"He's coming back to Man Utd to win stuff!" | Roy Keane on Cristiano Ronaldo's Premier League return

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Roy Keane was on Super Sunday and discussed the news that his former teammate Cristiano Ronaldo will return to Manchester United.

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100+ comentarios:

st jimmy16
st jimmy16:
"yes I have, gonna be great" ... Never seen so much emotion from Roy Keane
Sorax Space
Sorax Space:
That's not only the happiest Roy has ever been, but the most happy he's ever ADMITTED to being 🤣 He couldn't hide it!
When Roy speaks of someone higher that Denis Irwin, you know that the guy has to be the best footballer in human kind history.

Fun fact: Denis Irwin was really so good as Roy always tells.
MBH King
MBH King:
Roy never minces words, says as he feels. I have never seen him happier and being open about it.
AFNAN Studio
AFNAN Studio:
If he's happy with Ronaldo's transfer, imagine his reaction when Denis Irwin come out of retirement and signs for Man Utd
The Dancing Clown
The Dancing Clown:
Ronaldo has everything Roy loves. *Hunger, desire, hard-work, quality, winner.*
MBA 95
MBA 95:
“The guy’s selfish, he is greedy, a born winner”
vbddfy euuyt
vbddfy euuyt:
Neville: “Ronaldo’s coming back to Man Utd, how good is that Roy?” Keane: “that’s his job”
Zahid Ilyas
Zahid Ilyas:
Roy: "I think it's great"
Souness: "You have to ask what Pogba is doing"
Lucy Summers
Lucy Summers:
I’ll have to frame this, Roy Keane is actually smiling and he’s every right to! I’m completely with you Roy! 😊😂⚽️💪🏻👌🏻
Go with the flow
Go with the flow:
Roy seems genuinely happy to see him back. Nice to see.
Everyone that talks about Ronaldo talk about his professionalism, winning mentally, work ethic. You can’t doubt the work he’s put in his career.
*CR7 scores 35 goals and Man Utd win the league*
Roy Keane: That's his job.
Keane has a high amount of respect for Ronaldo’s work ethic and mentality. Ronaldo has all the talent in the world but we all know how much he dedicates his time to training and holds himself accountable to perform and deliver results. He’s a great leader on and off the pitch, it’ll inspire and rub off on the young players at United.
eioshen boboi
eioshen boboi:
Legitimately the HAPPIEST I’ve ever seen Roy Keane. LOOK AT HIM! He’s absolutely radiating!
Footy with Uti
Footy with Uti:
Have you got sucked into Ronaldo-mania? "Yes, I have" - Roy Keane. If Keano's saying that you know it's mental
James Flynn
James Flynn:
Neville: “Ronaldo’s coming back to Man Utd, how good is that Roy?”

Keane: “that’s his job”
C Synch
C Synch:
Roy nearly crossed over to giddy and then quickly regained the expected composure.
Legitimately the HAPPIEST I’ve ever seen Roy Keane. LOOK AT HIM! He’s absolutely radiating!
Reece Ramdial
Reece Ramdial:
Ever since Ronaldo signed, I’ve been waiting anxiously to hear uncle Roy’s thoughts on this matter
Something Else
Something Else:
“Yes I have” - this translates as three minutes of celebration and elation
Great Teacher Onizuka
Great Teacher Onizuka:
I've never heard Roy Keane give so much praise
Eckhardt Said
Eckhardt Said:
Roy is a United legend and still has love for the club.
Syed Ahsan
Syed Ahsan:
His old teammates genuinely seem happy...
dildo baggins
dildo baggins:
When roys genuinely happy you know something amazing has happened it's very rare you know its a big deal...
Jack Reaper
Jack Reaper:
The photo of Roy as Man United Captain with his arm around Ronaldo wearing the 7 is a piece of art..
Diego Mejia
Diego Mejia:
“Yes I have”... That’s the most emotion I’ve seen Roy Keane show
Noel Chali
Noel Chali:
This news just doesn't get old ..the feeling is the same every single time i hear that the beast is coming home💪💯💯✅❤
“Ronaldo’s a good lad, always fit, trains hard, good at set pieces, great goal scorer. Hunger’s there. I tink if he could track back and defend, he’d be as good as Denis Irwin.”

