Here's Why Klopp Loves Thiago Alcantara!

Here's Why Klopp Loves Thiago Alcantara!
Watch the best skills, dribbles, passes & goals of Thiago Alcantara during the 2021-2022 season for Liverpool.
0:00 Intro
0:05 Skills & Goals Mix
2:48 Driblles & Tricks

4:50 Interceptions
5:27 Tackles
6:22 Passes, Key Passes & Assists
7:43 Long Passes

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67 comentarios:

Lalzara Ralte
Lalzara Ralte:
The boom after "Fearless" and Thiago's goal in sync is chills
Christy Reilly
Christy Reilly:
He plays like everyone would want to .
Just pure class .
Jeramy1440 Jack
Jeramy1440 Jack:
His tackling ability and defensive side is very underrated. I thought he would have trouble after coming from the Bayern system adapting to a more all around role, but he’s proved me wrong. Aside from covid and the injury setbacks, he’s done extremely well.
Arpan Ghosh
Arpan Ghosh:
Probably one of the best videos on Thiago, the frames, the performance. An absolute poetry portrayed in a movie.
He’s so calm and cool it’s unreal I try and base my game on him
Ray Gorman
Ray Gorman:
Silky smooth skills as ever from Tiago. Sometimes players with his skills have no end product and are considered a luxury to have in your team. This is very much not the case with Tiago, work ethic is a very big part of his game and so too is bringing other players into the game. Also his influence on players in the team with his professionalism and fantastic attitude is so impressive and refreshing to see that there are still players like him in the game 👏👏👏👏
CandRa R Saputra
CandRa R Saputra:
His style of movement and agility really become nightmare to opponents
Idris Justin
Idris Justin:
i just love his amazing long passes
A very complete player. He gives the team balance and confidence.
Rasheeda Qazi
Rasheeda Qazi:
He is very stylish and a treat to watch. He is also very quick to recover after falling.
Josh Joseph
Josh Joseph:
Gonna love to see the mentorship his gonna give to Fabio Carvalho.....gonna be mind blowing let's go boys all out this season
Ashim Kt
Ashim Kt:
He is just amazing an aggressive player with lot of dribbling skills and his passing is just world class
With his super talent,he scores less goals.
What a great player
Idris Justin
Idris Justin:
thiago and fabinho in our mid is always amazing this guy is damn good
east ave
east ave:
Always been a fan of him even though I supported none of his teams 😅 he can speed up the game and slow it down whenever +he has 4 eyes and the touch of a baby skin
Dark Vangeance'
Dark Vangeance':
just wish we can have one more player like him so we can rotate him..
Tom Dempsey
Tom Dempsey:
That goal is so underrated
ToSkA again
ToSkA again:
Correct title’s why we love Thiago Alcantara
Chey Thompson
Chey Thompson:
Without him and/or Fab we may not have the chance to go for the treble but looks like we could should they be fit and be on the lineup
Marcus Fransman
Marcus Fransman:
We all love him❤️❤️❤️
Shak Sta
Shak Sta:
Best passing range since Gerrard
zinou machane
zinou machane:
Very Good player👏⚽
i am falling in love with his long ball
Warren Koen
Warren Koen:
When you need to show missed chances in videos like these, then you know he doesn't score enough.
Umair Abbasi
Umair Abbasi:
He is real beast
Hafiz Abdullah
Hafiz Abdullah:
The midfielder in the planet... Very cool play very smart player.. That was thiago... But very sad cos.. Injurt was chas him...
Younger Ayodeji
Younger Ayodeji:
He is the number 1 slide tackler in our squad😂😂😂
John Stephen
John Stephen:
T is always calm that why I love him
Acha Changkiri
Acha Changkiri:
Passing vision is 🦅 vision.
masamba nasser
masamba nasser:
Tiago is jus world class
Fall Goor
Fall Goor:
Everyone loves thiago
Nivon Ade
Nivon Ade:
This is a complete football player
Hafiz Abdullah
Hafiz Abdullah:
Just one in this world.. Play like this is thiago. No order player like him....
he wiil win the champ with lfc
Sunny saini
Sunny saini:
The king
john lemon
john lemon:
Work Class Elite Player.👍
Ahat Ahmed
Ahat Ahmed:
Let us trust him
Sam Wilson
Sam Wilson:
This is such a good video!
Thang Nguyen
Thang Nguyen:
ስለ ህልም ፍቺ Tube
ስለ ህልም ፍቺ Tube:
masha allha! 😍
Hh2 Martínez
Hh2 Martínez:
Amazing video, thanks
Diki Cahya
Diki Cahya:
Everyone Love thiago
apostol Pavel
apostol Pavel:
we love hem too !!!!
Great editing!
Djiba luisz Camara
Djiba luisz Camara:
The maestro
akeem wilson
akeem wilson:
Hey does this mean we are even with Bayern now right because they now have mane
Ali fathi
Ali fathi:
omg,best of the best
Ilsa Unsworth
Ilsa Unsworth:
Klopp doesn't luv him as much as kostas does 😀
Abd. Bahar
Abd. Bahar:
Roman B
Roman B:
Brilliant video
Jack Lowes
Jack Lowes:
Richarlison must hate him xD
Shakatta Milano
Shakatta Milano:
Best player alcantara
วันพีช TH
วันพีช TH:
god play
Maubray Mzoma
Maubray Mzoma:
You better be fit for the game today mate.
Thomas Leozi Kamara
Thomas Leozi Kamara:
Dania A
Dania A:
more injury prone than naby kieta but okay lol
Gi Key
Gi Key:
We should buy hei arnold competitor
Liverpool Anfield
Liverpool Anfield:
Waiting Fabinho & DIOGOAL Video please
Daniel O'Grady
Daniel O'Grady:
99 composure
jojo. 7
jojo. 7:
name of sound by the start ofdribbles and tackles?
Heri Heri
Heri Heri:
Lagu nya enak.
Lagu apa ya ini
Firman Syah
Firman Syah:
La masia production
Thomas Ronald
Thomas Ronald:
Song ?
Arthur Chakanyuka
Arthur Chakanyuka:
Reuben VL Hnamte
Reuben VL Hnamte:
1st comment
Yo Pie
Yo Pie:
Unpopular opinion: Bobby Firmino did Thiago's job better than him. Both in connecting the wings and pressing in a more advanced position. Aaand we lost a final.
PS: Thiago is an exceptional player but for me just doesn't work for LFC.