Henry Cavill and Simon Pegg Teach You English Slang | Vanity Fair

Henry Cavill and Simon Pegg teach you English slang words. They star in "“Mission: Impossible – Fallout" out in theaters July 27th.

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Henry Cavill and Simon Pegg Teach You English Slang | Vanity Fair

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100+ comentarios:

sour grapes
sour grapes:
His eyes, his jawline, those shoulders... Like all of you, I too have fallen hard for Simon Pegg.
London Underground
London Underground:
Just in case you're watching Simon, you're handsome too. All the other comments are for Henry. This ones for you .
Cahleen Jyne pilapil
Cahleen Jyne pilapil:
Can we just give props to henry’s shirt holding itself together like that
Nico Grech
Nico Grech:
Hard Cheese

Henry: *Laughs in muscle*
I'm straight as they come... but Christ, I have to admit that God has created a perfect specimen of a man right here!

The other dude next to Simon Pegg is okay as well I guess.
I’m a 40 year old man watching this. My brother just asked me why I’m giggling like a school girl. “I’m watching Henry Cavill”.
Simon: "Hard Cheese"
Henry: *Absolutely loses it*
Arriane Tamor
Arriane Tamor:
Imagine Henry Cavill and Chris Evans in one room.
Muneeb Khan
Muneeb Khan:
I reported this as pornography
3:22 „spend a penny“ or as we call it now „toss a coin to your Witcher“
Gabriel Franco
Gabriel Franco:
Everyone talking about Henry but Simon is so adorable
I want to be there when Henry Cavill's muscles bust through that shirt.

I offer to be his new shirt.
How many returned just for “hard cheese?”
Cavill is disgustingly handsome.
Jaskier: "What's that smell, onion? It smells like Destiny!"

Henry: "That's because I'm an onion farmer."
Rosalie Burr
Rosalie Burr:
3:03 Henry’s little, “Huh” is so high and cute, I’ve probably watched that part 200 times 😂
Rebecca Le
Rebecca Le:
Honestly, the fact that Henry Cavill comes across as so intelligent and funny is the best part about this! He looks so serious when he says "yeah, the etymology of that..." and he can make Simon Pegg laugh so hard is really impressive!
Alice Lolita
Alice Lolita:
Henry Cavill has the same initials as hard cheese. Coincidence? I think not
Rangers Fan Jill
Rangers Fan Jill:
Henry losing it over Hard Cheese is everything.
100% comments: Henry Cavill

Simon is crying somewhere
Cowboy Sloth
Cowboy Sloth:
It’s disappointing that men can’t get pregnant, cause I would 100% carry Henry’s babies.
Whenever I’m in a bad mood I’m come here to see Henry Cavill losing his mind over “hard cheese” and Simon Pegg pitching a TV series starring Dave Cheese, lactose intolerant, vegan detective. 🤣🤣🤣
Bill Buffett
Bill Buffett:
There is no point in being a male while Henry exists.
K J:
Henry was sculpted by God himself.
Someone should say "hard cheese" to Henry when he's in Geralt costume. Coz I want to see Geralt laugh cutely like 2:36 😂

I'm sorry 🤣
Annalisa Champagna
Annalisa Champagna:
I finally found a flaw: Henry's right eyebrow is kinda raised all the time.
or maybe it's just him asking me " _have you really found a flaw?_ *_Have you?_* "
Seeing Henry Cavill giggle after you've binged Witcher is weird.
Ace Q
Ace Q:
“You’re a lovely man” * leans in for kiss *

literally everyone can relate to that
God he always walks around looking like he'd burst out of his clothes any second...god bless.
Also Simon is an absolute sweetheart and I love them both. Couldnt stop giggling throughout this entire video.
Henry’s proportions and jawline are heavenly man. He’s got a cute lil smile too
Mr Nobody
Mr Nobody:
"What is it if you do a number 2?" - "A pound?"... That's probably the funniest joke I've ever heard
Henry Cavill seriously looks like a renaissance painting
Rhiannon Davies
Rhiannon Davies:
Henry looks so proud that he made Simon laugh
Cavil is so used to making men question their sexuality he barely even smiled when Simon leaned in.
Lu Dominguez
Lu Dominguez:
Brain: randomly thinks about Henry Cavills' laugh
Me: smiles
Yesenia Garcia
Yesenia Garcia:
It makes me sick how attractive Henry is. How is that possible?
Cam And Minnepeg
Cam And Minnepeg:
I’m listening to Simon but can’t stop looking at Henry.
Isabella L
Isabella L:
Simon Pegg deserves more recognition.
Katie Davis
Katie Davis:
Everyone in the comments is screaming about how attractive Henry Cavill is while I'm over here signing Simon Pegg's adoption papers
Kerry Rose
Kerry Rose:
"It's because I'm an onion farmer."

Well that explains why Geralt smells of death and destiny and onions.
It must be annoying being so handsome it distracts everyone around you. Cause the man is distracting.
Carl Scheinemann
Carl Scheinemann:
Henry Cavill was born for the sole purpose of making straight men question their sexuality
I'll sign a petition for Henry Cavill to be the next Bond in a heartbeat........
The Local Gay Disaster
The Local Gay Disaster:
Henry Cavill’s laugh and accent is my whole sexuality
Nour NF
Nour NF:
2:36 look at him while he’s laughing, the best seconds of my life i swear
Zahra Blythe
Zahra Blythe:
Henry's cute, as much as he's handsome and masculine. How is that even possible...I mean, I think he's one of the cutest British men I've ever seen.
Daniel Hackney
Daniel Hackney:
If Michaelangelo was alive today, he'd make a statue called "Henry Cavill."
Ellie Vieira
Ellie Vieira:
1:48 hahaha they started talking about dog's bollocks like is something serious to discuss 😂😂
Jessica Vela
Jessica Vela:
Dude...... he’s legit the definition of a Disney Prince! Why hasn’t he been used as such?!

