Henry Cavill Breaks Down His Most Iconic Characters | GQ

Henry Cavill breaks down his most iconic characters, including his roles in 'Man of Steel,' 'The Witcher,' 'Mission Impossible: Fallout,' 'Enola Holmes,' 'The Man from U.N.C.L.E.,' 'Immortals,' 'The Tudors' and 'The Count of Monte Cristo.'

00:00 Intro
00:34 'Man of Steel' Clark Kent / Superman
03:36 'The Witcher' Geralt of Rivia
06:27 'Mission Impossible: Fallout' August Walker

09:27 'Enola Holmes' Sherlock Holmes
11:43 'The Man from U.N.C.L.E.' Napoleon Solo
13:11 'Immortals' Theseus
13:56 'The Tudors' Charles Brandon
15:42 'The Count of Monte Cristo' Albert Mondego

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Henry Cavill Breaks Down His Most Iconic Characters | GQ

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100+ comentarios:

Shay B.
Shay B.:
He is incredibly articulate, and clearly a fanboy at heart. We deserve more Henry and he deserves better scripts!
Roy Zlatan Estevez
Roy Zlatan Estevez:
The wonderful thing about Henry Cavill playing Superman is that he looks exactly like anyone's idea of Superman, both face and body. I can't imagine any actor who fits this role any better.
Viceregal Dust 31
Viceregal Dust 31:
It's so ridiculous how dirty WB did this man. He is, without question, the best Superman I've ever seen on screen and he deserves a trilogy of his own.
He's the next JAMES BOND for me. He's at the same age when Daniel Craig was casted & the fact that he came close to being casted but due to his young age they went for Daniel makes me think they'll go for him this time. And he's absolutely perfect, womanizer appeal & looks tough to look like an agent (Eg. Napoleon Solo)
Gede Adia
Gede Adia:
Man, you can see how passionate he was with his Superman character. He's nerd yes. A nerd whom all nerds dream to be. Become a Superman.
Jed Nej
Jed Nej:
The more I watch and learn about Henry Cavill and his acting method, his attention to the source material of the characters he plays and his desire to bring accurate representations of them to screen the more I think he should try his hand and directing/script writing for himself….it’s rare to see such commitment and enthusiasm by actors for roles. Totally and utterly refreshing. I love this guy! I hope he gets his chance to play a Warhammer character in film or tv soon!
Poet Dawn 7
Poet Dawn 7:
Henry Cavill is the perfect combination of looks, wit and a gentleman-like attitude. And he would be the BEST James Bond!
Shannon Pedersen
Shannon Pedersen:
He was one of my favorite actors in the Tudors. Every time he gets another good role, I'm genuinely happy to see him get the credit he deserves.
Henry made the witcher what it is today I was so stressed that they would yet again ruin another series dear to my heart. But after watching it even in S2 I still get amazed at how I really am looking at Geralt not someone playing Geralt
Imagine having the perfect actor to play Superman. Who looks exactly like him. Who wants to play him as badly as the fans want him too. Just to recast/reboot the series.
David Zeile
David Zeile:
Henry is proof that dedication to source material, thoughtful approach to a character's deeper motivations and their place within a story, and a humble intelligence can elevate a talented actor into becoming a world class actor.

