Hellas Verona 3-1 Napoli | Verona come from behind to stun Napoli! | Serie A TIM

Hellas Verona came from behind to stun Napoli with 3-1 home win on Sunday despite Lozano having scored the visitors’ faster-ever Serie A goal after nine seconds | Serie A TIM

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Sub if you hate TikTokers:
Can we just pay our respects to Verona? Ever since rejoining Serie a they have been upsetting several of the big teams in the league, and they have been a one of the small clubs who are a joy to watch. 👏
Mark Amoah
Mark Amoah:
Serie a is known for 7 second goals😂
Mr. Bartholomew
Mr. Bartholomew:
7 second and then a goal . Lozano’s doing really well
Kapten Green14
Kapten Green14:
fix your play, napoli ✊
Rozi Sanz
Rozi Sanz:
when Lozano score
Hellas Verona : so you chosen death
Rock Tommason
Rock Tommason:
Just when you thought Juventus might finally be out of the picture they get handed 3 gifts
Joey Guardado
Joey Guardado:
Napoli always does this when Milan or inter drop points they always lose Gattuso needs to fix that problem Forza Napoli🇮🇹
Mister Gray
Mister Gray:
Napoli's defense looking shambolic on those goals
Shayan Gillani
Shayan Gillani:
Napoli: Not gonna lie they had us in the first half😂
vikas parsoya
vikas parsoya:
Looks like Juventus have done some black magic on napoli, milan and inter😂
Xazzy Bwoii
Xazzy Bwoii:
Atleast osimhen is back let's hope they would be better in their next game🥺
Ishwor Shrestha
Ishwor Shrestha:
Juventus : Win the match
Serie A top teams : Let us all drop the points to ease juventus path to the top..(•‿•)
Fantastic goals, especially Verona's first two
Siddharth Basu
Siddharth Basu:
Marco silvestri is a very underrated goalkeeper.❤️
Thank you Hellas verona , from a Juve fan
Sergio Cardona
Sergio Cardona:
Thanks hellas verona
attentively: juventus and atalanta
Arton Wedderburn
Arton Wedderburn:
I saw this match at 0-1 for Napoli and said, "OK, Napoli gonna win." Boyyyyyy, was I wrong!
Jamshed Aalam
Jamshed Aalam:
Juve from 6th to 4th in one day, thanks Verona for the second half 😂
Trigoria 74
Trigoria 74:
Verona 7 shots on target Napoli 2
Well deserved win
Leo Messi
Leo Messi:
Eri 03
Eri 03:
Welcome back Di Marco 🖤💙
Lozano: scores in 7 seconds
Rafael Leao: “boi you tripping” 😂
Omar Avalos
Omar Avalos:
It's amazing the more time I watch the serie A for sure I realize that this league It's though ,Verona beat NAPOLI and Atalanta beat Milan , on this league you never know who will win
Bryan Hilfiger
Bryan Hilfiger:
Bro they lost?!?!?? Going to sell my headliner Lozano now
Pala Lupeang
Pala Lupeang:
2:15 Gattuso : I'm gonna slap those kids
Its Ribery
Its Ribery:
ahhh yes... Verona you have done it again!
Nikita Oliinyk
Nikita Oliinyk:
Napoli: 🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡 #GATUSSOOUT!!!!!!!!!!
Mad Bro
Mad Bro:
Gattuso always angry even when hes team scored
Deeb Joker
Deeb Joker:
Hellas verona. Love it
Abdulrahman Alalawi
Abdulrahman Alalawi:
Wow, the Italian League clubs are powerful.
Irakli Samsonia
Irakli Samsonia:
1' Hirving Lozano (0-1); 34' Federico Dimarco (1-1); 62' Antonín Barák (2-1); 79' Mattia Zaccagni (3-1)
samanta revilla
samanta revilla:
Chuky Lozano⚽️
Jonathan Murray
Jonathan Murray:
Nice one Verona. I had Napoli down to win this one even though I'm a Juventus fan. You did us a favor by beating Napoli. 👊👍
el jalesillo c c
el jalesillo c c:
Lozano on fire 🔥
Love From Nepali 🇳🇵😁❣️🌺
Signore Santino Burnett
Signore Santino Burnett:
I've said it for 2 years I've wanted Juric at Juve. Best coach in the league.
Zaccagni reminds me of Zico
Teguh A Rizki
Teguh A Rizki:
Thanks you verona 💕
Just Nub
Just Nub:
would he ask that this match be repeated until his team wins? 😂😂
Stelios Philippides
Stelios Philippides:
Love the commentary!!
Mo Raashiii
Mo Raashiii:
7 th second goal....this is how I score goal in PES..
Fahri worldly
Fahri worldly:
Hahaha 💦
Raz Yahalom
Raz Yahalom:
How could Conte give up on Dimarco and send him on loan this season?!
mat payne
mat payne:
Milik the clear winner
He must be laughing at napoli now
That's hella Verona. :o
aldan manusia
aldan manusia:
Mana ada :v
Kang Mas
Kang Mas:
Verona first goal, where kolibaly lol
Andi Eko Purwanto
Andi Eko Purwanto:
Bek nya lawak
Iva ahmad F
Iva ahmad F:
LOL, look how Bakayoko play for this match
Ivan Juric so underrated
Verona are really close to really competing for the top spots. They are in every game.
