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Being manipulated into a relationship is horrible and disgusting.
Gagliardi Vex
Gagliardi Vex:
Poor Henry, he's a genuine nice guy that doesn't get political and the backlash is unwarranted. I think people should mind their own business
I wish people like Henry and Chris Pratt should distance themselves from Hollywood.
This just proves that unless you have a very good friend who is a lawyer, getting into one of those managerial contracts can prove to be a nightmare. I feel sorry for Henry, because he unlike most of "Holywood" seems to genuinely care about fans and source material.
The Ravens Outpost!
The Ravens Outpost!:
Thanks Anna for posting this. I love Henry and his work. He's a fantastic human being who doesn't deserve this. Hell, no one deserves this! With all of the evidence that you've provided, it makes me sick to my stomach to see how Henry's being manipulated. Once again, thanks for posting this video. Stay well, stay safe, and may the force be with you!
Feel bad for the guy. Someone in his position needs his own personal lawyer to read everything and advise him.
It’s very easy to sign your life away
David Batlle
David Batlle:
Calling her a “failed actress and model” , and then saying he’s using her “starpower” to secure a script with legendary. Something in your narrative does not jibe.
Machine Dragon Nero
Machine Dragon Nero:
Henry is a good man and the fact that they're these cows are trying to destroy him to build themselves up is disgusting. He defended us and our honor when asked about toxic fans he said we were not toxic but passionate. Henry are real Superman fought for us now we must fight for him.
Lisette Guerard
Lisette Guerard:
I'm incredibly disappointed and worried for Henry that someone is speaking on his behalf and taking his fans as idiots who will believe anything. While I'm glad that Nathalie isn't his girlfriend, because there was something 'off' about her, setting up scenes of fake girlfriends is very deceiving and dishonest towards his fans. I know Henry signed a contract so his hands are tied. But I would strongly recommend that he finds another manager once his contract is over. She's not representing him very well since today she just tarnished his image with this Nathalie stunt.
I really hope this isn't happening cause that sucks. This is why I never want to be an actor or celebrity in general. Can't have people controlling my life like this
V Lo
V Lo:
The work that person did is impressive, but I can't help but wish we had people with that kind of time and dedication working to connect the dots and expose politicians, corporations, the media, and their connections to one another (including Hollywood). I feel like the public wouldn't be able to be so easily manipulated that way... But still very weird situation with Henry Cavill.
Classic Harley Quinn
Classic Harley Quinn:
My problem is that blackface is considered racist but doing that kind of thing to other races isn't. It's either it's racist for all or not racist for all.
Nukies Duke
Nukies Duke:
5:54 wait..so the argument is her FRIEND used slurs on an insta? Jesus this guilt by association stuff is getting worse and worse. At this point you'd be treated the same exact way as someone that actually said it. Whoever did this "investigation" is just an obsessed fan with nothing of value going on in their life.
asari shepard
asari shepard:
These women are disgusting. Henry needs to fire his manager, get a new one in his corner and sic a few lawyers on these psychos
He built his image over the years, not them. Stop trying to ride this man's back!
keller blair
keller blair:
Dear god this is disturbing how could they do this to Henry
I appreciate a well thought out piece of investigative journalism. That being said, it won't surprise me in the least if this relationship is a farce. Hollywood is big on that. Even some or most of cherished celebrity couples are questionable.

The only place I found you went wrong is when you called the Himba dye on Ms. Viscuso's body blackface. The dye is a traditional sunscreen and part of ceremonial gear. It is a requirement that tourists are encouraged to accept and have smeared on them as part of cultural appreciation. I know this because I'm East African and the Himba are no different from the Maasai. So it's funny and sad that people are calling this dye blackface and using it to throw jabs at a person they have personal issues with...?

Otherwise, never underestimate the power of Hollywood deception. I think the biggest question here is more of what is Henry hiding than why is he with a 'fake girlfriend'.
Josh Gaming
Josh Gaming:
Not gonna lie the fact you look quite so deeply into this as You have creepy or brilliant detective skills still can’t decide 😂😂😂😂
Alan Douglas BR
Alan Douglas BR:
It's so sad what we're living today, such a great guy like Cavill, and these people are trying everything they can to strike him down... I feel so bad for him and I hope he gets over this.

