Henry Cavill Reads Thirst Tweets

"Do you get called Daddy a lot?"

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Celebs + puppies, kittens, thirst tweets, and more = so much yes.
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100+ comentarios:

Wait Wut
Wait Wut:
Lads, it's not gay if it's Henry Cavill.
Ra Nia
Ra Nia:
Henry looks like he is the CEO of masculinity.
This isn’t a dude. You’re a dude. This is a man. A handsome, muscular man.
The RowTurn
The RowTurn:
I guess there are two types of men:
1. Just men
2. Henry Cavill
shayla r
shayla r:
he's the Christian Grey in my head when im reading the books
Mugen Faiz
Mugen Faiz:
Henry: How do you want your eggs?
Women: Fertilized.
Urska Schnitlich
Urska Schnitlich:
This video is just... Painfully short.
Jessica Howard
Jessica Howard:
I'm pretty sure being into him is a sexuality in it's own right.
Hermetic Kitten ASMR
Hermetic Kitten ASMR:
Oh my, now I understand why Stephenie Meyer wanted HIM to play Edward Cullen in Twilight
Triton 23
Triton 23:
The look of confusion on his face at ‘why the one percent?’ is a level of alphery I think everyone should strive to reach.
If my girlfriend cheated on me with him, I'd be totally heartbroken and devastated. Why didn't he choose me??
Sheena Beena
Sheena Beena:
“I’m 99% sure he’s actually big. Thank you. Why the 1%” IS ACTUALLY the funniest shit i’ve ever heard and im confused why nobody else is talkin about it😭😭😭
Lord Craig
Lord Craig:
Henry Cavil could murder me, at least I'd die smiling knowing he touched me.
Andreyna Carrasco
Andreyna Carrasco:
All dislikes must be from people who think this video is too short... is the only explanation.
Dush Sharma
Dush Sharma:
Dudes are more crazy about him than ladies.
T T:
Bruhhh forget about his body n looks

*let's talk about his voice*
Karlene Swanson
Karlene Swanson:
Whoever ends up with this man is literally the luckiest person alive.
He looks like he’s a higher human.. like he’s fully evolved into whatever will come after homosapiens. We’ll all have butt chins.
Vincent Van Hoe
Vincent Van Hoe:
After just listening to his voice
Me: 🤰🤰🤰
I'm a guy
To reproduce with him would be a PRIVILEGE
Kasim Bilal
Kasim Bilal:
We need a geralt exclusive version where he just says “hm” to all of them
Temalungelo Malaza
Temalungelo Malaza:
I can't take British people seriously when they cuss. He said "hoe" and it sounded so decent and polite 😢😹😹
Wait, and he's funny too? Well that is just a tad unfair.
Hassan Afzal
Hassan Afzal:
Y’all talking about Henry, while I am here worried if Sam is alive knowing tomorrow worked for Henry
Tanuja Joshi
Tanuja Joshi:
I think they should invite him again to read the thirsty comments in the comment section of this video😂
Audrey Toth
Audrey Toth:
“I’ve read worse things in my comments” DEAD
my sexual orientation is Henry Cavill
Flora Helena
Flora Helena:
Can we just make clones of him so this is the only kind of men that exists all over the earth?
The Shallow
The Shallow:
He is probably on God's portfolio to highlight his best creation.
Itachi Uchiha
Itachi Uchiha:
"He can superman this hoe."

"That's kind, I appreciate your vigor."

This man is a legend.
Claudia Rosier
Claudia Rosier:
I still think that “he can superman this hoe” is one of the best things I’ve heard in my life.
Can we rename testosterone to Cavill Juice?
Bruno Bucciarati
Bruno Bucciarati:
i dont get why all the others celebs got 5+ minutes and the sexiest of all only got 2
Диана Зиннурова
Диана Зиннурова:
The amount of times I watched this video is unhealthy
This is the reason I will forever be single. Henry Cavill is my standard.
Sanjana Faria
Sanjana Faria:
I come here twice every month for personal reasons
Kelly Schlagwein
Kelly Schlagwein:
Honestly, he is enjoying this.
Silvia Limeme
Silvia Limeme:
Are you insane? I am worried about global warming and you want to expose us to that level of hotness!
Imagine having Henry as your husband 😔
Al. S.
Al. S.:
Henry: *Breathes*
Every person, even heterosexual dudes and lesbians: 🤤🤤🤤👅💋😍

Edit: Get him to do a second part! 😌❤️
zeynep simsek
zeynep simsek:
i watch this every single day it just became my daily routine. i see this man more than i see my parents
As a completely straight male comfortable in his sexuality; I have no issue with admitting Henry Cavill is a beautiful man.
Not me pretending like idk the exact order of each thirst tweet and his reaction after seeing this video for the 15th time
Kobe Bryant
Kobe Bryant:
Now there is a new thing called.

Dana Villano
Dana Villano:
So it looks like were all in agreement that when the aliens come down to earth and demand that we present our finest male specimen as tribute, it’s gonna be this guy
Hazzif Arif Alexander
Hazzif Arif Alexander:
I appreciate your vigor sounded like the most British thing I've ever heard in my life 😂
Mateo Duran-Ballen
Mateo Duran-Ballen:
If there’s anything that can unite the entire human race is Henry Cavil’s beautifulness.
Diana Prince
Diana Prince:
Buzzfeed, you had one job and that was to make this longer than two minutes. Smh
Esha Dash
Esha Dash:
If this man gets cancelled I'm gonna leave the internet
Marina Gossett
Marina Gossett:
I’m 100% sure my friend wrote all of these using different accounts
If masculinity was a person, it would be this guy
Ok but someone explain why tf this only 2 minutes long
Charles Vincent
Charles Vincent:
Can we cast this man as the next James Bond??
jassica albert
jassica albert:
his voice is so deep, i can feel it in my throat
Nicole Santa Cruz
Nicole Santa Cruz:
If they make a second part of this video, it wouldn't be "Reading thirsty tweets" it would be "Reading thirsty YouTube comments" cuz this comment section is hornier than hell lmao
Chestor Hamilton
Chestor Hamilton:
Girls : *all sorts of thirsty things*

Caville: *Being polite in a British*
Idiosyncratic Stone
Idiosyncratic Stone:
This comment sections is borderline more thirsty than the tweets he read
Imagine what he'll look like in 10 years when he starts to grey around the temples!! Sweet baby Jesus!!
Ánh Nguyễn
Ánh Nguyễn:
HE SAID WHY THE 1%, WHY THE 1%????!!!!!
Jojo Hanii
Jojo Hanii:
He's that one alpha every omega would die for.
NU'EST's trash
NU'EST's trash:
"why the 1%?" got me dead
If he doesn’t say “I appreciate your vigor” after sex leave him.
gaypride_ blacklivesmatter
gaypride_ blacklivesmatter:
The way he reads these tweets, it’s like he’s reading out a menu at a very expensive restaurant
This man is honestly so Fine that I would literally let him Crush me
Nivetha M
Nivetha M:
Let's not forget him reloading his fists in Mission Impossible Fallout.
"And further more, no comment." (smirks)
Me: Well, that answered my question perfectly. (faints)
Izzy Olsson
Izzy Olsson:
"I appreciate your vigor" is the most British way to respond to a thirst tweet
Henry Cavill: Breathes
Basically everyone: ohhh, he's just perfect!
Oh Sangwoo
Oh Sangwoo:
Henry Cavill could hit me with a chainsaw and i’d say daddy
RIRI Fave:
Did God spend million years creating Henry Cavill while He creates other men in His spare time?
Ananda Lintang Ramadhan Kurnia
Ananda Lintang Ramadhan Kurnia:
Henry cavill himself can erase the existent of straight men
Allison Peraza
Allison Peraza:
He's so classy. When he talks, when he moves.. when he just exists
kate lopez
kate lopez:
After listening to his voice:
---lots of WOMEN needs child support--
Maria Jose Céspedes
Maria Jose Céspedes:
Can you guys believe we are alive at the same time as THE Henry Cavill!!!??? What a privilege.
This needed to be like...30 minutes or longer lol.
My god that British accent. So darn sexy. He's a God I tell you. Perfection is Henry Cavill.
Pin #6 From Wii Sports Bowling
Pin #6 From Wii Sports Bowling:
I refuse to accept the fact I'm the same species as this man.
I'm so laughing my ass out here but Henry was so calm through the whole thirsty video howwww 😂😂😂
So he basically makes dudes gays and lesbians straight got it
Joygernaut M
Joygernaut M:
What they don’t tell these guys is 90% of the thirst tweets are from other men lol
jasmine sheets
jasmine sheets:
Real fans know he was Charles Brandon in THE TUDORS before he was SUPERMAN
He is one of those dudes I'd be pissed because he flirts with my girlfriend and not me.
Prathibha Vijay
Prathibha Vijay:
Bruh...the woman like legit asked him to destroy her and he replied it with "That's very kind of you"😆.....
Amira Lee
Amira Lee:
The voice really matches his looks. Sexy
Diana Bryant
Diana Bryant:
He's just so damn fine.
Henry's existence turns men into women to balance the male and female population ratio.
A A:
Toss a tweet to your Witcher

O' valley of thirsties
lennert cornette
lennert cornette:
Ladies on Tinder: nope, nope, this guy doesn't look like Henry at all, this one either, nope, nope. 2 months later: 'where are all the good men?!'
mosh mosh
mosh mosh:
he definitely need to play a male character in a billionaires novel movie adaptation.....just a thought 🤗
Florence Okoye
Florence Okoye:
This should have been six times as long.
Miss Poste *argw27
Miss Poste *argw27:
The tweets were funny but his delivery is everything. 😆
[and the commentary, loool]
🌧 ᴴᵉᵃᵛᵉⁿ 🌧
🌧 ᴴᵉᵃᵛᵉⁿ 🌧:
Me: “I think I’m a lesbian”
Rose Gold
Rose Gold:
i'm back for the seventh time somebody help
HylandPrince X
HylandPrince X:
Is it just me or he looks like he's wearing makeup, like fr.
ells 2304
ells 2304:
Hello future husband .
Islam Abo Bakr
Islam Abo Bakr:
That video ended *so* fast. I totally wouldnt mind if this lasted for eternity
My wife has one person on her "list", and it's Henry. And you know what? I'd drive the car and wait outside. And when she came out, I'd say "Did he ask about me?"
Britney-Ann Charlton Lewis
Britney-Ann Charlton Lewis:
I can’t believe he asked “Why the 1%?” so casually 😩😂 I am crying 😭 He is definitely what that tweet said
Jeypraba Veerapan
Jeypraba Veerapan:
His accent is the sexiest thing on earth