He's All That | Addison Rae & Tanner Buchanan | Official Trailer | Netflix

Starring Addison Rae and Tanner Buchanan, He's All That reimagines the original plot of the 1999 teen classic She’s All That. The contemporary story follows an influencer (Addison Rae) who accepts a challenge to turn the school’s biggest loser (Tanner Buchanan) into prom king.

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He's All That | Addison Rae & Tanner Buchanan | Official Trailer | Netflix

An influencer specializing in makeovers bets she can transform an unpopular classmate into prom king in this remake of the teen classic "She's All That."

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Lovely Lola
Lovely Lola:
Ahh y’all remember the days when people actually had to audition and work hard to get lead roles in movies?
Peppa Pig jumps in deeper puddles than this. A movie about not being super attractive makes you weird and an outcast.
K G:
Warning ⚠️ this is not a remake of she’s all that, this is a reminder of the dystopian nightmare we live in.
Maryam Sikaoui
Maryam Sikaoui:
Watching this makes me realize how I really miss the old era of highschool movies ( the 90s And the 2000-2009 period)
If Addison got some award for this film, I would dig my own grave.
Ece Simsek
Ece Simsek:
I really liked how they made us watch the whole movie in 2 minutes
mrs. gothamite
mrs. gothamite:
Whoever made this trailer didn't want us to watch the whole movie.
Johnny Cooper
Johnny Cooper:
Ah yes the classic movie where an obviously extremely attractive person wears some frumpy clothes, everyone thinks they are a weird ugly loser, they get a haircut and new outfit, now they are supermodel and everyone loves them. Cool. Teach kids that you aren’t supposed to like or associate with someone unless they’re good looking and cool!
The guy was already pretty cute , they just shortened his hair . Lord protect my brain cells .
Drag Star
Drag Star:
Normal teen : Mostly average guy with a lot of responsibility , goes to school, studies, has few hobbies, may or may not be in relationship.
Netflix teen : Sex , Love , Lust
Cameron H
Cameron H:
Forget the bad acting, the trailer outlines the entire movie
Random Person
Random Person:
It’s devastating to know that some people out there are working really hard to make it big in the acting industry, but with the help of internet fame one can posts dance vids and suddenly become an actress and singer....
Da Crammers
Da Crammers:
"Not Another Teen Movie" with Chris Evans was a parody of these kinds of movies. That was great.
Allison Burk
Allison Burk:
So an influencer who can't act, portraying an influencer, getting embarrassed online losing followers makes a guy over, with a Kardashian cameo thrown in for some star power ? Pass 🤮
cant believe she got a chance in a movie by swinging her arms in her room for 5 seconds 😔
It's funny that being famous makes you a singer, an actress, a beauty influencer all of a sudden.
Shahad 3333
Shahad 3333:
Showing the whole movie in 3 mins is also a talent
I still can’t believe that they had THE Madison Pettis on this movie and they still chose the lead that they chose 👀
I hate society just a little more now.
I miss the classic movies from the 90s and early 2000s this just isn’t the same :(
So they just showed the entire movie? Her boyfriend cheated on her, she wants revenge. Picks a random guy and gives him a makeover, they fall in love, he finds out he’s a project then forgives her.
Stan Loona
Stan Loona:
Why did I put myself through the torture of watching this trailer? Before, I had very few braincells. After this, I have none left.
Sadie-May Pilgrim
Sadie-May Pilgrim:
The way that they fell for each other is like in those dumb Hallmark movies, where it’s like in a week they fall in love and live happily ever after in the end
The whole movie is literally in the trailer 💀😭
Matthew Murray
Matthew Murray:
What kind of tall handsome dude with six pack abs who rides horses is unpopular?
The only thing missing in this trailer was the end credits.
This trailer literally showed us the whole movie at this point
this trailer hits differently on 0% brightness and mute
Trevor Smith
Trevor Smith:
If he was the nerdy type, with glasses and books like in the original, this would be more believable.
Cyber Cop
Cyber Cop:
1:55 "I've really screwed up Mom" -__-

Incredible acting
Ngl if there was better acting and maybe Addison Rae wasn’t the main character I would’ve liked the movie
i think that movies used to be so glamorous, the hollywood scene was so much different. i get sad about time passing. modern movies don’t have the same feel to them. older movies used beautifully styled outfits, had beautiful soundtracks. now everyone dresses in influencer style outfits, they have tik tok tween pop and rap songs. i miss old movies with the hollywood stars, but now anyone can be a hollywood star. i miss movies where social media and influencers and “followers” wasn’t in the plot. before it just all seemed so real and beautiful. art is dying...
Britney11 Gualle
Britney11 Gualle:
How generous of you Netflix ☺️ You let me watch the whole movie in 2 minutes 💅🏻
Bob Evans
Bob Evans:
I’ve been paralyzed for the last five years and yesterday my friend came over and put he’s all that on. Suddenly I gained the strength to rise from my chair and turn that trash ass movie off💯💯💯 thank you Addison!
Well that was an interesting movie.
this is literally most of the wattpad books ive read
Raccoon Ritz 2.0
Raccoon Ritz 2.0:
Ima say this now, I preferred “She’s all that” with Freddie Prince Jr, Matthew Lillard, Paul Walker.
Love how this trailer pretty much showed us the entire movie, so we don't have to sit through hours of that shit. Kudos Netflix!
J Regulatori
J Regulatori:
Just once I would love to see one of the girls pick someone that looks like Napoleon Dynamite, McLovin, or Sherminator from American Pie. The type that would actually be seen as a true outcast in a high school. Show reality.
Lekima Waqavuki
Lekima Waqavuki:
It's confirmed. Netflix is bad at making trailers. I literally just watched the whole movie concept.
imagine practising acting every day and going to audition for a lead role and then a tik toker who never acted before gets it just because she is famous. IDK who chose Addison but wth were they thinking LMAO
Rosamlu Bellai
Rosamlu Bellai:
After watching this movie I felt I could be an actress without acting lesson.
Honestly, I enjoyed watching the movie. And I guess that's because I didn't have any prejudice towards the cast. I've heard a few things about the lead girl Addison and the things I heard were all full of hate and negativity. If you feel that way about her, that's your prerogative. All I'm saying is you don't have to badmouth the movie just bc it's not your cup of tea. Hate it, cringe at it, but why slander it? Try to remove your biases against the people on it and you might actually enjoy if not tolerate it. The film doesn't have to be the best or be extremely amazing to deserve decency or respect. A lot of people behind the film worked their asses off and tried their best to execute it. Too many people are projecting so much negativity into the world. It's alarming.
Pratyush Pavan Saikia
Pratyush Pavan Saikia:
So, she humiliated herself and broke up with her boyfriend? Really?

And literally whole movie was already shown in the trailer. So, I guess I don't need to watch the movie
Low Key
Low Key:
I couldn't stop laughing at this cause it just gives disney channel vibes 😂
No comedy is complete without a character falling on animal shit
This movie looks like an attempt to make an indoctrinated lifestyle focused around following the algorithm normal and not how insane it actually is and usually appears to people on the outside
Fernando Gastelo
Fernando Gastelo:
Everyone complaining about Addison Rae but the Cobra kid acting is abismal too
Gordon Ramsay’s Lamb Sauce
Gordon Ramsay’s Lamb Sauce:
this is hands down the greatest movie i’ve ever watched all that was missing was a touch of olive oil
Sharanya Mukherjee
Sharanya Mukherjee:
Bruh!!! Everyone's acting is better than Addison's!! 😐😬
Rachel leigh cook looks exactly the same as she did all those years ago 😭😭❤️
Franz Santiago
Franz Santiago:
The only thing I love about this film, is my boy Tanner using his moves in Cobra Kai ... Attaboy
This is just more proof that modern high schoolers are just children and that high schoolers even 15 years ago looked and behaved like adults.
Danica DeCosto
Danica DeCosto:
But who needs to hang out with the popular kids when you can just hang out with horses instead?
Breanna Northrup
Breanna Northrup:
Honestly I’ve been complaining for nearly 2 years now about why there’s no montages of men improving themselves besides like Rocky and the 40 year old virgin. Based on the principle alone I stan.
Sara Ansari
Sara Ansari:
Conclusion: Just because you are famous does not mean you can act.
Does any teenager actually dress in real life or act like this?
hannah yi
hannah yi:
This is why social media is becoming problematic for actors. Stupid casting directors use followings as an indication of talent.
A B:
I never wanted to throw up more than now after my curiosity got the best of me. 😢😵
Ashlesha Jaiswal
Ashlesha Jaiswal:
This movie is nominated for an oscar. An OSCAR!!! unbelievable
This is so bad that it actually goes full circle and becomes good.
Madison all grown up & I still see her as the adorable lil ballerina from the Game Plan.
Allan Philip
Allan Philip:
The Society gets cancelled , and they fund this shit , the world isn't fair.
Pia Roldan
Pia Roldan:
Her mom looks like a sister still a beauty from “She’s all that”
Caitlin Watson
Caitlin Watson:
Movies like this can end someone's whole acting career, it only takes one bad actor to make everyone else's acting look terrible.
so they basically took a hot guy with an amazing body, put an awfull wig on his head, removed said wig for a makeover and voila he's hot again. I know it's the same thing they did in the original, but couldnt they makeover some hunchback quasimodo guy? now THAT would be a challenge!
Danny Montes
Danny Montes:
Why this could’ve been just a NORMAL movie we’re two people fall in love

