Henry Cavill and Simon Pegg Teach You English Slang | Vanity Fair

Henry Cavill and Simon Pegg teach you English slang words. They star in "Mission: Impossible – Fallout" together.

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Henry Cavill and Simon Pegg Teach You English Slang | Vanity Fair

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100+ comentarios:

sour grapes
sour grapes:
His eyes, his jawline, those shoulders... Like all of you, I too have fallen hard for Simon Pegg.
Therapy is expensive but Henry Cavill completely losing it over 'hard cheese' is free.
Ace Q
Ace Q:
“You’re a lovely man” * leans in for kiss *

literally everyone can relate to that
Cavil is so used to making men question their sexuality he barely even smiled when Simon leaned in.
Simon Pegg deserves more recognition.
Seeing Henry Cavill giggle after you've binged Witcher is weird.
Henry Cavill has the same initials as hard cheese. Coincidence? I think not
Henry’s shirt is STRUGGLING
NC Smith
NC Smith:
Henry Cavill is literally a god amongst men, but can we also appreciate how cool Simon Pegg is? He’s so witty and actually quite charming, but as a writer of Hot Fuzz and Shaun of the Dead, I suppose it’s not really surprising.
Anne Horst
Anne Horst:
Everyone’s taking about his looks but even his voice is angelic 😍🥵
Cahleen Jyne pilapil
Cahleen Jyne pilapil:
Can we just give props to henry’s shirt holding itself together like that
Now I really want these two in a British buddy cop film...
John Buckingham
John Buckingham:
Seeing Henry Cavill laughing until he cries is a wonderful revelation, mainly because he's been required to portray such a humourless cinder block of a Superman for Warner Bros.. He and Simon play off each other so well that they really should team up for a comedy or two in the near future.
Yee Snarky
Yee Snarky:
With the right script these two could be a really good Sherlock Holmes and Doctor Watson!
Simon Pegg: *gives perfect example to explain term*
Henry Cavill: "It's becuase I'm an onion farmer"
Can you even imagine seeing him in person? A bit like staring directly at the sun I'd expect
Everyone's talking about how gorgeous each of them is, I'm over here shipping them as the world's best friends ever, they just keep giggling at each other and it's amazingly wholesome.
Jessica Vela
Jessica Vela:
Dude...... he’s legit the definition of a Disney Prince! Why hasn’t he been used as such?!

Good lord his eyes are gorgeous!
Now I *really* want Hard Cheese to be Henry's next movie, with Simon writing it.
Gay Booze
Gay Booze:
Henry Cavill’s laugh and accent is my whole sexuality
Roma M.
Roma M.:
Henry laughed and somehow my clothes were not on my body anymore.
Abner Ortiz
Abner Ortiz:
Simon should be legally obligated to produce a movie called “Hard Cheese” starring Henry Cavill.
Bill Buffett
Bill Buffett:
There is no point in being a male while Henry exists.
Kimjongil 2000
Kimjongil 2000:
I love how Cavill sort of looks sort of embarrassed by some of these expressions. A real gentleman. It's hard to imagine him swearing.
Zahra Blythe
Zahra Blythe:
Henry's cute, as much as he's handsome and masculine. How is that even possible...I mean, I think he's one of the cutest British men I've ever seen.
Daniel Hackney
Daniel Hackney:
If Michaelangelo was alive today, he'd make a statue called "Henry Cavill."
Their banter is so entertaining, Simon Peg is just hilarious
Knox Harrington, the video artist
Knox Harrington, the video artist:
Everyone's talking about how handsome Henry Cavill is and I'm over here just obsessed with how Simon Pegg says "argy-bargy" at 0:47
joshua gonzales
joshua gonzales:
Henry has the most beautiful smile and accent
Blue Phoenix
Blue Phoenix:
You know they're English if they just go on a 1 minute rant about dogs bollocks
Minnepeg and Cam
Minnepeg and Cam:
I’m listening to Simon but can’t stop looking at Henry.
jaded dahlia
jaded dahlia:
How is everything about Henry so wholesome?
J Wyman
J Wyman:
Holy crap, Henry Cavill looks like Superman no matter what he's doing. Yes, I know he played the blue boy scout in the movies. But he's just always Superman, isn't he?
How many returned just for “hard cheese?”
I didn't catch any of that. I was too busy staring at his personality.
Henry Cavill is unnecessarily handsome and should be the next James Bond.
Gui Porto
Gui Porto:
Henry Cavill is so handsome it actually hurts.
єzrα //
єzrα //:
I utterly adore both of them; Simon always manages to make me laugh. Speaking of which, Henry's smile and laugh are what make him radiate like the sun. Lovely ✨
Auror '97
Auror '97:
3:42 pegg's laugh is just delightful there.
Jeremiah Jeno
Jeremiah Jeno:
Props to Henry's sleeves for holding it together like that.
I'm straight as they come... but Christ, I have to admit that God has created a perfect specimen of a man right here!

The other dude next to Simon Pegg is okay as well I guess.
guitar chick360
guitar chick360:
Omg, Henry's laugh is so adorable. I couldn't stop smiling every time he laughed :)
Henry genuinely cracking up is priceless I've never seen him laugh like that 😅😅
Kerry Rose
Kerry Rose:
"It's because I'm an onion farmer."

