I might as well be listening to Genesis
musa Kasozi
musa Kasozi:
Let's not forget Spurs was fighting relegation before this guy came thru.
U give Klopp 5years and Mourinho 4months.
kodzovi Mally
kodzovi Mally:
tottehm will see the true meaning "you dont know what you have until it's gone" LMAOOO fired a loyal and good coach for this guy lol
Jake Hart
Jake Hart:
A squad that came 2nd in the champions league haven’t got the squad to play Better than they are 👌 😬
Aaron T
Aaron T:
eric dier had a nightmare
Lazy FatBear
Lazy FatBear:
The Spurs and José's honeymoon is OVER 😁
His opinion became invalid the second he said I've always rated chris smalling 🤦‍♂️
People talk about spurs as if they’re not missing their two best players in Kane and son, as if this is the same man for man squad from 2016-2018. They basically got younger in one year, sacked poch (mistake) and their backline is old. Throw in that they have some players that just aren’t good enough, winks, Dier, moura, aurier, Davies
mark dance
mark dance:
They haven’t recruited well across all areas inc the current manager .
Harry Kane needs to understand if he doesn’t move on he will end his career without a trophy .
Account 5278282293
Account 5278282293:
Philosophy is not a formation or going long or short 🤦‍♂️
Dtk Dk
Dtk Dk:
mentality to be a champion ... they never won anything (cups) in last 10 seasons ... pls correct me if i am wrong ...🙄🙄
Michael Calleja
Michael Calleja:
Where is the HEATED debate?
stevie smozz
stevie smozz:
Levy out.
Logan Brown
Logan Brown:
They keep saying they’ve lost their best 2 players. What about Erickson?
Max Said
Max Said:
How can you play with a lousy goal keeper. Injured keeper. No striker. Weak defence. They need at least 4 signings.
Christopher Layton
Christopher Layton:
How is Jamie O'hara a commentator? I think a block of wood has more knowledge then him. :P
William Puol
William Puol:
Spurs philosophy is season after season trophyless
ardian krasniqi
ardian krasniqi:
Rock solid?? With aurier and vertongen
Merson looks ill 😷 to be honest
boxall boss
boxall boss:
Grandpa Vince
Grandpa Vince:
Us Tottenham talismen wont out up with our beloved white hart lane legends being messed about
Adrian Symcox
Adrian Symcox:
its our defence whats the problem concede goals nearly every game and no regular goalscorer without son and kane
Philani Mhlanga
Philani Mhlanga:
What is your philosophy?????
No kane, son, sissoko, eriksen. These were big big players for. Spurs last few years. No wonder its bad at the moment
Max Clake
Max Clake:
There is NO Philosophy 😂🤣
WsgAz Ss
WsgAz Ss:
Football heritage
Giovanni Sipala
Giovanni Sipala:
Mourinho became a Normal one...
Tony Jove
Tony Jove:
Who knew that merse could be comedy gold lol
Stuart Depeche
Stuart Depeche:
Jose Out and take Bambi Lamela with you !!!
Stewart davidson
Stewart davidson:
We've become boring