Lovely man too, having met him briefly. Seemed kind of bemused by the attention since he doesn't think he's some celebrity star.
Tracy Metherell
Tracy Metherell:
I’m so happy Henry is trying to bring out the depth of Geralt’s character. The book character is so wise and intelligent, it is a fantastic read!
He is the most objectively handsome man I've ever seen. I can't find a physical flaw. He really hit the genetic jackpot.
Alexander Gifford
Alexander Gifford:
Man of steel is absolutely amazing and it doesn’t get half the amount of respect it should. The Casting 10/10, the acting 10/10, the story 10/10. Michael Shannon absolutely smashed captain Zod and cavil really lived up to the role of superman
Destructo 6t9
Destructo 6t9:
The very fact that he's aware of his character so much and what path his character was gonna take, puts him way up on the list of actors who have ever done a CBM/Fantasy genre.
Empire Fan Productions
Empire Fan Productions:
Henry Cavill is my favorite Superman!
Jonathan B.
Jonathan B.:
He was the perfect superman. Man of steel was so great. They messed up letting go of him, such a great fit for the role
Jen Z
Jen Z:
It’s really inspiring to hear someone talk so passionately about the characters they play, I’m so glad the world has someone like Henry to showcase these characters :)
I love how he takes everything close to the heart, he acknowledges people and is very caring about the project, the development of the message. That is passion and care for his and other's craft.
Jack Dolinger
Jack Dolinger:
How Henry hasn’t already had more than one solo Superman movie is mind boggling. He’s Superman! Period!
Andy Freitas
Andy Freitas:
Not often do I think"there's a celebrity I'd love to have a conversation with". Cavill is a great actor and it's good to see his rising popularity. Give him a big role like Bond and he'll do wonders with it
K Cifuentes
K Cifuentes:
It’s tragic they didn’t give us more movies with Henry and Superman. He’s amazing. Studio let us and him down
What a humble person. Most underrated IMO. Love The Witcher, but my dream is to see him in the Superman suit once more.. and Snyder directing
Kim Lønne
Kim Lønne:
It´s a bird, it´s a plane, it´s Henry Cavill. The absolute best actor to put on the cape. He should have his own Superman tv show. And he was also cool as a bad guy in Mission Impossible Fallout.
I never understand why these are never in chronological order, it would be interesting to see the journey of the actor that way.
K. Delpino
K. Delpino:
The count of Monte Cristo in '02.
Immortals in 2011.
The cold light of day in 2012.

Seeing these 3 was one thing.
Him playing the new Superman was mindblowing and he was so good in MoS.

Cavill is an all-arounder.
He gets into the character edge and owns it.

He still wants the MoS sequel.
He deserves it.
We deserve more of Cavill as The Big Blue on screen.
Please let this man have a go at Bond! I think his love for these characters shows a level of care for them and would be great to see what he does with Bond.
I just started watching "The Witcher". He is such an amazing actor. Very articulate and SO handsome 🥰🥰
How could anyone not like this guy, you could see that he genuinely loves what he does best, acting on the big screen.
Honestly think Henry’s such an underrated actor. The way he dedicates himself to his roles and just does his research. I will admit I was slightly worried about the Witcher before season 1 but he’s amazing in it and plays Geralt perfectly in my opinion. And he’s a massive fan of the books and games so there’s no better man to play him. Same with a lot of his roles!
Tristan Kerr
Tristan Kerr:
Phenomenal actor. Henry Cavill knows the ins and outs of all of his characters which is what makes him such a great actor. Would love to see him back as Superman as he is by far the best we have seen so far.
Andrew Harper
Andrew Harper:
Interesting video, I really enjoyed Enola Holmes, his portrayal of Sherlock was very good and as a character you really grow to like him at the end. He looks very different in the Tudor clip, almost didn’t recognize him! As for having him as the next James Bond. Yes I think as an actor he’s certainly good enough. I guess it depends on how much they want to stay true to the books. Ian Fleming’s Bond is a more ordinary man not a muscular killer. He enjoys the finer things in life as he never knows when it will end. Of course Daniel didn’t go that route and he wanted to look like a killer (and some purists didn’t like that). Will be interesting to see what happens in the next three months of so.
I'm watching The Witcher season 2 and find it interesting that for the part Henry lost two of his most beautiful physical features: his blue eyes and dark hair. Surprisingly I find him even more striking to look at, a true embodiment of the character. Thank you Henry for your dedication in bringing the Witcher to life!
David brooks
David brooks:
Henry Cavill is one of those actors that if he is playing your favorite character you know he will give his all to bring that character to life, he knows and respects what us fans love because he himself is a fan of alot of the fictional mythos alot of actors turn their nose up at. Really hope he continues to play Superman because to me and many others he is the only real choice, he is Superman.
Elizabeth M
Elizabeth M:
Ahh, The Tudors. When Henry first caught my eye. Been a fan ever since and have loved watching how far he's gone.
Vidi 7
Vidi 7:
Henry Cavill is a legend who will never be forgotten
Henry’s superman is so under appreciated. Even though I can see why some people may not like his version and he is not my favourite superman, I personally really love his take at superman. I just wish he can get more movies being superman.
The ambassador of gamers and nerds. One of us !