Now... imagine if this was a woman...
Katya Z
Katya Z:
I wouldnt have noticed. I dont even follow celebrities closely, but those posts definitely arent him and are not good for image. The part you said about contracts is interesting. Those things are creepy. A celebrity can basically sign their life away and be powerless to stop it?
Emil Filipov
Emil Filipov:
No contract on the planet can force you to associate yourself with a fake girlfriend and give your social media personal accounts for other people to use. He needs a lawyer.
Alan Troy
Alan Troy:
The evidence presented for "photoshopping" most of the photos, from what I see, is not evidence of it, in my opinion. The "sleuth" claims the king's knight moved on the chess board to Black's KN3 (11:06). The knight did *not* move. That piece at Black's KN3 is a Pawn as KN2 is empty. Although that region in the photo does look odd, there weren't enough moves for black to move the knight after counting all the pawn moves. The lighting concerns don't look like they hold water either. The light on the hair is explained as reflection by the hanging light and other hairs. JPEG images will recreate colors and artifacts in places that were not originally from the camera. Pointing to a small set of pixels of a JPEG image could lead to mistaken conclusions. Furthermore, would a person photoshopping in a "GQ" award accidentally paste it in reversed? The award seems real.
None of the above discounts the odd behavior of the wording and timing of the tweets. My concern is if the photoshop arguments can be shot down, that could be used to discredit legitimate discussion about the unusual tweets.
Fitzgerald Krox
Fitzgerald Krox:
This fake girlfriend thing kinda sounds like a huge stretch. I'm sure the management is involved - he's not only celebrity, but also the closest thing to a sex symbol today. Him getting a potential wife is a huge deal, I'd be surprised if they weren't involved to manage the news and retouche her images. But inventing him a girlfriend? And doing it so clumsily that they have to use doubles and photocollages? That's an extraordinary claim that needs extraordinary evidence. And so far all I see is some RBI amateur interpretations of light and perspective illusions.
I am here to support Henry. I think its disgusting what they did to him and fans and because he is bound by contract he can't speak out but its good he has such a great fan base that tries to stick up for him.
Paul Dysinger
Paul Dysinger:
Wow, I didn't think I'd care but now I do. The information laid out in the way it was done was fantastic. I applaud you for all your hard work.
Social media is a gateway to stalkerism.. Don't get caught Anna.. you'll be missed!
John Q
John Q:
Just gotta say, Anna's descent into simp-fueled madness gag over king of the nerds Cavill is highly entertaining, from the hair dying to look like Henry's current squeeze to this. It's a gag, right?

....right? 😟
Not sure if Henry Cavill's in serious trouble, or if Anna's finally lost it completely.

Wait, who am I kidding?
Evildoughboy 777
Evildoughboy 777:
Can we stop using that manipulative word "exposed?" Every time I see it, I get all hot and bothered at the possibilities, but then it turns out to be something lame like this. We can do better.
This is one of the weirdest videos ive ever seen lmao. I don't know if Ana is trolling or not but its like one of the crazy guys, in his camper up on a hill looking for aliens lol. Gotta love conspiracy theories.
Henry is a big boy and im sure can very easily take care of himself.
Nothing To See Here
Nothing To See Here:
The chess picture really gets me. Even if the knight was in the right place.
His opening was pretty standard. Push the pawns in the center. But her opening the pawns on the side would be a dumb opening for even a beginner.
But then there are the jokes about her being the better player?!
Music Life 4Ever
Music Life 4Ever:
Anna, Hollyweird is, and we should probably just let some of these things be. Until the actors this stuff happens to come out and speak out against it all. We can be on their side loud and proud at that point. Terrific investigation skills!
Masaharu Morimoto
Masaharu Morimoto:
He's willingly engaging in this behavior, He has millions of dollars and can access any legal help he needs, but he's decided to play whatever games are being played.