Ercan Sen
Ercan Sen:
Fantastiko Verona
Aurelio De Laurentiis lol 😂
mohammad amir
mohammad amir:
Untung kalah napoli. Jadi as roma bisa aman
Ali Kalem
Ali Kalem:
Napoli. Bagus waktu ada cavani🤣
Late Night In Paris
Late Night In Paris:
Gattuso's tactics are too much of a hit or miss. Doesn't help that we're wasteful Infront of goal and make too many individual mistakes at the back.
Van De Roem
Van De Roem:
What a beauty stadium 😭😭😭😂😂
Istigfar Romadon
Istigfar Romadon:
Bring back federico
Riyo A
Riyo A:
When you scored just 6 seconds, your team mentality drop and another goals came. But Ivan Juric team is amazing. From this highlights, Verona dominated the game. Bravo Hellas Verona!
Dika 1897
Dika 1897:
Hahahhahahaa napoli sepele
Clara Schmidt
Clara Schmidt:
I would bet my life that Napoli would beat Verona! This why i love arbitrage betting. I mean this match was 110% profit on Betnetto surebets! Profit and don't care about result :)
omonijo oluwafemi
omonijo oluwafemi:
Serie A seems to be very unpredictable and interesting this season
Metell Job
Metell Job:
man this week have a lot of surprises. Milan lost, inter draw, Nap lost...
Bandi Soebandi
Bandi Soebandi:
Hellas verona 💪💪😎
Salam juventini Indonesia
Gelap Gulita HM
Gelap Gulita HM:
Yuk guys sup sup sup👉☕☕☕
Zakaria Abdullah
Zakaria Abdullah:
Zaccagni top
vex 13
vex 13:
I want to see their president cry 🤣
Omed Saed
Omed Saed:
Mybabe Liz
Mybabe Liz:
Di Marco from making mistake conceding goal to equalising gol for Hellas. Oh man, I need this man back to inter squad next season 🔵⚫
Zaccagni’s assist is the assist of the season thus far
Player longball
Jadeja Brijraj Sinh
Jadeja Brijraj Sinh:
Zaccagni : what a player
That pass was *chefs kiss
I hope he does not get raided by prem clubs
Joshua Egege
Joshua Egege:
Great to see Osimhen back on the pitch after that horrific injury
Radju anggara Radju
Radju anggara Radju:
Gattuso goway
Eduard Alavanja
Eduard Alavanja:
Great croatian coach Jurić, perhaps a future coach of Croatia national team...
JOE Bozza
JOE Bozza:
Gattuso looks mega stressed.
Muhammed Fayiz
Muhammed Fayiz:
Well done Verona
Elena Mamicu
Elena Mamicu:
they already sold the match as far as i know
Antoni Cahyadi
Antoni Cahyadi:
After napoli defeat fiorentina, they got 2 defeat in a row !!! Back to reality, this is napoli i know, and what absolutely brilliant hellas verona !!!
Bin Al Hussein Kyesswa
Bin Al Hussein Kyesswa:
nessuna passione lato gattuso, povero bakayoko oggi en grande squadra gioca con il Verona dopo aver subito subito gol
HMAN 998
HMAN 998:
Forza Hellas, Forza Lazio!
Ibnu Nasirin
Ibnu Nasirin:
Napoli inkonsisten
Cornellius Dimas Berlin
Cornellius Dimas Berlin:
What a performance for Hellas Verona and Ivan Juric this season, they are desserved to get complacent
Ish 144
Ish 144:
Jonathan Funnell
Jonathan Funnell:
chandra wimbara
chandra wimbara:
Every goals Verona scores. let's keep our eye to no 5 bakayoko
Рома Мельник
Рома Мельник:
Апппзххщо дощ з
Alvita Pereira
Alvita Pereira:
very sloppy, but outstanding determination from Verona
Alejandro Garcia
Alejandro Garcia:
El mejor chukyy 👍👍👍👍👍
Vincitore Oicram
Vincitore Oicram:
Napoli tem que parar de perder pra esses times de baixa qualidade pra não tropeçar demais nas classificação para Champions ou pra Europa League 😔
Napoli kena prank jelas Verona....Forza Roma...
The commentator really said "Happy birthday , daddy".
sandi johanes
sandi johanes:
Look how verona play with napoli master class.
Next to roma with many internal confilct..
Will be horor in rome..
Shaff Shaff tv
Shaff Shaff tv:
William Horsman
William Horsman:
Looking forward to seeing DiMarco play for Inter next season, suits Conte's style perfectly would be a great upgrade on Ashley Young
Edgar perez04
Edgar perez04:
As a Mexican Supporting Lozano it's amazing what he has been doing this season
Akash Gupta
Akash Gupta:
Verona took the goal of lozano very seriously