Well that explains why Geralt smells of death and destiny and onions.
Laura Lee
Laura Lee:
I hate that I can't stop staring at him. That man is just perfection.
Nico Grech
Nico Grech:
Hard Cheese

Henry: *Laughs in muscle*
Leilani Riddles
Leilani Riddles:
Henry's giggle is like candy-floss for your ears
Devon Putra
Devon Putra:
Henry's laugh, especially when they discussed Hard Cheese, is just.... ugh
3:03 Henry’s little, “Huh” is so high and cute, I’ve probably watched that part 200 times 😂
Elita Niad
Elita Niad:
Henry's muscles are 2020 and we are the shirt trying not to explode while keeping everything together 🤣🤣
Benjamin .Heneberry
Benjamin .Heneberry:
If Henry Cavill gets any more good looking I may have to reconsider this whole heterosexual thing.
Henry’s laugh is so good. It makes me so happy. 🥺💕
Comodore Goatknuckle
Comodore Goatknuckle:
Cavills beauty gives him superpowers. He can even drop jokes about vegans without angry vegans rioting in the comment section.
Ellen Lewis
Ellen Lewis:
Hilarious …. No way do they use most of these day to day! They’re both so good humoured though. A £ for a number 2 😂😂
Ok I've watched a bunch of these videos, and I still come back to this one, its the funniest and Simon and Henry have great chemistry
London Underground
London Underground:
Just in case you're watching Simon, you're handsome too. All the other comments are for Henry. This ones for you .
Shinjini Bhowmick
Shinjini Bhowmick:
Henry losing it at Hard cheese never gets old lol
Oh uh the cheese definitely does though
moeder vanbranko
moeder vanbranko:
Could totally fall for Cavil if he was as smart and funny as Pegg.
ace anarchy
ace anarchy:
even henry’s shirt has life handled more than me
Somehow I ended up pregnant after watch Henry Cavill laughing at that hard cheese
Chris L
Chris L:
Dude probably gets all kinds of chicks and Henry probably does all right as well.
Georgina Tilly-Scholes
Georgina Tilly-Scholes:
We can all agree we are still watching the hard cheese bit to this day 😂
Jennifer T
Jennifer T:
This was great. I love Simon for so many reasons. Seeing Henry laugh was so contagious too though...
A F:
Henry is so handsome, I can't handle it.
K Alexander00
K Alexander00:
Henry’s cute little shrug at 4:32 is way too delicate for someone his size. 🤣😍
Henry's handsome face has me smiling like an idiot at my phone.
Jossie Smith
Jossie Smith:
4:23 one of my favorite parts of this whole video!🤣 Henry:"It's because I'm an onion Farmer"
Nour NF
Nour NF:
2:36 look at him while he’s laughing, the best seconds of my life i swear
Vik J
Vik J:
This is gold. And Henry is one seriously gorgeous man.
erin gane
erin gane:
henry “it’s because i’m an onion farmer”
simon *looses it*
henry *looks at camera dead serious*
Henry Cavill seriously looks like a renaissance painting
Bobbi R.
Bobbi R.:
I love how when Henry laughs it starts high pitched 😂
they have such a good dynamic together, imagine a comedy with this duo
I've never seen Henry laugh so hard. It's wonderful.
Sierra Mariam
Sierra Mariam:
I’m literally just here to see Henry Cavil smile and laugh!💓
Better Days
Better Days:
When Henry Cavill reloads his biceps in the MI6 fight scene is the most badass thing you've ever seen
The funniest thing in this whole video is that Henry’s shirt is practically bursting at the seams
Damian Sigouin
Damian Sigouin:
The man is so huge, it's honestly surprising that Henry hasn't said anything about Simon's massive build.
Kayleigh Howard
Kayleigh Howard:
The way the just laugh off eachother is giving me life
Simon: "Hard Cheese"
Henry: *Absolutely loses it*
I'm definitely gonna start using "hard cheese" in my vernacular now. Thank you, Vanity Fair!
erin harr
erin harr:
Henry's Laugh for hard cheese gets me everytime! 🤣😍
BakeNeko 08
BakeNeko 08:
I don't even understand 50% of the video but Henry is a joy , I'm here just to see him Smile 🥺😍😍😍😍😍😍❤️
Conejita Carreño
Conejita Carreño:
Los dos son estupendos actores, talentosos y ambos son atractivos. Me encanto el vídeo.
I Origin
I Origin:
Simon Peggs obvious confidence next to Henry makes him sooo much more attractive. He's got his own charm and doesnt stand in the shadow of Cavil, which is a hard thing to do when people treat him like he's some type of deity lol he's great, really love him.
His laugh cured my depression
Shruti Basu
Shruti Basu:
I love Henry laughing so much I dont know why
Robin Harrell
Robin Harrell:
Henners losing it at 'hard cheese' took me out 😂
Henry Cavill's giggle is so infectious.
*video request: Henry Calvill plays with puppies with his shirt off
"You smell of death and destiny, heroics and heartbreak."
*Flashback to **4:23*
"It's onion."
Zainab Godar
Zainab Godar:
Henry's laugh tho 😂
Monica Helena Helena
Monica Helena Helena:
Amo o sorriso do henry😍💜
Mr Black
Mr Black:
Henry is my perfect big spoon. Simon is my perfect small spoon.
Paulina Florast
Paulina Florast:
Henry Cavill’s attractiveness should be illegal, Im offended.
Comedic Center
Comedic Center:
After hearing Henry's laugh I think he would make a great Joker
mmmoroi Moroi
mmmoroi Moroi:
I must admit VF did an absolutely fabulous job creating this series, so educational, informative and inspiring.
Grey Man
Grey Man:
I can hear Henry’s shirt screaming in agony trying to hold in those superhero proportions
Stephen Grice
Stephen Grice:
Simon likes his shirt. It has appeared more than once on You Tube videos. A very well made shirt. The geometric design works even when all the buttons are fastened. Not cheap.
Cally Davis
Cally Davis:
Props to Henry's shirt... for staying in place!