Hellas Verona 1-3 Milan | Tonali sends Milan back to the top! | Serie A 2021/22

On his 22nd birthday, the Rossoneri wonderboy nets a brace to secure a crucial win for Milan’s title hopes | Serie A 2021/22

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100+ comentarios:

Ranveer Singh
Ranveer Singh:
what a title race between the milan clubs! Props to AC Milan who have done well with this squad compared to the better known star names in Inter's. Been a great season!
Ema 97
Ema 97:
Man I remember that unstoppable AC Milan team years ago. If there's a team that deserves to be champions again it's them. Forza Milan. Hope they can revive as one of the strongest teams in the world
shehu muktar
shehu muktar:
When you have a player like Tonali who put his heart, soul and blood in the game, you can win anything🔴⚫❤🔥💯
Surya Hardhiyana
Surya Hardhiyana:
What a title race. Every match looks like a final match, and we never know, who will win the match, Milan, Inter or the opponent. So many surprise in serie A this season.
Forza Milan
James Benedict Soleño Miñoza
James Benedict Soleño Miñoza:
If they pull this off with 2 games remaining, against a star studded Inter Milan, it's going to be amazing especially with this young and upcoming players that they have. They just made a fan out of me. I followed this team because of Ibra, but boy their young guns are passionate!
Let’s not forget Leao and Maignan for their incredible impact to this team👏🏾
RJL 5 - Fajar Aditya
RJL 5 - Fajar Aditya:
Tonali + Leao you are amazing!! Forza Milann ❤🖤
Maldini 3
Maldini 3:
I hope Tonali becomes the captain of Milan one day. Fantastic player and he will only get better.
LeDian Xhafa
LeDian Xhafa:
From a Liverpool supporter LET'S GO MILAN
Happy Birthday Tonali!!!❤🖤❤🖤 Forza Milan!!!
João Braga
João Braga:
O Rafael leão terá de estar na convocatória da selecção Portuguesa. E tendo em conta a excelente forma em que ele se encontra poderá constar no onze titular. Sendo assim, faria companhia a Cristiano Ronaldo e Diogo Jota.
Dumiso Siwawa
Dumiso Siwawa:
Brilliant from Leao, Tonali and the entire Milan team. This has got to be the best title race in a while.
Michael Correia
Michael Correia:
Do Brasil força Milan !
Jorge Vieira
Jorge Vieira:
Rafael Leão é de longe o jogador mais valioso do AC Milan
Target this season
1. UCL-->Done
2. Higher point (79) than last season-->Done
3. Now for wait the bonus after get the target-->Scudetto (Hope)
just me
just me:
As an inter fan, I highly appreciate milan for all their great efforts in this season.
Hunter Emmy
Hunter Emmy:
When you have a player like Tonali who put his heart, soul and blood in the game, you can win anything🔴⚫❤🔥💯
Ghost raiven
Ghost raiven:
What a beutiful team they played Like a True champions forza Milan❤️🖤
Parabéns Milan 👏🖤🔥
bara danuarta
bara danuarta:
I really love how passionate tonalli play with AC Milan. 1 of best in series a this season
Ad Man
Ad Man:
Tonali I feel is the kind of player like Maldini. A future club captain who will guide Milan to a lot of success including a European Cup.
I CANNOT Believe Serie A this year. UNBELIEVABLE. Next year it's gonna be even more competitive. Forza Serie A 🇮🇹
Opeoluwa Akinwumi
Opeoluwa Akinwumi:
I really hope Milan win this! They really deserve it, not only this season alone though...
Ibob Pramadi
Ibob Pramadi:
That 3rd Milan goal... WOW!! Didn't expect that 🤩
Henrique Guimarães
Henrique Guimarães:
Congrats to AC Milan, I wish them all the Best what a title Race has been this season, forza AC Milan.
It is really nice to see sleeping giant finally woke up and get back where it belongs. Just two more levels to pass... Forza Milan! 🟥⬛
Hunter Emmy
Hunter Emmy:
Let’s not forget Leou and Maignon for their incredible impact to this team👏🏾
zainulabideenahmedmir mir
zainulabideenahmedmir mir:
Love giroud's tactical awareness
He just knew leao would pass to tonali
Rakesh Murali
Rakesh Murali:
I was super frustrated by Leao but right at the end of first half, all it took was a moment of magic from him! 💯⚽🥅
AC Milan is really doing a great job! They are deserve to win the title
Akshay Keny
Akshay Keny:
A Great Birthday to Tonali. Forza Milan 🔥
We are not just growing as a team, but we are learning every match to fight harder. This team is showing incredible spirit & only growing better, even with all the pressure, more to do still. Lets go
Forza Milan, ❤🖤 Sandro Tonali celebrated the birthday in the best way ⚽️🦵🔴⚫
CATATAN BUKU - Channel Pengembangan Diri
CATATAN BUKU - Channel Pengembangan Diri:
Great game .. what ever the result in end of season, Pioli already growth one step ahead as high level coach .. congratz ..
