Here's How Long Keanu Reeves Said He'll Play John Wick For

How much more pulse-pounding, gun fu-fighting action can fans of the John Wick franchise expect to get? If star Keanu Reeves has anything to say about it, as much as they want.

In an interview with GQ, lead actor Reeves revealed that he plans to play the dog-loving ace assassin John Wick for as long as audiences plan to keep buying tickets. Asked how long he intends to stick with the franchise, Reeves said,

"As far as my legs can take me. As far as the audience wants to go."

That was a small tidbit pulled from a huge GQ profile on Reeves from 2019, so small, even, that some fans are only now picking up on what the actor said.

OK! Magazine recently ran a short interview piece with Reeves in conjunction with the August 28, 2020 release of his newest movie Bill & Ted Face the Music, and in it, the outlet included that pull-quote from Reeves' lengthy sit-down with GQ.

Reeves has a point: John Wick never goes out of style.

While it's fun being an action star and portraying one of the biggest badasses on the planet, for Reeves, the most interesting part about playing John Wick is the duality of the character. He seems especially intrigued about how all of John's efforts to settle into a nice, normal life are thwarted by those who know just how good he is at violence.

The actor explained to GQ,

"He's got this beautiful, tragic conundrum, these two selves. The John who was married, and John Wick, the assassin. John wants to be free. But the only way he knows how is through John Wick. And John Wick keeps f---ing killing people and breaking rules. We're really watching a person fight for their life and their soul."

It's an assessment of the character that perhaps only Reeves would have made. But, of course, if Wick were simply a soulless killing machine, it's doubtful that Reeves would have had any interest in playing him in the first place. It probably also helped that the franchise was co-created by Chad Stahleski, a former stunt performer who doubled for Reeves in all three Matrix films, and with whom the star has been friends ever since. The pair have forged a synergistic, collaborative relationship on the John Wick movies, Reeves even turned in a script polish on the first one, and the star is clearly in no hurry to bail on such a partnership.

Reeves' comments to GQ had to be music to the ears of the executives at studio Lionsgate, as the film franchise has earned steadily increasing returns.

While the first film in 2014 managed only $76 million at the worldwide box office, 2017's John Wick: Chapter 2 more than doubled that total with a $171 million global take. Then, 2019's John Wick: Chapter 3, Parabellum kept the ball rolling by nearly doubling that total, cleaning up at the worldwide box office to the tune of $325 million. It's no surprise, then, that Lionsgate has more John Wick goodness in the works.

In August 2020, it was reported that the studio's CEO John Feltheimer dropped a bombshell while on an earnings call with investors. While a fourth installment in the franchise had previously been announced back in May 2019, Feltheimer confirmed that John Wick 4 wasn't the extent of Lionsgate's immediate plans for the franchise. According to Deadline, Feltheimer said,

"We're...busy preparing scripts for the next two installments of our John Wick action franchise, with John Wick 4 slated to hit theaters Memorial Day weekend 2022. We hope to shoot both John Wick 4 and 5 back-to-back when Keanu becomes available early next year."

That would be a pretty huge undertaking, but it wouldn't be Reeves' first rodeo in that respect. The Matrix Reloaded and The Matrix Revolutions were also shot back-to-back, and those productions were quite a bit larger in scale than the Wick movies.

Even if the franchise doesn't continue on after the upcoming one-two punch of John Wick 4 and 5, action fans could hardly ask for a more satisfying series than the one they've gotten with the first three films alone.

Eventually, though, all good things must come to an end, and when we inevitably arrive at the last scene in the John Wick franchise, Reeves has a pretty good vision of how he wants it to look. Sure, it might make a certain amount of sense to have a violent, tragic figure like Wick go out in a heroic hail of bullets, but Reeves has other ideas.

Speaking with ScreenRant last year, the star expressed his desire for Wick to get the neat ending that he feels the character deserves, saying,

"What would I prefer? I want John to be happy. So, let's have him walk out [into] the sunset because he's...fighting for his life. So if there's a battle to be won, it's his life. So that he can remember the love, and for [his deceased wife] Helen...[Wick should] walk off into the sunset." Watch the video to learn How Long Keanu Reeves Said He'll Play John Wick For!