Jokes aside, very sympathetic lad and given by how much passion and precision he put into portraying Geralt... just made me love that guy. The clip of him assembling his own gaming-rig is one of my favorites out there. Man of Steel also my favorite Supes-movie.
iñigo villarreal grijalva
iñigo villarreal grijalva:
what he said about his perfomance in the witcher is incredible. he respected the character instead of looking for a deeper meaning like plenty of actors do, that is exactly why he carried the whole show.
I dont think we will ever see another actor that perfectly fits Clark Kent the way Henry does. It's such crap how poorly WB has handled things and that likely now we may never see him play superman again. Fingers crossed one day they make up for their mistakes

Thankfully there's another role that I am very happy to say Henry also fits perfectly. He is so perfect as Geralt and I hope we get to enjoy it for many many years
Im so glad he actually enjoys playing Superman and wants to continue playing the role because I honestly can’t see anyone else playing it now… Henry is the best Superman ever in my opinion.
YouYa Na
YouYa Na:
Love him always. So humble and intelligent and good actor as well. He really grasp the essence. Wish he comes back as a Superman again.
Celtic Babs
Celtic Babs:
Been indifferent to Henry until he played the Witcher. He emanates something spectacular when he is in full Geralt of Rivia gear. Since he's become Geralt, and shown how much he loves this character, I totally adore him now.
Two things: 1. I am so happy they covered The Count of Monte Cristo, I adore that film adaption and 2. I need Henry Cavill to do an audiobook for something (Witcher would be cool) but I'd listen to this dude read diaper instructions tbh.
cain abel
cain abel:
One thing I love about Henry Cavil is so humble. He gives credit where it is due to writes, directors, to the actors, etc. Take his role in Enola Holmes see how he gives credit to Enola that he wanted Enola to shine and not just take over.
Paulette Jordan
Paulette Jordan:
I'm so glad that this video was made he's such an underrated actor.
Anne Craig
Anne Craig:
The only non-drooling fangirl thing I can say about HC is day-um, his parents did an outstanding job with him! Genetic perfection aside, he is gracious, generous and tho not nec in this video, hilarious! Swoooooooooooooooooooooooooooon!!!!
Adrian Van Leeuwen
Adrian Van Leeuwen:
I really like Henry Cavill as Superman, the only part of the movie I did not care for was Clark letting his earth Father die to hide his identity, however if Superman had superspeed already he could have saved his father in a blur of speed during the tornado without anyone seeing him as Clark. They would have done that in Smallville (and they actually did in one episode to run faster than a bullet) but not in the Superman movie. The rest of the movie was fine.
Lineth Gonzalez
Lineth Gonzalez:
The most handsome actor EVER in my opinion also he is so serious in his relationships and not a dumb playboy, he is passionate of the characters he plays and he's very family oriented he is a fantastic Superman and would be a great James Bond, he deserves better ❤️❤️❤️❤️
Leandro Batt
Leandro Batt:
This man is the perfect Superman, the looks, the posture, the superb acting, the demeanour , I’m so thankful for this casting…. I grew up with christopher reeves, but he is my Superman
Bradley S
Bradley S:
Brandon Routh was the first superman that i watched as a kid and as much as i love him and his movie, Henry Cavill's version and his Man of Steel movie captivated me so well that he became my favourite superman. He's such a wonderful cast of Clark Kent/Superman and i hope WB does do something with him and give him the sequels, Especially since he loves the role a lot.
Jacky Ripley
Jacky Ripley:
I love the fact that he remembers all the names and talks of others so fondly without taking much credit for his own acting. He seems like a great dude to be friends with.
he is so well spoken! i wish he'd get to complete the darkness and redemption arc of Superman that he spoke about! kinda heartbreaking what WB did honestly.
Henry is amazing. I hope he gets more roles in many different movies.
There is just something very connectable when it comes to Henry. He’s a down to earth actor and an amazing human being. His activism for the environment and being a nerd is a bonus 😊
I really liked Henry as Superman. He reminded me a lot of Chris Reeves, a wonderful memory! 😊🦸
LilHeatha Smith
LilHeatha Smith:
I’m glad he’s been acting long enough for people to finally ask him questions beyond his workout and what it’s like to be incredibly handsome. There is so much more to him. Really impressive and I truly hope we get to see him as Bond.
Mike F.
Mike F.:
This man will Always be Superman. His passion for and understanding of the character is inspiring to any real Superman fan.
Tori Collins
Tori Collins:
He needs another Superman movie. "Man of Steel" is so good. He is such an articulate man & truly loves the characters he plays.
Gururaj Gupta
Gururaj Gupta:
As a fan of superhero movies, it would have been a delight to experience two visions for superheroes. One was light-hearted and fun (Marvel) while other was a bit realistic (DC). A perfect balance.
His perspective of Superman makes me even disappointed that WB never made MOS 2 as I think the first movie is still the best DCEU movie to date!
Manpreet Girn
Manpreet Girn:
My sis and I are rooting for Henry to become the next James Bond. He has the brains and the brawn.....and the looks. Women would be even more drawn into watching future Bond movies if he was cast and this would in turn affect the bottom line: more tickets sold and more money made for these films. We love you, Henry!!!
Cameron O'Neil
Cameron O'Neil:
Henry has always been my ideal choice for MCU Wolverine since 2019. His performance in The Witcher is what officially solidified the idea for me
Anastasiya Osmolovskaya
Anastasiya Osmolovskaya:
He is so talented can’t wait for the other movies. I’ve watched Tudors only because of his Charles Brandon character in it. I wish i could erase my memory 🌸to watch the movies and series staring Mr.perfection again
Romina O. V.
Romina O. V.:
Monica persia
Monica persia:
Let's know how many here wants Henry Cavill comeback as Superman again.
i really hope we will see him as superman again. he is just perfect.
Shyann Frazier
Shyann Frazier:
The fact that He can change his voice the way he does and get into character in Superman and The Witcher Shows how amazing and impeccable his acting skills are he is amazing I love this man
i love him, i loved him since Man of Steal! He was performing the role of both Clark and Superman fantastic! the only movie we show and felt through the screen the amazing powers of Superman in a realistic way! Snyder,Nolan and Henry did a phenomenal good movie! I miss them!
Riri Rocks
Riri Rocks:
He is absolutely right. You can have the best actors playing and if the director doesn't know how to shoot the scene to match the dialogue or the actors actions its all wasted. Some editors and directors are so good at creating the fantasy that they make mediocre actors shine. Truly they rule the scene.
Really hoping he lands a Bond role, I know Henry talked about wanting to play 007 before, I think he'd ace it
"People hate what they don't understand". Bring back Henry, he is the one.