-Roy Keane
Bruno Kagawa
Bruno Kagawa:
Cristiano Ronaldo wins the treble with Manchester United.
Roy: That's his job.
Vinz W
Vinz W:
Roy is spot on with his assessment of Man U’s weaknesses.
Midfield is especially worrying with Fred a serious weak link.
Aditya Negi
Aditya Negi:
Yes, I've was enough for everyone to realize that he's genuinely happy.
Graeme: thats fantastic and good for the club but you have to ask yourself, where was pogba in helping out the process?
Bill Frater
Bill Frater:
Well said Roy! It's about time, we actually have a Star at United again.
Brent be like :
Brent be like ::
Host : Are you excited

Roy with a deadpan face : Yes
A. Abdel
A. Abdel:
Everyone: Man U need a midfield badly
Ole: Ok Fred you're playing every game
Daz Ediss
Daz Ediss:
Roy clearly head over heels with emotion. “Have you been swept along with Ronaldo mania”?….
Yes I have 😶
Russell Goodall
Russell Goodall:
Roy would love to be out there, beside him on the pitch! Roy you are the most intelligent pundit! ⚽️👍🏼
Godwin Yoh
Godwin Yoh:
I have never heard Roy speak so greatly of someone. Amazing.
Playr Ads
Playr Ads:
I’m a simple man. When Roy is happy, I’m happy.
Ronaldo is the most Roy Keane-esque figure in modern day football. Both proper winners with titan mentality
JA Rahman
JA Rahman:
Roy is actually happy about something for once 😂
Ryval Music1
Ryval Music1:
Roy win trophies with Ronaldo I can hear the respect he have for the young man
Elisa Vieira
Elisa Vieira:
Is amazing how legends believe in Cristiano siiiiuuuuuu ❤️
Suman Rodrigues
Suman Rodrigues:
0:20 A rare moment in history when Roy 'hard as nails' Keano can't seem to contain his chuckle 😅
Mohan Rao
Mohan Rao:
Rarely do i see Roy so genuinely happy !
First Principles
First Principles:
I love the respect keane has got for Ronaldo. Beautiful.👏
Keane can't maintain his excitement you can see it😂❤️
Gamuchirayi Maravanyika
Gamuchirayi Maravanyika:
You can hear his excitement and emotion in his voice
uba owhotu
uba owhotu:
The dead silence while Roy Keane speaks...this guy is still a terror 😂😂
I would start saving so that I could have the honour to watch CR7 live in action. Love from India
With Cavani and Greenwood rotating he could play at optimal fitness in the big games and definitely win them the league
Gab Gotti
Gab Gotti:
Roy Keane loves Ronaldo so much. It’s so adorable 😂
Soinas Doyi
Soinas Doyi:
I love Keane it’s the most rewarding thing when he’s happy Uno it’s a gd thing
Day Day
Day Day:
Roy Keane should come back to the midfield and take Fred’s position.
Gerry Shom
Gerry Shom:
They all played together with him and hardened him, and now they get to watch him inspire the future of the club, while still being at his ultimate best.

I can imagine their emotions as actual fans of the club
Rab McNaught
Rab McNaught:
Roy Keane - He’s one of the most intelligent players I’ve ever seen in my life….
First time Roy Keane has been moderately impressed.
Elijah Porter
Elijah Porter:
I can tell how happy roy is and he didn't even smile 😁
Jack Buchanan
Jack Buchanan:
“Roy have you been swept along by this Ronaldomania?