Jason Luvisi
Jason Luvisi:
Ok let's set aside all the "evidence" for a second.... you never explained why they would do this... what would he possibly have to gain? And further more do you really think your favorite guy Henry is dumb enough to be part of a weak scheme that uses photo-shopped images? lol I mean if they really wanted to sell it wouldn't it probably cost less to just have her be there? lol This whole thing is stupid.
Guillermo Coronado
Guillermo Coronado:
Damn this is so crazy poor Henry he is such a nice guy, he doesn't deserve any of this
Nukies Duke
Nukies Duke:
I mean this isn't the 90s and early 00s. Celebs really don't have to do stuff like that anymore. Even more so, Henry is famous enough to not have to do dumb stuff like this anyways..
Lakeland Dental Arts
Lakeland Dental Arts:
If the image can be verified as false and traced directly to his manager, would that give Henry legal grounds to fire her for breach of contract through fraudulent representation? Maybe an attorney can answer this for me?
Damian Wootten
Damian Wootten:
That’s crazy that’ll go to such lengths to impersonate him! I just don’t understand why they wouldn’t set up separate account just for his business and leave his personal life alone. What odd balls we have in this world.
Bobby Wan Kenobi
Bobby Wan Kenobi:
It’s no wonder why DJ isn’t with her(Manager) anymore. This is horrible when you have a genuinely good person Under the thrall of Hollywood snakes!
Mike G
Mike G:
Even if the relationship was staged, the picture outside is not photoshopped. Just because sth is out of focus at one point doesn’t make it photoshopped. I can recall hundreds of selfies that turned out that way. I’m not saying the relationship was real or fake, but why wouldn’t they just take that damn picture instead of taking the time to fake it. Also the mistakes that were pointed out just shows how little these people know about photography, local lighting. It’s just embarrassing. If you want to find mistakes, you’ll find them even if they’re not there.
James Rogers
James Rogers:
I can’t tell if this is a parody. If it is, then it’s a very intricate and clever deep cut of the culture of celebrity obsession. If it isn’t...Anna has abandoned any ground to criticize other “Stan” groups. Indeed, if honest, this is a creepy “defense” of someone and deserves as much criticism and mockery that would be heaped upon any “white knight.”
David Cheney
David Cheney:
Anna’s mind: “Now is my chance!”
Israel Aguasanta
Israel Aguasanta:
This have happened before with other artists and it never ends well. Sad and disturbing
Steve Sunn
Steve Sunn:
I don't understand why they are even doing this??? He doesn't need all of this to help sell a movie or TV show. He has enough of a name that people will check out whatever project he is on.
Johncy Nelson
Johncy Nelson:
Anna I like you and your channel but this love of Cavill is getting creepy
Makes sense that his manager would want to tarnish his rep. I thought when he first signed on with her she would be grooming him to take Dwaynes place when he was ready to pass the action star torch, which he should be by now, he is, (DJ), getting old. But if she’s creating drama / making him less bankable and has ties to certain production companies he’ll be limited to projects only offered by that/ those companies, ie; Enola Holmes , Mass Effect. It seems like his manager gets him enough gigs to stay relevant but not big enough roles to surpass the popularity of her golden goose Dwayne. Again, Dwayne is getting old. His demographic is mostly stay at home moms and guys in their late 30s & 40s:/ Henry appeals to a younger demographic. I mean, you can only make so many Jumanji films. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoyed the Jumanji franchise, but Im ready for someone different to be the leading man. Henry would’ve been good fit for Jungle Cruise. The other actors in the film are also British, (Jack and Emily). It was probably because they needed talented actors to carry the weight of the acting skills Dwayne lacks:/ I wouldn’t mind seeing Henry get something with Disney or Sony to catapult him into that same status but I don’t think his manager would allow him to overshadow and surpass Johnson. I think her becoming his manger was a major power move. Henry is Dwaynes biggest threat as far as alpha male actors go. His acting skills are better and he’s much more athletically capable of taking on physical roles. His manager is keeping Henry right where she wants him to be. Him losing the Superman role then a few weeks later an article coming out that Dwayne was talking to studios to get Henry his role back was just to make Dwayne look good, like the savior. “Dwayne saved Superman”, now he’s indebted to them forever for salvaging his role/ career. You know what they say, keep your friends close and your enemies closer. She’s definitely keeping Henry close. Very close. Practically suffocating him. He needs to get away and hire a manager that has actually managed multiple successful actors. Not just one actor that just so happens to also be her ex and father of her child.
