Hellas Verona 0-1 Milan | Piątek Scores the Winner as Milan Beat 10-man Verona | Serie A

Krzysztof Piątek scored a second-half penalty as Milan struggle to beat 10-man Verona.

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100+ comentarios:

Mark Reeves
Mark Reeves:
Still don't look convincing do they Milan
Faizan Ali
Faizan Ali:
I don't know why SERIE A is turned into hit the post or crossbar challenge 😂😂
AS Red eye
AS Red eye:
Milan needs a lot of high level players in every position, they are just too horrible
mohd kuzairi
mohd kuzairi:
Piatek just open score account . now he will score every game
Not convincing enough but a win is a win.
Crusader Mick
Crusader Mick:
very poor play by Milan to be honest
they will lose next week by Inter
Milan have 2 wins 1-0 against newly promoted teams. Playing like this they won’t win the next 3
That 2nd goal from Piątek should be allowed. The keeper didn't have it under control yet.
Finally Piątek has scored. It's visible that Lewandowski taught him how to take penalties :) Forza Milan!
Wo should try

Rebic piatek leao
In 433
Thomas Carrier
Thomas Carrier:
2nd Piątek gol is correct, and penalty should be given for Verona ..
Mujahid hamid
Mujahid hamid:
1:16 unbelievable control
Sam Norcliffe
Sam Norcliffe:
Wish ac Milan could return to former glory but it’s hard to see when they play like this the squad is full of average players
We are going to lose against Inter
Theres no chance playing like this
Hadi Mahad
Hadi Mahad:
Very bad performance for kessie and R.R we need bennacer and Theo anyway forza Milan ❤
Blackboy dynamite blues
Blackboy dynamite blues:
Very bad game for Milan, but 3 points importante 👌
Mo7a AL
Mo7a AL:
Milan one of the most boring teams i ever seen since 2012 same style of playing every year
Jack Doomsday
Jack Doomsday:
took him forever but he finally scored - it should be easier now for Piątek
THE ELDANAL SHOP perhiasan eldanal viral
THE ELDANAL SHOP perhiasan eldanal viral:
Its not enough for derby
Sultan Abdulhameed II
Sultan Abdulhameed II:
Smh!! Milan is weaker than last season but hey it's still the start 💪🏻💪🏿💪🏻💪🏿
Piatek learnt the panalty taking from Lewandowski at the last national euro2020 break it seems!!!
Sultan Abdulhameed II
Sultan Abdulhameed II:
1:10 If he scored that goal he would have won puskas award
anthony firdaus
anthony firdaus:
"Commitment, Pride, Passion,
Sacrifice and Love"
Forza Milan
Dom W
Dom W:
Very very very lucky AC Milan..
Road 35
Road 35:
That’s second goal should have counted.
Kieran Hannon
Kieran Hannon:
Oh my, what happened AC Milan
One of Europe's greatest clubs reduced to this
Too many individuals on this team. Coach ahould have stayed at Sampdoria
AC milan goes full Manchester United. big price signing but played like it were just a friendly game. no vision, just clueless play.
Sucklambs Chop
Sucklambs Chop:
Honestly i don't see Milan making a top 4...I reckon fighting for a Europa League spot...again
Donnell Gioni
Donnell Gioni:
ball distribution on offense play is still boring, Coach, please work it up...Forza Milan!
If Verona was Napoli I would hav understood their struggle... AC Millan certainly need a change like Inter Milan... This season AC will never make it to top 5....
Piatek has the same run to lewandowski
Akshay Sharma
Akshay Sharma:
if they keep play like this there would be no suprise if milan will relegate in next 4 year
Mostly, the favorite team loses the derby. Next week, we gonna beat Inter Insha'Allah.
Andres Gallego
Andres Gallego:
When will Milan play with Caldara, Theo, Conti, Bennacer, Bonaventura, Paqueta, Rebic, Suso and Piatek at the same time, i am not concerned much with this performances, this is basically the same team from last season plus Rebic, and we all know how bad this team played.
Canal Cristão Destemido
Canal Cristão Destemido:
Era pra ter sido pênalti pro Hellas Verona!
Shuaisdu Wang
Shuaisdu Wang:
Can’t see any hope of the team, they played no tactic at all. Don’t even expect a WIN vs inter next week.
Matt92 JDM
Matt92 JDM:
That Milan fan in Grey t-shirt celebration "popopopo" xD
Piotr Jacek
Piotr Jacek:
Why can't see the replay of the last shot of Verona?
I miss the old Milan 😭😭😭😭😭
Pijar Wirastani
Pijar Wirastani:
Milan looks so bad lol
Sorry milan are getting murdered by inter next week😭
Krzysztof Wisniewski
Krzysztof Wisniewski:
Give them a time an be patient.
Szkoda Stępniaka, ale następnymym razem będzie lepiej :)
Oybek Niyazov
Oybek Niyazov:
Please show the teams squads in the beginning
Eiluniey Nadzri
Eiluniey Nadzri:
That was a Lewandowski-like penalty I tell you
2:20 Pio Pio Pio
I wonder if he started biglia over bennacer so he doesnt want to risk him being injured in the derby. If not then it don't make sense.
Hakan mac senin adamim bravo
That kind of match...That is where you see there is still Mafia in Italy! What does the ref get out of it? A free Bunga Bunga?
Mauk Eks
Mauk Eks:
Forza Milan!!!
Mantap Jiwa....!!!! 👏
Norbert Olejarz
Norbert Olejarz:
Pio Pio Pio 🇵🇱🇵🇱🇵🇱
Kinieq q
Kinieq q:
Piątek shoot first goal like Lewandowski he teach him
Yannick Guiton
Yannick Guiton:
Despite being a shadow of the past glory nowadays, Milan have still got Lady Luck on their side, a trait that characterizes great clubs. 😉
real should swap benzema with piatek then made duo front of piatek×jovic though but yet real have baldie as coach so we all can only dream about this
Some very questionable refereeing here
Luqman Salad
Luqman Salad:
At 2:40 Rebic was so open, Hakan should've seen him smh
Ondokuz 19
Ondokuz 19:
Calhanoglu ❤️
The Metal & Magnet Channel
The Metal & Magnet Channel:
Patetico questo Milan, in teoria un pareggio sarebbe stato più giusto!
Silvio dove sei???
Rizhal Sekta
Rizhal Sekta:
Seems they not play with heart at all. Play for milan is not enough only with skill...

but still the best for milan.
Muhammad Faisal
Muhammad Faisal:
We're really lucky to have 3 points here.
Tom Kuzniar
Tom Kuzniar:
I'm afraid this kind of performance is unlikely to be enough for Inter
Kurni Awan
Kurni Awan:
01:18 that touch.
Milan feels like Inter 8 years ago with no wining mentality and a lot of problems in the locker room.
Pejuang Gowes
Pejuang Gowes:
Look like win with voucher 🤣
Piątek penalty like Lewandowski :D
J04ck1M 26
J04ck1M 26:
Verona deserve 1 point
Dhon pablo
Dhon pablo:
Forza milan, mau 1-0, 10-0 yang penting 3 ponit
H. Crespo
H. Crespo:
진심 경기력 개폭망.
Carrington 89
Carrington 89:
Remember when Milan had :
Cafu Stam. Nesta maldini
Gattuso pirlo. Seedorf
Sheva crespo
Media Melayu
Media Melayu:
Ac milan beruntung ..
Masi sangat lemah...
Hendi Agus Suharja
Hendi Agus Suharja:
Milan hasn't future if always play like this! Giampaolo 🔁 Allegri.....
arrumi taiga
arrumi taiga:
Did milan buy some new players? Where are they?
🎳 🙏❤🖤 bravo milan 🍾
Iwan Ari
Iwan Ari:
Maine koyo tim papan bawah
Pelatihe ra masuk blasss
Patricio Diaz
Patricio Diaz:
Milán un gigante que va a despertar, saludos de Chile.
Diego Lobo
Diego Lobo:
Milan necesita equilibrio y unos 3 jugadores de calidad un defensa un medio y alguien que acompañe a Piatek
Muttakin Akin
Muttakin Akin:
Lawan 10 orang aja ngampas untung ada pinalti njenk, klo permainan masih bgtu milan akan dibantai ama adik tiri
v d
v d:
1:21 Jürgen klopp?
Nicolò Filipazzi
Nicolò Filipazzi:
We have to improve as soon as possible
ɪʙɴᴜ ᴀʙɪ ᴍᴜsᴛᴀǫɪᴍ
ɪʙɴᴜ ᴀʙɪ ᴍᴜsᴛᴀǫɪᴍ:
Oke 👍
Hilton Reis
Hilton Reis:
El matador bela comemoração.
Don John Gotti
Don John Gotti:
I miss old great Milan
Giulio Arti
Giulio Arti:
Lucky to come away with that win !
buen partido,mereció mas el chievo
Jack Doomsday
Jack Doomsday:
if you're going to be taken off the pitch then it should be at least done in violent style - Stępiński deserved the card but he showed aggresion worthy of a hungry striker
Hùng Nguyễn
Hùng Nguyễn:
Bernarf Arnault please come here and Milan great again!!!!🇮🇹🇫🇷
Piatek 👏👏👏
велко Велков
велко Велков:
Ispin Bebeto
Ispin Bebeto:
parah pressing milan, lini tengah milan tidak mempressing pemain verona, kalau begitu terus milan pasti kebobolan tinggal nunggu waktunya saja
Chairul forlem
Chairul forlem:
Mantap 😁👍🙏🙏
Verona's supporters : "Donnarumma ebreo"
Yan Michael
Yan Michael:
Fiki Dwi Aditiya
Fiki Dwi Aditiya:
Bad play's vs 10 just 1-0?
Shicu maciek
Shicu maciek:
pijo pijo xd
Misturando Tudo
Misturando Tudo:
Poxa como o milan ta jogando ruim, jogando igual time pequeno