Roy: Yes I have😐
zak iqbal
zak iqbal:
Roy loves players that are talented with work ethic, desire and hunger to succeed and Ronaldo has that in abundance and more.
Floyd Pinto
Floyd Pinto:
The smile on Roy Keane is priceless 🥰
When do you ever hear Roy Keane with a “Yes I’m thrilled” Vibe. He saw Ronaldo at the very beginning. GGMU
Just lovely to see Roy Keane being happy daamn this is historic can tell by his voice
"The bigger picture" 😂😂😂 - Roy 🙌🏽
Legend finally home! A dream for many fan <3 ! Cant wait to see the CR7 magic. From devil prince to Devil King!
Keane is a top-notch commentator, it pains me to say MOT!
Gab Gotti
Gab Gotti:
This is the happiest Roy has ever been.
Bloodyhell, roy nearly cracked a smile then!
Chris Benoit Central
Chris Benoit Central:
Oh thank god! I thought he was coming back to lose! I was so worried he had ulterior motives

Thanks for the reassurance Roy!

Vasie Kumarasamy
Vasie Kumarasamy:
They still need a top midfielder to win any silverware. Some one like Roy.
Yuni Wakamatsu
Yuni Wakamatsu:
It's nice to see Keane always admires the intelligence CR7 has.Most pundits are just focusing on goals but Keane always illuminates intangible aspect.
Patrick Jacobsen
Patrick Jacobsen:
His mere presence back to United is gonna lift the boys level and will definitely bring back exciting football to Man United.
yaliso gioouy
yaliso gioouy:
and holds himself accountable to perform and deliver results. He’s a great leader on and off the pitch, it’ll inspire and rub off on the young players at United.
Spase Ristov
Spase Ristov:
First time I see Roy to talk so gently for another player :)
Don Imrans Advice
Don Imrans Advice:
If we had a good manager, winning the league would be an expectation
Roy getting his brother from another mother a job on Sky. I guess that's his job lol
mijuo roui
mijuo roui:
When do you ever hear Roy Keane with a “Yes I’m thrilled” Vibe. He saw Ronaldo at the very beginning. GGMU
Facts TRUMP feelings!
Facts TRUMP feelings!:
After he saw that display against wolves today, I suspect he’s having second thoughts
Adnan Khan
Adnan Khan:
To be honest, I wanted Ronaldo at City. He would have scored easily 40 goals and would have helped city to win UCL.
a.wholevibe _k2
a.wholevibe _k2:
Roy is never satisfied but this is amazing 😆💯
Arton Behrami
Arton Behrami:
They have a real chance to win the premier league, they've got very good players, they just need to click better as a team.
awodi daniel
awodi daniel:
Kane here is spot on.that midfield needs work. A Top level CDM would Be the logical spot to fix
Gavin Perry
Gavin Perry:
This is the most happy I've seen Roy Keane be
Kane Harris
Kane Harris:
Roy Keane is the most honest man planet earth has ever seen.
If Roy’s hyping something up, it’s really good
Tage Che
Tage Che:
There’s literally no goal keeping problems
Original Unoriginal
Original Unoriginal:
I can't wait when Roy Keane covers the Manchester United games with Ronaldo featuring and excelling in the squad!
Roy Keane will be showering praises towards Ronaldo and it's going to be such a sight to see!
Marko Luxachi
Marko Luxachi:
Spot on as always but as he said, ManU still has a lot of problems and Ronaldo is not going to change that over a few games.
gamers station
gamers station:
'Baby talks for the first time'
Roy: *That's his job*
Please sign a decent holding midfielder, if we spend the season with Fred we won’t win anything
the resurector
the resurector:
The goalkeeper problem is not the most important one
We really need to get a cdm
Fred can't withstand that pressure
Emmanuel Awuah
Emmanuel Awuah:
How I wish we could sign or bring back Roy Keane in defensive midfield
sehhi vooty
sehhi vooty:
Roy nearly crossed over to giddy and then quickly regained the expected composure.
Areeb Akhtar
Areeb Akhtar:
Thank God it was just Roy speaking cause if Graeme intervened then he would have brought Pogba into the convo like always
I Know Things
I Know Things:
Manchester United’s target for this season went from 4th place to 1st in less than 24 hours👍🏼
Kenaz Osei-twum
Kenaz Osei-twum:
Roy looked so happy.... He still contained it lol
James Fagan
James Fagan:
Roy loves Manchester United deep in his heart
yasio bolo
yasio bolo:
I've never heard Roy Keane give so much praise
Balderino Kripperino
Balderino Kripperino:
What a glow Roy has in this video. Such a good thing to see haha