Been a great season for milan. Happy to be a rossoneri
Andjelko Zlotvor
Andjelko Zlotvor:
Rafa finally learn how to assist. His hurricane runs finally made sense. We need more of this! Sandrino, once again, played like a real captain. Whatta legs, whatta heart!
Bram Saputra
Bram Saputra:
Well done Milan....thanks for 3 points....Tonali, Leao, Florenzi ......big thanks for goals and assist. 🙏🏻👍🇮🇩
Oyedele Mubarak
Oyedele Mubarak:
I always love the initial commentary from this man...
I remember the legendary milan team of the 90's
Rossi in goal, Baresi centre back, Gullit in midfield and Van Basten and Papan up front along with many more stare names and the football they played was total entertainment.
Hunter Emmy
Hunter Emmy:
This Milan is just so great ! Love this team :) young and strong 💪 now it is up to us , nobody can take it away if we focus on it 🔴⚫️ Forza Milan !
John Odande
John Odande:
One of the best title fights for the Serie A in decades. The Milanese clubs on top. I still want Inter to get it though.
Politically Incorrect
Politically Incorrect:
If we win with this team then that would be a miracle ❤🖤
After some ages I going see my team gonna lift the serie-a title...that really makes me proud ❤️🥰
I really hope Milan win this! They really deserve it, not only this season alone though...
Derrick Muganza
Derrick Muganza:
The only league with a genuine title race this season. loved seeing the 3 horse race take shape matchday after match with 0 predictability.
After some ages I going see my team gonna lift the serie-a title...that really makes me proud ❤️🥰
Agunbiade Alabi
Agunbiade Alabi:
Let's go Milan! We have toiled for too long! Sempre Milan!
Agunbiade Alabi
Agunbiade Alabi:
Let's go Milan! We have toiled for too long! Sempre Milan!
Jake Lambert
Jake Lambert:
Great game. Unfortunately, I feel it is time for Ibrahimovic to retire even though I admire him as a player. He would be better of being an Assistant or a coach to begin with because he is a great motivator, but he is now showing his age with the injuries.
rowland jnr blay
rowland jnr blay:
Am really happy for Milan for all the sweats and hard work and finely gonna win the league
Amazing. I am so craving for a scudetta. It has been a long time since we were champions.
Btw, why did you cut the the moment where Tonali first scored? It was offisde but it was great moment
Fábio Santos
Fábio Santos:
Força Milan! De um adepto do Benfica
Run As Administrator
Run As Administrator:
Congrats AC Milan, sure they won't let it slip away this time. From an Interisti.
Top Player
Top Player:
if you see carefully , the second goal of Milan comes thanks to a big impact by Giroud.
Renol Rinaldi Sumtaki
Renol Rinaldi Sumtaki:
Thank you Tonali.... ❤🖤
Forza Milan...
Errie VB
Errie VB:
Hari yg indah tuk tonali
Berulang tahun mencetak dua gol ❤️❤️❤️
AC Milan sa'lawase 💪🔴⚫🔴⚫
Oshiokpekhai Theodore
Oshiokpekhai Theodore:
“whereas romeo’s heartbreak was fictional, Milan’s was all too real” 💀 😂
john anthony
john anthony:
It’s Definitely Milan’s Year. The hunger, The Desire ❤️ Neutrals globally want us to win the league. Happy Birthday Tonali!! Forza Milan
That accuracy of passing & shooting milan needed💯
Constantin Tudor
Constantin Tudor:
Love you,Milan!!♥️🖤
Kivihya MJ
Kivihya MJ:
Forza Milan 🖐️😊🇰🇪
We are almost there.
Rafa Leao really playing like he used to play for me when I was managing Milan on FIFA 21 & 22. 🔥Definitely my fav Milan player
Enrique Alvarez
Enrique Alvarez:
Tonali is such a clutch player for Milan now ❤️ every boy’s dream to do such things for their boyhood club
Asuzor David
Asuzor David:
shainer lu
shainer lu:
Happy Birthday Tonali!!! Forza Milan!!! ❤️🖤❤️🖤❤️🖤
Ladies and Gentleman, Mr Rafael Leao. This guy is out of this planet, what a performance. Forza Milan!
