Henry Cavill Reads Thirst Tweets

"Do you get called Daddy a lot?"

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Celebs + puppies, kittens, thirst tweets, and more = so much yes.
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100+ comentarios:

Yati Yoon
Yati Yoon:
tweets: choke me, destory me, split me in half

Henry Cavill: That's very kind of you. I appreciate it
Mikael Jose Martin
Mikael Jose Martin:
Thirst tweets: *destroy me senpai*
Henry: understandable, have a good day
""i appreciate your vigor" roughly translates to "you dont know what you signing up for"
Tea Music
Tea Music:
The way smirked when he replied to his size and he questioned the 1% doubt.....He's 100% got a third leg and he knows it.
Izzy Olsson
Izzy Olsson:
"I appreciate your vigor" is the most British way to respond to a thirst tweet
Gen V
Gen V:
Imagine him reading his own Wattpad fan fiction. This poor soul would be traumatized for life.
i dunno man, he should have played the role of Christian grey.
he literally walks around exuding alpha vibes
He’s so insanely sexy it’s actually almost magical
Ceci Portel
Ceci Portel:
The fact that he is so polite makes it even hotter
Everyone: “destroy me”

Henry: “thankyou for that”
Henry: I'll probably get on twitter now
Henry inside: *can't wait to go home and play world of warcraft*
When are y'all going to invite Tom Hiddleston to this segment? It's necessary.
Shannon Pirie
Shannon Pirie:
Was anyone else thinking that he should read for audio books??? His voice is just soooo right for it.
Rizky Antoni
Rizky Antoni:
"Don't hurt yourself, be careful out there"
Sounds like Michael Jordan's "Stop it, get some help"
Audrey Toth
Audrey Toth:
“I’ve read worse things in my comments” DEAD
Nel Darmo
Nel Darmo:
my ideal weight is Henry Cavill on top of me
Nikita Groom
Nikita Groom:
Every men in this comment section just came out. Respect 😂
shiyang wang
shiyang wang:
"He will make a perfect husband!"😍

(What the hell am I talking about,I am a heterosexual dude.)🤣🤦
“Wreck my body like a Nokia colliding into a stone wall”

*Henry Cavill: I appreciate your vigor.*
He's like a English school teacher trying to give polite, nice and constructive feedback to student's homework LOLS
Stressy Depressy Lemon Zesty
Stressy Depressy Lemon Zesty:
I'm mad that this video is not 5 hours long. I'll never get tired of seeing his perfect face.
Haroon Yousafi
Haroon Yousafi:
*Stages of Human evolution:*

Homo-Habilis →Homo-Neanderthalensis → Homoerectus → Cro-magnin → Homosapien → Henry Cavill
Alyssa Rivas
Alyssa Rivas:
The smooth jazz in the background with his sultry voice. Destroy me.
vincent parayday
vincent parayday:
Everyone: Destroy me! Do whatever you want
Henry Cavill: Thanks
"Don't hurt yourself, be careful out there."

Av K
Av K:
The tweets are so thirsty but yet he keeps it so damn classy. Now that’s sexy!’
Oishii Kudasai
Oishii Kudasai:
I love how people are dehydrated from him being nice. Imagine if he was trying...it would be venus up in here.
If my girlfriend cheated on me with him, I'd be totally heartbroken and devastated. Why didn't he choose me??
Henry cavil, tom ellis , chris Hemsworth, and chris Evan's literally are all the guys that get the thirst tweets 24/7
Andrei Mariano
Andrei Mariano:
Can y'all invite him again? We're much wilder now
MoonLight Queen
MoonLight Queen:
This dude should’ve been in Fifty Shades...
Sanaz Lol
Sanaz Lol:
0:02 that’s the face of a person who gets called Daddy a lot
Idiosyncratic Stone
Idiosyncratic Stone:
This comment sections is borderline more thirsty than the tweets he read
Julio Rivera
Julio Rivera:
I feel like he’s dirtier than all these dirty tweets honestly lol
S Tea
S Tea:
he's so cheeky but a gentleman...God he's perfect
118 100 Midhun Krishna R
118 100 Midhun Krishna R:
Me :* exists in male *
Henry Cavill : Hi
Me : " exists in beta male *
Ritika Rajput
Ritika Rajput:
He literally read thirst tweets like a poetry 😂
Khushy Bhaura
Khushy Bhaura:
“Don’t hurt yourself. Be careful out there.”
Me: 🥺 yes zaddy
Weavor Jjohanna
Weavor Jjohanna:
everyone : oh~ daddy Cavill

Henry : thank you have a great day
Tahmina 93
Tahmina 93:
he's so unapologetically British I love it! he needs a part 2 badly 😩
jan tan
jan tan:
“I’ve read worse things in my comments” DAS ME! LMAO I WANT MOOORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Hoang Luxius
Hoang Luxius:
if my gf cheated on me with him, I will run around bragging that I used to date Henry Cavil's current girlfriend
Allison Peraza
Allison Peraza:
He's so classy. When he talks, when he moves.. when he just exists
“but don’t hurt yourself, be careful out there” PLEASE WHY IS HE SO PRECIOUS
Now that I’m thinking about it... he does exude Big D energy 🙈🤣 the thirst is real
glitters xp
glitters xp:
What’s even more attractive than his looks is that he seems like a genuinely good man on top of it all.
I have watched this 20 times and i will continue to watch.
Sayesha Rajdutt
Sayesha Rajdutt:
When you are around Henry, your gender and age dont matter. You just fall in love.
Dave Cullins
Dave Cullins:
I feel so bad for him for probably having to deal with thirsty people every day of his life. He really seems like he'd rather live without it.
Lame Me
Lame Me:
He's excluding Erwin Smith energy.
Niña Katigbak
Niña Katigbak:
He literally asked about the 1% bruh im dead😭🥲 he’s like “why would you even doubt it?”
Pin #6 From Wii Sports Bowling
Pin #6 From Wii Sports Bowling:
I refuse to accept the fact I'm the same species as this man.
Cavill: Why the 1% percent?
Thirsty fans: I don't know. Let's test that hypothesis and find out.
Isaac seg
Isaac seg:
This man has girls on his side and the dudes because of his gaming 💀😭
His jawline is killing me 🔥😍
Karen smith
Karen smith:
This man is a different breed of human, so refined and ahhh *chef kiss*
Madalyne Paige
Madalyne Paige:
He basically politely thanked everybody and cheerio’d outta there loool
Sparshita Sahu
Sparshita Sahu:
He's literally what I imagine Christian Grey to be like when I read the books.
Jack London
Jack London:
"I'm 99% sure he's actually big."