Edit: #RestoreTheSnyderVerse 🇰🇬
Sanne Scarlett
Sanne Scarlett:
The way he speaks about The Witcher season 2 😍 such a joy hearing him be in love with the books and trying to represent his role as Geralt to the best of his abilities. I cannot wait till the release in December.
Ray Mckibben
Ray Mckibben:
He is so cool and don’t have any ego at all. Grounded and compassionate and respectful to his other actors, writers, crew and producers. He know he has to be worth every penny and that what he does sells and pays the wages for everyone on set. He seams like a great guy
Eddy R
Eddy R:
Man of Steel is a MASTERPIECE!!!
I feel like my english vocabulary expands a little bit further every time i get to watch an interview with Henry, especially extended ones like this. Today i thank him for the discovery of the word "discombobulating", i love it, and i'll think of him every time i get to use it, which i hope is often lol, love you Henry <3
Mehluli Moyo
Mehluli Moyo:
This man is a gamer to the core, literally he almost missed the call-up for Superman because he was playing WoW. True gamer mentality
Stiainin Beglan
Stiainin Beglan:
You know he's an excellent actor when you watch him play different characters and never think of one while watching another: He becomes the character, not the other way around. ❤️ These are the actors that deserve awards.
Bilal Ahmed
Bilal Ahmed:
Behind the beautifully sculpted granite body lies a beautiful, soft heart that is very endearing to watch and relate to. What a gentle human being.
Martyn James
Martyn James:
Such a talented actor and such a humble man. I genuinely believe his calm demeanor and brilliant sense of humour are due to the fact that he was fat growing up, even though he convincingly plays what is essentially a god in superman (and you can confidently expect that a god would look like Cavill because, even as a straight man, he is very attractive and makes me weep silently to myself when he takes his shirt off) his life experience as an obese teen taught him not to get a huge head because muscles go far faster than they come!
The Home Cinema Engineer
The Home Cinema Engineer:
Love Henry Cavil! he maybe the most underrated actor of the last 15-20 years!
He was such a great Superman. Not upset at all
Even 8 years later Man Of Steel is still the best DC movie yet. It was the perfect foundation to build the DCEU on. It was emotion, gritty, the story made sense, and it presented Clark in a realistic way that allowed you to really connect with his “human side”. I think the reason it was so good is because of Nolan’s involvement. It definitely felt like a Nolan film. But as soon as Nolan departed everything started going downhill. The tone of Man Of Steel really stands out in comparison to the rest of the DCEU movies. I liked Batman V Superman, but as soon as they decided to introduce Doomsday and kill Supes in only the second film of the franchise…I knew it was doomed to fail.
Veronica R
Veronica R:
I'm always amazed by his sweetness, and we have to objectively admit that he's surprisingly good at his job!
Asta Is A Beast!
Asta Is A Beast!:
*I ❤️ Man Of Steel is a 9.5/10 in my opinion Zack and Henry did an amazing job.* 💪🏽
Bud The Cyborg
Bud The Cyborg:
Henry Cavil is one of the greatest actors ever to grace the Earth.
Samir Ebrahim
Samir Ebrahim:
This man better be cast as the new bond. His dedication to his roles make him a very strong contender.
Florencia Balori
Florencia Balori:
I first fell in love with him in The Tudors and I was like why isn't this superhot supersmart human being not being cast?! Then he got his big break with Superman and he fit the role so perfectly. Oh yes, and I still hold a torch for him 🤣
D R:
Henry is such a talented actor. I love that he doesn't take the same type of roles over and over again. He challenges himself and his dedication to his characters should be inspiring to all actors of today and tomorrow.
General Kenobi
General Kenobi:
I love when he talks about Superman ! You can tell he genuinely loves the role and the character and the movies he made
B. Villa
B. Villa:
He is literally the epitome of Superman in every sense and I’m sick of WB always treating him terribly. As much as I hate to say this he should go to Marvel where I feel like would truly appreciate him as an actor and his dedication to his characters. Maybe captain Britain cough cough lol
Jonathan Ehlers
Jonathan Ehlers:
He's such a tremendous actor and seems like a genuinely good dude. One of my favorite actors.
Juno Juno
Juno Juno:
Wish the showrunners of The Witcher had as much heart and dedication to the books (maybe even the games) as Henry does. So much of it is alienating, it feels like a different universe with the same names for characters.
He is and always will be my favourite Superman. I just hope Henry gets to play him again, he plays the role exceptionally and has so much respect for the character.
Ana Helen Aragão
Ana Helen Aragão:
This man was born to play superman 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾 if u had the opportunity to see his works u know he is talented n we can see how he values the characters he portraits just by how he speaks about them. He made me love superman n I never enjoyed the character when I saw Brandon Routh playing it but as soon as I watched men of steel I was head over heels for superman.
The world needs "Man of Steel II" - Henry Cavill is brilliant as the original superhero.
Mariya Urilska
Mariya Urilska:
Handsome, clever, talanted and humble - there's no surprise why we love Henry ❤️
Henry is an excellent actor, and an even better person. MY Superman.
I *love* Man of Steel. It’s my top favorite DCU (and Superman) movie of all time. ❤️❤️ I think it’s the perfect mix of superhero, action and drama - and that sprinkle of comedy too.
I can’t wait to watch season 2 of “The Witcher”. I need more Geralt - and more Jaskier too. 💖
Why did you have to bring back the moustache débâcle? Just when my brain had finally removed it…
Ahab Duennschitz
Ahab Duennschitz:
Henry Cavill is the only Reason why The Witcher is somewhat watchable.
This Man has so much Talent and passion and it gets continually wasted