God, I feel stupid for making a video about Henry as the Highlander and also included a photo of him and his GF. Great video Anna, you were surprisingly self-restrained. Guess HC needs to find a new manager now.
Herandro just Herandro
Herandro just Herandro:
Well... The way I see it, it looks another "Gina Carano" like case. In that case, Kathleen Kennedy's STAR WARS had to prevail, so John Favreau's MANDALORIAN had to come down "by any means necessary".
In Henry Cavill's case, Ta-Nehisi Coates' SUPERMAN must prevail. Zack Snyder is (theoretically) out of the way, which leaves us with the "problem" to take down the "previous" Superman "by any means necessary".
Of course, we would eventually be talking about another level in what regards to the amount of money involved.
Paraphrasing Darth Vader's quote:
"Never underestimate the power of the Dark Side".
Ryan Rich
Ryan Rich:
What?!? Explain to me how him “dating” some nobody is supposed to boost his image? This entire thing is tabloid gossip at best.
Scott Free
Scott Free:
If Henry had the right management he would have made a Solo trilogy of Man of Steel movies and would be the next James Bond. Instead we get this fake social media drama.
Enuma Elish
Enuma Elish:
Henry as Commander Shepard?! Thats a perfect role for him!

But as for this relationship... I fear this is the start of the coordinated effort to try to destroy him. I mean he gets cut as Superman, now his image is getting damaged by a weird fake relationship. Especially his manager... the manager is looking horrible. Henry you need to consider switching, don't let her use you to boost herself at your expense.
David Neil
David Neil:
This is really frustrating. I think Henry Cavill seems to be an all around good egg, yet here are these people dragging his reputation through the mud to further their own agendas. I guess that’s Hollyweird for ya. Their shenanigans shouldn’t besmirch Henry’s reputation, they certainly haven’t for me, I still think very highly of him (as my brother would say, “man-crush intact”) his capabilities as an actor and his character as a human being. Thanks for showing us the was Anna
Petta Duffy
Petta Duffy:
Anna, are you sure about this? This is a pretty big stretch.. I'm 100% Henry Simp but he's always been his own man. For someone to control this much.. I just can't believe it!
Hand Cannon
Hand Cannon:
She's only his manager because they wanted a Superman vs Black Adam movie for The Rock. Now that the Snyder verse is over she doesn't care about Henry anymore because they can't get anything out of him.
I bet they do this kind of stuff all the time. Eventually they are found out, and are doing something strange like building a panther tank in their basement, or adding thousands of rubber ducks to the great pacific garbage patch.

I mean, if a guy did this kind of deep dive into a female actor's significant other, it would seem a little weird. But a guy would get bored of doing it about half way down this rabbit hole, and so you would probably never see it.

If Henry C wants to date a fake, half ethnic desert former model, then more power to him, as long as he can keep doing the sweet Witcher series.
If Henry saw this I know he’d be scared 😂😂
he should "accidently" change the password to his instagram and "forget" to EVER give his management the new password. and if they try to fix it, he should delete the account. or he could start a new account thats personal and thus outside the contract.
Josué Veguilla
Josué Veguilla:
"Blackface" is just an overused and meaningless buzzword. Change my mind.
Anne Craig
Anne Craig:
Great detective work!!! At the risk of sounding like a crotchedy old aunt -- which would be extra weird given how, um, stirring, I find Mr. Cavill to be! -- I think he could use some more caring guidance about his career in general. No shade to action/superhero movies but these clearly take a physical toll on the actors who have to remodel themselves in these images. Henry showed in The Tudors and other productions that he can command any screen with his natural talent, natural intelligence and, yes, naturally gorgeous looks. With action and superhero movies so squarely in the sights of the heinous "woke" mobs, the actors associated with these properties are especially vulnerable to the strains of cancellation. Good on Henry for making hay when the sun shines but I hope he or someone whose opinion he respects is thinking of his career in the very long term and will do everything possible to spare him from being fully consumed and spit out by the movie industry.