Normal Men: OMG thank you so much!!

Henry Cavill: Why the 1%?
ayimbo :/
ayimbo :/:
“Why the 1%?• I’m dying lmfaoo
Ra Nia
Ra Nia:
Henry looks like he is the CEO of masculinity.
Dora T
Dora T:
He is insanely masculine and handsome but I really dont get those crazy emotions.. he himself seems to be so calm and stable..
Alan Grey
Alan Grey:
women giving thirst comment on him
society: it's okay a man should enjoy unless he's...
Henry Cavil just said there's something amazing when a man chases a woman meant it as a approach not stalk
society: burn him
Marine Webb
Marine Webb:
...he has the perfect face, the perfect voice and all but...It strange how he doesn’t look « human ». Like he IS the perfection, so serious, so classy and elegant. Like a superior human being or like a perfect robot who can think by himself. He is so perfect that makes me feel weird 😂.
Vera van Schuilenburg
Vera van Schuilenburg:
Still the shortest 2 minutes of my life. This is the only celebrity I will and have ever had a celebrity crush on. His goofy and nerdiness combined with his look, rare find.
This isn’t a dude. You’re a dude. This is a man. A handsome, muscular man.
He is just so cute and handsome. I can't
Maria Maia
Maria Maia:
Henry Cavill is the best Superman possible, isn't he? He does look like he is not of this world.
Rude Boy '69
Rude Boy '69:
Henry can play with my Space Marines anytime he wants to.
He's a lot funnier than I expected ...
Mel Astrope
Mel Astrope:
I had no idea he had an accent. Watched this with just captions and when he said "vigor" i was like "hold on a tic there, mate. Volume up."
It makes him even better!
Suvi Jii
Suvi Jii:
"Why the one percent"
I'm dying.
Jyoti Singh
Jyoti Singh:
I Always imagine Henry Cavill as Mr Rikkard Ambrose from Storm and Silence Book.
scarlett barone phillips
scarlett barone phillips:
Henry Cavill: *breathes*

Me: I’m pregnant
We need a geralt exclusive version where he just says “hm” to all of them
dona gatela
dona gatela:
"why the 1%, I ask", he can read to me all night
Meghann Alt
Meghann Alt:
The kindhearted myanmar interestedly blot because breath temporally wriggle into a distinct lotion. anxious, observant outrigger
Mai Nem
Mai Nem:
I've noticed that every time a new Henry Cavill star vehicle comes out (like Superman or The Witcher) - the number of people who identify as gay goes up by 50%
He takes gorgeous to a whole level........Nah he redefines gorgeous.

P.S I love how his voice didn't disappoint.
If he doesn’t say “I appreciate your vigor” after sex leave him.
Ser Fitness
Ser Fitness:
💪 Henry Cavill, el actor que le da vida a Superman, reveló los secretos de su dieta y de su entrenamiento para tener el cuerpo del Hombre de Acero. 😎 En el siguiente vídeo explican todo su proceso de una manera muy completa:

Asbestos Asbestos
Asbestos Asbestos:
"I appreciate your vigour" I'm stealing the posh ass phrase
I think I would collapse if Henry Cavill and Chris Evans were in a movie together😍
Charlotte Eastwood-Gray
Charlotte Eastwood-Gray:
i am in hell
i am in hell:
This man back must hurt from carrying my whole heterosexuality
Eme Lee
Eme Lee:
The number of times I've watched this video is embarrassing
zahra piran
zahra piran:
Angels:How beautiful are you going to make Henry?
He read all thirsty tweets like he reads them everyday..... iS tHaT HiS HaBiT oR WhAt..
Hayden Holt
Hayden Holt:
It’s beyond alpha.
He is one of those dudes I'd be pissed because he flirts with my girlfriend and not me.
Diana Ruman
Diana Ruman:
How does he make these sound so wholesome!?
Adriana Santiago
Adriana Santiago:
He’s so nice I can’t 😅
Skye Fernandes
Skye Fernandes:
Oh myyyyy he is perfect
Beverly Rom
Beverly Rom:
Okay so... I've been coming back to this video ever since, and there's some things I wanted to point out.

1. His voice sounds so sexy and rich and deep and yeah... you get it.

2. The way he smirked at the comment about his size like... he's so damn confident about his size and I just knew he's not lying. 😏

3. Why is this video so short? Like, I want a 30 min to 1 hour of this please. 😭

Henry Cavill is a great actor, I want to see him on projects that he's not being the second option but the MAIN option cause that's how great he is. 👑🔥✨
Mugen Faiz
Mugen Faiz:
Henry: How do you want your eggs?
Women: Fertilized.
Jamie Starroad
Jamie Starroad:
”why the 1%” i’m screaming
His looks, his humble and nerdy personality, his voice.... AHH JUST- *chef kisses*
Mike Kelligan
Mike Kelligan:
This Raman chick really digs him!
tayla winn
tayla winn: