Here’s Why BARCELONA Signed MEMPHIS DEPAY 2021 🔵🔴

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79 comentarios:

SVMM: Memphis Depay ● Welcome to Barcelona 🔵🔴 Dribbling Skills & Goals
Mr. Benedict
Mr. Benedict:
He is so versatile, can play anywhere up front, and adds more depth up front
Edgar Torres
Edgar Torres:
Maybe he is not Neymar but he likes to do his own plays.
Mincili MC Isaac Maseko
Mincili MC Isaac Maseko:
Hopefully he succeeds ❤🔵
Nisam kp
Nisam kp:
He don't want to worry about assist. He is going to team where great MESSI leading the attack.
It would be interesting to see how Messi and Memphis share free kick responsibilities
Anas Shehu
Anas Shehu:
Welcome to the Best Club in the World, Barcelona!❤️
Park JongHo
Park JongHo:
Good signing! Plz sign a New Quality CB.
P U-jin
P U-jin:
I see a resemblence with neymar, even his impact will be the same
The new neymar?? Maybe he will bring happines at Barca again 👍
المايسترو - AL-MAESTRO
المايسترو - AL-MAESTRO:
Story of the injury of Eriksen, the Danish player, without rights
Gallery Football
Gallery Football:
Nice videos mates ❤️
Scorpex Studio
Scorpex Studio:
Too bad. United will turn Sancho to trash. They did it with Depay, Dimaria and Lukaku. Now they are elite players. United is ass club with ass management. What a talent Depay is.
Ernest Hilario 7ven • 70 years ago
Ernest Hilario 7ven • 70 years ago:
They've just signed Neymar back
Robert Priller
Robert Priller:
Messi, Aguero, Depay ulalaaa
Diego Legendas
Diego Legendas:
Vamos barçaa!
RP Studio
RP Studio:
SVMM The Goat 🔥 🔥
rachid simo
rachid simo:
Nice music at all vedeo ❤
E M İ R:
Altay Bayındır Skills !!
Ahmed Horic
Ahmed Horic:
The filter you used in the thumbnail actually made the kit look good
Sourjya Mitra
Sourjya Mitra:
The question is can Messi and Depay play together??
Aziz Alenzi
Aziz Alenzi:
مكسب كبير ممفيس ديباي 🤩
Que gran video ojalá y venga
Michael Rubio
Michael Rubio:
its like depay can replace neymar and suarez at the same time
Around The World With Football
Around The World With Football:
They need to sign Gravenberch & Owen Wijndal now
He's a shoe-in for the top ten -

Most over-rated players of all time.
he will do well on the left wing and his finishing is the cherry on top also the fact that he is right footed he is exactly the type of forward we need rn better than griezmann and dembele combined for barca
manith sakalasuriya
manith sakalasuriya:
He reminds me of neymar ❤️
FrEaK AbHu abhu
FrEaK AbHu abhu:
Sign cheyyumo
Mûhãmmãd SõjõL
Mûhãmmãd SõjõL:
Are you sure bro,,, M Depay signing Bracalona...???🥺🥺
santi nansen
santi nansen:
The MAD trio: Messi, Ansu/Aguero, Depay
if his contract with Lionne was not expiring his market value would be over 50M
Ahmed Boury
Ahmed Boury:
Nice like❤️
Neymar 2021 skills, please
ananthu nath
ananthu nath:
He is a good player but I don't know
how much he can cope with laliga.
Лоло Козлов
Лоло Козлов:
wtf are those defenders
blade wade
blade wade:
Good news:he's a good player
Bad news:he's not good long term investment
He is right-footed; Of course, is able to play on the right&left side of the pitch. This simple fact could be the only reason why Barca has to have him for the next seasons.
le fou Pch
le fou Pch:
le fou Pch
le fou Pch:
Dwiyoga Taufann
Dwiyoga Taufann:
Messi depay griezman
Messi aguero depay
Sajan Balami
Sajan Balami:
Fati/depay. Grizz/aguero. Messi

Alba. Dejong. Pedri. Dembele

Araujo. Pique. Mingueja

Huy Doan
Huy Doan:
what he wont be able to do as often in Barca:
1. Long ball from the wing.
2. Penalty.
3. Freekick.
4. Dribble the ball up and expect some other great quick striker will be in front of him for him to pass and finish well a counter attack.

Since those are the main feature of this video, plus, he will face Courtois and Jan Oblak in the matches that we need him to score the most, I predict that he wont be as effective as we might mistakenly expect.
Memphis DeManUReject.
Around The World With Football
Around The World With Football:
never scored 4 in a game
Sjögel Miihels
Sjögel Miihels:
Nah, they only signed him because of Koeman believing in him.
Sonel Delot
Sonel Delot:
I so happy
Logan20 ELG
Logan20 ELG:
The accidentally started selling hus shirt
Нидаль Срур
Нидаль Срур:
He is gooooood
i remember all barca fans crying because they will sign depay. look at them now all positive comments
trt 22
trt 22:
normal player!
Jorge Alsina berzosa
Jorge Alsina berzosa:
Carlo Mikhail Reid
Carlo Mikhail Reid:
United should never have sold
the ghost ☠️
the ghost ☠️:
Better than griezman
David Escariz
David Escariz:
It is me or he reminds me of Neymar JR , the way he plays
Abhi Kumar
Abhi Kumar:
He is far better than all the current strikers, except obviously the GOAT Messi and young Ansu.
oliver garcia
oliver garcia:
Por favor LAPORTA no traigas a este tío es un paquete no mejora a DEMBELE ni GRIZMAN es un tiesto no volvamos a la era Van gal ya nos llevaron a la ruina los holandeses
Depay will bench Dembouz. If that ungrateful a** refuses to put pen to paper, I want him to be benched and played for < 5 mins all year (Like Riqui). Dembouz is a headless chicken on turbo-boosters. The man lacks composure and big-game play. All he does is produce 3 moments of magic in a year, but is otherwise frustrating to watch, and keeps losing the ball.
Insomnic 2.0
Insomnic 2.0:
We signed him because of he is "free agent" nothing more nthing less
Yuran Abdul
Yuran Abdul:
he ahas come along way from being called man United flop'
Genius Gavin
Genius Gavin:
I'm sorry but I don't see anything special with him apart from being a good ball holder
Sam Goody
Sam Goody:
He is not a true striker nowhere near the the levels of a true striker
we already have good forwards. we should start to search for new defenders ffs
Bah Nah
Bah Nah:
2 match of euro, I think dembele better than him
Fernandinho Calhanoglu?
AiZaT_WorLD 5858
AiZaT_WorLD 5858:
Is that official???
Joel Baires
Joel Baires:
He's not even signed yet lol
Fernando silva
Fernando silva:
Primeiro 🇧🇷
Ahmed Mamdouh
Ahmed Mamdouh:
A great player but not in barca !!!
He is good at what Messi does so i feel he is a new Griezman
axmedsuuley12 Suulay
axmedsuuley12 Suulay:
He is very low in speed
amjed anything
amjed anything:
He didn't sign yet
jaewan Sung
jaewan Sung:
I don't think he'd get along well with barca. He's a type of penaldo mostly unable to dribble and pass creatively but shoot
lets talk
lets talk:
I hope this new signing give Messi a better chance to win champions league he deserves atleast one more
Huy Doan
Huy Doan:
everybody who came to Barca and failed were once a superstar in their team. never get your hopes up.
duende verde
duende verde:
Gaetano P.
Gaetano P.:
Mamuka simonia
Mamuka simonia:
Wajnaldum paris
Amine Belkhou
Amine Belkhou: