"He knew how to get a reaction from me" - Wayne Rooney on Sir Alex Ferguson's man management

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Wayne Rooney discussing Sir Alex Ferguson's man management skills on Monday Night Football.

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100+ comentarios:

Vishnu Mahesh
Vishnu Mahesh:
So underrated it’s strange how no one includes him in an all time premier league XI
Stone Cold
Stone Cold:
If Sir Alex wasn't a football manager, he'd be a world class psychiatrist. Pretty amazing that he always knew how to get the best out of everyone. He just knows humans.
Anonymous User
Anonymous User:
I edited this comment so none of the comments make sense.
man management is so often overlooked in football. One of the reasons why its so annoying seeing constant streams of comments about how 'Roy Keane would have a field day if he was their manager' in regards to players like Pogba. Do you think sir alex just screamed at every player and thats why they performed? do you think that ripping appart teenage ronaldo is what he did? sir alex noticed how differant players reacted differently to criticism's and he acted in line with that when addressing them.
Glen Opoku
Glen Opoku:
This man was one of the few reasons why I started loving football thank you wazza ❤️
Walter White
Walter White:
06/07 - 11/12, Absolutely world class, stats and trophies speak for themselves.
Wayne Rooney was, without doubt, one of the most ferocious, most dedicated and deeply gifted footballers to ever grace top league football. Good luck Wazza. As a United fan, you made the matches you played in an art form to be beheld.
Rice Eater
Rice Eater:
Fergie’s man management is so good that he sold us Tom Cleverly as the new Scholes lol
sam bekhtyari
sam bekhtyari:
Rooneys accent accelerated 10 fold when carra asked the question
Robert Ward
Robert Ward:
You're a good man Wayne. Best of luck at Derby
Eyob Alamerew
Eyob Alamerew:
I feel like this is what Solskjaer is basically doing in terms of attacking freedom. Bruno himself said that when he came in, Ole told him to just do what he did at Sporting. As a United fan, it's nice to finally have a manager with the same principles as the United of old. If Ole manages to achieve even a tenth of the success that Sir Alex had, it would be a great story.
Brexit Sam
Brexit Sam:
2:22 Speaks volumes about the trust Fergie had in his teams and their intelligence.
Young Gooner
Young Gooner:
Rooney got me into football
mANUtd herbert
mANUtd herbert:
More than a footballer. Scouser born United Legend. Thanks for the memories wazza 💯🙏
Nima Scolari
Nima Scolari:
Simplicity is key! Football is a simple game. Fergie used that
He's the only reason I started watching football religiously.
leon gichini
leon gichini:
Reason I became a ManUtd fan, best ever player to ever wear that jersey for me
Adil Mohammed
Adil Mohammed:
Their accents are thicker than a bowl of porridge
Irtaza studio
Irtaza studio:
Top 3 greatest striker in Pl history along with Henry and shearer
And also top 5 greatestman united player of all time
Why did we think for so many years that he's thick? Was the image of him being a talented idiot media fabricated? I never thought he'd even be able to get his coaching badges now he's a manager in the championship.
jordan clayton
jordan clayton:
This has to be a reason Ole is doing so well atm. Man management over everything with players👍
Sir alex Ferguson 🔥🔥🔥
Huy Lê
Huy Lê:
Thank you for all the memories you created Wayne, I will never forget the bicycle kick vs Man City.
Best English player I've seen, and I watched Gaza's best years. Gaza was great but I think Rooney was better.
2:05 just gob it out Jamie, you’re good at that
The Timing is always 👌
Toon army 1892
Toon army 1892:
One of the best all round footballers in premier he could do it all don’t know why ppl slag him the kid was world class wish he had played for the toon
The Erkenbrand
The Erkenbrand:
Happy retirement from sport to this football legend. Scorer, passer, magician ... A rich and constant career. Cheers from France.
Gipsy Songs Sandor
Gipsy Songs Sandor:
Man remember him in FIFA 7 and 8 he is a machine ♥️one of the best England player ever
Mensah Mbro
Mensah Mbro:
He is the real legend, one of the best soccer players to have ever played and witness play as well...thank you for all the great memories, wishing you all the best in management
Casual Focus
Casual Focus:
He offered him his granny for a night
Ashik N K
Ashik N K:
He is the reason why I started watching football...💯
Jann Fiete Arp
Jann Fiete Arp:
I'm a City fan but despite everything, I have all the respect for Wayne Rooney
Asd Dsa
Asd Dsa:
Wazzaaaa, one of my favorite man utd players of all time
Dragged Kevlar
Dragged Kevlar:
Thank you for Everything Wazza...
Hope One day you'll be back in Old Trafford as a Manager.
Till then Good Luck.
Thru Music To True Music
Thru Music To True Music:
Best of Luck, Wayne! You Are A Legend for UNITED, no doubt!
Game’s Gone Soft
Game’s Gone Soft:
I'd love to know what Sir Alex and Rooney actually think of each other now, following the break down in their relationship as Sir Alex retired!
Alex Ferguson understood the depth of characters of his team.
Jonny SAFC
Jonny SAFC:
Ya can see it in his reaction how much he respects sir Alex
Vilda Wiguna Official
Vilda Wiguna Official:
Legend ❤️ @wayneroney
Shubh Deepak
Shubh Deepak:
A legend. A hero. A role model.
One of the best ever on a football pitch. #ThankYouRooney
Manny Dosu
Manny Dosu:
Definition of a living legend for United and England 🤝
Jason 123
Jason 123:
3 important days ppl will pay especially big attention to u in football:

