Here Is Why Everton Paid £25 million For Ben Godfrey 2020 (HD)

Ben Godfrey - Norwich - 2019/2020 ➠ World Of Football
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20 comentarios:

BEN GODFREY! Everton have agreed a fee of £25m plus add-ons for Norwich City central defender Ben Godfrey. No Premier League footage included due to copyrights. Stay tuned! - WOF
Foreign Currency
Foreign Currency:
Ancelotti really knows what his doing Everton are really fortunate to have him as manager
John Carter
John Carter:
Long shots and injury prone both 5? Are you skunked he’s never been injured while at Norwich and scored nothing but rockets
Clayton Gopie
Clayton Gopie:
34 matches to go and we'll see where we stand in the end and Carlo knows what he's doing and what has to be done because Everton invested millions of dollars in the wrong type of players and Carlo made a huge impact and some of these clubs believe that Everton is beneath them and some people believe that Everton is beneath Carlo and some of his signings but here we are at the top of the league even if it's for now and we can aim for the title and maybe win it.
Iron Zeus
Iron Zeus:
Welcome to the Toffees Ben Godfrey
Shames he’s got Pickford behind him
Mushtaq Saith
Mushtaq Saith:
Everton you must get tid of bernatd. Davis and dalph buy maddison of leicester and josh king. Will be a very strong squad.
Geof Thompson
Geof Thompson:
Those player rating scores are so far off.
Mícheál Flaithbheartaigh
Mícheál Flaithbheartaigh:
Is there a specific genre of shit dance music especially for football stat videos ?
Ale Diego
Ale Diego:
Lamptey bayern 😭😭😭😭😭💔
Brittany Autry
Brittany Autry:
10:43 has the best 😍💋 💝💖❤️
Sarmen Ini indah
Sarmen Ini indah:
Willy kambwala Come To Manchester united
think he'd be better as a defensive mid, his passing range would be better utilised there
Akshan Krithick
Akshan Krithick:
Do willy kambwala
Khaled Haiel
Khaled Haiel:
He well FC Barchalona or no?
Sebastian Quintana
Sebastian Quintana:
Noooooooo!!! Yerry Mina !
Jay A
Jay A:
another Holgate
suraj varma
suraj varma:
Everton needs to focus on RW and RB
Lacking that position
If they fill that part it's very tough and james become more centric player to score and playmake .Now he used to give more energy to cover vaccum at right position
KopKid Maldives
KopKid Maldives:
Very average defender
Tell me please Jadon sancho will come at manchester united tell me please