Good lord his eyes are gorgeous!
RJ MacReady
RJ MacReady:
The most beautiful man in the world and the funniest man in the world.
SERIOUSLY HENRY?!? I mean technically, he’s the same species as my husband. You should be sexist MAN OF THE CENTURY!!! ❤️
The best part of watching any videos of Cavill is reading all the comments. They are so funny and unanimous. No other topic on social media capable of this achievement.
joshua gonzales
joshua gonzales:
Henry has the most beautiful smile and accent
squiggly sam
squiggly sam:
1:22 now THAT is a first-class, grade-A giggle right there
Jay Lorbeer
Jay Lorbeer:
Therapy is expensive but Henry Cavill completely losing it over 'hard cheese' is free.
Roma M.
Roma M.:
Henry laughed and somehow my clothes were not on my body anymore.
Now I *really* want Hard Cheese to be Henry's next movie, with Simon writing it.
Sierra Mariam
Sierra Mariam:
I’m literally just here to see Henry Cavil smile and laugh!💓
Simon Pegg: *gives perfect example to explain term*
Henry Cavill: "It's becuase I'm an onion farmer"
Mister Scoot
Mister Scoot:
As a man, I find it baffling that another man can be so handsome that it genuinely scares me.
the only reason anyone has a girlfriend, is because henry cavill hasnt met them yet
Somehow I ended up pregnant after watch Henry Cavill laughing at that hard cheese
James Brolly
James Brolly:
Them repeating “the dogs bollocks” has killed me🤣🤣
Ana Beatriz Oliveira
Ana Beatriz Oliveira:
05:01 even Simon couldn't handle it and attempt to kiss Henry hahaha OMG
Shatakshi Mishra
Shatakshi Mishra:
Here after bingeing Witcher because you wanted more of this gorgeous human?
Yes, honey, I feel you.
We want more of him.
Henry's handsome face has me smiling like an idiot at my phone.
Henry’s shirt looks wet, and I ain’t mad about it.
Aybuke B
Aybuke B:
Henry’s shirt is STRUGGLING
Clothes just cannot hide that man's physique.
Maybe I’m alone here but I focused most on the chemistry these two have. Would love to see them as co leads in something on bbc.
Benjamin .Heneberry
Benjamin .Heneberry:
If Henry Cavill gets any more good looking I may have to reconsider this whole heterosexual thing.
Henry is SO handsome! It is intoxicating, I can just stare at him smile
K. M.
K. M.:
0:38 “an idiot”
Jeremiah Jeno
Jeremiah Jeno:
Props to Henry's sleeves for holding it together like that.
Now I really want these two in a British buddy cop film...
Dakota Hampton
Dakota Hampton:
This is the thirstiest comment section I have ever read lolol
Ok I've watched a bunch of these videos, and I still come back to this one, its the funniest and Simon and Henry have great chemistry
Gui Porto
Gui Porto:
Henry Cavill is so handsome it actually hurts.
The Painted Water
The Painted Water:
I hate that I can't stop staring at him. That man is just perfection.
Shanzay Wazir
Shanzay Wazir:
I find myself here every few days just to hear Henrys laugh
Can you even imagine seeing him in person? A bit like staring directly at the sun I'd expect
Henry’s laugh is so good. It makes me so happy. 🥺💕
Chey Zapata
Chey Zapata:
Nadie :
Absolutamente nadie :
Yo: henry se está riendo en británico 😂
Loler D ́Chocolat
Loler D ́Chocolat:
I didn't even paid attention about what they said. I got lost admiring Henry Cavill whole picture
Yannick DRMDA
Yannick DRMDA:
I want Henry Cavill to ruin my h*le and my life. But he's probably too polite for that.
Petya Hristova
Petya Hristova:
Look at that facial expression at 5:12min. So expressive, yet so adorable.
I wish my face looked exactly like his - expressive, when I make my point across just with my eyes.
Amazing...what a gift.
J Wyman
J Wyman:
Holy crap, Henry Cavill looks like Superman no matter what he's doing. Yes, I know he played the blue boy scout in the movies. But he's just always Superman, isn't he?
Alice Malmqvist
Alice Malmqvist:
Henry's little 'ah' at 3:03 has me laughing so hard😂 and as soon Simon said "hard cheese" Henry lost it😂
Imagine Henry Cavill and Matt bomer co-starring.
Henry Cavill is unnecessarily handsome and should be the next James Bond.
Daniel Dumas
Daniel Dumas:
FYI: This could have been hysterical had you first asked some Non-Brits what They thought what these slangs meant !
Elliot Booth
Elliot Booth:
I like fact they explain the slang by using other slang words 😂😂
Matthew Falls
Matthew Falls:
3:36 OMG they are having so much fun laughing. Henrry is so soft spoken and funny. “Pound???” LOL!!!!
Lucy Matilda
Lucy Matilda:
I love henry even more after the Witcher...😍
Chris L
Chris L:
Dude probably gets all kinds of chicks and Henry probably does all right as well.
Sieliest Schonwieder
Sieliest Schonwieder:
2:35 for a laughing witcher, everyone
Henry is such a beautiful man.
Rayssa Barroso
Rayssa Barroso:
Henry is so gorgeous it makes me uncomfortable
if i ever caught henry in bed with my wife i'd tuck him in and leave
Mad Ting
Mad Ting:
Henry’s laugh cleared my skin