Daniel D
Daniel D:
magical ac milan season, nothing seems to go wrong. Leao, Hernandez and Kessie are world class player, the central defenders are fantastic, Giroud has been excellent.
H. Boss
H. Boss:
Forza Milan ❤️🖤
Terewe Poli
Terewe Poli:
Grande mentalità e condizione. Avanti cosi!!!! FORZA MILAN ❤️🖤🔥🔥🔥🔥
After some ages I going see my team gonna lift the serie-a title...that really makes me proud ❤️🥰
Dori Jaso
Dori Jaso:
Amazing team ❤❤🖤🖤
Elvis Cerda
Elvis Cerda:
Grande Milan ❤🖤
Bhumibol Adulyadej Shakya
Bhumibol Adulyadej Shakya:
If I was Real Madrid, I would eye on Tonali and Leao. These players are beast and can do incredible stuff with Madrid. Imagine Cama, fede and Tonali in Mid-field.
Milan! The powerhouse of my childhood years Maldini et al! Rooting for Milan to win for the Scudetto for ol times sake! It would be magical! This man Leao! Where would the Rossoneri be without him! Viva Milan!
Nnamdi Ulelu
Nnamdi Ulelu:
I'm proud of this team....
Congratulations Milan, ❤🖤 victory number 24 in this season 🔴⚫
The birthday boy did it again! ❤️🖤
Zanta 22
Zanta 22:
1 win 1 draw, let’s go milan ❤️🖤
Crius XI
Crius XI:
It would be a shame if we fail to renew Leao
ahmad azhari
ahmad azhari:
What a special birthday for tonali. ❤️🖤
Dilan Galván
Dilan Galván:
Tonali y Leao se llevaron el partido sempre milaaan ❤️🖤
Milan campeão ...vamo Milan ...
David დათო
David დათო:
Grande rossonero!❤🖤Forza Milan sempre!!
Melchor Nve
Melchor Nve:
Wonderful fútbol 🔴⚫️
alby oktafian
alby oktafian:
tonali is already to new icon of milan, live his passion btw happy birthday to tonali wish u all the best
Helmie Wijaya
Helmie Wijaya:
Happy Birthday Tonali!! Forza Milan ♥️🖤
Metallica Blackend
Metallica Blackend:
He came, he won, he left King Zlatan!! The new Milan era starts now ✨✨🍾
Milan 2016-17-18-2019 😣😣
Milan 2020-21-2022 🥳🥳
The whole team is now 👌
luigi pic
luigi pic:
This Milan is just so great ! Love this team :) young and strong 💪 now it is up to us , nobody can take it away if we focus on it 🔴⚫️ Forza Milan !
Tejas Bhat
Tejas Bhat:
Being a Manchester United fan I'm happy to see Milan back on top. Both our clubs downfall started similar times, both historic clubs who have red in their jersey now both have bald guys as manager (hopefully that bald guy also bring us to top)

Not appointing Rangnick was the best decision Milan made.
Ezequiel Gonzalez
Ezequiel Gonzalez:
Forza Milan 🇲🇽🖤❤️
Well done Milan, ♥️🖤 you are wonderdul 👍👍🔴⚫
Tremonte FR
Tremonte FR:
This is Tonali’s year, he’s matured so much as a player, pity Italy isn’t in World Cup. He’s our next Pirlo
Rhuthwik Suresh
Rhuthwik Suresh:
Sure he missed a goal, but Messias since he came on did very well. Kept it solid and a came up with a beautiful assist for Florenzi.
Hunter Emmy
Hunter Emmy:
Happy Birthday Tonali!!!❤🖤❤🖤 Forza Milan!!!
Tornike TKTR
Tornike TKTR:
Forza Milan! ❤️🖤
Ahmad Royhan
Ahmad Royhan:
What a performance!!!! #ForzaMilan
John Okereke
John Okereke:
I really feel Milan deserves the scudetto this year 🔥
канат тукешев
канат тукешев:
Милан, Вы заслужили скудетто в этом чемпионате!!! Болеем за Вас!
Ricky Tan
Ricky Tan:
Attacking from start to final whistle...if we can play like this on 2 match ahead...the championship in our hand for sure!!!
Stenly Manein
Stenly Manein:
Forza Milan ❤🖤
Happy Birthday Sandro Tonali 🥳