1) ur debut
2) ur retirement
3) ur sacking as a manager

I wish wayne good luck n wont get to taste number (3) too soon lol
Acntivora titals
Acntivora titals:
Tnq sir for all the beautiful memories. Miss you a lot💔💔💔💔
Kei Felnand
Kei Felnand:
He is definitely one of my favorite players ever. Attractive player .
X I:
Hes the best english player ive ever seen...
Morgan Hagerupsen
Morgan Hagerupsen:
Legend wazza💪
A B:
Rooney's reactions are so underrated
Harry Nepson
Harry Nepson:
His English is improving!!!
aritrosan 7
aritrosan 7:
Gill Perry
Gill Perry:
Ahhh the good old days 😌👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾
4231 Works
4231 Works:
Absolutely love Wayne Rooney. The most joyous moments watching football were thanks to his brilliance on the field. Proper legend. Have a happy retirement and good luck with Derby County.
Mohammed Islam
Mohammed Islam:
Good luck Wazza at derby 🤞🏾💯 🐐 🔴
Arga Wibisono
Arga Wibisono:
Wazza enjoy your new chapter and best of luck my idol.
I'm getting old...
Mar_Q TheRealDadz
Mar_Q TheRealDadz:
Wayne Rooney the Great. 💯
Alama Austin
Alama Austin:
Everything else Rooney did besides score goals was extremely underrated the fact he was great with assist and making important tackles
Brucey Bog-trotter
Brucey Bog-trotter:
This is the best I’ve heard Wayne talk, Crocky legend, remember the name....
Konjo Roni
Konjo Roni:
I love u Wazza ❤
Aidan Gilleece
Aidan Gilleece:
This man absolutely made my childhood. What a legend
Hakan Turkiye
Hakan Turkiye:
Legend of the game
Ziyad_TV channel
Ziyad_TV channel:
I miss you wayne rooney. . #GGMU
Manchester United
Manchester United:
5th comment omg
mark taylor
mark taylor:
You know what i love the most. He was honest. Bodes well for his managerial career. Get stuck in wazza.
Overrated, underappreciated, questionable place among greats, all hearts, a footballer, a man, whatever you say; he's special, an easy pick for #1 United player post-1999.
Asmerom Awet Mehari
Asmerom Awet Mehari:
happy retires you are my favorite player forever
Chris Galleta
Chris Galleta:
Legend 💪🏻😎👍🏻
Random Rantz
Random Rantz:
Legend 😎
Man management 😂😂😂
Rooney is one of my all time favorites. Ferguson and Beckham got me into football and Rooney became my favorite as soon as he arrived.
Dean Mc Donnell
Dean Mc Donnell:
Legend talking about a legend, and there’s Carriger 🤦🏼‍♂️😂🤣
Mr SuperNobody
Mr SuperNobody:
tom sav19_
tom sav19_:
Rooney on FIFA 09 & 10 was deadly
Marre D Thesavior
Marre D Thesavior:
Admin’s timing is spot on
boss gbana
boss gbana:
I have not watched Rooney talk before in my entire life, who else should gather here
Effie orelli R
Effie orelli R:
Really nice 👌 😍💋 💝💖❤️
Lewis Gilmore
Lewis Gilmore:
Greatest English player of all time
yaya The great
yaya The great:
I'm here for the comments.
Uncle Wong
Uncle Wong:
He will managed United one day if he achieves results along the years.
hina saya
hina saya:
he is the Manchester utd icon at the time
Izzat Ilmin
Izzat Ilmin:
Most of the Fergie team talks goes like, "alright boys, last goal win"

That's why we score so many late goals, lol.
FirstName LastName
FirstName LastName:
Damn, I never took much notice of Rooney's scouser accent before, until he spoke after Jamie just now.. lol
Nakamya Harriet
Nakamya Harriet:
I thank Sir Alex Ferguson because he exploited his players very well making them successful in their careers even after retiring football. Go on Wayne
Mr Abdul
Mr Abdul:
wazza the best of the best. all time man utd topscorer and England top scorer👌❤️
Dartford Gadgets
Dartford Gadgets:
Roy Redfern
Roy Redfern:
Sir Alex Ferguson Jamie !!!
Forward Slash
Forward Slash:
I wonder how many of sir Alex United players have gone into and are in management now
Self Elements
Self Elements:
jackie moon
jackie moon:
Never heard of him
Nopal pernambucano
Nopal pernambucano:
Alama Austin
Alama Austin:
Always had some versatile to him he was really the all around player
James Dyson
James Dyson:
Am sure sir Alex would of had something to say about Wayne's eye make up
The Bong Lad
The Bong Lad:
80% George Michael
Ach Maulani
Ach Maulani:
Saya pecinta wayne rooney
Bamidele Akinrodemi
Bamidele Akinrodemi:
This clip might be 3mins long, but it actually explains a lot
Vee Siam
Vee Siam:
It took him 5 years to win the Premier league ! 😲