Michelle M
Michelle M:
From this trailer, there's really no reason to watch the movie anymore. Important things have been laid out. We've watched the whole movie in 2 minutes.
Omg! Tanner's body is crazy when he shows himself shirtless. 😍😍
The fact that there are people that consider tik tok “a career” and end up getting famous because of it for doing nothing makes you think how much the world has gone to shit
Shining Star
Shining Star:
Love to see Chubby actress as a teen lead role after long time.. looks natural 😁
Ife Awe
Ife Awe:
Well, lessons learned guys, all you have to do to make a guy look good, is to give him a haircut.
In case for some people who didn't noticed the movie is a remake of "She's all that" and the actress who plays Padgett mother was the lead actress of the 1999 movie
Cleveland BCI
Cleveland BCI:
The mom looks like she did in 1999 She's All That.
Addison looks like what you'd expect if awoken by her after a 15 year coma.

I’m assuming this is a sequel to “she’s all that.”

I remember when I was young people would make dares and bets to guys all the time if they pretend to like me or succeed to have sex with me cause it’s just “so funny and fun.”

but it’s nice in movies isn’t it? guy makes a bet and still ending up falling in love with you and happily ever after.

realistically tho, guy takes on the bet. guy use you. guy breaks your heart. you cry. you learn. you get over it. you move on. and that’s it. haha.

I remember I use to love watching these kind of movies lying to myself that I was just watching for fun as it seemed cool when really I watched it to fantasize and imagine myself with that type of happy ending I’ll never get. questioning myself why I wasn’t good and pretty enough since I loved the thrill of making myself miserable and sad all over again.

after so many years, I know not to watch these type of movies no more as it wasn’t healthy. definitely did make a difference for my mental health so glad to say I’m doing better. all seriousness aside, I’m sure the movie is great.
Killua Zoldyck
Killua Zoldyck:
Remember guys!!!! Apparently if you dance for 1 second! You can become an actor!!
I can officially say I’ve watched “He’s All That” before the movie even came out.
Essie Ssentongo
Essie Ssentongo:
Honestly, I am not this type of person who will hate on people but just because you can dance, does that mean you can automatically sing and act too?

A lot of people WORKED for their careers in singing and acting and suddenly we have... This..

So disapointing
Shayy etc.
Shayy etc.:
her acting is so good oh my god 😍
Selena Rajovic
Selena Rajovic:
Will I watch this? Yes.
Will I cringe through it? Yes.
Just going to go ahead and watch the original “She’s All That” or not another teen movie
I just watched this today and I genuinely loved it !! It was cringe at some parts (The entire Jordan Van Draanan character 🤡/ the dance off) but it had some really funny moments too (the DJ at the dance/the principal dancing/Celeste on stage) Couldn't help but notice the unique names in here (Alden/Padgett/Aniston/Brin). It had some great lessons:

1) You don't have to pretend to be someone you're not
2) Hiding your talent holds you back
3) Sometimes people in your life are a wolf in sheeps clothing (Alden)

- I love who won prom queen 😁 👑
- Addison Rae sounds like Alexa Vega.
- JVD was a whole clown in this. 🤡
That song at the end was catchy tho 🎶
Donna kmm
Donna kmm:
the only thing i could think about during this entire sh!t show was that they’re at beacon hills high school 😭 the only reason i watched it is cause of my teen wolf withdrawal
Fernanda Sanchez
Fernanda Sanchez:
I think is a good cast in a bad movie (i'm talking 'bout Tanner, Madison and Peyton) they have other projects that really show their talent. This movie is basic and cliche but is what a lot of people watch, it is number 1 in Netflix in a lot of countries. I hope we can see Tanner, Madison, and Peyton working together again but in a movie worth of their talent :))
Jamia Moore
Jamia Moore:
It was cliche, and overly materialistic and he fell in love with her way too fast lol
Noreen Rashid
Noreen Rashid:
thanks! I basically watched the whole movie in two minutes
İzlerken keyif aldim. Bir tiktore göre güzel oyunculuk. Tebrik ederim
Zeina Mohamed
Zeina Mohamed:
I’ve been laughing FOR THIRTY MINUTES
Pong News
Pong News:
I love this movie period!💜
somebody give addison an oscar for this amazing acting
Ted Man
Ted Man:
Y’all really just showed the whole movie in 2 mins 😭
thomas rona
thomas rona:
"03:48" We got everything we needed with *♥ 𝑰𝑵𝑱𝑨𝑷𝑷*
Cameron Meyferth
Cameron Meyferth:
“Look at him! He’s got long hair…a hat…and look at that, he’s got paint on his overalls! What is that?”
Ngl, this movie is just like any other plot in wattpad.
Pret Sha
Pret Sha:
I keep remembering the old highschool movies from the 90's and 2000s
Just watching this trailer is such a great example of time waste. Like you literally gave the whole movie away, all of the ridiculous weird plots were outlined in this trailer lol. And the fact that this was directed by the director of "Mean girls"... What happened to them?