Mike Sikal Creative
Mike Sikal Creative:
Honestly something didn’t feel right from the get go. It seems to be much worse than I thought. Hope he gets out of this. This is a nightmare.
Jacob Ironside
Jacob Ironside:
I think This kind of stuff happens all the time in Hollywood. When looking at actors and actresses you never know what's real and what's fake because they are acting, It's rare to run across an actor or actress that show there real self🤔
Trever Magee
Trever Magee:
You mentioned that someone says he’s miserable. If this is the case, and all of this is true, then I truly feel bad for the guy, and wish him nothing but the best. Hope everything works out for him.
Martina T. U. D. Art
Martina T. U. D. Art:
You can always be sure, that something is staged when you see "accidently" the typical white bottle from Rosemary Water in it. He did once a promotionsl video (or whatever it was meant to be) for it. Try to find the video. It's somehow pretty strange. Open with a scene like from J Bond, followed by a travel guide and ending up with the promotion packed into the story as a fake visit of local handcraft. Since that... Always when I see the bottle...
Fuzzy duck
Fuzzy duck:
Conveniently she came into my life when I was supposed to marry Henry. Inconveniently she knew I would be respectful of him. And I walked out the door into an Uber. And just got home two years later. She’s not a very nice person. I don’t like liars
Inquisitor Matheus
Inquisitor Matheus:
Good video. Well researched and well edited.
Are...are you being serious with this video? Because this is veering into tinfoil hat territory...🤥
Julia Aqua Amateur
Julia Aqua Amateur:
I wish it wasn't true😳 However, I have a feeling that things like that are customary in HW. Their "best practices" in selling actors, kind of
Revenge of the Netherrealm
Revenge of the Netherrealm:
Henry needs to contact as many legal experts as he can, around the whole damn world, to get him outta this mess!
Temple of Brenda Song
Temple of Brenda Song:
I haven’t seen Anna this angry since she tore up that Netflix ABOMINATION that will not be named.
Cecil Says - is adult only content
Cecil Says - is adult only content:
Anna recorded this and a room with hundreds of photos of Henry on the walls...each photo is connected to another with an elaborate series of push pins and colored yarn.
Steve Giblin
Steve Giblin:
This is so weird! What does this say about everyone involved including Henry? This is totally mind blowing 🤯🤯🤯🤯
Kevin C
Kevin C:
I have to be honest , I don't keep up with anyone in the spotlight but I do like Henry Cavill , I think he's great as superman and Witcher . I also was under the impression he's pretty laid back and enjoys his privacy . It's not uncommon for an actor to give at least some access to their accounts but if this is true and I'm inclined to believe it is , why doesn't he do something about it . He is a big enough of a name as well as has to have friends in the same category as him like snider , Affleck , gado , and many more he could easily get a different manager .
Syrtycon 72
Syrtycon 72:
That a lot of detective work just for a celebrity. Maybe we should get these people to look at something really important like the scamdemic.
I thought that relationship was fake from the moment it surfaced. I wonder what theyre trying to hide with this fake relationship.
Like I say with all speculations like this - what is the endgame here? What could the manager possibly accomplish by alienating his fans?
Lucky J. Ferguson
Lucky J. Ferguson:
I get the feeling he doesn't really care about his social media accounts. Considering how many celebrities have been negatively affected by their own comments I wouldn't be surprised if this was the case. However, now his non involvement has backfired. I'm still a fan of his and will continue to be so.
Nameless Jedi
Nameless Jedi:
If Anna manages to steal Henry away someday, just imagine the awkward theme park double dates they will go on with Drunk and Gina. 😆 At least Peaches can console himself with Cecil.
Elwood Blues Morris
Elwood Blues Morris:
After watching this, the only way we could believe anything about Henry Cavill now would be if he came out and actually said it, personally.
