Here's Why Eintracht Frankfurt Want To Sign Rafael Santos Borre 2020/2021 HD

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Rafael Santos Borré Maury is a Colombian professional footballer who plays as a forward for Argentine Primera División club River Plate and the Colombia national team. goles

Here's Why Eintracht Frankfurt Want To Sign Rafael Santos Borre 2020/2021 HD

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90 Minutes Soccer:
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Oskar Mogi Färber
Oskar Mogi Färber:
Santos Borre is great player, who always thinks about team. Commander👨‍✈️👨‍✈️
Taka Etono
Taka Etono:
this is NOT the (only) reason Frankfurt signed him up for.
He actually makes a formidable quesadilla too.
Wenn der nur die Hälfte von dem auch in der Bundesliga abspult, dann wird das ne geile Nummer. Bin gespannt!
Rigor Ogie
Rigor Ogie:
I can imagine very well that his first season he'll have like 5-10 Goals & maybe 5+ assists. I really hope its his 2nd season where he'll shine for us. Lucas Barrios also came from an south american League & became very efficient in the Bundesliga. Good transfer for Frankfurt!! #SGE
Richard Foord
Richard Foord:
Smart business for Frankfurt. If they get hauge for around 10 euros also it looks like they will have more money to play with.
AL Panic
AL Panic:
Welcome to Eintracht Frankfurt, i support u with open arms !
Rigor Ogie
Rigor Ogie:
This guy does have the movements of a real good striker
Anota ai, vai fazer altos nadas na Bundesliga. Bom jogador, mas longe de ser o que dizem, pense em um maluco que foi inflado nesses últimos meses. Até Gilberto do Bahia se botasse ele no super time do River, até ele seria 2x melhor que Borre no river.

Agora queria ver borre no Bahia, se no river tem uma quantidade minúscula de gols, imagine fora do River.

Fato é, no River era o melhor time que um atacante poderia estar entre todos times sul americanos, pois era o time que mais criava chances pra atacantes e mesmo assim Borre só fez 45 gols nas últimas 5 temporadas
Jack Silver
Jack Silver:
Willkommen bei der Eintracht, Bruder!
Jaime Mint
Jaime Mint:
Yes He Can, Welcome to Frankfurt, Sen.Rafael Santos Borré! :-)
Guess Who
Guess Who:
Benjamin B.
Benjamin B.:
Borre + Akman #FrankfurtTalents
Axl Panik
Axl Panik:
J. Borda
J. Borda:
Warrior and finalizer.
ramiro velazquez
ramiro velazquez:
J T:
alles gammeltore (fast)...wenigstens bedankt er sich immer bei dem Mitspieler, der ihn den Ball aufgelegt hat....bin gespannt
The Best Run
The Best Run:
Good video
Liam Shelby
Liam Shelby:
Playstyler750 #
Playstyler750 #:
Gude Borre
tiago yt
tiago yt:
Cuidado Lewandowski que se viene Rafa
Juan Fernando Vélez
Juan Fernando Vélez:
Lewandowsky is scared because Rafa is coming
Carl Johnson 3 z FBI
Carl Johnson 3 z FBI:
I think he will be average player again, Borré was not good in La Liga and i don't think he will score many goals in German Bundesliga.
Ralf Weber
Ralf Weber:
I hope he will do well, but he European leagues are a very different breed of fish compared to South America. Looking at his goals you can also watch the defenders, who seems to be not very professional.
V. M.
V. M.:
I can't tell, if he is really good, or the Goalkeepers are just really bad...