Henry Cavill Reads The Witcher | Netflix

On a Continent riddled with evil, the paths of a monster hunter, a sorceress and a runaway princess converge. The Witcher, starring Henry Cavill, arrives December 20, only on Netflix. To set the scene, Henry reads from the first book of The Witcher series, 'The Last Wish'.

Watch The Witcher, Only on Netflix: https://www.netflix.com/title/80189685

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Henry Cavill Reads The Witcher | Netflix

The witcher Geralt, a mutated monster hunter, struggles to find his place in a world where people often prove more wicked than beasts.

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100+ comentarios:

No Name
No Name:
The Witcher really did a great job playing this Henry Caville role
C H I E:
He is not a dude. You’re a dude. This is a man. A handsome, muscular man.
sim l
sim l:
Netflix: How many videos of Henry Cavill talking about The Witcher do you want?
Witcher Fans: Yes.
Heathen Alchemist
Heathen Alchemist:
So let me get this straight. Not only is he a gamer AND an old school book nerd, but an impressive physical specimen who is savvy with business and people? Nerds, behold our king.
Noir Epic
Noir Epic:
Everyone’s talking about how he’s hot(which is true) but can we talk about how well his PACING and TONE OF VOICE is?! 10/10 read
Keshav Kk
Keshav Kk:
Petition for Henry to record all the books on audible
Zoe Adams
Zoe Adams:
He has such barely contained nerd joy in everything he’s done related to The Witcher it’s fantastic
Idalia Figueroa
Idalia Figueroa:
This story isn't erotic yet I'm burning up.

The way he smirks. His voice. His accent. His arms. His legs. Those eyes.

I'm hyperventilating.

The way he reads is so seductive. I can listen to him read the phone book and ill get turned on.
Old Grumpy Bear
Old Grumpy Bear:
Henry Cavill just sold me an entire book series.
Luc Luci
Luc Luci:
Pornhub: Premium during the lockdown!

Henri Cavill: Good evening...

Pornhub: Oh crap...
Angeles Sgro Roman
Angeles Sgro Roman:
Me: How good can this be, its just someone readi-
Henry: Good evening
Me: Oh...
If his acting career fails, he can still embark on ASMR.
Chris Selig
Chris Selig:
I want him to do a podcast where he can fully nerd out reading witcher and talking about fantasy shit. I need that in my life. LOL
This is what I call "fanservice".
Lauren K.
Lauren K.:
Does anybody else’s heart rise when he looks up??
Honestly they should have henry do the audio book version.
Hyena Hammock
Hyena Hammock:
As a hetero man, my sexuality is confused as hell right now
Everyone here is like super thirsty but hands down if we actually met this man none of us could talk to him we'd just faint or be pregnant instantly
L R:
Holy crap this guy has to be the most brutally handsome man I've ever seen.
Isaura Vargas
Isaura Vargas:
He just raises the bar too high, I love the fact that he is a total geek... if you ever read this Henry, thanks for breaking stereotypes and knowing how to freaking read!
A. cclrk6
A. cclrk6:
From Superman to The Witcher he literally went from “I’ll have her home by 7pm” to “she calls me daddy now”.
Agustina Origlia
Agustina Origlia:
Good Lord, someone please just ask him to record the audiobooks. If they don't want to pay him, we will. Just do it.
Paul Putter
Paul Putter:
It's unusual for a married straight man to get goosebumps while another man is reading a story.
I understand now how he got the part, his voice... This man has a majestic, spellbinding voice.
Bad Ghosts
Bad Ghosts:
This man could read a bloody dictionary and still be ridiculously charming.
Nina Nichi
Nina Nichi:
Maybe I'm the only one who enjoy reading all the comments and not pay attention to Henry 🤣🤣 don't get me wrong, I love him, but reading the comments is so much fun
Shall we appreciate the effort of his shirt trying to keeping everything together
The best part of this: Henry is nerdgasming while reading the book.
Shweta Sheth
Shweta Sheth:
His eyes, his hair, his chiseled features, his leonine physique, his deep voice, his british accent, his perfect skin 🤤 this man is a complete package 😍 God has really spent time on him.
Green Adina
Green Adina:
"It's not easy being a Witcher. Trust me, I know."