General_of_the_free_bots_ Moseley
General_of_the_free_bots_ Moseley:
Why can't people (meaning everyone as we are all public figures now) just be people? And why do people have an endless insufferable need for drama? Everyone, people that have lives of their own are generally who strive to mind their own business. That doesn't mean anything more than a person can be happy with what they have.
okay dude xd
okay dude xd:
Damn... Hope the best for Henry. I also though it was an odd choice for Henry but I figured we don't know her personally so she may be the opposite of what she looks like. It's sad that the first judgment seems more likely tho :(
Alice Owens
Alice Owens:
Thank you for this very informative post. I have shared this yo Twitter and Facebook, but it doesnt give me an option to share it to Instagram, unfortunately. I have been very concerned about this issue. Why would he allow them to run his life like this though? Why would anyone allow it? It doesnt make sense.
Toasty Bagels
Toasty Bagels:
The suspicions are indeed mounting against the manager and dubious others! 😳 Poor dear Mr. Henry Cavill--they've virtually taken over your Online life and have saddled you with all manner of negativity! Blackface, false pictures, and worse--who really is in your corner now!?? I pray that you'll rise above all this indignity, gloom and triumph!! 🙏🏼
Sarah Hey
Sarah Hey:
March Reighly
March Reighly:
You bring up a good point. I definitely don’t feel he would say those things himself. If his relationship was real, he wouldn’t acknowledge the haters. If he needed to respond, he’d be more direct.
This video is kinda creepy in itself.
I think you girls really need another hobby, one that doesn’t centre around obsessing over another person’s relationships. Let him live his life and go live yours
kris2pe yu
kris2pe yu:
I know Anna.... this gonna BREAK YOUR HEART. BUt he also did the same thing w/ Kaley Cuoco..... I think Mrs Rock is just doing her best for Henry. I'm surprised they didn't hire Taylor Swift? I mean she the queen of PR relationships lol. Tay Tay would never make amateurish mistakes like this one lol. She'll even make a song when their together and when they beak up lol.
the info graphic pointing out the flaws in the chess photoshop is kinda funny, because it omits the largest mistake which i saw immediately.. his eye lines are looking through her, not at her. honestly it looks like rushed job by a professional, but i could do better.
Isaiah Padilla
Isaiah Padilla:
I like you Anna, but this obsession is bordering on creepy.
You earned my subscription ❤️ I am watching you for a while now and I love your videos!
Nick Sweat & The Phantom Headlights
Nick Sweat & The Phantom Headlights:
This is insane. Man, I love Cavill. He will always be THE Clark Kent for me.
Lilo Rolland
Lilo Rolland:
Doing background checks on Henry Cavill's ''girlfriend''..what a pathetic new low to step to, dam sis don't you have more important things to do?
Daniel Massey
Daniel Massey:
We all know the main reason they give a fake girlfriend to a male actor. When a moustache is just not enough... and we have seen this in the past many times. Management/PR will go to great lengths to promote and protect the actor's career.
David Alexander
David Alexander:
I don’t think Henry has to do anything. And making off color jokes and paint doesn’t make you a terrible person.
Dm Gray
Dm Gray:
Well, I got triggered by the chess photo.
It appears to be set up incorrectly.
Unless it's a themed set and the rook just HAPPENS to be shaped like a regular knight, then it's JUST a set used for a PR pic. The board state ALSO makes no sense.
It drives me mad when it happens in movies too. It takes literal seconds to pull up a professional game and copy the piece locations for your footage. ANYONE familiar with the game will INSTANTLY spot a randomised set up.
She was wearing a type of blackface? That is so BS. @That Star Wars Girl, get real.
This is Scorpio
This is Scorpio:
Social Media keeps people in high school. (We have some lost generations on the books...)
Fred Bloggs
Fred Bloggs:
Error in thumbnail: It’s ‘exposed’ not ‘exsposed’.
simply the best 2k
simply the best 2k:
And? Never put a person on a pedestal. The Henry you want to portray and the one who actually is can be totally different. He could be a dirt bag. If we go by your conspiracy he could be covering up the fact that he is gay. Lol get over it.
This is a little bit creepy Anna, leave the man to live his life....
I think Anna needs an intervention... Henry Cavil detox.
Aya A.
Aya A.:
I get all of it, but calling pointing out obsessive behavior as condescending. I don't see the lie.