Hazard, Ramos and teammates train as Real Madrid prepare for Chelsea | Champions League | 欧冠 皇马客战切尔西

Eden Hazard, Sergio Ramos and all of the Real Madrid stars, including Marcello, are fit and ready to face Chelsea.
Zidane's Real side will take on Chelsea at Stamford Bridge in Wednesday's semi-final second leg, in a bid to reach their first final in three years.
Captain Ramos is back in the Real squad after a month of calf trouble, while ex-Chelsea talisman Hazard has finally shaken off a frustrating sequence of injuries.

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34 comentarios:

K M-18
K M-18:
Welcome to the slaughter house ✊💙
Trevor Philips
Trevor Philips:
Welcome to our yard💙
HAmza Mohamed
HAmza Mohamed:
Welcome to the garden of Eden
Juan Marcelo
Juan Marcelo:
If you look closely, you can see a snake slithering around the pitch
FeelsBadMan n
FeelsBadMan n:
cmon blues, I'm not a Chelsea fan but lets smoke these kids.
Nicodemus Mnyang'ali
Nicodemus Mnyang'ali:
Kroos is scared as f
otieno mandela
otieno mandela:
Bravo Madrid!!! It is really " the Real"
Aditya Talwar
Aditya Talwar:
If only crowd was thier to welcome hazard 😁 he would have loved it
34. Noor ul huda
34. Noor ul huda:
Welcome to bridge 🌉 Madrid expecting a great game
Jay Smith
Jay Smith:
Real Madrid bring this champion cup in Spain...
Unknown ?!?!
Unknown ?!?!:
Hazard returns to the bridge
Blue Thanos
Blue Thanos:
This Viking looking defender has been forced back to stop 😹
Richard Ogutuh
Richard Ogutuh:
They'll be disapointed 💙💙up blues
Welcome back EH10
Chevaughn Hylton
Chevaughn Hylton:
Welcome to Chelsea fc
Welcome home Eden
Your not going to be smiling tonight
Mohammad Sadeghi
Mohammad Sadeghi:
چلسی رو بزنید🙋💪
به امید خدا صعود میکنیم فینال 2021
Welcome back prince Eden 💙 👑
Modou Samb
Modou Samb:
Bonne chance
Chelsea Footballclub cfc
Chelsea Footballclub cfc:
Hala Madrid without confidence 😂😂look at the players faces
Babacar Tabane
Babacar Tabane:
Bon chance
kipyegon Antony
kipyegon Antony:
Madrid win win win...
Santiago Vasquez P.
Santiago Vasquez P.:
Hala Madrid
Yaw Boahen
Yaw Boahen:
Hala Madrid
Win win win
This comment section proves why Chelsea fans must be humbled tonight #HalaMadrid
Kenton and Kasia take a peak
Kenton and Kasia take a peak:
Yudish Padaruth
Yudish Padaruth:
Hala Madrid madrid is very motivated for the match❤❤❤
Ahmednur Hassan
Ahmednur Hassan:
Is Hazard Saying Alhamdulillah at 0:41 to 0:43
Sandro Calvocante De Almeida
Sandro Calvocante De Almeida:
Hala madrid e niada más arriba nós muy confiantes em equipo da.lha real madrid
Joas PL
Joas PL:
Real 3 Chelsea 1
Waly Mady
Waly Mady:
Hala Madrid
Nenad Bibic
Nenad Bibic:
Zizo will find way to Istanbul
F Man
F Man:
At this stage experience counts