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Deadpool: Regenerate Degenerate
Deadpool: Regenerate Degenerate:
“As far as my legs can go. As far as audiences want me to go.”
I look forward to *John Wick 2042.*
Deadpool: Regenerate Degenerate
Deadpool: Regenerate Degenerate:
John Wick only shot four people in the original script? That’s adorable.
Original Gaming
Original Gaming:
He was born to play as John wick. OR he is John wick himself
John McNeill
John McNeill:
Ironically Keanu is a bigger badass in real life.
Joel Rocabado
Joel Rocabado:
he will play as long as everyone wants him to. Done.
Luke Stock
Luke Stock:
The John Wick movie series are my favorite movies series. This is one of the best franchise in movie history.
Sarah Lee
Sarah Lee:
“As far as the audience wants to go” so like...forever? Bet.
One of the few actors loved by almost everyone.
Steele Heraud
Steele Heraud:
Anybody noticing how Keanu’s real life misery, pain and suffering are coming through in these John wick movies?
John Wick 8: (feat Hobbs and Shaw)
Derek H
Derek H:
He is a great actor!! I love the wick franchise!! I’ll buy them all
S S:
Since I saw him in Speed, there is never a moment I disliked him. I just disliked his movie Knock it was hopeless. Still dont know why he produced and acted in that favorite actor will always be Keanu......
stuart deitcher
stuart deitcher:
Great to see the Dog got his revenge...never harm our 4 footed friends!
RB News Live
RB News Live:
John Wick is sharpening his Pencil specially for Winston. He's gonna get penciled like no one before in the franchise.
phillipians 4:13
phillipians 4:13:
I cant imagine john wick dying but he has to have it get bigger than just himself which i think bringing in halle barry helped and his friendship with the hotel owner, you know hes not just looking out for himself but all these others want to protect him because he has helped them, which is great.
Robot bird 17
Robot bird 17:
Is it just me or is he good at this
John Wick should go to Netflix for 5 years.
Juan Barrera
Juan Barrera:
There gonna be a long of John Wick movies I love all thoses movies!
Hes is just a phenomenal person in life and as an actor period
Walter White
Walter White:
Oh you know they're going to ride that gravy train as long as possible...
Gabriel Ramirez
Gabriel Ramirez:
Sweet keep the movies coming I've enjoyed all the john wick movies. Can't wait until the 4th movie.
If they made 20 more John Wick movies, I would be in the theater to see every damn one of them. I love these films because sometimes you just need a guy you can root for going out and beat the hell out of and shooting bad guys and cleaning things up. Even if that guy you are rooting for is technically, in the absolute sense, a "bad guy". John Wick makes for such a great anti-hero.
Frank Larry
Frank Larry:
Am here to say a big thank you to Dr Joshua for his great powerful love spell and his great spirits for saving my relationship. No one would have believe that I and my ex will ever come back Together.
Paula Dixon Insurance Broker
Paula Dixon Insurance Broker:
We love Keanu!! Make them all, make lots of money Keanu. Go! Go!
keith Parker
keith Parker:
Man this instrumental in the background is beautiful it’s like a retro vibe yet futuristic
Jasen Carbajal
Jasen Carbajal:
"As far as my legs can take me. As far as the audience wants to go." -Keanu Reeves.
There's your answer.
Blu luu
Blu luu:
The first 20 seconds is the Answer. You dont gotta watch the rest.
It only means that he really enjoy playing the character.
Jake Driver
Jake Driver:
As long as the love is there I think the franchise will thrive. I just pray they don’t run it into the ground.
TeamCheesecake Airsoft
TeamCheesecake Airsoft:
Keanu Reeves has always been one of my favorite actors.
baby Lebowski
baby Lebowski:
Happy birthday Keanu!! You are very lovely❤️
AlphaBoi Games
AlphaBoi Games:
Can’t wait for John Wick 15 in the Future....
Kevin J
Kevin J:
I'd honestly love to see a new 007 movie with Keanu Reeves and the same sort of gunfights as in John Wick
James Davis
James Davis:
Seeing as how he's a vampire, that will be a very long time
We dont deserve this man
Matt Castelli
Matt Castelli:
I just rewatched all 3 movies the other day, looking forward to 4 & 5.
Naveen Karthik
Naveen Karthik:
'As Far as Audience wants me to go'...... truly Spoken by a HUMBLE Fan Favourite Actor
Javon James
Javon James:
As much as I loved these movies I just hope the fourth one is the final chapter!!😎
2 more the next one coming out and 1 in the past as an assasin
Björn Svensson
Björn Svensson:
Thanks guys. There’s hope for the future. I’m a little bit sad that it will take such a long time though. Why not keep the ball rolling once you have found the speed and the right ingredients.

The risk now is that only the fans will remember John Wick at thanksgiving 2022.
Man, the more I see and hear about Keanu Reeves, the higher my opinion of him goes! It's so nice to see an actor that interested in his Craft, his associates, and in particular, his audiences/fans. So many Hollywood egomaniacs hold themselves above such considerations that Reeves' attitudes are a _blasst_ of fresh air! "Live long and prosper, Keanu." You keep makin' 'em and we'll keep watchin' 'em, waiting with baited breath for each new installment. Stay safe, everyone.
Henry Diaz
Henry Diaz:
I love John Wick and I feel the same way as Keanu
Mike Madden
Mike Madden:
4 should be the last'll finish the story arc and wrap it up..
Let him grow old in the role and have him train the next gen assassins
Thomas Macnutz
Thomas Macnutz:
I would like to see wick walk away into another better life, when it is time to end it.
Chaske White Feather
Chaske White Feather:
I’m cornteen
Dr. Arnab Banerjee
Dr. Arnab Banerjee:
Be atleast speaking for my self I don't want John Wick to end...I want to see Keanu to perform action even in his 70s like Stallone...❤️❤️😭
nicotine teens
nicotine teens:
Guys just read the description. Thanks for putting it their.
Tom Bonnel
Tom Bonnel:
What are you enjoy about John wick is how he gets ready for the movies I’ve watched many times him at the gun range with With his coach Stars so I’m looking forward see what’s coming up next
Donovan Mcguckin
Donovan Mcguckin:
Sometime in the future John Wick is hiding out at sea on a Tug yacht with a cargo ship in tow
Kyle Campion
Kyle Campion:
he IS JOHN WICK he will always be!!
S . I . C . K P . I . C . K
S . I . C . K P . I . C . K:
happy Birthday Babayaga! <3
Steve O
Steve O:
Oh. Ok Rambo.
Akshay Ak
Akshay Ak:
The man the myth the legend keanu reeves ❤❤🤘🤘🤘
didnt know about the 5th part! wow
Obviously there needs to be a prequel trilogy on how he met wifey and how he got out!
Øfficial Dâwgg
Øfficial Dâwgg:
John wick 10, body count gonna be 10,000 😂😂
Jay Bubblez
Jay Bubblez:
Juan Wick in Mexico coming 2021
hes back at the range training, sooo maybe chapter 4 soon .
Jade Tickett
Jade Tickett:
John Wick/ Matrix fans: happiness noises
Shrek, botw, pikmin, Disney fans: p a i n
Dean Chen
Dean Chen:
See you guys in cinema for john wick 2077
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Keanu is such a great actor that for half a year I thought that keanu was John Wick
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Happy Birthday Keanu Reeves 🎉🎉🎂🎂
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I am an F... B... I... Agent!!
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Iove this Franchising ⭐🌹
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Cant wait for 4!
Love Love Love Keanu Reeves! Yes to more John Wick, Neo, Ted or Constantine!! Thank you, thank you Mr Reeves again much love you and yours.
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John Wick FTW ❤️
besi art
besi art:
4-5 back to back? ,that's when you know it will be bad !
Felicity Halsey
Felicity Halsey:
Well we got 6 mission impossible movies if he can pull off 3 more Wick movies I won't mind.
We definitely need a *John Wick kills the marvel universe* then
Frailty 8
Frailty 8:
So he’s going to play it forever
Lamar Martin
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I finally got all 3 movies blu ray and the regular dvd got them all on blu Ray for $8.49 great price love the franchise👍!!!
Happy Birthday Keanu!!!!
Keanu wants to reprise his John Wick-role as long as people are interested? John Wick 28 confirmed. 💪🏻
Hmm, john wick franchise may take as long as the Bond movies
JoshReaper Rodriguez
JoshReaper Rodriguez:
They need to make a John wick origin
Vishwas Kumar
Vishwas Kumar:
Can watch him acting my whole life
Kalthom Ahmed
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are we gonna ignore the fact that its his birthday?
Dr Holiday
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Killing of john in the end wouldn't be a very dumb thing to do. I a gree with *Keanu* .
Debapriyo Bhattacharjee
Debapriyo Bhattacharjee:
Upto John wick 5 I guess
You mean I've gotta wait 17 months 24 days longer for John Wick 4? Nooooooooo.........
Sage 421
Sage 421:
In that case I'm buying tickets to all the movies and purchasing all movies lol
Miles Moralez
Miles Moralez:
I would like to see a young Wick
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It's not a big deal for him, Keanu the Immortal 🤙🤙🤙
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Happy birthday bro
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John wick 2077 confirmed bois
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Baba Yaga ✏️🔫
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Did you mean Four?
Maximum Effort
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Video should have been 30 seconds long.
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Murphy MacManus:
John Wick for what?
he looked so old in bill and ted, like damn what's going on
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Good on him we will see alot more of him good luck Keanu 👍💯
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Happy birthday keanu
Happy birthday keanu reeves may god give long and happy life.

Happy Birthday to Keanu Reeves today!
John Wick 9 Face The Matrix