Bernadette Mercado
Bernadette Mercado:
When he looks up with his blue eyes after a sentence 💦🤤
Everytime he looked up I felt personally attacked.
Eboni Ellis
Eboni Ellis:
he knows exactly what he's doing.
Theres a woman in every man and she stirs when you put a Cavill in her sight.
Triton 23
Triton 23:
Henry’s tone and pacing is exempt because he’s probably read this a hundred times in order to master that goddamn sexy 50 year smoker Geralt voice.
Paulina Michalewicz
Paulina Michalewicz:
He looks like a little kid on Christmas! He takes so much joy in reading the small fragment 🥰 Wish he would read it all... Like a chapter a day, or a week ❤
Ashley Odriozola
Ashley Odriozola:
Who else wants him to narrate the audiobook?🙋🏼‍♀️
Lilium Paulk
Lilium Paulk:
Cavill: Hello my na-

Me: So we’re getting married or what??
Laura Setton
Laura Setton:
This man’s children are in for such a treat when he reads them bedtime stories ❤️
Lyndsey Johnson
Lyndsey Johnson:
Henry: “Good evening.”

Me: “It’s about to be.”🤤
I can't even focus on what he's saying
Whoever is behind these marketing strategies/promotion at Netflix deserves their salary.
That was not long enough, Netflix, and you know it!
Gigi Busté
Gigi Busté:
2:13 When he licked his lips and looked at the camera at the same time

Me: ☠️😍🤰🏻
Who else Agee’s that Henry Cavill needs to pair up with audio books for reading The Witcher series. I would buy that whole series.
Jenna JLUV
Jenna JLUV:
Gorgeous, sexy, a bit intimidating. The perfect man!
Henry Cavil: "yes, sir"
Me: he's just reading he's just reading he's just reading he's just reading he's just reading
Damn, if Henry ever decided to take a break from acting, he'd have a ready-made gig doing audio books. The guy's a natural.
Okay so Henry just needs to read the damn books for audible. He could get a promo code like YouTube’s get (even tho he [probably] don’t need the money. I would def buy every single book!
yeah i uh lied when i came out as lesbian i'm just Cavilsexual now.
Parul Singh
Parul Singh:
Can he not look straight into the camera while reading??? I'm getting nervous and can't stop smiling 😣😭💜
inewit wein
inewit wein:
Whoever came up with this idea deserves a raise.
K. Crawford
K. Crawford:
I would listen to every audiobook ever, if Henry Cavill was narrating.
Alexandra Pichler
Alexandra Pichler:
Can we just take a moment to talk about how the book looks so small in his freakin hands?? 😯🤭
Captain Aryes
Captain Aryes:

*me visible taken aback forgetting how his voice is*: WOAH
L V:
Honestly I need 10 hours version like Henry looks up into the camera like that
Ania O
Ania O:
If Henry Cavill’s acting career ever goes to hell he can simply read stories to us on YouTube and make millions!!
catie plant
catie plant:
Is it just me or Henry has the most beautiful voice that you can listen to talk for hours
Meg M
Meg M:
Henry could be reading his grocery list and I'd still be as enthralled. Hot damn.
Danielle Neville
Danielle Neville:
The combination of his soothing voice and my penchant for scrolling through the comments has ensured that I did not hear a single word he said and have no idea what this chapter is about. Luckily I have my own copy of the book
Ana R
Ana R:
He is a delight and needs to make these in audio. His cadence and inflection are perfect. He is such a likable actor and genuine fan of the fantasy genre. It is refreshing.
How lucky are we to have a leading man who loves the series as much as we do!!?!!
I'm enjoying the camaraderie here. Tens of thousands of people uniting in our shared T H I R S T for Henry Cavill. 😂
The way he looks in the camera. He truly has laser eyes
Look at his smug face! He's being seductive on purpose! XD
Fred Giard
Fred Giard:
How can someone be so attractive while saying “vomited” i can’t- i just can’t with henry🥲
That moment at 3:42 - 3:48 when he said "No, need.....I'll come by myself". Boiiii, I felt my ovaries throbbing for a bit.
I absolutely love the reading and to hear the actor who plays the Witcher reading it is such a wonderful idea. His voice is so soothing and he speaks so well with great enthusiasm. I really hope he continues to make more. I would absolutely LOVE ❤️😍 to hear him read the whole book. I'd wait for it like most wait for following episodes on Netflix hahaha!
Chocolanny _
Chocolanny _:
Depression : exists
Henry starts to read
Me calling my psychiatrist to cancel appointment I’m cured
didn't know youtube was accepting porn now.
GCAT01 Living
GCAT01 Living:
Y'know I wouldn't be mad if this was the actual Netflix series.
Aman Syan
Aman Syan:
i'm Currently Reading "The Last Wish" , Super Excited for the Season 1 of "The Witcher" :)
That moment when you realize that Henry Cavill is perhaps the ultimate Witcher fanboy
Yifan Guo
Yifan Guo:
“You think people would be more grateful when you save them from the monsters” Huh This definitely reminds me of some other role Henry played🤔
Ms. DF
Ms. DF:
When he's staring at the camera, I can't even look him in the eye . I'm just too weak 😂
Thicc Nick
Thicc Nick:
No longer will we refer to him as "Superman" he will now be known as "Geralt of Rivia"
Sude Keskin
Sude Keskin:
Damnnn Henry's voice is handsome😍
Larissa Julie Bezerra
Larissa Julie Bezerra:
I did not know a book reading could affect me this much. Everytime he looked up at the camera I could feel it in my soul. What sorcery is this?
A Hobbit
A Hobbit:
I’m so in love with this man. The nerdy joy on his face as he reads with that beautiful, entrancing voice of his makes him even more attractive. 😍
Muskan Verma
Muskan Verma:
Omg. That was the hottest thing I’ve ever seen or heard!!!
The man's jawline should be studied by a team of scientists
Kylee Young
Kylee Young:
Did anyone else have chills from the moment he said "Good evening" all the way to the end
Jonathan Camacho
Jonathan Camacho:
The way he looks at you through the camera as he’s reading 😥
Benjamin Bjärnhag
Benjamin Bjärnhag:
Can someone please pay this man to read the whole of "The Last Wish" for an Audiobook?
All these thirst comments are giving me life. 🤣
Henry Cavill: I think I might wear you today.

The Shirt: (chuckles) I'm in danger.
Munish Tripathi
Munish Tripathi:
After seeing this series I can definitely say no one can play witcher better then Henry Cavill
Mare ZeSim
Mare ZeSim:
i can come back and listen to this a dozen times and still just drown in Henry's eyes every time he looks up from the page... as you know Geralt's adventures are just beginning
guest user
guest user:
I'm doing my best not to simp over that jawline and that voice... if he ever wants to ditch his movie career, he could easily take over the audiobook market. Every book he narrates would be a super bestseller!
Lyndsey Johnson
Lyndsey Johnson:
Henry: “He pierced the innkeeper with his gaze.
Me: “You can pierce me with more than your gaze 🥵
Jaya K
Jaya K:
No wonder I can't hear a word he's saying, he reads like he's flirting...with me... specifically.
Dwi Purwanti
Dwi Purwanti:
People who thumbed down this video are monsters.
Claudette Fairchild
Claudette Fairchild:
Just one of Henry's many gifts. Lawd have mercy!
He could literally read me a dishwasher manual and I'd enjoy it
Eunice Taryougar
Eunice Taryougar:
After watching this video, I can see why every woman in the comments is getting pregnant or having an arrhythmia. He's gorgeous with an accent.

Henry Cavill, I will be back for the next reading session.
Brok sellars
Brok sellars:
Girl he could read a McDonald’s menu and it would be sexy
I could listen to this forever! Henry should read ALL audio books from now on.
I could listen to him read endlessly. He has a calming voice but also a deep one at the same time
M. H
M. H:
When I go through the dictionary for the word manly I want a picture of Henry cavil there!!
He would be a great narrator!
Are we just going to ignore his muscles bulging out his shirt